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Caius Cosades: ‘Very interesting. So. It says here the Emperor wants me to make you a Novice in the Blades. And that means you’ll be following my orders. Are you ready to follow my orders, Rhea?’



                                    ♕   INDEPENDENT   STEVE   HARRINGTON  

                                                                                                            by t.

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I know i’m late but i really want to say it to you, and I’m So Sorry if i have just a hug for you

HAPPY BIRTHDAY Mr Mickey!!!! YOU are a great Inspiration for me to be artist, you made me happy when i been so depressed and i’m thankfull with ya!

I’m a big fan of yours, Greetings from Mexico! :D

“Awww me? an inspiration? Gee that means a lot ;U; Thank you for this wonderful drawing, glad to make ya happy and I happily accept your hug! Greeting from Disneyland”


Remembering Gene Tierney on her birthday.

November 19th 1920November 6th 1991

Everyone should see Hollywood once, I think, through the eyes of a teenage girl who has just passed a screen test.


2007 National Yo Yo Contest- Best Girl Player- Farrah Siegel

I found this looking for yoyo art references and found this gem of a performance.



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Where are you apping?

i am looking into the void at many and sundry places, dear anon, but what has tickled my interest these past few days are working on straightening out my oc’s, creeping on arcanahq and conundrum-rp, and the app which i’m currently and sporadically working on this fine evening (morning??) is for dpsrpg. will i ever finish anything????? highly questionable BUT all these places are amazing and great so go check them out!

The Side Look of a Spanish Barcelonese #988 : Untitled © David Scholl aka D-Asho :

The Side Look of a Spanish Barcelonese #988 : Untitled © David Scholl aka D-Asho :