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If Sam can like, physically make himself appear as specific snake species, I'm just thinking about him with more snake like aspects than his tail. Like, bush viper Sam with really pointy red scales going up his arms and face, and slitted eyes with no whites, and those weird fangs that snakes can hide up in their mouths. I just really like monster-like nagas okay.

hey. hey anon? i love this ask. this is the best ask. goddamn this is a good ask. ily

So poor Pia kitty just got back from getting a tooth pulled...

Contrary to my fears what with her dodgy heart and all, she’s doing pretty well. But she’s too stoned/weirded out to listen to me when I call her.

So she has her little bandage on where they had her IV, and she’s walking around flapping her arm like a grumpy old lady with a fly that’s bothering her, but she won’t come to me and let me take it off for her.

Silly cat.

i find it funny how cartoon network aired the episode of the original teen titans where starfire was going through her transformation and felt ugly but her friends told her they loved her no matter how she looked and rn they’re airing a teen titans go episode where they call her ugly and say looks are the only thing that matter

It took me an hour and a half.. To decide I wanted to wear jeans and a crop top tomorrow.. I wear that everyday..im so mad at myself..get it together

in my first lecture on shakespeare the lecturer opened with the words “Shakespeare is bisexual. Most literary evidence points towards this, and it is the most commonly accepted understanding of his sonnets in modern literature.

so if I have to read even ONE essay that comes to this ‘shocking’ conclusion this year, so help me god you will NOT pass this module”

anyway this is your reminder that shakespeare is bi, 100% bi, super bi, and laura jenkins wants people to shut up and focus on his fucking nature imagery thank you goodbye.


Rejoice in all of this Black Girl Magic ✨

Why am I so taken by the Jonerys hand grab?

I mean, generally speaking, holding hands is barely something to get this excited over right? (or as my friend so eloquently put it, “It’s freaking Game of Thrones and you’re excited about people holding hands???”). To which, my answer is:

I’m not just excited about them holding hands (although I’m crazily obsessed with it, and have watched that scene a couple million times already). It’s the fact that Jon ‘You-know-nothing’ Snow, clueless Jon, naive Jon who despite being told this:

Still didn’t make the first move. Who’s always had that ‘I’m adorable but I don’t know it’ aura around him. Who’s always been so reserved and so..just so unsure about himself nearly always. 

The thing which made me go crazy about the Jonerys hand holding was Jon making the move y’all!! 

Jon!!!, our Jon!!, reaching out!!, grabbing her hand!!!, not letting go!!! 

I can watch this forever and still not get tired, because this shows Jon Snow reaching out for something that matters to him, Jon Snow holding on and not letting go because he wanted this. He wanted someone for the first time in forever and he went for it and he didn’t want to let go!

And this, this, is why the Jonerys handhold will always be the most romantic thing I’ve ever seen on GoT, because we have a vulnerable hesitant Dany, and a ‘dammit all, I’m going for this’ Jon, and that was the most beautiful scene I had seen in a really long time!

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Y'all legit keep forgetting that "Mr pacific shoulders" cannot dance. No offense, but he cannot but it was never a secret and nothing new- so please reevaluate why he's never in the front and probably won't be most of the time like srsly

“Y'all legit keep forgetting that “Mr pacific shoulders” cannot dance

“No offense, but he cannot

“it was never a secret and nothing new”

“so please reevaluate why he’s never in the front”

….. umm?? 

full offense but please reevaluate your entire life???

👏 kim seokjin is a dance king 👑 and doesn’t deserve this disrespect. 👏

🗣 ! anyway here’s some jin fancams for you ! 🗣 

go educate yourself~ ✨