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#we’ve been waiting for this moment to happen for months #and here it is in all its glory #here they are #softly holding hands #their fingers twisted #not giving a damn about what’s happening around them #just caring about the other #because after all #the two of them #is what really matters to the both of them


Analysis of skills: Pidge

Pidge is an amazing character with a lot of depth and untouched potential and here are some of my thoughts about her. It’s a pretty long post so everything is under the cut! 

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I love how the UK’s motto is keep calm and carry on, the terrorist attack we had a month or two ago and the attack yesterday in Manchester just proves that. The community comes together and we fight together and it just makes my heart so happy to know that even in the darkest times hope is never lost and everyone’s comes to each others aid.  

JuminZen Week Day 1: Secrets | Mutual Pining

Jumin and Zen stealing glances at each other during the RFA party… both of them secretly think the other looks really good in the fancier attire… 

we shall remember them lol

I guess you could say this is a FAN art.. get it?! becuz it’s.a.. fansdfhgrwhags haha .. I’ll go now

I just heard about the terrorist attack at the Ariana Grande concert in Manchester and my jaw dropped. I was literally speechless. 19 dead, 50+ injured.

I’m dreading them releasing the ages of the victims because, it’s sad when anyone dies, but an Ariana Grande concert would have had so many teens, kids, and young adults, just out to have fun :( 

Self indulgent Nepeta? Self indulgent Nepeta. Transparent, tag me if you colour her!