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so i was part of this for about a month and a half then i left for a month and now i’m back in it. long story short, i definitely have nothing but good things to say about this rp. it’s been open for about 4 months now and that alone says a lot. everybody is really lovely and welcoming and if you’re looking for something really laid back you should definitely give them a look! come and apply and plot with my lil baby max irons fc. 

“Congratulations! Dear newly registered users, your applications for eTherapy.com have been approved! We hope you find our services helpful and will be pairing you with your penpal as soon as one suitable becomes available!”

Below the cut you will find the players names and character information of those who have been accepted. We are so happy to be welcoming in such a lovely new batch of characters. Thank you to everyone who applied and for those of you accepted, you have 24 hours to send in your character account! We can’t wait to write with you. We’re so excited to see some of our connections applied for so a special shoutout to those people!

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differentclaire i mean i love lucky blue smith but i also love matt hitt he was my first fc for teddy but also max irons bc he looks a bit older and i kinda want him to look older but at the same time i want him to be in his early twenties but matt and lucky dont have a lot of gifs/icons or a variety bUT AT THE SAME TIME

  • Lacey Jacobs looks a lot like [ CHLOE GRACE MORETZ ] and is 20 years old. He/she works as a job and is known around town as the PHILANTHROPIST. They’re motherly, witty, and youthful but have also been known to be guarded, stubborn and irrational. 
  • Oscar Carter looks a lot like [ MAX IRONS ] and is 22 years old. He works as a business manager and is known around town as the POSH ASSHOLE. They’re loyal, affectionate and infallible but have also been known to be inconsiderate, antagonistic and rude.

* the rest of the female apps will be accepted once we get a few more males *

Congratulations, Zoya!  You’ve been accepted to play the Netherlands! We’re really excited about seeing how you bring him to life and watching you expand on all his relationships! You now have 24 hours to create and submit your account to the main blog!  We look forward to having you in the group!

Augustijn Abe Van der Weij represents the country the Netherlands and was born on January 30th. Currently, he appears to be twenty-four years old and looks like Max Irons.

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AARON BEECHWOOD is 21 and has been in town for 8 YEARS now. They work at APPLEBEES in Southbridge Mall. They look identical to MAX IRONS.

Thank you for applying, angelface. Please send your account here within the next 12 hours or your role will be reopened!