It looks so derp on the pic! It looks better in real life I swear!
Couldn’t sleep, so drew this douche on the wall (it’s a cleanable wall)
Something it’s wrong by the way. I swear it looks like his eyes can follow me. Looks pretty alive to me. #manjoume

be My Cupid …

aajdaskdj!! so long i don’r draw Sonamy stuff this time i bring to you this Krita doodle.. i was just learning how to use it

Sonamy Skyline version <3

Amy is the owner of a pastry Shop.. and she has a delivery service.. she sends her cakes with a magic touch of Love to her clients through Sonic’s service..

but recently  some costumers are kinda mad at her.. because not all of the cakes get to their destination.. the only reason Amy could find .. is the delivery boy’s fault….. Sonic.. ..who efectively has been eating some of the cakes on the way to Amy’s customers XD

she was so mad at him.. so they fought… Amy  has her hammer and a little Crossbow..

I——-this Amy is inspired on Cupid EDIT: lol.. Cupid is a Roman god.. but sounds better than Eros..the greek equivalent.. XD and i’m kinda sorry about that.. i should have based her in Aphrodite.(because she got in love with Hermes once) …but is Eros the one who has wings …and a bow.. besides i think there is not much problem basing this shipping like that anyway.. hope nobody minds that XD —————————--I

she couldn’t get to beat Sonic.. just when he was boasting that she can’t beat him.. one of the arrows bounces on a wall and hits Sonic by his back…

it was an accident..Amy never meant to do that to Sonic.. but.. he fell inlove with her that way..XD… so as you can imagine.. he is the one that chases her on this AU..

^_^ hope you like it!


Oh man, I ended up having WAY too much fun drawing this! XD This was a quick little art trade I did for Artistic-girl. I hope you like it! 0u0

Despite the fact that I can’t draw girls, Lord Dominator was REALLY fun to draw, even if it took some getting use to. Lord Hater is the best! I had a blast figuring out how to draw that mug of his. >u<