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What is Emmett's view on Victorian freak shows? How would he be to his freakish talented sweetie who's part of the show? I forever remain, your obedient servant F.F.A

{Can’t think of what to really write for the idea, so I’ll just muse out headcanons for the thought. X3;}

  • Depends on what her freakish talent/ look would be. Emmett isn’t a shallow person (at least, I’d like to believe that so for my version), so he would still do everything he could to be there and to protect and love a woman who was viewed as a freak.

  • If the world would see to it that she is an outcast in society, Emmett would show her that she is more than that to him. He would make her see the beauty in things and within herself.

  • Depending the severity of the ability (or disability) that she has, he would probably do everything he could to get her out of the ‘freak show’ and take her away into hiding. Perhaps by then, the Assassins actually have established a better base that is more secluded and underground where he could keep her from harm.

  • Since she functions much differently than normal people, it might take him awhile to get used to the way she works, but he would do everything he could to be understanding, supportive, and loving.

  • He would try to give them something equal to talk about—in regards to him not being normal either as he was brought up to learn how to murder people himself; something that could be viewed as a freakish talent of sorts.

Skam. Thank you so much for guiding me, educating me and making me a better person. I’ve never fallen in love with a TV series quite like this before and I’ll always remember it as one of the most refreshing and amazing experiences. I’ve grown and I’ve seen my favourite characters grow along with me.
Although I wish those stories that Julie planned had been told and this show went on forever, it will always hold a special place in my heart. Especially Isak and Even and Sana, who had the most impact on me.
I’ll remember these characters as my friends and I’ll always look out for the talents of the many young actors cast. Tarjei, Henrik, Iman, Lisa, Marlon, David, Ina, Ulrikke, Sacha, Carl, everyone, thank you for bringing these amazing characters to life. Your talent is the essence of this show and without you I can’t imagine Skam being the same.
Julie Andem and Mari Magnus, thank you so much for your hard work. Your writing and deep, caring research was able to touch so many around the world, including me. Thank you.
I hope I’ll see all of them in the future. And I’ll always imagine where the characters will be.
Alt er Love. Thank you.


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Mick Fleetwood Turns 70: Watch Him Bang Out an Insane Drum Solo (Video)

Fleetwood Mac has had a change or two of style along their 50-year incarnation, but one thing has not changed, and that is the genius of its namesake, Mick Fleetwood.

Today, in honor of his 70th birthday, TheWrap takes a look at the talent of one of the best drummers of all-time, from a 2015 concert in Minnesota (above, starting at the 4:32 mark) to the classic “percussion vest solo” (below).

Fleetwood’s skill with a pair of sticks is no joke. At a young age, he taught himself how to play the drums and never stopped. The band’s first album “Peter Green’s Fleetwood Mac” in 1967, only for Green to leave shortly thereafter. To boost the band’s success, the group moved to the United States, where Lindsey Buckingham and Stevie Nicks were asked to join.

And the rest is music history, including the heralded album “Rumours,” which topped the Billboard 200 for 31 non-consecutive weeks.

But Fleetwood persisted, not only touring but also with side projects, like co-authoring “Fleetwood – My Life and Adventures with Fleetwood Mac” and taking on small acting roles in “The Running Man” and “Star Trek: The Next Generation.”

But back to his music. Sit back, turn up the volume and enjoy show in the videos above.

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Camila will be the nextk Selena Gomez? Sooo, overrated in looks, talent and personality?

Dear god I hope not, Selena Gomez is already enough.
- N

Reflections from Workcamp 2017

by Catherine Prescott

If you care to look, you can always find talent and one of the saddest things for me is when you see that talent go to waste.  Albert Einstein is quoted as saying “Everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid.”

I have this quote under my signature strip at work as a constant reminder to me about what my job in HR should be about, aligning people to their talents and helping them to become the best that they can possibly become.  And here’s where I draw parallels with the Sunflower Mission. 

Cate Prescott works with her team of local children in the LEGO robotics workshop at Tien Ngoc primary school. 

As I helped to teach the children Lego robotics, I saw future mechanical engineers, project Managers, software programmers and leaders as I saw the children work their way through problem solving, using their innate abilities building their Lego crocodiles, spinning tops, goalies and kickers and building confidence and expertise as they did so. I can’t help but wonder how many will ‘make it’.  How many will achieve the full potential that I could see in them, bursting to get out – bright and eager?

The answer of course is that I will probably never know, but I do know that without the work that The Sunflower Mission does, some of those children would never have had that experience which hopefully sparked an inquisitive and curious mind to continue to learn, grow and have confidence that they can do anything they set out to achieve.  I truly believe that we are all capable of achieving our potential given the right circumstances. 

Cate Prescott and SM volunteers hand out gifts for kindergarten children at the Tien Lap kindergarten.

Like a sunflower, planted in good soil, nurtured and with the right amount of sun and water it will grow strong and tall with its head held high.  I think as we share this wonderful planet we all live on together, that we should strive always look to support one another and build each other up.  Just as it was our honour and privilege to mentor those children and show them what they could achieve in a 2 hour Lego Robotics workshop so I hope it inspires them to go on and achieve their ambitions and reach for the sky. 

Dream big our Sunflower children!

Photos by Dan Q. Dao

look sasha is talented and all but shes not like… original or groundbreaking or amazing she’s just. palatable. like i never minded her presence on the season tht much but i never actually.. actively enjoyed it either. anyways shea should have won. or peppermint. shea was best overall hands down but i love peppermint so much that i would not mind at all if she had won. but sasha…… just didnt deserve it lmao

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i always get so darn excited when i see irl pictures of you AGH,,,you have it aLL; looks, talent, and just amazing personality overall (I love how chill you are like,,,OOF)) ILU ILU ILU AAAAA


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❛ i may not be that funny or athletic or good looking or smart or talented… i forgot where i was going with this ❜ || @kildriia ||

🐢  ❝           harper oh my gods. that ain’t true. remember i feel for your PERSONALITY but .. you ain’t so bad lookin either ~               ❞ he teased, giggling. 

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5, 6, 9, 17, 23

5. Does your OC has a secret?

She will always denied, but let’s just say that she has fellas from the underground.

6. What canon characters do your character interract with?

Her boss, Pricipal Krupp, the only two kids who would never prank her, George and Harold; and her friend from work, Edith

9. Does your character have weapons?

She would NEVER carry a weapon, but when she’s with a chainsaw or the mower look out!

17. Any special talent not relationated with professional work?

She’s an amazing dancer. A professional! By her cuban side of his grandfather, she has the rhytym in her blood; when the tunes plays music from her beloved Spain or any latin or cuban tango, her body obeys the song and even lead the way like men. Even if her parther is a men!

23. Any romance?

She has a loong list of exs and current suitors after her… But she won’t give a chance. She had a lot of bad luck on her lover, all of them bad seeds. She feels like she only attracts bad guys. And it was confirmed when villians started to flirt with her. Until a really good guy came over, she would just be out of the date section of the life

Sony should look at the Talented Mr. Hawley for VENOM

Ok then. Naturally most of us are still in the denial phase regarding Fargo’s hiatus. I can’t think of the last time a show came out of nowhere with such progressive quality and impact, then publicly put on hold for at least three years. The modern Hollywood landscape is certainly a strange and fascinating place.

With that said, while pouring over the info that’s come out since last night, I found this intriguing statement from the man his-self:

“It took 15 months to get Season 2 off the ground, and 18 months to get Season 3 on the air. I have to turn my attention to the second season of Legion and a film potentially the winter after next. We’re looking at three years from now…”

What film project is he considering/being considered for? Incidentally, this fits with the current projected Venom schedule, which should begin filming this winter (S2 of Legion no doubt is already mostly written and ready to begin production).

What do you guys think? IMO Hawley and Co.’s vision for Fargo and Legion is pretty much exactly what Sony should be going for with this project. Modern, progressive, sexy, and brutal as fuck. Everyone is expecting more cookie-cutter garbage from Sony, but I honestly think they have a chance here to produce a big hit and continue the disruption job on Disney that Fox began with Deadpool and Logan.

Last note - I don’t know how attached Mr. Fleischer is this project, but he may not be the right guy for the job. Zombieland was really good and kind of in the vein of what Venom should be, but if they want to do something really special they have to lose most of the campiness of modern comics and go balls-deep on the horror and dread, not to mention some original photography and writing ideas would be nice. Hey, sound like anyone we know??

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Vimeo Staff Picks: How to Get Your Film Seen By Hollywood Producers and Brands

With more than 240 million monthly viewers, Vimeo has grown into one of the best online platforms for filmmakers to share their work with the world and discover other talented artists. The site’s flagship channel, Vimeo Staff Picks, features the best videos on Vimeo, and is billed as a “never-ending film festival” that runs 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year.

The benefit of a Staff Pick can be getting your short film, music video or other short form work seen by production companies, advertising agencies and brands looking for emerging talent. Filmmaker Patrick Jean’s short film “Pixels” was chosen as a Staff Pick, went viral, and attracted the attention of Adam Sandler’s Happy Madison Productions, which hired Patrick to direct the feature-length version. Though Happy Madison ultimately brought Chris Columbus on board to direct, Patrick stayed on as an executive producer and co-writer of the script.

Timelapse cinematographer Drew Geraci’s “District Nights” similarly landed him a job shooting the opening credits sequence for Netflix’s “House of Cards,” while Daniel Mercadante’s two-minute short “Laughs” led to Volkswagen hiring him to shoot a second version for a TV commercial. Other Staff Picks alumni who have gained critical exposure through Vimeo include “Swiss Army Man” co-directors the Daniels (12 Staff Picks) and “Kong: Skull Island” filmmaker Jordan Vogt-Roberts (2 Staff Picks).

READ MORE: John Early and Kate Berlant’s ‘555’ Just Raised the Bar for Every Short Form Comedy Ever

Curated by a five-person in-house team, Staff Picks is comprised of the core verticals of Drama, Comedy, Action Sports and Documentary, and also includes Music Video, Animation, Travel and Eye Candy. Vimeo selects around four Staff Picks per day and features the videos on its homepage. Out of the tens of millions of videos uploaded to Vimeo on a yearly basis, roughly 1,000 are chosen as Staff Picks. The site also selects around 10 “Best of the Month” videos per month.

Though Staff Picks are free to watch, Vimeo on Demand offers filmmakers a way to monetize their work via a 90/10 split, with 90 percent of revenue going to the creators. Launched in 2013, the site’s VOD content features more than 50,000 videos with more than 1 million paying customers. If a filmmaker wants to earn revenue off of his or her Vimeo Staff Pick, the film can be moved to the subscription-only platform.

So how can you secure a coveted Vimeo Staff Picks badge for your film? Here are five key factors paraphrased from a presentation by Meghan Oretsky, one of the company’s five curators, during an event at the company’s New York office.

Exceptional craft

Staff Picks should look good and sound amazing, but filmmakers should also ask themselves whether their work innovates and pushes the medium to a new level. Check out “Analogue Loaders” by from Raphael Vangelis.

Conversation starting

To get people talking about a short film, it should present provocative ideas and visuals that ideally appeal to a millennial audience. Vimeo knows a video is a winner when the curators anticipate it being shared and sparking conversations amongst friends. Check out “Black Holes” by Noodles.

Engaging storytelling

Stories should draw the viewer in, elicit an emotional response and ultimately be something that people want to the share with their friends. A good example is the short film “Con Amor” by Cole Webley.


Vimeo creators should have a unique style and story. A good question to ask is, have we seen this story told time and time again? If so, are they bringing any new ideas or a new voice to the genre? Check out Ilya Naishuller’s music video for Leningrad’s “Kolshick.” 

READ MORE: Danny Devito’s Short Film ‘Curmudgeons’ Launches Vimeo’s Staff Pick Premieres

Diverse Voices

Vimeo’s curators attend niche festivals in order to find content from female filmmakers, the LGBTQ community, people with disabilities, the indigenous community and more. Check out David M. Helman’s music video for Michael Kiwanuka “Cold Little Heart.”

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