omg actually my dm said something similar a few months ago; he said like “you’ve quickly become one of the best players in the game, just because you think so outside of the box because you started with almost no understanding of the rules; instead of looking at the stuff you can do on your character sheet, you think of stuff you want to do and then find a way or ask how you can make it happen" thats just the gist of it but that stuck with me. thats why, imo, just jumping in to a game with a basic understanding is the best way to start playing dnd, you’ll be more creative and you’ll learn as you go

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Do you have any favourite Malec headcanons?

Okay. Listen. 

First of all I suck at these, so I’m sorry in advance for whatever might come, they probably won’t be that elaborated. Second a few of the headcanons that I have basically turned into canon because this fucking show is just unbelievable, like they really went there. It’s like the writers have been looking for stuff on tumblr and ao3 to use it on the show. But here are a few that I have.  

  • They like to have dinners at least once a week in Magnus’ balcony because they like to watch the stars and people in the street (also because it’s really romantic).
    • During one of these nights, Alec insists on making the dinner and preparing everything. After they finish eating Alec shakily takes a little box out of his pocket and proposes to Magnus.  
  • Magnus has a folder on his phone just with pictures of Alec smiling, because, damn, he has a beautiful smile that always melts his heart. 
    • Alec has one as well. 
  • (This one is actually one of my favorites) Magnus volunteering to help Alec train and Alec thinking Magnus would be a bit inexperienced in hand-to-hand combat - because he’s a warlock and he doesn’t really need to know how to fight when you can use your magic, right? wrong! - and he ends up kicking Alec’s ass.
  • They definitely never miss a Pride Parade. 
    • Alec wears a rainbow flag pin everyday during Pride Month. 
  • They sleep holding each other’s hand.
  • They actually love doing mundane things, like going to the movies.
    • They take Madzie to watch Wonder Woman. Alec leaves with a crush on Chris Pine. 
  • Alec borrows a lot of Magnus coats/jackets and suits. The less flashy ones, of course. A few of his shoes too.
  • Alec calls Magnus “love”. Magnus calls Alec “babe”.

I think those are the only ones coming to head now. I’ll add more if I think of it. 

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Ok so there was a post pointing out how Lance's hair is straight while all his family members have curly hair, but considering that is not genetically possible (hair type allelles show incomplete dominance meaning that if there is one gene for straight hair and one for curly hair the result is wavy hair) do you think that a) he could be somehow straightening his hair or b) he could be adopted or c) I am looking too much into the stuff that arent even there

I doubt Lance is straightening his hair because we’ve seen him sleeping (before he would have done any part of his morning routine) in s1e1.

I will say that generally cartoonists do not really draw punnet squares for character design, or, if that’s an expected thing, nobody’s told me and I probably look like some kind of fool right now.

That said I dunno if Lance’s hair is really all that straight? Like- it’s pretty short but it flicks outward at the back of his neck. It could just be that it would curl more if he grew it out.

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Hey, I know it's been a while since you reblogged/commented on that old thehumon post about medieval understandings of sexuality (the comic with the monk), but they don't seem to have an open askbox, and I'm interested in doing some further reading on the subject- your comment made it sound like you might have heard some stuff before. Any suggestions?

It’s been a really long time since I’ve looked at queer history stuff…

But basically this comes from classes I’ve taken or discussions I’ve had with people about their religion/history classes.

Cloister-marriages were definitely a thing among monks in Europe. Which makes sense considering that they were people who chose to go into a life without marriage to women. Yes, there are other reasons for people to become monks, but the situation is one that would likely attract queer men.

Also, from a homosexuality in the bible course that someone I know took, a lot of the anti-homosexuality lines are translated wrong specifically to be anti-homosexual (they more went along the lines of misogyny usually) or have liberties taken as to what sexual immorality means specifically (which usually means anything that isn’t specifically for procreation, within the confines of marriage). Also, marriage without sex was considered a sin as well, because christian marriage was for the sake of allowing sex to happen and to have a family (with children). That’s part of the reason why infertility was grounds for divorce or annulment.

Most of the homosexuality in the bible class actually ended up focusing on homosexual undertones between characters (up to and including Jesus).

Also notable is in Greece and Rome sexuality was considered more about top vs. bottom than gay or straight, most  if not all male classical heroes and gods would be considered bisexual or pansexual, and were usually portrayed as the more dominant person. Unfortunately this also overlaps with a lot of sexual assault in mythology. Contrast that the affairs of goddesses and female heroes with women is not usually as explicit, and “virgin” goddesses were really more “unwed” than virginal in many cases, many of them would be considered lesbians (Artemis basically had a harem when interpreted this way), some asexual (Hestia had no romantic or sexual prospects in almost any aspect), some aromantic (Demeter, had multiple children by male gods, never married or seemed to have a long-term relationship).

Interestingly Greeks considered women to be more lustful than men.

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So I recently came out as a trans male to my family and they were very supportive and I asked if they could look into therapy and stuff like that (my mom works with a trans man so she knows about most of it already) and she said she would think about letting me start hormones, I'm 14 is there any chance of me growing more due to hormones? (Currently only 5'3)

Kai says:

if you have not already stopped growing overall, there is a chance. If you’re generally shorter than your mom was at your age, there might be a good chance, assuming she didn’t stop growing at age 14. There’s a lot of variability though, so there is no guarantee.

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Hiya do you have a link to the interview that johnny did with larry king where they are looking round his office ad stuff? Also those Richard Says Goodbye pics are making me HOT :')

Yep! Here you go :)

New TF Kreons? Whaaaaat?

So I hear there are new kreons out there in Dollar General stores?! Ugh I hope they make it here, or maybe I’ll get a friend to buy some for me. :S

4 characters, 3 variants each. Oh my. It’s that armored series that was in TF news sites a couple months back. Oh well, here’s hopin’.

Oh and hey, look at this stuff. A bootleg maker has releases some TF:The Last Knight minifigs! 

I’m gonna have to check out the bootleg market sometime soon to see if these have made it here. I didn’t enjoy TF:TLK that much, but I’d get Squeeks just because he’s kinda cute, but I didn’t buy ANY of the TF TLK toys. They almost always sell these in sets though so I’d have to get em all anyway.

(pics from some kreon FB groups I’m in)

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@ Pmx-Clothes Anon : It's possible to do so! I already made some accessories and a shirt in PMXe, but I guess it's way harder than other modeling programs (can't tell I don't have any) (also I hope it's okay I reply like this + I accidentally clicked on unfollow I'm sorry it was a miSTAKE)

i can’t believe u unfollowed me and then re-followed me smh shouldve stayed unfollow u TRAITOR (im jking dont b sad i accept u back w welcome arms it ok)

but yes @ pmx-clothes anon looks like u can do stuff in PMX too ehe

I still have these old refs from 2015, and I don’t mean to sounds like a prick or whatever but I’m really happy from how much I’ve improved. It actually feels nice to look back on this stuff and feel good about the direction I’m heading.

The way I color, my choice of colors, my lines, anatomy. I’ll admit the old refs were a bit more outgoing and expressive but other then that, I’m ok with it.

its shark week and michael phelps is about to race a shark but how do we know this is the fastest shark were there shark prelims set out underwater to test this i think this is an unfair process discovery u cant have a world class human and just regular jeff the shark do u know how humiliating its gonna be for jeff and his family when he gets beat by  michael phelps™ cuz hes just a normal average joe accountant shark why u gotta do jeff like that man