I got the hair!

After some messing around in PotD, i finally got the long hair! I think Bexy looks pretty great in it, debating on keeping it!

So! Here’s a few questions i had, that i managed to answer for myself (Since i couldn’t find the answers anywhere else!)

I got this on floor 1-10. I just repeated them, over and over. You can absolutely get this out of bronze coffers. I usually got 2-3 for every 10 floors. For the most part, i did these solo.

There is no disadvantage to doing this in a party! For every Accursed Horde you find, if gives you one EACH upon exiting after the boss. The appraisal, however, is entirely random. You might get hair! You might get materia. You might get clothes!

…You might get fireworks. (Yay >.>; )

The Pomander of Intuition doesn’t wear off on the floor you use it. Instead, it will stay around until you find an Accursed Horde, even if it’s on another floor. This is the Pomander that finds Accursed Hordes for you. It doesn’t appear on the Minimap, however, it’s fairly easy to spot in the rooms. Looks like a small golden beam from the floor.

From my understanding, the hair is unisex. But i can’t confirm this.

Good luck to everyone else who is after this! ♥

…Now all i need is that pretty Chinese dress to go with it! -sob-

                      Yatone-week - Day 5 Fluff       
  First Kiss OR Bickering and Teasing

I still like the idea of them having their first kiss in Capyperland. Maybe on their second visit. They would both be totally hyper and excited to be there again and once the parade starts Yukine becomes a little more thoughtful and just looks to Yato instead of the parade. And since Yato had been happy all day and Yukine just realizes how happy that makes him, he blurts out a confession which leads to their first kiss. 


This is a little long overdue but, thank you for those who came and bought my stuff at AFAID! It was lots of fun there /;w;)/

Now that we got things sorted out, the store is open again and these new items are up on Tictail so check it out! ^^ Indonesian orders can go through our FB page.


Translated into Basic as the “Demon of the Depths”, it’s also known as “Water Demon” or “Demon Fish” by the people. The creature is a massive predatory fish that swims the oceans of Dromund Kaas.

On average, the adults can reach up to 10.7m (35ft) in length and weigh up to 22,680kg (50,000lbs). With shimmering black scales, six pearly-white pupiless eyes, spear-like teeth, and a bioluminecent lure on its tongue, this creature was the source for many tales and stories when Dromund Kaas was first settled.

Demon Fish are notorious for their foul temper and the tendency to attack and eat anything that gets in its way.  Luckily, these fish live in the deepest depths of the ocean and it is very rare to see one near the surface.

However, when one does come up to the shallow waters, it’s tradition for Sith to come together to hunt and kill the beast.
The black scales are light as shimmersilk but tough as durasteel, thus it is used for Sith armor when one is killed.
The meat is cooked in various dishes that are served only to the most distinguished and honored Sith.
The lens in the eyes are prized as ornate gemstones that go onto become decorative pieces in art or furniture.
The teeth are used as a source of ivory, used for carvings, sculptures, art, and even decorate the hilts of some lightsabers. It is rumored that the spikes on Darth Marr’s armor is made from the teeth of this fish.

(special thanks to @inquisitorhotpants for the name since she’s the Sith linguist. also ran out of things to say for now. can’t draw. pic under the thing. you’ve been warned.)

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someone: brooklyn what was your inital reaction to ko appearing? You were really excited so I have to wond -


[8:42:02 AM] Brooklyn: HADKHLHKLSDF
[8:42:04 AM] Brooklyn: HE THERE
[8:42:06 AM] Brooklyn: HE HTERE
[8:42:08 AM] Brooklyn: HE HE TEHR
[8:42:11 AM] Brooklyn: HE ETH ER E
[8:42:16 AM] Brooklyn: HE ES’ THERE
[8:42:20 AM] Brooklyn: ROBOT? ROBOT HAND!
[8:42:23 AM] Brooklyn: ROBOT HAND!!!!!!!!!!
[8:42:28 AM] Brooklyn: ROBOT HAND!!!!
[8:42:43 AM] Brooklyn: I’ M SH AKING SO BAD
[8:43:40 AM] Katherine <3: o:
[8:43:42 AM] Katherine <3: what
[8:44:07 AM] Brooklyn: he th ere
[8:44:08 AM] Brooklyn: HE TH ERE
[8:44:09 AM] Brooklyn: NA GITO
[8:44:11 AM] Brooklyn: HE THRE YOU FUCK
[8:44:16 AM] Katherine <3: show!!!!
[8:44:18 AM] Brooklyn: IK  CASNFELJRT
[8:44:20 AM] Brooklyn: PEOPEL AR EJ SUT
[8:44:21 AM] Brooklyn: TALKING

[28/9/16, 9:10:02 PM] bird rights activist: (sorry im chatty this morning but. reynolds pamphlet about dan after the Event im calling it and starting it)
[28/9/16, 9:10:16 PM] Kimblery Anne: (WHY DO YOU DO THIS TO ME!!!!)
[28/9/16, 9:10:22 PM] bird rights activist: (KISSES)
[28/9/16, 9:10:23 PM] Kimblery Anne: (challenge accepted)
[28/9/16, 9:11:40 PM] bird rights activist: (wait no)

part one - part two - this is part numero trois

She has ninety-five pages of unfinished, unsent letters wafting around her study. Excuses and explanations and exclamations galore, anything to try to shed some light on her actions, to stop the spiral of shame and blame.

It doesn’t work.

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