members you should fight in seventeen and your chances of winning

co made by m2ngyu do not blame just me for any problems you ahve with this list thnx

scoops: looks like he could crush your skull with his bare hands but will he? maybe if you say something mean about junghan

junghan: do you really want to fight junghan. he’s a literal angel everybody loves him the stray dog you saw on the street probably loves him (plus scoops would probably intervene and fight you for him)

joshua: yeah he’s a christian and otaku and seems harmless but he’s probably secretly pissed that he has no lines and that soul eater ended. it’s just my guess but if you want to beat up somebody who publicly put an snk clock in his shared dorm go for it

jun: if you ever tried to fight jun you’d probably win, yeah he knows wushu but what’s he actually gonna do? grind on you? take away his toothpaste supply and he’ll probably weaken

hoshi: i never doubted that small dancing man he could smoke you while throwing out his sick b-boy moves

wonwoo: it would seem like he’d win but halfway he would just give up on life and let you beat him up. finish him

woozi: do not fight woozi. he will fuck up your ass in -0.5 seconds flat. his anger shown is the only part bubbling at the surface. he is a shaken up can of soda waiting to explode. he will make your mother’s mother’s mother’s hairdresser’s taxcollector wish you weren’t born.

dk: nobody pays attention to him just do it it’d probably take a couple of months for seventeen to realize he’s gone

mingyu: you’d honestly win. just don’t damage his face that’s the only thing he’s got

the8: why would you want to fight the8. he probably holds the key to world peace. he could probably kick your ass but he won’t because he loves puppies and sunshine and is a cupcake he is stunning and beautiful and lovely and charismatic and where was i going with this

seungkwan: just make some yo mama jokes and he’ll probably become your personal punching bag

vernon: rip out his kidneys, they’re a privilege

dino: he’s like 12 

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how should I tell my crush I like him? he's my friend but likes girls that are hot and I'm... well, not. he's wayyy out of my league... what do I do??

I’m a solid 2 on the looks scale and my exs are all pretty attractive so don’t think that your crush only cares about looks because maybe they like your humour or eye brows

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“Wait, He Is Your Crush?”-Nate Maloley Imagine

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I was playing Truth or Dare with Nate, Sammy, the Jacks, Cameron and Swazz. “ Y/N truth or dare?” Sammy said, “Truth” “Ok..Ermm” “I know something” Johnson said, he whispered something in Sammy’s ear and Sammy said: “ Okay, Y/N who’s your crush?” he said grinning. you looked over at Swazz and Cam bc they already knew, they just smirked at you, “Do I really have to say that?” you said rolling your eyes “YEAH! We wanna know” Gilinsky said making you chuckle a little “Okay… Well.. It’s Nate” you said getting a litlle bit red. “Wait, he is your crush” Sammy said laughing, you looked over to Nate who was sitting really quiet smiling to his self. “Y/N can we please talk for a sec?” he said, “sure”. He grabbed your hand and you blushed a little, you guys walked to his bedroom and when he closed the door he pushed you onto the door and kissed you hard, “You don’t know how long I wanted to do that” he said when you guys pulled away. “So you like me too?” you said confused “Yeah, I do Y/N” he said smiling, “So will you go on a date with me tomorrow night?” “Yes” you said kissing him. When you guys got back into the living room, where the boys were, they all stared at you guys. “Soooo??…” Swazz said. “Well we’re going on a date tomorrow night” Nate said grinning. Everyone began to clap and ‘whoohoo’ and you guys just laughed. “Well at least they like us together” Nate laughed.

A/N: Here you go! I hope you liked it!! xx

Vidcon Love - Joe Sugg Imagine (Part Four)

“So Y/N and Joe? Sitting in a tree? K-I-S-S-I-N-G?” Zoe smirked giggling along with the girls as she sang out the rhyme making you nudge her under the table since Joe was only three tables away from yours. “You were both so cute, I even ship it..he looked very happy just wrapped right around you..” Niomi smiled warmly at you whilst she sipped on her fruity tea. You shook your head and sighed. “We’re just friends!” You exclaimed taking a bite from your sugary cereal you asked the waiter for. “Sure babe, ‘just friends’” Louise grinned at you making you roll your eyes as she gave you a suggestive look and winky face to match her words. “We are though!” You at least tried to explain but no matter how hard you were trying, the girls were catching on to your secret crush on Joe. “Well you looked like a couple to me this morning! Did he kiss you goodnight? Did you guys hook up?” Tanya chimed in asking question after question making you choke on your sweet tasting cornflakes and causing your cheeks to heat up from firstly, the shock of almost choking on your cereal and secondly because of Tanya’s questions that were making the girls bubble up with laughter. “You girls are unbelievable!” You giggled taking a sneaky peak over to Joe, who was engaged in a deep conversation with Alfie and Jim, which made you wonder what they were talking about.

Occasionally, when the girls were wrapped up in their own worlds of conversation, you’d glance over to Joe to find him stealing small glances at you which earned a good few nudges from the boys beside him, but that went unnoticed by you. “C'mon Y/N..you so like him..” Zoe smiled sipping from her tea as all the girls turned to face you again with cheeky looks plastered across their proud faces. “Your both really close, your like the female version of the boy..C'mon just admit it..We all see you stealing glances at him..” Zoe smirked mischievously wiggling her eyebrows at you. Your throat ran dry and your pulse increased in speed, you were considering on telling them as a wave of courage washed over you the way the waves from the sea wash over the sand. You parted your lip just about to tell the girls that you do have a crush on Joe when suddenly Jim apologised to interrupt the conversation to ask Tanya for the room key. This created all of the boyfriends to gather around the table giving you an easy access to scurry away from the girls and their questions. You lost your confidence on telling the girls and you doubt they saw you run since their boyfriends were distracting them. You had to run upstairs to your room to grab your camera anyways and your purse that you somehow managed to leave behind.

While you were journeying your way down the corridor to your room on the eighteenth floor, you suddenly heard a few loud gasps. “Y/N! Oh my gosh it’s you!” You turned to see five girls standing there shaking with their hands covering their mouths. You smiled warmly at them and waved. “Hi lovelies!” You beamed as the five shaking girls slowly made their way over to you. “Oh my gosh! We love you so much! You’re our inspiration! C-can we get a picture with you?” One of the girls spoke up for all of them as the rest stared at you in complete awe. You smiled brightly at all five girls, “Of course! No problem at all! I love meeting my subscribers! It means so much to me that I’ve inspired you..I honestly don’t know how though! I’m not very inspiring!” You blushed and watched the girls take out their phones and some bounce up and down as they disagreed with you and your words. “No Y/N, you’re so carefree and so happy about everything and you never take anything for granted and you always put others before yourself and I find that so, so sweet..and you always put the biggest smile on our faces! You’ve helped me grow in confidence after I watched your video ‘Girl Issues and Dealing with Confidence’ and I don’t know how I’ll ever be able to thank you for that! I’m so happy your my idol..” One girl you discovered her name to be Laura, smiled at you as her hands shook and she almost had tears in your eyes which made you tear up with happiness from he sweet words which made your heart swell up with joy. “You’re all so sweet..I don’t know how to thank you..You and every other subscriber have given me the chance to meet you all and take on new opportunities that I’m so thankful for and I don’t know where I would be without you guys..so thank you so much..” You smiled widely at the girl and gave her a large hug. You took individual selfies with each girl and you made sure that all the girls got a lot of selfies since the poor things were shaking so much, so you tried your best to relax them. You were pouting in some, smiling in others, making crazy double chin faces, and you even took pictures with the girls of you hugging them. And last but not least, you all gathered close together and took a large group picture.

“Thank you so, so, so much Y/N! You’re so sweet! Thank you for everything! Gosh, your even prettier in person!” One of the girls squeaked out as you hugged them all. Your heart was exploding with happiness now and the smile on your face just couldn’t get any bigger at this point! “I love you all so much! Thank you so much for all of your kind words! Thank you so much for your support! If it wasn’t for you, I wouldn’t be here today..I hope to see you all at vidcon..your all so gorgeous never forget that!” You smiled hugging each girl close, just as you were saying goodbye you heard another voice, an all too familiar voice. “Y/N! I left my camera in my room! And my key! Have you got the key?” Joe asked rushing down the corridor to you and the girls all suddenly froze while Joe came speeding down the hallway to your hotel room. “Oh my gosh! Are you dating!?” One girl gasped with excitement as Joe stopped at your door. “No” “no, no, no, no” you both said in sync as the girls looked at you both in curiosity and shock before they started to whisper about how much they shipped you. You blushed deeply and you could have sworn you saw Joes cheeks colour pink. “J-joe..do you think we could get a picture with you? If it’s not too much trouble..” One of the girls with soft brown hair asked holding her phone up, the rest of the girls doing the same. Joe chuckled and crossed his eyes and made one of those dorky faces he likes to pull at the cameras and when he meets his subscribers, “Of course we can loves! Our selfies are going to be so much better than the selfies you took with this lady though, so she better start improving the selfie game..” Joe smirked and allowed a low chuckle slip pass his lips whilst he poked your cheek making the girls erupt it into 'awhs’ and giggles. “Hey!” You laughed shoving Joe back and you seen him slip you a wink. Joe took many selfies and pictures with the girls before you both waved goodbye to them and grabbed your things inside your room.

“They were lovely..very sweet..” Joe grinned walking downstairs to where Vidcon event was being held. “They were so nice..so cute and adorable..they were just so shy and then when we started taking pictures they got a lot more confident..” You spoke feeling yourself smile at the thought knowing your always in your element when surrounded by your subscribers since you consider them your family. “I wonder if there’ll be any {your/ship/name} rumours..” Joe let out a small chuckle while grinning sheepishly, scratching the back of his neck. “Yeah..I guess it looked real since we are sharing a room..” You agreed nodding your head, taking deep breaths to try and calm your quickly beating heart that was racing at the idea of you and Joe being in a relationship. You couldn’t let him know that you had a crush on him! Heck! He’d laugh in your face if you told him that! You had to bite the inside of your cheek to calm yourself and your wild imagination down.

Yourself and Joe walked down the hallway into the Vidcon convention together, making small talk about breakfast and where you’d be eating later with the gang but as soon as you walked through the entrance to the convention, your ears were engulfed by loud screams of your ship name with Joe. You looked around the room and even saw some fans with t-shirts with some selfies you took with Joe back in the day and under the pictures it was your ship name with Joe. Your eyes were as wide as two flying saucers, you instantly turned to Joe and watched him scuff his shoes against the floor with a timid smile on his lips. You began walking down down the small red carpet towards your table and seen many girls taking photos of you both.

“You okay? You seem a little..surprised..” Joe whispered very quietly, it was so quiet you almost didn’t catch it. Your breath was still caught in your throat, you didn’t think in your wildest dreams that people would be dressed in shirts with yourself and Joe and begin chanting your ship name with Joe. “I’m fine..I’m just..shocked..I didn’t think there’d be that many people here..” You lied, smiling up to Joe. You were shocked about the shippers that shipped you and Joe. You just still couldn’t believe it. Did that many people want you and Joe to be a couple as much as you did yourself? Yourself and Joe parted from one another and made your way to your tables and already you saw a large line of people waiting for you. Your heart was racing with excitement and for the moment, the thought of you and Joe being in a relationship was pushed to the back of your mind and right now, you were focused completely on your subscribers.


Vidcon Day one was a success! You met hundreds and hundreds of your subscribers! You chatted to them about your channel and what make up you used. You talked about fashion and your favourite bands, and you took hundreds of selfies! You answered their questions and wiped away many happy tears and you even managed to vlog many of your subscribers and most of your day but the one thing at least every one of your fans said to you was 'You and Joe are so cute, please get together!’, 'Are you and Joe dating?’ 'You and Joe are my OTP!’ 'Joe is so into you! You can see it when you video together..’ You couldn’t believe how many people shipped you with Joe and every time someone mentioned Joe to you, your heart couldn’t help but do backflips and somersaults. Joe was pretty much in your entire day, and to be quite honest..you didn’t mind one bit.


It came to eight o'clock that evening and you were getting ready in your hotel room. You just finished running your lipstick across your lips and you smiled, very happy with your new fresh makeup. You changed into a white skirt and a black crop top while Joe was getting ready in the bathroom, you slipped into your black stilettos and gave yourself a check over in the mirror. You took out your vlogging camera and turned it on before smiling at the camera. “Hi lovelies! So now I’m just after getting ready for dinner with the crew..I’m wearing just a normal white skirt, it’s almost like a pencil skirt..as you can see it’s straight but smooth..I got this in..River Island a few weeks ago and I’m wearing a black crop top from River Island also..I got my shoes from New Look..” You smiled pointing to the camera to the mirror in your hotel room to show your viewers your outfit, you pointed the camera back at yourself and smiled widely.

“We’re all going out to way at this really cool-” “Y/N! I just got a text from Zoe saying that they’re all leaving for the restaurant but we can meet them there, the place-…woah..” Joe froze holding his phone in his hands. You twirled around on your heels to see Joe leaning against the wall with his jaw dropped. He was dressed in a pair of skinny jeans and a black t-shirt which you adored on him, because it really showed off his eyes and it gave you a great view of his muscles. You watched Joe’s eyes travel up and down your body as a smirk tugged at his lips. “You look absolutely gorgeous..” He smiled at you, and you felt yourself melt under his words as your cheeks coloured pink. 'Seriously Y/N, you really need to learn how to control your blushing’ you thought as you looked down to the floor and pushed your hair down around your shoulders.

“Thank you Joe..You look quite dapper yourself..” You laughed lightly and turned off your vlogging camera before you took up your clutch and slipped your camera, room key, money and phone inside. “No seriously..You look breath taking Y/N..” Joe whispered taking a small step towards you, his hand slowly and cautiously reaching out to your arm. Your breath caught in your throat, as his free hand began to caress your cheek “You look dazzling..just like the stars..” He talked so quietly, while gazing into your eyes warmly. “But your so much more beautiful than the stars..” He smiled pushing a strand of your hair behind your ear. You couldn’t believe this. Firstly, Joe took great care of you during your flight here to LA. Secondly he made sure you were comfortable with sharing a room and then he offered to sleep on the sofa just for you, but ended up sleeping beside you and getting tangled and cuddled up under the sheets together and now..now he was caressing your cheeks like they were made of fragile glass. Your heart was racing incredibly fast, it was so fast that you genuinely thought it was going to jump up right out of your throat.

“Y/N..I..Oh my god..this is harder than I thought it was going to be..” Joe muttered to himself while tracing gentle patterns into your skin and keeping his gaze on you. You knitted your brows together in confusion and tilted your head to the side. “What is it Joe? You can tell me darling..” You spoke out softly, placing your hand over his one that was resting on your cheek. You were struggling to breathe because of the nerves in your stomach. “I know if I don’t tell you this..I’ll just end up regretting it..But Y/N..I..” Joe mumbled out and sighed in defeat when he couldn’t find the words to say to you to express how he’s feeling and to tell you what’s on his mind. You parted your lips to speak but were instantly pressed up against the wall and shut up by Joe’s lips pushing against yours. Your eyes shut to a close and you felt shocked by his kiss and gasped into his mouth. This felt so magical and overwhelming at the same time. Your arms instinctively wrapped around Joes neck and your fingers ended up threading through his soft fluffy hair. Joe’s hands travelled down to your hips and smoothly placing themselves on the small of your back. Your lips were pressed together deeply with Joes and your lips moved in a gentle sync. You could feel the adrenaline pulse through your veins like electricity and your ears ringing with fireworks. Even though you didn’t want to, you both pulled back to catch your breaths.

Joe was smiling like a proud, confident Cheshire cat. “Y/N I love you..and I have now for years..but I didn’t know if you felt the same way..” He trailed off catching his breath but a smile still evident on his lips. Your heart was exploding with utter joy and happiness and your smile couldn’t grow any wider. After years of crushing in him and dreaming of being in a relationship with Joe, it was all coming together. “Does this show you that I’ve been feeling the same way for years?” You grinned questioning him before you pressed your lips to his. That night you arrived to the restaurant hand in hand, and made your group of friends erupt into large cheers and your subscribers were more than excited! They even got your ship name trending as number one worldwide for three days, and that is how your beautiful relationship blossomed with your boyfriend Joe Sugg.

The End.

Here’s the ending of Vidcon Love! I really enjoyed writing this! It was so much fun! I hope you all enjoyed reading this as much as I loved writing every part! Thank you all so much for reading, liking and messaging me your thoughts on my story, because it really gives me the motivation to write more and it means the world to me! I have plenty more Joe Sugg imagines coming if you’d like to read them?

I’m currently writing http://mrsniamhymurs45.tumblr.com/post/122619753120/sun-sea-and-friends-in-santorini-joe-sugg this new Joe imagine which I’ll be updating really soon if you’d like to read! Thank you all so much for your amazing kind messages! You’re amazing! I love you all xxx
Was Alison protecting Aria when she seen her dad?

YOkay so if I’m right about this then it’ll make me start liking Alison a little bit more. Remember when Alison caught Aria’s dad kissing Meredith?

We all thought the reaction from Alison was because something might of been going on between both Alison and Byron but what if we’re wrong? What if she genially was upset that he could do something like that? This was Aria’s dad, Aria was her friend and to see someone hurt your friend isn’t nice so her look was more disappointed that he was a typical Rosewood guy then a look of hurt because your crush is kissing someone else.

In the rest of the flashback Alison keeps telling Aria that she has to tell her mom.

We see her telling Aria repeatedly to tell her mom, We see her telling Aria that Byron would just talk her out it which he does. Aria isn’t listening to Alison she just ignores her and tries to pretended she didn’t see it. Alison goes back into typical Alison mode and says, ‘‘You have to tell her before someone else does’‘. We assumed Alison was talking about herself, We assumed she’d be the one telling Ella but what if she was talking about -A? We know she was receiving -A messages when this happened, Was she actually worried for her? She knew that if -A found out then Alison would be bribed or -A would of told her parents making Alison look like she did it.

Alison wanted to protect Aria, She would of kept it a secret for her we know she liked collecting them but she was persistent on Aria telling her mom and now i think about it was it because she was scarred? If -A found out and told Ella then Alison would be blamed and lose Aria as a friend so she wanted Aria to be the one to do it before -A did.

In the same episode Aria is talking to Ezra about this and they have an argument and this is the moment i believe Ezra wrote the letter. Aria or Ezra because i don’t believe it was Alison, Mona or even -A. We know Alison wasn’t the best person but I’m starting to believe that most of the times she was trying to protect the liars just like the time Alison threatened to tell Melissa about Ian and Spencer, She was trying her best to protect them but all it did was make her look like an enemy instead of a friend.

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1.Why did you choose your URL?
I was really into strawberries back then but strawberrymaniac is too long and sounds a lot more disturbing than Ichigomaniac hahaha

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Lissa (oooohhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!) 

3. If you could own a fairytale/fictional pet, what would it be?
A Pegasus? A Hippogriff? A dragon? Something that could fly ^^

4. Favorite song?
hummm I’ve been listening to BUMP OF CHICKEN’S “Hello, World!” a lot lately

6. What are your top 5 fandoms:
Haikyuu!!, Kekkai Sensen, Zankyou no Terror, PSYCHO-PASS, Mushishi (it changes very often but mainly these)

7. Why do you enjoy tumblr?
I get to see a lot of inspiring things, share my stuff, talk to a lot of people I would never talk to otherwise. Also, lately I’ve been getting messages saying my stuff helped people cheer up after a shitty day (Just like other people’s stuff helps me a lot) and it makes me feel useful!

And, of course, the lovely people I’m lucky to have befriended through the years here ^^

8. Tag all 9 of your tumblr crushes (they do the 8 questions too):

eicinic // calnivet // tealbruise // yaboykeiji // viria // shounenkings // alcieart // i-like-to-look-at-your-back // leonardowatcch

(my tumblr crushes weren’t really my real crushes so yeah, this is an official love confession, sorry ♥)

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