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I think that there’s just way too much guys who are better looking than me, more talented than me, not boring to be with, I don’t know. Hahaha dami ko nanamamg iniisip lol. I just pray that you’d keep that fire inside your heart lit and alive for me forever. I don’t wanna wake up to that day hearing you say you don’t love me anymore. I’ll be doing my best to keep you happy. I’ll be pushing myself to the limits just to lift myself up to your standards. You deserve a guy your worth (not sure if that made sense). You deserve no pain. Please be mine forever.
—  Jan Carlos
Call for New Barefoot Girls

Attention, ladies! Barefoot Georgia Peaches is looking out for new barefoot talent. If you think your feet are worth the chance to be photographed for this gallery, it’s very easy.

If you live in or plan to visit the state of Georgia, and you would like to be in this gallery of Barefoot Georgia Peaches, send an email to barefootgapeaches@gmail.com. Please include your name and contact information, and attach a few pictures of you and your feet. Additional information is available in the Be a Model section on this blog, and any questions, comments or anything else may be sent to the same email address.

Those who apply to be a part of Barefoot Georgia Peaches must be at least 18 years of age.


Making talents look easy is a byproduct of the countless hours we spend honing our crafts. Relentlessness in the flesh. #event #eventplanner #artist #entertainer #nightlife #mitzvah #tshirt #apparel #custom #liveart #nj #nyc #graffiti #paint #airbrush #spraypaint #iwata #createx #event #theamazingjulian #artist #artwork #freehand #motivation (at Cedar Hill Golf & Country Club)

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Reality checks suck (recent life story rant, ignore if you want)

On my 18th birthday i was forced out of the group home i was in(they only can keep me from 13[?] To 18) and now im with my mom who was kinda struggling to keep herself out of the hole, and here i am unable to get a job and unable to contribute to food and bills at the age of 19…this just fucking sucks, now I’m thinking about moving out and back to the city where its slightly easier to get a job, but I’m realizing how overconfident i was of my abilities to provide for myself being a sheltered lil shit i am. Maybe i deserve this stress? Maybe helping a large amount of people with emotion problems wasnt enough? Maybe i have bad luck, or just really bad at living. The cherry on top is being completely average on looks and talents, i can honestly say i have no good memories of the past and my future is looking grim, how the hell do people do this? Is it just chance that they’ll have a good life? I mean it probably doesn’t help I’m a Canadian native that Europeans way back nearly pushed our nationality to extinction. At least i like anime, music and games, that much i appreciate with nearly nothing left since father time doesn’t seem to like me(us?)

I miss when i first found the mlp community, that was the one exception to my “no good memories”
If you read this far, these are my current thoughts and worries and thanks i guess for reading..

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okay but louis always looks so happy in this talents show or whatever this pathetic program is :// he was sat next to simon and he was happy with working with simon

look at louis rolling his eyes when simon is about to speak. SUCH DEEP FONDNESS AND ADMIRATION FOR HIS MENTOR AND THE MAN HE ASPIRES TO BE LIKE

how about all that happiness radiating off of louis after simon hugs him? TENSION WHAT TENSION AIN’T NOTHING BUT LOVE

louis hugging a random AGT contestant vs simon. who needs to see louis’ face in the second picture clearly simon is choking the life out of him with that stranglehold because he just loves him that much

you’re right. louis looks positively thrilled to be working with simon

Graphic Designer/Illustrator - Scouts - Essex

We’re looking for a super talented graphic designer to join our creative team for a 3 month placement.

Salary: £120 per day

Location: Gilwell Park, Chingford

Contract: 3 – 6 month contract

Hours: 35 hours per week

About you

Creative, commercial and trend aware, you’ll be creating illustrations, animations and short films for our social media channels half of your time and delivering print and digital responses to briefs for the other half.

About us

The Scout Association is the UK’s biggest mixed youth movement, with over half-a-million members in communities up and down the country. Today, 25% of our members are girls and we offer life-changing adventure to young people of every background. We are supported by Chief Scout, Bear Grylls and were recently voted the UK’s most challenging and empowering charity.

Next Steps

Send a link to your portfolio to Kevin.yeates@scouts.org.uk

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Tell me about Meabh!

This is based solely on my original story ^.^


Full Name: Méabh (pronounce Maeve) Coghlan
Gender and Sexuality: female, lesbian
Pronouns: she/her
Ethnicity/Species: Caucasian, Human/Bladesinger
Birthplace and Birthdate: Kadrid, December 3, 598
Guilty Pleasures: Red Velvet Cake
Phobias: Being alone/unwanted
What They Would Be Famous For: Overthrowing the patriarchy and helping her bae claim the throne. (Also assist in being a queen too)
What They Would Get Arrested For: I don’t see her getting arrested. 😂 She’s a good noddle for the most part.
OC You Ship Them With: Sol Belmonte ❤️
OC Most Likely To Murder Them: Helena at first, if anybody.
Favorite Movie/Book Genre: Thriller/Horror
Least Favorite Movie/Book Cliche: Girls falling for the first hot guy that even looks at them
Talents and/or Powers: Bladesinger - Susurri (can become invisible, slow time, and detect life energies)
Why Someone Might Love Them: She is a badass, doesn’t take shit from anyone, and loves everyone of her friends and Sol.
Why Someone Might Hate Them: She’s very reckless sometimes and bites off more than she can chew.
How They Change: She goes from being really conservative and iffy about who she is, to totally embracing how amazing her abilities are.
Why You Love Them: She was my first oc I ever thought up, and she’s just been through so many story ideas. I love her to death. 💕

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If you were to trade places with anyone in the world, who would it be and why?

Honestly Emma Watson. She’s educated, gorgeous, talented, looks like she has her shit together.


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The Movement.#eymg #

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I just made the BEST invites for YaYa’s birthday. I wish I could show you… Hmmm…

Look at my talent!! (I’m even capable of covering up the creepy stalker info!)

I’ll be taking this into the ‘print your own’ photo kiosk today to get them done :)