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Make Like A Muggle

Pairing: Draco X Reader

Prompt: You make a bet with Draco that he can’t do anything without magic. He decides to take this very seriously. Too bad it’s during the middle of a snowstorm.

A/N: Inspired by me. Outside. Shoveling snow like a loser because I’m weak AF and the snow was too heavy. 

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You suppress the desire to scream into a pillow as you try and escape Draco’s teasing. You loved him very much, and getting to really bond with him after the war was very emotional for both of you, but sometimes you were reminded of how particularly bothersome he could be.

“You’re just saying that because I’m better at it than you,” he stated proudly. You stopped in your tracks and turned back to him. The pompous expression he wore was identical to the one he had when you first met him.

To put it simply, you felt like strangling the boy when you first met him.

“Better than me at magic? Really. All of magic. Charms, potions, apparating, all of it. Better than me at all the intricacies and variety of fields of magic.” You throw your hands up in the air in exasperation.

Draco rolls his eyes, earning a dirty look from you. “All I’m saying is that you really shouldn’t be messing up a first year spell at age twenty four.” 

He was referring to how you managed to accidentally summon your entire set of silverware from the drawer instead of a single spoon. “I was busy, if you didn’t notice, making out with you!”  

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Random Dark Magician doodle from last night - something with a reduced colour palette - I actually wanted to make a pic with a premade palette called ‘Illusion’, but than I changed a lot to it because it looked a lot cooler this way.

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tendou needs more appreciation. his nickname is cruel, i mean he was called a monster throughout all his childhood because of the way he looks and then suddenly people start calling him "the guess monster". he was bullied on and off court for the way he looks. i have a headcanon that he has an autistic little brother and the possibility of him getting bullied or hurt hurts tendou so much and sometimes(especially middle school)he would just sit and cry and talk to his cat about everything and i,,

ya’ll have NO IDEAAAAAAAAAAAAA my poor child aaaa

I think a while ago I went off about how I fell in love with Tendou at first sight? Because he’s a silly goof who is 100% himself and doesn’t care what others think… I’m not really sure I share the same headcanon as you, I don’t actually think he was a sad kid. We saw him get bullied in the flashbacks but did it really look like he cared? Nah, not really. I think it made him stronger as a person tbh. He seems to have embraced the “Guess Monster” nickname. Like “oh they’re calling me a monster I’LL SHOW THEM WHO’S A MONSTER” BASICALLY I THINK HE’S WAY STRONGER AND COOLER THAN MOST PEOPLE THINK. I REALLY JUST LOVE HIM.

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SidGeno babies/children? Or anything with phil/hags if you want?! Whichever 😊

It has been ages since I’ve written anything for the Sophia Crosby verse, so have 5 headcanons about Sophia + Sid/Geno!

1. Sidney is her daddy, her birth parent, and the one who gave Sophia her name. He’s also a total pushover; Geno is the disciplinarian.

(This is a system that works well for them. Sid gets to be the good guy and the one who kisses it better, and by the time Geno has gone home for the night and come back again, Sophia has already forgotten to be angry with her uncle Geno for being a big meanie.)

2. Sophia was three when they found out she’s allergic to strawberries. She doesn’t remember it, but knows it had been bad by the way Daddy always goes deathly pale at the mention of it, of how he whispers, “I was so scared, baby.”

It’s the only time Uncle Geno cuts his summer short and the first time he made the trip to Cole Harbour.

3. Sophia grows up multilingual. She’s fluent in English, French, and Russian, can hold a decent conversation in Finnish, is passable in Swedish, and can say, “Your mother is a whore and your father a sheep-fucker,” in German, though she is never to tell Daddy about the last one; “He may actually kill me,” Junior says, and Sophia doesn’t know what a whore or a sheep-fucker actually is, but Junior looks so worried she just nods and smiles her agreement—and then laughs when Shearsy rolls his eyes at them, slaps Junior upside the head and says, “You’re an idiot.”

4. When she is seven, Uncle Geno becomes Dad, and Sophia becomes Sophia Crosby-Malkin. She kinda thinks it’s weird that Daddy’s name is Crosby and her dad’s name is Malkin, and that they’ve all got different last names, but then two years later the triplets are born and they become Crosby-Malkins too.

(Uncle Sanja says Crosby-Malkins are way better than regular Crosbys and Malkins. Claude agrees: “I still can’t believe Croz gave birth to you; you’re so much cooler than him. Like way cooler.” He says it in French just to spite Daddy and because he knows he can understand him.

Daddy and Claude’s friendship is so weird.)

5. When Sophia is fourteen, she gets her heart broken for the first time. “Why doesn’t she love me back?” she sobs into Sidney’s shoulder, and she misses the sad look he sends Zhenya and the way Zhenya’s hands clench into fists, because Lola is just a teenager and he can’t actually make her fall in love with his daughter.

He still wants to punch something, though. Duper’s face, maybe—he’s obviously failed as a parent if he’s raised a child who can’t recognise the fucking marvel Sophia is.

“We can’t help the way other people feel, baby,” Sidney says. He’s stroking a gentle hand through Sophia’s hair, fingers snagging on her thick curls. “You’ll fall in love again. You’ll fall in love with someone else, with lots of someone elses. I promise.”

“I don’t want to fall in love with someone else! I love Lola; she’s my soul mate, like you and Dad.”

“Sofka,” Zhenya says helplessly. He doesn’t know how to fix this. It’s not a bruise he can put a bandaid on and kiss it better.

“It hurts, Dad. Why does it hurts so much?” Sophia’s sobbing somehow gets worse, huge hulking cries wrecking her whole body. She’s clutching at Sidney, her misery so palpable it’s as if she’ll never find cause to be happy again.

Zhenya hates it, hates this feeling of utter uselessness. “It’ll get better, Sofka,” he says, because it’s all he can say. “I promise. It’ll get better.”

Sophia shakes her head, swallows on a sob and presses closer to Sidney. She doesn’t believe him.

(Until she does.)


I’m gonna run a Zelda themed LOTFP game. So I made some easy to reference class sheets for character creation. Obv I don’t own the rights to anything Nintendo related and this is purely a work of fan art that is making me 0 money. 

The colors on these got kind of fucked, but I think it actually adds to the old school game manual vibe.

There’s some hacked apart LOTFP rules included on these but I can’t really say that I care if that bothers you :P

Also LTTP Zora are way cooler looking than OOT.

Good? Good.

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I like to think Azazel and Charioce could have been good friends. If they were in different situation. :') cries

aldfjdlfhdf yes yes so much yes *__*

I actually think even now, being on opposite side that they are, they could still be friends. Or maybe not ‘friends’ exactly since using that term seems kinda pushing it lol, but like, maybe comrades?

Azazel’s lack of patience aside, I think they’re actually pretty similar. Like, they’d probably get along with each other better than each of them with Kaisar; they’re both can be pragmatic to the extreme (to put it mildly), something that kind-hearted and too pure for this world god ilu Kaisar has a hard time accepting or understanding, bcs for him, peace and harmony is always an option.

Kaisar told Rita that if only Azazel and Chari could talk, they’d understand each other. But the thing is, he forgot that just bcs they could *understand*, doesn’t mean they’d be willing to give up the fight. And in prison in ep8, Azazel and Charioce did talk. I was surprised that Azazel actually seriously listening and responding to Charioce’s words. I was expecting him to just ignore him completely or maybe be petty and hurl insult or something like that. That scene actually makes me think Azazel and Chari would actually team up much later.

Charioce is like a more serious and more goal-oriented version of S1 Azazel; this is to say, he has all the qualities that make Azazel a demon, only he looks way cooler doing it and is more leader-like than Azazel lol.

Their current setup is interesting, bcs if Charioce is actually a demon and Azazel’s a human, then it would be a simple regular fantasy storyline about a heroic human forming resistance to defeat the demon king. But by making the evil king human and the resistance’s face a demon, it adds so many layers to the story, layers that I just can’t wait to unwrap *_______*



look at this crappy thing I did.

VOID!Zack Watterson, Gumball’s alter-ego/alter-name, appearing in ‘The Name’ from season 3. He was vaulted out of Gumball’s mind at the end of the episode, but if you compare his disappearance to Rob’s body being stripped away, you can see he’s been sent to the Void, not gone for good.

So what if he came out again, just all disfigured like Rob? This is my (completely terrible and unoriginal) answer.

Um, it’s kinda sorta traced from the show, mostly, because it was an experiment in style of ‘how would a 2D character disfigured by the Void look like?’ The answer is… we don’t know, but I did this thingie! I used .jpeg coloring selection errors splattered over his face, like what happens on a particularly bad TV signal, on many parts of his body. I could have done more to change him up, honestly, not too pleased with this, considering just how disfigured Rob was, I’m considering finding some Season 1!Gumball pieces to replace his legs or even uncover some even earlier designs for Gumball to give him a more unique appearance, but I will explain the main feature of disfigurement I settled on for his ‘calling card’ or just his general ‘look’.

The sunglasses he wore in school are part of his eyes now, one just corrupted and the other literally the sunglasses in the shape of what his eye would look like. He can move his eyebrow like before, but it’s still the sunglasses frame.

Personality wise, I don’t think he’d change. He still thinks he should be the ‘real’ Gumball, since he’s way, way cooler than Gumball will ever be… so yeah, same modus operandi. You can’t get much worse than Zack already is.

I just saw a picture on twitter...

…of a woman who went to PHXCon and was dressed rather provocatively. She has a long rant about the comments she got which were “nasty” because she was dressed in shorts that barely covered her ass and a wide bare midriff for the con on Sunday. She claims this was necessary because it was - get this - hot in Phoenix in June. She says that the comments were hurtful (no doubt true) and have made her not feel welcome in the SPN Family. Well, honeybunch, welcome to real life. Sometimes, people judge you. Actually, at all times people judge you. You’re middle-aged and you should know this by now. Your friends know your sad story about your self-confidence, and I guess I’m glad you feel better. No, I am glad you feel better. Truly. Be down with your bad self. Just be honest. You claim you didn’t dress for attention. You did. No adult woman dresses like that “because it’s cooler”. First, you’re in an air-conditioned hall all day. Air-conditioning means it was no warmer than 72 degrees in the place you actually were for the entire day (I’ve done Sunday con days, you’re busy and indoors all day if you’ve got photo ops, as she did). Jensen, who is next to you in the picture, is wearing jeans and a long-sleeved shirt. Either he was about to literally fry on the spot, or the outfit was not necessary for “cooling” factors. Second, you’re not actually cooler in tight Daisy-Duke-style denim shorts than you would be in knee-length looser-fitting non-denim shorts: scientific fact (which, btw, I learned from my Indian friends in undergrad - there’s a reason people in hot climates do not wear denim! The weight of the fabric is more important than its length in coolness). Third, and what really caught my attention, your pose next to Jensen looks way too coquettish for me to believe you weren’t showing off your “bod” which leads to my fourth point, Jensen looks a bit uncomfortable with you up on him like that. He looks more comfortable in your “old you” picture where you’re just nicely posed next to him with his arm around you. So, my real point for posting this - though a few people will no doubt think it was to “hate” on this woman for being herself (like I said, be down with your bad self - I’m all for honest self-confidence) - is why in hell do some fans think it’s cool to use photo ops for “flirty” poses with married men? That screams desperation for validation to me, not self-confidence. What decent married man really wants to be taking pictures with a scantily-clad woman all up on him (no matter how good she looks) who is not his wife? Sure, you run into him at a waterpark or the beach, even ACL which is outdoors, these things happen, but at an air-conditioned con? 

Had a wonderful time shooting our Dragon Age costumes in an authentic castle with my Canadian crew. I’m actually really insecure about my cosplays (more specifically: me in them) and I’m so happy with the photos Lazlo took because they actually make me look way cooler than I actually am :) 

@kolibrichan (myself) as Leliana

Photo by Lazlo @ Häme Castle, Hämeenlinna, Finland, July 2016
Costume done by me
Inquisition brooch and buttons done by @dei-sandvich

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I don't know but I just wanted you to confirm wether you've received my Boys bonding head canon request? It's been over two weeks since I sent it. If you didn't get it here is the thing I requested, the boys bonding especially Farkle and Josh along with Lucas n Zay. Like Farkle and Josh being in competition with Riley and Maya in terms of their bonds. Like them being best buddies of all times. And if you don't mind can you end it with them being each other's best man?Plz lemme know if u got dis?

omg okay bless you. Although I already wrote out wedding headcannons for each and they weren’t each other’s best man, Josh had Cory bc his friend Andrew was officiating the wedding and Maya had claimed Farkle as ‘her best person’. Auggie was the groomsman that Farkle was paired up with and they put on a show of skipping down the ‘aisle’ and ended up falling in the mud😂 At the riarkle wedding Josh, Lucas and Zay got into a fierce competition over who should be the best man, and while they were distracted Farkle was like ‘Auggie bro you’re one of the only sane people in my life you’re best man’ lmao. He had to give some cheesy speech about friendship and how ‘you’re all winners in my heart’ to appease the other guys😂😂

  • Okay so Josh and Farkle first meet when Farkle is like 8 years old
  • Riley pulled some major puppy dog eyes and got her parents to let Farkle come with her for the month she usually spends with her grandparents in the summer
  • But Amy and Alan only said ‘Riley’s bringing her friend’, so Josh assumed they meant Maya and wakes up the day of their arrival expecting to have four weeks to hang out with his niece and her cute blonde friend
  • But he walks downstairs to the kitchen and he’s like wtf
  • This is a different blond friend
  • Where is the correct blond friend???
  • What is this
  • Is Maya trying to prank him or something??
  • As it turns out, Maya managed to get her ass stuck in summer school so she wasn’t allowed to come
  • So Riley brought her other ‘bestest friend’ and now Josh has to deal with this pipsqueak all month instead of having someone following him around adoringly and giggling at all his bad jokes and telling him how cool he is while simultaneously calling him a dork
  • r u d e
  • So anyway Josh is like “what’s your name?” and the kid is like “Farkle”
  • And there’s a long moment of them holding eye contact before Josh realizes he isn’t lying about his name
  • So Josh is just like “…I’m gonna call you Yahtzee okay”
  • “Um…no?”
  • “Too late.”
  • So Amy’s just like J o s h u a but Riley’s giggling so Josh is calling a win for this one
  • Okay so anyway the month goes on, they go on various ‘little-kids-in-summer’ misadventures
  • Josh usually has a great time because he loves hanging out with Riley and Maya. They’re both really funny and make him feel cool what’s not to love here
  • But Yahtzee doesn’t seem to have much of an opinion on him, and Riley’s too busy being completely enthralled every time the kid throws out a random fact to pay enough attention to Josh
  • And now he doesn’t have Maya with her pigtails and big blue eyes staring at him like he hung the stars to help him deal with his niece apparently ditching him
  • So this summer is just…not good for his ego omfg
  • (You have to take into account that while Josh isn’t an only child, he’s the MIRACLE BABY like of course he’s used to people doting on him omg)
  • So instead of this fun summer he had all planned Josh is being a bit of a mopey little bitch omg why does Riley think this bowl cut kid is cooler than him?????
  • like wtf he could see it if this was actually a cool kid, but it’s July and he’s got??? Only turtlenecks and sweaters on???? And he has a bowl cut and glasses???? And keeps talking about science???? What the fu c k
  • Joshua is adorned in the Cool 6th Grader Look* and he plays guitar and wow Riley remember that time I saved you from an angry dog??? What a way to pay me back,
  • These thoughts are rushing through his head as he sits on the counter with his arms folded, pouting at Riley and Farkle who are at the table, rolling cookie dough and talking about how fireflies glow????
  • 8 year olds are so fucking weird man,
  • Okay so since Josh is truly Cory Matthews little brother, he just simmers in his 10 year old angst and basically ruins the summer for himself. He’ s all just like ‘fIIINE I guess I’ll hang with my REAL friends instead of you losers!!!’ as he angrily scooters off into the sunset and ultimately has to deal with his school friends making fun of him for being upset that 8 year olds don’t wanna hang out with him. A n g s t
  • He’s gonna try to blame Maya for all this but it’s all him lmao there was more then one occasion where Riley was like ‘Grandma why is Uncle Joshie being so weird?????’ and Amy was like ‘He’s just at an age sweetie’ which made no sense to Riley so she’s like ‘Kay then I guess I’ll go read with Farkle at least he knows how to smile???’
  • So anyway the summer trip is over and Josh misses his niece now that she’s gone
  • Goes on with his life
  • Suddenly it’s Christmas time and his brother’s family is gonna be with them for a week and a half and he’s lowkey pumped because Christmas and New Years is the prime time to be an adorable kid and he and Riley tend to unite and get a lot of attention, eat a lot of cookies, and try to see who got the better presents from Santa
  • So they’re there for a few days having fun this is the lyfe
  • But suddenly someone’s knocking on the door and it’s FUCKING YAHTZEE ASKING IF RILEY WANTS TO COME BUILD A SNOWMAN WITH HIM
  • And Josh slams the door in his face lmao
  • But then Riley yells at him so he opens it back up and he’s like ‘how are you possibly here you live in New York’
  • ….oh, right, OF COURSE he has grandparents in the area. Of course.
  • So Josh still gets to hang out with Riley on Christmas and New Years but all the other generic December days she’s there, she and Yahtzee are out and about!
  • Stop stealing my niece!!!
  • So the holidays come and go and Josh is like. You know what??? Fiiiine.
  • I am a BIG BOY and Riley is a LITTLE GIRL and someday she will see the error of her ways and pay the correct amount of attention to me again
  • In the mean time though, he did have one thing he could at least look forward to: The weekends when Cory would bring him up to NYC and the two of them and Riley would get discount tickets for musicals. He loved that tradition. That was sacred to him, his brother and his niece, and it was safe. He’d get to see cool shows and then gush about them and sing all the songs with Riley while Cory drove them to whatever restaurant they were hitting up afterwards, and even after that Cory would buy them all ice cream and take pictures of them and it was quality family bonding and there’s no way Josh would ever feel neglected during it.
  • …May 26th 2010, in which Josh gets in the car ready to go see Billy Elliot with his family, only to find an extra member. A blond bowl cut. Glasses that wouldn’t stay on his face, a blue turtle neck, whispering something into the ear of a giggling Riley
  • Cory affectionately ruffling Yahtzee’s hair, saying he joined Riley’s dance class and wanted to learn about the musicals everyone kept talking about, and ‘you don’t mind do you, Joshie? He is basically part of the family.’
  • But he doesn’t say that so they see the show and it was spectacular but Josh is in #sulk mode the whole time
  • Surely this is a one time thing though, right?
  • It is not a one time thing
  • It is an every time thing
  • H e l p H i m
  • But omg okay Josh does eventually grow out of this angst
  • Just because he gets older and matures and all that
  • Eventually figures out life doesn’t revolve around him like all 6th graders eventually must
  • Eventually accepts that sometimes Riley can find people that aren’t him cool and maybe she can pay equal amounts of attention to them
  • He still barely interacts with the Yahtzee kid tho, not because of any lingering resentment but just because??? What is there to say??? They’re very different people. They have nothing in common.
  • Their longest conversation 5 years of knowing each other was ‘Hey can you stop calling me Yahtzee? It kinda hurts my feelings’ ‘Oh wow sure sorry dude’.
  • Josh still calls him Yahtzee in his inner monologue lmao
  • Josh was presented with a new nickname of ‘Dr. Turtleneck’ at Family Game Night
  • But the next time he’s back and prepared to use it…what the ever living fuck why is this kid not in a turtleneck
  • They were meeting up for another discount musical trip and Riley just arrives with this guy in a denim hoodie and a beanie and Josh is like ‘wtf where’s your pet genius’ and Riley’s just like??? Farkle is standing next to me do you need a stronger contact prescription????
  • So Josh has a very mini existential crisis because Farkle looks cool now and if Farkle is considered cool than w h a t a m I
  • He gets over that quickly enough though lmao
  • So like they are chill with each other and all but he doesn’t actually become legitimate friends with Farkle until the kid starts dating Riley
  • He was horrified to walk in on that scene on Valentine’s Day. He kept crying even after he learned it was a misunderstanding
  • Like Josh is all for letting Riley grow and experience life and all but n o p e that is his NIECE, SON
  • Josh was planning on talking to Farkle about the relationship, he was lowkey planning on just having a very friendly and casual conversation with him while holding a butcher knife and chopping vegetables in an angry way that didn’t fit with his tone of voice
  • But then Eric almost killed the kid, and accident or not Josh figured he had received the ‘don’t-mess-with-Riley’ message
  • And now that Josh was a struggling college student who was always at Cory’s to steal food or wifi, and Maya had gotten over her obsessed crush on him, Josh started hanging out with Riley’s friends every now and then
  • He and Farkle initially started bonding over a shared love for horror films and then eventually found other things they had in common. There wasn’t like, that much to go on, but they did end up forming an actual, strong friendship.
  • They’d get into in-depth discussions and analysis’ about movies, try to convince each other to listen to cool new bands, hang at parties the gang snuck into
  • Maya c o n s t a n t l y making jokes about Josh taking Farkle as his ‘apprentice in hipster trash’
  • Josh managed to refrain from murdering Farkle after Riley got pregnant that was a miracle
  • Josh was named godfather of Penny and although he was still pissed his niece got pregnant so young in the first place he was SO PSYCHED TO BE A GODFATHER
  • Buys Penny so many presents
  • When he’s ‘on tour’ with his band, if he’s ever in Riley and Farkle’s general area he will all but kidnap this baby
  • Farkle f l i p s when Josh and Maya start dating
  • Every time Riley and Maya run off to do something, Farkle always cracks a joke like ‘I think my girlfriend is cheating on me with your girlfriend’
  • They are HIGHKEY those guys who will be at a party or a hang out or whatever who are like ‘well the girls seem to be preoccupied time for us to hold bottles of beer and stand next to each other in compatible silence’
  • They don’t really form an actual #bromance until after Farkle’s bachelor party
  • Because the day after that (which is the day before the wedding), after Cory and Topanga fucking m u r d e r e d them for sneaking Auggie into a bunch of clubs and getting him drunk, they were still massively hungover and just moping about and laying on the Matthews’ couch looking through all the pictures they posted last night
  • And they’re finding themselves in these increasingly provocative situations the girls put them and they’re just like…how do we possibly come back from this
  • ‘There’s nothing to come back from. this is nothing.’
  • ‘There’s a picture of you pretending to give me a blow job in the middle of Times Square.’
  • ‘I was pretending??? Thank GOD I couldn’t remember clearly enough!!’
  • ‘I vaguely remember at some point we performed an over the top sexy tango for a crowd of grown adults dressed like Catholic school girls…?’
  • ‘The only crowd that deserved to see us tango like that tbh’
  • ‘I…Josh I think I’m wearing your underwear right now’
  • ‘Yeah, we didn’t pull that one off as smoothly as the girls did…’
  • It’s at this moment Zay texts Farkle asking him if the weddings off bc he discovered his true feelings for Josh,
  • And Farkle is just like Z a y bye
  • ‘Or are you gonna go through with it only to have Josh interrupt right at the very end and profess his love for you in front of the whole crowd??? I’d pay money for that.’
  • And after that it sorta becomes a running joke in the friend group
  • Every time Maya and Riley do something…literally ANYTHING together
  • People are just like ‘can they be TOPPED’ and will annoy Farkle and Josh until they try their hardest to out-gay their own wives omg
  • At some point they give up being uncomfortable with it it just becomes a weird second nature for them lmao
  • They live for the fact Farkle’s daughter’s Cassie and Cleo hate Josh’s son Sebastian.
  • They have a youtube channel detailing the twins pranks on the poor boy omg
  • Josh uses #celebritypower to endorse Farkle whenever he’s got a political campaign
  • Every time they post selfies they caption it ‘just bros being hoes’ lmao Maya coined that
  • But yeah they’re chill and they’re friends and they’re idiots it’s a fun combination lmao

I wear these silk shirts and high-heeled boots and I feel like that armor has become very much a part of that character to me. I feel very panther-like. It’s much more grown-up than I look in real life. I like the way it makes me feel. It’s much tougher and cooler than I am, than Keri actually is.
- Keri Russell photographed by Billy Kidd for Variety. (x)

More Than Friends, Brothers [Phancest] (10/12)


(A lot of people kind of already noticed what’s going to happen next ?! also if you’ve read my other fanfics you may see some things i’ve already mentioned in other ficS or some similar stuff but i didnt have the time to be creative ok fuck off)

Warnings: Incest. mentions of alcohol and drug usage

A/N: why do i enjoy writing about crazy teenage parties so much Google Search


“Okay what is it? Should I be scared?”

“Nope, I just want to let you know that you’re going out with me and my friends tonight.” He sounded confident.

“Are you out of your mind?”

“I’m not. You never go out, Phil. You have no friends and that’s bad you know? I don’t want you to stay inside all the time and I don’t think it’s fair that I always hang out and you don’t. You have to give my friends a chance, I know they’re younger and blahblahblah but it could be fun?”

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MTVS Epic Rewatch #116

BTVS 5x02 Real Me

Stray thoughts

1) You know what? Real Me is a pretty good episode. The only thing that bugs me is how annoying Dawn was written in this one. If they were expecting the audience to fall for the little sister act, they should’ve portrayed her in such a way that viewers could empathize with her. Because introducing her as an annoying little brat made her mere presence so much more exasperating. And I love Dawn. But damn was she annoying in this episode.

2) This is an awesome scene.

…at least until this happens…

3) Dawn’s journal is the best, though.

Nobody knows who I am. Not the real me. It’s like, nobody cares enough to find out. I mean, does anyone ever ask *me* what I want to do with my life? Or what my opinion is on stuff? Or what restaurant to order in from?  No. Exclamation point, exclamation point. No one understands. No one has an older sister who’s a slayer. Underline. Exclamation point. 

4) Basically, Joyce can now neglect two children instead of just the one.

JOYCE: You can take Dawn shopping for back to school supplies.

BUFFY: What??
DAWN: Mom, I thought you were taking me.
JOYCE: Well, honey, I’ve got the Gurion showing tonight, and there’s so much to do to get the gallery ready.

5) At least we have Dawn to thank for making the first (and only?) Harry Potter reference in the show.

BUFFY: That doesn’t really work for me. We’re just going to the magic shop. No school supplies there.
DAWN: Yeah, Mom, I’m not going to Hogwarts. Geez, crack a book some time.

6) And so the countdown begins to non-supportive-boyfriend Riley… 

RILEY: We’re not hangin’ today, are we?
BUFFY: Giles is on his way to pick me up.
RILEY: Oh, slayer training.
BUFFY: Slayer shopping, actually, but equally as important.
RILEY: I have no doubt. Okay, well, we’ll hook up later.
BUFFY: Are you mad at me?
RILEY: Oh, no, not at all. I’m plotting your death, but in a happy way. 
BUFFY: Good.
RILEY: Look, Buffy, I know what this means to you. I think it’s great that you’ve got this new mission. I’ll see you tonight.

7) Get it?

Like Tara. She and Willow are both witches. They do spells and stuff, which is so much cooler than slaying. I told Mom one time I wished they’d teach me some of the things they do together. A-and then she got really quiet and made me go upstairs. Huh. I guess her generation isn’t cool with witchcraft.

So we all agree that somewhere between 5x01 and this moment Joyce learned that Tara and Willow were girlfriends, right?

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commissioned this amazing piece from rosketch for the end of my Youtube videos and I am absolutely in love with it. her art style is my favorite and she makes me look way cooler than i actually am.

(p.s. the red plaid shirt I’m wearing belongs to harry. maybe one day that’ll become reality but until then it will only exist in this drawing haha)

Erron Black x Kung Jin From Fluff to Smut and Back to Fluff

So I decided to continue on again with this little fanfic series of mine Click Here for Previous “Chapter”. I guess this one will be the last one. But it does contain smut as you can see from the title so if you’re not into that you don’t have to read it but it’s not too hardcore (cause I’m not the best at writing smut in the first place and it’s short) and I guess I wanted more of a comedic fic than a plain smutty one! So it’s supposed to be comedic not so serious! Anyways here it is. And feel free to tell me what you think!

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It’s snowing outside and it feels like Christmas so I’m casually joining the ugly sweater party that alackofghosts, likes-drawing-elves, and tosquinha have started

So here, have my grumpy hipster Maglor who is trying really hard to pretend he’s cooler than he actually is. Although you better bet that at the end of the party, he’s the one who drank way too much eggnog and is drunkenly singing Christmas carols at the top of his lungs