School Project (Jungkook)

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“Alright class, project time!” Ms. Jimenez said, clapping her hands together. You groaned inwardly. You hated group projects, you were always with a group of slackers and did all the work. You put your head on the desk, not even bothering to listen for your name. She finished rattling off the names, you didn’t even look up when someone tapped your arm.

“Y/N?” the person said. You looked up, and saw the chocolate brown eyes of Jeon Jungkook, your crush from year 5.

“H-hey,” you said, sitting up, fixing your shirt.

“We’re partners. I was wondering if I could get your number,” he said smiling. You nodded and exchanged phones. You punched in your number quickly and gave him back his phone. Jungkook didn’t go back to his seat, but instead sat down across from you.

“Are you free  today?” he asked, you stared back at him. “To get started on the project. It’s due next week, and I don’t like to rush.”

“Yeah My house or yours?” you asked, trying to remain calm.

“Mine,” he said. “I’ll meet outside the gate after school. Bye Y/N.”

When he walked away, you buried your face in your arms, hiding your blush. You were working on a project with your crush of 6 years! You smiled to yourself, and did a little happy dance in your head. You quickly reminded yourself, however, that it was a school project, and nothing would come of it. You got yourself out of your giddy state, and waited for the bell to ring for your next class.

The final bell rang, and you almost ran out of the classroom. You bounded down the stairs, and practically skipping to the gate. You slowed down as you got closer, not wanting to seem too eager. You saw Jungkook talking with someone. Who, you couldn’t tell. As you approached, Jungkook caught sight of you, and began to speak quickly with the other student.

“Hey Jungkook,” you said waving.

“Hi Y/N,” he answered, a smile spreading over his face. “This is Jimin, he’s my older brother.”

“Hello Jimin-sunbae,” you said bowing. You knew who Jimin was, of course, how could you not? He was the captain of almost every sports team, and almost every girl’s ideal at school, along with Jungkook.

“Sup Y/N,” Jimin said, his eyes becoming half moons as he smiled.

“I didn’t know Jungkook was your brother,” you said. He nodded, swinging his arm around Jungkook’s neck.

“He’s too shy to admit it,” Jimin laughed. “I heard you’re doing a project with Jungkookie here, I’ll drive you to our house.”

“Thank you,” you smiled. Glancing at Jungkook you saw how uncomfortable he was, he was stiff, and seemed to be trying to make himself smaller. Jimin didn’t seem to notice and lead you over to his car. You both climbed in the back. Before you could buckle your seatbelt, he took off. You fell to the side, hitting Jungkook.

“Sorry,” you both mumbled, embarrassed by the sudden contact. Had you looked up you would have seen Jimin smirking at Jungkook through the rearview mirror. After the short drive, Jimin pulled up next to a large modern house. He got out, and opened the door for you. You coughed awkwardly, but got out anyway. Jungkook got out and followed you into the house. You pulled off your shoes in the entrance, and followed Jungkook into the house.

“Kookie, your back! Who is this?” a man with a pink apron and spoon asked, hugging Jungkook.

“This Y/N,” Jungkook muttered.

“Oh! This is Y/N!” the man smiled.

“This is my dad Jin, I have to go upstairs to clean my room. Stay here,” Jungkook said to you, you nod. Jin smiles warmly at you.

“Come in, come in. Do you want something eat? To drink?” he asked, leading you to the kitchen. You followed him and sat on one of stools at the breakfast bar. Jin placed a cartoon of banana milk in front of you. Another man came in dressed in pilot’s uniform, his blond hair combed back. He kissed Jin’s neck, back hugging him.

“Joonie,” Jin tutted. “We have a guest, not now.”

“Hello, I’m Namjoon,” the man chuckled, shaking your hand, detaching himself from Jin.

“I’m Y/N,” you smiled. Namjoon’s eyes widened when he heard your name, and glanced back Jin, who simply smiled, nodding.

“Hey, my room is cleaner. You can up now,” Jungkook said smiling. You nodded, following him upstairs. You walked up the iron silver stairs, and into a corridor filled with paintings. He lead you to a room at the end. Opening the door, light flooding your eyes. The room had very little furnishings. Just a bed, a desk, and some assortment of cabinets and bookcases. The hardwood floors were covered by a white fur rug that lay in the center of the room, and seemed to be the only decoration.

“Your room looks pretty clean to me,” you laughed, standing in awe of the view coming through the large windows. You could see the back of the house that faced a garden. Trees sprung up, flowers dotted the grass with their many colors. Fruit hung heavily off the branches of the trees, and low bushes were covered in berries.

“Hehe thanks. Come here, and we can get started,” Jungkook said from his bed. All sorts of thoughts began to race through your head, but you waved them off. You walked over and sat on the corner of the bed. He pulled out stacks of paper, a pencil stuck between his teeth, as he tried to organize them.

“Here, let me help,” you said taking a stack. He mumbled thanks. You shuffled through the research papers, documents, and other project related things. Something caught your eye, it was a sketch stuck in between an article on the effect of wars, and a document from a military base in London. You pulled out the sketch. It was you, but you looked better in the drawing than you did in real life. Your hair fell around your shoulders, your fingers seemed long and delicate as your chin rested on them. You lips were pouted slightly, looking like a rose bud, your eyes cleared and focused.

“This… is… woah,” you muttered, staring at the drawing.

“Oh! You weren’t meant to see that!” Jungkook said hurriedly, reaching for it, but you held out of his grasp as best as you could. Standing up, you ran to the other side of the bed, Jungkook following you, making mad grabs to try and get the paper.

“I like it. It’s beautiful,” you said, leaning back to keep him from getting it. Jungkook reached forward, knocking you both back onto the bed. His chest was pressed against your front, his heavy breathing filling your ear, tickling your neck. Your face heated up at being so close to him, his leg was in between your’s, his arms on either side of your head.

“Jungkook,” you said, catching your breath. “Why did you draw me?”

“Because…” he said standing up, you followed suit, your faces very close. “I like you. I’ve liked you since year 6.”

“Why didn’t you say something? You are the great Jungkook,” you said laughing softly, looking up into his large brown eyes.

“Because it’s you,” Jungkook whispered looking at you, biting his pink lip slightly.

“I wish you would have said something sooner,” you said, courage and happiness filling you up.

“Why?” he asked, confused. You didn’t answer, and just crashed your lips onto his, Jungkook stiffened in surprise, but relaxed, his warm hand cupping your face. You pulled away. Both of your chests rising and falling heavily, your faces flushed. Jungkook smiled, you grinned back.

“Hello! Do you guys want anything?” Jin asked walking in. Both you took a step away from each other, the back of your leg hit the bed, and you fell back onto it. Jin chuckled, shaking his head.

“N-no,” Jungkook said, his face turning pink.

“Okay! Be safe!” Jin called, waving good-bye, and closing the door. You looked at each other, then looked away. You burst out laughing, clutching your sides.

“Be safe? Does your dad think we’re going to do something?” you asked looking at him.

“Maybe, you knows,” Jungkook said smirking at you. You stopped laughing, your face going red, the heat rolling off of it hot enough to melt ice. All manner of thoughts began to race through your head, but this time they seemed very, very possible.

“Maybe we should just work on the project,” you squeaked, going back to the papers. Jungkook chuckled, sitting down next you. He took your hand, and began to read through the pages as well.

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The Signs as Moms.
  • Aries :The childish mom, enjoys watching cartoons and playing with toys more than their children.
  • Taurus :The cool mom, cooks like a pro and always makes sure you're okay. You couldn't wish for a better mom.
  • Gemini :The super intelligent mom, she always helps you with your school homework and does your projects and essays for you
  • Cancer :The worrying mom, she always worries about you and just wants to give you all the love she has.
  • Leo :The hot mom, she's the mom that all your friends have a crush on. She looks even better than girls your age.
  • Virgo :The tidy mom, she always freaks out about every little bit of chaos you have in your room and makes you clean it all.
  • Libra :The perfect mom, she is everything you could wish for and you and her get along perfectly because she's an angel.
  • Scorpio :The "best friends" mom, she acts like your best friends which can be cool but annoying at the same time.
  • Sagittarius :The adventurous mom, she always takes you to theme parks and goes to festivals - she enjoys having fun.
  • Capricorn :The strict mom, she is very wise and gives you great advice but is also very strict.
  • Aquarius :The weird mom, she might be a little bit weird but she is still the coolest mom in your clique.
  • Pisces :The super mom, she just enjoys being a mom so much. Suprise parties for your birthday, cooking - she does all of these things just for you because she loves you with all of her heart.

Bleach Favourite Moments: All I was going to do was give him the bread at the door and ask him a question. How was I supposed to say no? And then Kurosaki-kun tells me to take home what I want! He’s so sweet! So sweet! SWEET! S-W-E-E-T, S-W-E-E-T!

Signs as Cute Things your Crush Does

Aries: Blushing until you look like a tomato

Taurus: Uncontrollably smiling

Gemini: Making up nicknames

Cancer: Shy glances from across the room

Leo: Running hand through hair

Virgo: Getting nervous and shy

Libra: “Accidental” bumping and touching

Scorpio: Sexual tension-filled stares

Sagittarius: Carefreeness and being yourself

Capricorn: Teasing and playfulness

Aquarius: Little compliments

Pisces: Unique laughs

When a hot guy stretches and his shirt pulls up: