girl with crush - checks your star sign, wonders what you looked like in high school and what your parents are like
guy with crush - wants to put his dick in your mouth. you, specifically


when you go out looking like trash and see your crush - more vines


when u see your crush looking at u

Post it for Love

So, I recently just noticed this PostItForward stuff on here and thought I’d jump on the bandwagon and I wanted to make a post. I’m posting for my brother luchahub who has daily troubles with himself. I’m posting it for everyone who struggles to love themselves because it’s tough after years of bullying, or mainstream media saying the way you look isn’t in style, or your crush turning you down one too many times and you finally start to think it’s the way you look cause it’s not. It’s tough to Love yourself and it’s harder when people say, “Nobody will love you until you love you.” cause they will, but it’s hard for us and just, I want you all to know no matter what you guys are perfect. No matter how many times those thoughts come into your mind or how many times people slander you for just being you, you’re freaking perfect. 

Signs as random moments

Aries: Getting butterflies in your stomach

Taurus: Biting into ice cream and getting brain freeze

Gemini: Guessing answers to a test and getting them all right

Cancer: Looking outside and seeing a think layer of snow

Leo: Realising your crush likes you back

Virgo: Playing with sparklers on bonfire night

Libra: Watching the sunrise and watching the sunset

Scorpio: Seeing the New York skyline at night

Sagittarius: Jumping into a pool in the middle of summer

Capricorn: Travelling to a country you’ve never been to before

Aquarius: Doing a colour run

Pisces: Reading a good book on a rainy day

anonymous asked:

I may have a huge crush on you, and I look forward to your snaps every day, and your blog always makes me happy, and all my friends love you, we practically worship you. Omg. And you always say how you're to awkward to have a gf and I'm sitting here like... I'd totally date you... Your awkwardness is so cute and adorable omg ok bye