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Qatar Airways Cabin Crew Recruitment (June 2015)

Qatar Airways is looking for the best talent to join our award-winning crew. We’ll be conducing recruitment events for our Cabin Crew team across the following cities in June 2015.

Visit the corresponding link to your nearest city (listed below), and apply by the respective deadline. Good luck to the applicants.

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anonymous asked:

What Emma is doing right now is riding that weakening HP waves. She is still doing it even after five years and people have noticed. It's not that she doesn't know what she wants. Like the previous anons have said, it's because she just cannot do better due to being completely unremarkable looks and talent.


Successful night yesterday for the CASE Studies Private View! The exhibition is still open if you fancy coming to look at all the talented photography!

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Hey, have you ever done sponsorship ? would you like to get the experience and get money or free clothes in your summer holiday? Now we are looking for talented promoters, if you have interest, please give me your email address to explain for you,thanks.-Sophia

are you kidding me

the only thing I wanna sponsor is Roosterteeth

don’t send me stuff like this again

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Sorry to break it to you but kpop idols aren't born completely perfect. You're delusional if you don't think any exo members have gotten plastic surgery

okay first, just because someone is very good looking and looks like a model doesn’t mean they’ve gotten plastic surgery. people can be born with especially good looks

second, you’re right about them not being completely perfect. a kpop idol can have it all, fame, money, popularity, talent, looks (which IS possible without surgery, mind you) and they still aren’t 100% perfect. nobody is. everyone has some kind of flaw somewhere. whether it’s with their personality or whatever. kim jongin could be the sweetest puppy and yet think that men are better than women. do kyungsoo could be a polite angel and behind closed doors he could totally change and see everyone as useless peasants. even yixing, who this fandom perceives as a harmless little kitten, he could secretly be the biggest asshole. not saying it’s true (i’m pretty sure it isn’t), but you never know. everyone has flaws

finally, please don’t call me or anyone else ‘delusional’ for a simple opinion. it’s rude, unnecessary, and what do you think you’ll gain from doing that?

ironfaceavenue asked:

Hey, have you ever done sponsorship ? would you like to get the experience and get money or free clothes in your summer holiday? Now we are looking for talented promoters, if you have interest, please give me your email address to explain for you,thanks.-Sophia


Josh Taylor
Some voice! I bet Mr Taylor has many groupies! He has the looks, voice, talent and personality. I advise you check him out and you may become a fan (admirer from a distance I prefer) and support him. A young artist like this guy, deserves to go far! Unique;
Twitter - @asjoshtaylor
iTunes - https://itunes.apple.com/gb/album/in-my-head-ep/id836499883 
Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/joshtaylorofficial 
Youtube - https://www.youtube.com/user/stirlingyoungtalent Instagram - http://instagram.com/joshtaylorofficial 
Website - joshtaylor.com   

SOEG Hotel Careers In Mumbai

SOEG Hotel Careers In Mumbai

Cost Cutters of the Madison and Rockford areas are looking for talented full and part-time certified stylists and professionals. We want for energetic, encouraged and experienced full-time and part-time qualified locks stylists. Unlocked at level 6, this communal interaction can enable you to give a Sim an on-the-spot makeover. It won’t impact your task, but it’s pretty fun and can enhance…

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I was sitting around and I almost started crying about thinking how insecure kyungsoo is, and how he openly has said he doesn’t think he’s good looking, or talented. He’s insecure about his shoulders, his hight, his eye sight etc and people really like to feed off of that stuff. He’s so unbelievably handsome and enduring, and he literally doesn’t see it.
People have labeled him as cold and “Satan” and I really doubt he likes that, because from what I’ve seen he’s just naturally quite, a little introverted, well mannered and sweet. All I want to do is let him know his feelings are valid and he’s allowed to have them, but he is so much more than he gives credit to. He’s just so beautiful inside and out, and I really hope he see’s that some day.

dreamanons asked:

*giggles* My talent? *looks at you confused*-Sarah // I know...*rubs the back of my neck and I try to think of something to say*-Michael



I honestly am losing it

HUGE Shout out to the beautiful Singer/Writer Runyara and Creator of @SelfMadeMusicnaire for the Hoody & Tee! I love them 😍 can’t wait for you to premier your Music AND Fashion Couture out here in Los Angeles coming soon Aug 2015!

Be on the look out for this talented most humble and smart woman as she makes her way to L.A to debut her catalog!

You can visit her websites directly for her music and Fashion line:



“ It’s not about the money. It’s all about the music ” - @Runyara

150526 51st Baeksang Arts Awards - Kim Soo Hyun asks the lady presenter which actor she likes? She says the one standing beside her, acting is good, she watches #Producer #YouWhoCameFromTheStars and all she likes. Credit, source: via IG @stars88jo

Baby Kim Soo Hyun unlike baby Baek Sueng Chan knows he’s good looking, though still very humble about his looks and talents. He’s shy just like BSC, used same shy expression as BSC too :). 

anonymous asked:

Sometimes I feel like I don't deserve the resources and privilege I have because I'm too scared to use it effectively Sometimes I think how much easier things would be if I wasn't alive I navigate life assuming everyone thinks negatively of me and I'm not sure why But it seems like that only becomes apparent when I stop and think about it too much So Maybe that's my problem. I don't know. I don't like myself much.

In terms of not deserving privilege, I go through the same thing. I constantly look around at amazing talented people and wonder why I’m the one who got to be a straight white upper-middle-class man when so many people I know are struggling on at least one of those axes and don’t deserve to be. I honestly think there’s nobody in the world who shouldn’t be alive. We all have value to someone, and there’s nobody in the world who everyone thinks of negatively. I can only really speak from my experience with these same sorts of thoughts, but what helps me is to realize that just because you’re unhappy with the way people behave around you or interact with you doesn’t mean that they don’t like you. People don’t always express affection/admiration/etc. in ways that you’ll instinctively recognize. From here (for me at least) it becomes an issue of creating relationships that you can be secure in; asking your friends to show their love for you in ways that you’re able to appreciate. This is far easier said than done and I’m still figuring out how to do it in my own friendships, but even changing things a little bit at a time when you get the chance will bring you closer to that goal.