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How would dads react to the MC being a well-known stunt-double for action films? and how would they react if MC got seriously hurt on the job?

Robert 🔪 - “That’s fucking awesome, y/n!” You expected excitement, but he is easily the most enthusiastic about your job that anyone has ever been in a while. “How long have you been doing it?” His eyes light up and he’s fully attentive, ready to listen to your stories. 

 “Oh- a while, professionally for a few years!” Robert is on the edge of his seat, and you could gush for hours under his curious attention, he just seems so interested and it warms your heart. 

He’s snuggled up next to you on the couch, an arm around your shoulder as he waits to hear something interesting, something fun, maybe a near death experience, and then he finally asks. “What’s the craziest thing you’ve ever had to do? Jump a shark? Scale a building?” 

You start laughing, and he’s dying with suspense, running a hand through your hair and waiting to hear something crazy. “One time I had to jump over like 5 cars and I almost got ran over?” 

You can practically feel the exhilaration that Robert radiates, his inner adrenaline junkie coming out to play. “Can I watch sometime, kid?” He grins and is immediately asking you for movies you’ve stunted in so he can find your name in the credits, he asks if he could come with you to a shoot to watch you do your stuff, and supports you 100%.

(But if you get hurt, that’s another story. He’s immediately rushing to whatever hospital you’re at, worried out of his mind and demanding to see you. No matter how much you tell him you’ll be fine, he stays by your side until they discharge you and lectures you about being careful.)

Joseph ⛵ - “You do what?!” The fear in Joseph’s eyes is apparent, even if he’s trying to be supportive, and he seems genuinely concerned for your well being. “What if you get hurt?” Joseph is standing across the counter from you, ingredients for the next bake sale’s brownies forgotten in front of him. 

You try to comfort him, looking him straight in the eye and waiting for him to calm down. “I’ve been doing it for a few years, I’m well practiced.” You assure him that accidents are few and far between and slide up next to him, a soothing hand on his shoulder. “I have a lot of fun doing it, too.”

He takes a moment of silence to reflect, and you take the time to pull out your phone, searching for a video somewhere of a recent stunt for him to watch. “You like doing it?” He raises an eyebrow and you nod as you pull up a short video on your phone, just something small.

Joseph’s expression goes from worried, to shocked, to amazed in just a few seconds as he watched you get punched in the face and then vault over the guy and take him down. It’s a simple fight scene, but it still makes you smile. “Yeah, I like doing it, something about that adrenaline rush- and it pays good.” You chuckle.

“Well, y/n, if that’s what makes you happy, then by all means.” Joseph fidgets a bit, looking down at his feet before staring back at your phone. “Do you have any more videos?”

(In the event of you getting hurt, Joseph is an emotional wreck. He comes to love watching you do fight scenes or stunts, he really appreciates the passion you have for it and understands that adrenaline rush, but an accident would have him in hysterics. He would cry more than you, but at least he would be there to help you get better.)

Hugo 🧀🍷 - “Oh- is it…safe?” Hugo stares up from his book and over the top of his glasses when you tell him, an obvious interest in his gaze. You shrug and he sits up in his chair, setting his book aside and waiting for an answer.

“As safe as dangerous stunts can be.” Hugo chuckles and crosses his legs where he sits, looking ready to question you on exactly what that means. You decide to beat him to the punch. “I have experience and I don’t get hurt very often.” 

He nods and motions for you to come closer to him, putting on a sort of serious face. “I don’t mean to pull out my authority, but,” You let out an embarrassing giggle as Hugo clears his throat and puts on his best stern teacher voice. “If you let yourself get hurt, I will kick your ass, y/n.” 

He breaks into laughter along with you and gives you a gentle pat on the back, hoping that you get his message. You lean down and press a kiss to his lips to let him know that you definitely understand. “I have the raw footage of this one intense wrestling scene-”

You can pinpoint the exact second that Hugo’s eyes light up, and he grabs your arms with a newfound joy in his eyes. “You had me at wrestling.”

(True to his threat, if you end up getting hurt his first reaction is probably anger, and he asks himself why he let you put yourself in danger. He does, however, come to his senses and comfort you while you get better, telling you never to scare him like that again.)

Craig ⚾ - “Awesome, bro!” Craig stares at the phone you’ve handed him, a video of you jumping off of something terrifyingly tall and flipping through the air with skill. He looks genuinely amazed. “Is this was you were practicing for in college? I thought you were just going to work on films.” 

You laugh and slide onto the couch next to him with a smile, watching yourself do dangerous, risky stunts that you’re quite proud of. “I do work on films, Craig, just not like you thought I would.” A sound of amazement leaves his mouth when he sees you jump off of a trampoline and flip onto a moving car. 

“This is too awesome, bro, I’ve gotta show the girls!” You can’t help but smile at Craig’s enthusiasm for your interests, the way he leans forwards to look at the phone closer. “They’re gonna think you’re the cool dad, y/n.”

“I’m glad you think so.” The look on his face is enough to keep you entertained as his eyes stay glued to the screen, trying to track your every movement. 

He goes back to replay the video again, pausing to point at you flying in midair with astonishment on his face. “Y/n, how did you even do that!?” You just laugh and tell him that you’ll show him later, grinning as the twins run into the room to ask what’s going on.

(If you get hurt, Craig is packing everyone in the car and coming to help you, maybe even bringing another dad with him for support. He makes you protein shakes specially to help whatever ailment you’ve managed to give yourself and he tries not to freak out even if that’s certainly what he’s doing internally.)

Mat 🎸♩- “Woah, really?” Mat is making a drink for you in the coffee shop when you decide to bring it up, after all you have been seeing him for a while and he happened to ask what you do for a living. 

“Yeah, it isn’t easy, but,” Mat hands you your drink and you take a long, well-deserved sip, watching as he leans closer with his elbows on the counter. “It’s really fun, and I think I’m pretty good at it!” Mat swipes a bit of whipped cream off of the side of your mouth with a grin, a dreamy look in his eyes.

Mat takes the whipped cream into his own mouth and smiles up at you, laughing nervously. “Kudos to you, I could never do something like that, takes a lot of courage.” He grabs a muffin from under a display and starts munching on it, looking into your eyes. “You aren’t going to make me watch while you do it though, right?”

“Of course not, not if you don’t want to see it.” Mat sighs with relief and seems to slow his stress eating, swallowing the piece of chocolate chip muffin in his mouth. “But if you ever do, I will happily show you.”

He promptly shoved a large chunk of muffin in his mouth and covered his mouth with his hands, taking a few moments to distract himself before speaking. “For now, I’m good, I don’t think I can stomach it.”

(Mat is immediately guilty if you get hurt, thinking that he should have paid more attention to what you had been doing, maybe watched you, but he gives you as much support as he can. He heals you with the power of free coffee and hugs, even if you being hurt sort of scares the shit out of him.)

Damien 🌹🌼 - “Oh my!” Damien whispers quietly as he stares up at the movie screen, a much different kind of movie than your first date. He seem equally as terrified, though. “You had to do that? How did you not get hurt?”

You cover your mouth, trying not to sputter out a loud laugh in the middle of a crowded movie theater, and he gasps again while staring at the screen. “That’s not a very difficult stunt, Damien, just wait.” You stare up at the screen, waiting for the big scene. 

You smile and he forgets to breath as you watch yourself leap across the screen, Damien covering his mouth and watching intently. He knows you won’t get hurt, it’s editing and prerecorded and the magic has been done, but he still seems to be on the edge of his seat until the stunt ends.

“So, what do you think?” Damien turns to you and places a hand on your shoulder, taking a deep breath and trying to collect himself. He looks a little stressed, but also kind of proud in a way.

“Do, please, try not to hurt yourself while performing those.” He laughs softly and looks back at the screen to make sure that he’s done watching you do crazy stunts for sure. “But, I do admire the art involved, you’re very talented at what you do.”

(Damien is very shocked when he hears you’ve hurt yourself, and he’s over-worried, which he pints out, is not a bad thing. He checks on you every so often to make sure you’re feeling alright and cations you on not getting back into the danger before you’re ready.)

Brian 🐟 - “Stunts? Now that’s something interesting!” Brian is rubbing his hands together almost like he’s scheming, and for a moment you think he’s trying to find a way to one-up you, but he looks genuinely amazed. “Why didn’t you lead off with that when we met?” 

“I- I didn’t think it was important introduction talk-” You trail off and quickly stumble from your train of thought, having to kick yourself back into gear. “But if you’re interested?” Brain smiles and pulls up a chair, settling in for some story time.

A firm hand on your thigh tells you that he is more than interested, the look in his eyes filled with intrigue. “I like to think of myself as a thrill seeker, y/n.” And there it is, that rivalry. “But, you take it to a whole new level if you’re being serious.” 

You feel butterflies in your stomach as you pull out your phone to showcase some impressive moments, watching the stoic look on Brian’s face and attempting to decipher its meaning. “So…?”

“Well, I’ll be damned.” Brian’s face changes to wonderment as he watched, some of the tricks seeming to render him speechless, even if he tries to hide it. “You aren’t half bad!” 

You roll your eye at his response, but it’s to be expected and you know that he under-sells all of his reactions by now. You can see the pride in his eyes, and it makes you feel great. “Half good is fine by me.” The smile on your face shows it all as he smiles back.

(If you get hurt, Brian is protective. He wants to know what happened and what went wrong and why you were allowed to get hurt. He certainly treats you like a king while trying to make you feel better and heal faster.)

-Mod Arin

😊Now or Never? (Ethan x Reader)

Summary:  “meeting the boys at like a meet and greet or something and whispering “hi daddy” or something like that to ethan and him being shook and yeah, ethan’s daddy kink will be the death of me - your fav ethan girl, sam”

Warnings: Mention of daddy but not much else

A/N: Y/S/N-Your sister’s name. Thanks for all the notes on my first imagine you guys! Means a lot to me! Requests are OPEN!

Also all the love for Sam @dolantwinswriting :) <3

I did not want to get up this morning, but I needed to. I had to meet my sister to go over some stuff for her wedding this summer. Thankfully we were meeting at Starbucks and her fiancé works there so we get discounts. I crawled out of bed and walked to my closet. I didn’t want to dress too fancy but I also didn’t want to look too bummy in case the cute barista Kyle was working. I decided to wear an oversized powder blue t-shirt with black leggings. I applied a little amount of eyeliner and baby pink lip gloss. I brushed my hair down hoping it wouldn’t frizz to terribly. I threw my black vans on and ran down the stairs and out the door muttering ‘bye’ to my mom who was standing in the kitchen with my dad. I felt the cold wind brush my skin. I sucked in a breath, wishing I had grabbed a jacket. Thankfully, Starbucks was about a 5 minute walk from my house so I didn’t see any reason to grab one. After all, the high for today is 70°F degrees so I’m not too worried. Hopefully the walk will warm me up.

I was wrong. The weather was getting chillier than normal. I could feel my teeth slightly chatter. I checked my weather app on my phone which read 54°F. Thankfully I could see the Starbucks in the distance. Instead of ordering a caramel frappucino I decided I’ll get something a little bit warmer. I pulled open the glass door and I saw my sister inside wearing her varsity jacket and glasses. Her hair was pulled up in a messy bun and her black framed glasses rested near the tip of her nose. I made my way to the barista who was smiling at me.

“Hey Kyle.” I said blushing a bit. His dark slicked back hair looked really good in his green hat. His dark eyes and big hands grabbed a venti cup as he wrote my name.

“Hey Y/N! Caramel frap extra whip?” He asked me and I shook my head. “What? Y/N are you okay?” He asked setting the cup and marker down. I could hear my sister laughing from a few tables away.

“Yes I’m fine but it’s also -2 outside so I’m feeling something on the warm side.” I said looking up at the menu. “Ooo a white chocolate mocha latte sounds good. I would like that.”  I smiled as his marker wrote on the paper cup. I paid the discounted price and I went over and sat with my sister. “There the soon to be bride!” I exclaimed and she covered her face.

“Hopefully we can pick dresses and flower arrangements today. The colors are pink and charcoal so the guys will have pink boutonniere and the gals will have pink bridesmaid dresses. And you Y/N will wear a charcoal dress with a pink bow around the waist, yes?” My sister says and I scroll through all of my social medias on my phone. Y/S/N was still talking and going on and on about this wedding this August. I didn’t really care at this point. I would rather be at home in my warm bed watching 13 Reasons Why. I was scrolling through twitter when I saw one of my favorite twins had tweeted.

@ethandolan: Just finished editing the video for this week you guys. Probably Gray and I’s favorite so far! See you on Tuesday!

I smiled at my phone. “Hello?” I snap out of my thoughts and look at my sister puzzled. Her eyebrows were furrowed like she was confused but her lips were in a flat line as if she knew I wasn’t paying any attention. “Y/N have you been listening to me at all?” Y/S/N asked and I decided to lie.

“Of course Y/S/N! You and Tyler want flowers at your wedding.” I saved and she rolled her eyes, obviously not impressed.

“What kind?”


“Tyler’s mom is allergic to daisies. We want orchids. Gosh if I would have known you were going to be on your phone the whole time I would have just invited mom to help me.” Y/S/N lectured me when I heard the sweetest sound.

“White chocolate mocha for Y/N.” Tyler, sister’s fiance, says and I look at my sister. I hear her huff as I stand from my seat. I walked to the bar and grabbed the little plastic piece you can stick in the mouth hole to keep you hot drinks from spilling. I decided I wanted to add some milk to tone the heat down. I looked around before I saw the touch up station which had sugars, cream, milk, etc. so you can make your coffee how you wanted.

As I was pouring my milk into my drink to help cool it down, I heard the bell ring signalling someone had walked into the store. I turned my head and I almost dropped the milk when I see two familiar faces. Ethan and Grayson Dolan had just walked into Starbucks. The Starbucks I go to on a weekly basis. The Starbucks my soon-to-be brother-in-law works.

“Eth what do you want?” Grayson asks as they both walk up to the menu. He was wearing a black snapback and a long sleeved shirt with jeans. Obviously he knew it was chilly outside today. I am shook right now. I look around to see the only people in the Starbucks is my sister, me, baristas (like 5), the twins, and some old guy. This was my chance.

“Caramel frappuccino extra whip? Why do you even ask.” He says as he runs his fingers through his hair. He was wearing his 4OU hoodies and some sweats. He must have been at his house just chilling and editing when he probably got a craving. He looked extremely attractive right now. I was about to ask for a picture until my sister snaps at me.

“Y/N!” I heard my sister snap. I look towards her and I notice the boys also look my direction. Embarrassed, I scurried off to my seat across from my sister and I’m basically hyperventilating. I want to go up and ask for a picture because how often does this happen? Never! Ethan and Gray don’t casually always come to the same Starbucks as me. Then again, I don’t want to bother them. They are probably just getting coffee and leaving to go finish for the video for Tuesday. My sister looked towards the twin and then mouthed ‘is that them?’ to me. I nodded and put my finger over my mouth signalling her to please not say anything. “Go ask for a picture.” She says and I shake my head. She looked back at the twins who were talking and waiting for their coffee.

“Y/S/N please.” I begged.

“Hey!” She shouts and the boys turn their head towards us. “Are you guys the youtube kids?” She asks and I bury my face in my hand. I could feel my cheeks changing temperature from a nice cool to fire burning red right about now.

“Yeah I’m Gray and this is Ethan. We just finished this week’s video it will be up Tuesday.” He says smiling at me. Ethan was smiling at me too and I blushed even harder.

“That blush is super cute just saying.” Ethan says and I could feel butterflies in my stomach. I didn’t know what to say.

“Excuse me?” I said and Ethan laughed again.

“Your face is as red as Winnie The Pooh’s shirt. I said it was cute.” He says changing his posture to be standing taller.

“T-Thanks. It’s nat-natural.” I said awkwardly stuttering. Ethan kept smiling. He even licked his lip, cracking a wider smile.

“Sorry she doesn’t get out much and plus she’s a big fan.” Y/S/N said and I lightly hit her

Shoulder which made Ethan laugh.

“Haha don’t worry about it. We’ve had girls who were hysterically crying to the loudest most boisterous people ever so we’ve seen it all. What’s your name?” Grayson asks us with a smile.

“Y/N.” I replied smiling.

“Well Y/N would you like a picture? Your sister can be in it too if she wants.” Grayson asks and my sister looks at me.

“I wouldn’t but she would.” My sister points to me. She pulls out her phone and Grayson stands in front of the muffins and other baked goods.

“Come on Y/N.” Ethan says as he pulls out my chair making me get up. I stand to my feet and walk over to them smiling. My sister follows and stands a few feet in front of us.

We take normal pictures, funny pictures, even pictures of them kissing my cheeks. They were honestly the sweetest most down to earth guys I have ever met. We even did a picture where they picked me up sideways and held me. That one took a few shots because we all kept laughing.

“Dolans!” The barista shouts.

“I got it.” Grayson says leaving just Ethan and I by ourselves. I looked at Ethan who was smiling which made me smile.

“Sorry for being awkward earlier and thanks for the picture.” I said picking at my jeans. He chuckled throwing his head back.

“Don’t worry about it. Want to do another picture? Just us two?” He asks and I nod. I pull out my phone and angle it up. This was my chance. I was never going to see them again and I was just going to be any other fan. Ethan kisses my cheek and I snap the picture. I showed Ethan and he nodded his head. “Make sure to tweet that to me so I can follow you and so I can have it on my phone. I love meeting fans.” Ethan says as Grayson walks up with coffees.

“E we have to get going. It was nice to meet you Y/N.” Grayson says giving me a hug. I hugged him back of course. I turned to Ethan. Now or never. I lean in for a hug.

“Thanks daddy.” I whispered in his ear. I could feel him freeze. I pulled away with a kiss on his cheek. I heard him gulp as I pulled away from him. “Hey Y/S/N ready to go?” I hollered at my sister not even worrying about the shocked Ethan that was standing still. “Hopefully I’ll see you guys around!” I said with a wave. Grayson waved back and Ethan stood frozen in his place.

Part 2?

Eva x Chris. Pretend.

Hey guys, hope you enjoy this little fic. 

Also, the embarrassing baby story is actually something I used to do and my dad tells everyone -.-


“I need you to pretend to be my boyfriend,” Eva’s voice cuts through the phone.

“What?” comes Chris’ steady reply, already amused at the situation at hand.

“My mum is upstairs making dinner right now,” Eva’s voice is nervous as she rambles on, “I don’t know how it happened. I told her last time that Jonas wanted to meet her properly. And now she thinks he’s coming over for dinner. And I don’t know how to tell her we’ve broken up-”

“Eva, breath.”

“- I’m really sorry but I don’t know who else to call. You don’t have to come if you don’t want to. It’s just she insisted and then started making dinner before I could even tell her-”

He starts laughing hysterically which causes Eva to stop talking.

“I have no idea what so say. I mean I’ll do it and I’m sure we can come up with some way you can repay me,” his tone is suggestive which causes Eva to roll her eyes, not that he can see. He continues, “besides, it’ll be funny and I’ll get to meet your mother. Is she also beautiful?”

“Just be here for 6. And remember, your name is Jonas now,” she replies coolly before hanging up the phone. For some reason, Chris cannot wait and begins to get ready immediately.

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Off limits Part 2 // Calfreezy Imagine

Summary: The aftermath of the encounter isn’t pretty. Y/N and Callum fight and he says some things he might regret.

A/n: READ PART 1 FIRST! To make it easier for everyone, Callum is Callux and Cal is Calfreezy. Also, just imagine that Sarah and Callum live together in their own house, okay? Great. Now this took me quite a while to write, since I had no idea where to go with it. I hope you like it!



Originally posted by choking-on-my-swag

It has been 2 weeks since the football game. 2 weeks since my brother caught Cal and I. nothing was the same as before. I hadn’t seen Cal since the encounter and if I was honest, I missed him already. Callum barely even talked to me anymore and when he did, he couldn’t keep the sound of judgement out of his voice.

I knew it was stupid and that I should just apologize to my brother for doing what I did, but I couldn’t. I was falling for Cal even though I didn’t talk to him anymore. Every time I watched one of his videos, my heart ached a little. But my feelings were only one-sided. I had DM’ed on every social medium possible, but he never answered. So I was left stalking him and scrolling through his Instagram pictures.

When Callum walked in, seeing Cals face on my phone, he huffed. And I couldn’t take it anymore. I walked up to him and called him. “Why are you still acting like this? Every time you look at me, you seem completely disgusted?!”, I asked. “Because, Y/N, maybe I am! Have you ever thought about how it would be if you saw me in bed with one of your friends?!”, he yelled.

“Well, I’d be worried for your relationship with Sarah”, I laughed, trying to lighten the mood. “Don’t, Y/N”, Callum shook his head. “What? I’m just trying to make things normal again. Nothing has changed, you know”. “Yes, Y/N, it has and you know it has. Ever since you went to Uni, you’ve changed. You’re hooking up not only with MY friends but also with a guy you don’t even know!”, he argued. “So you think I’m slut? Is that it?”.

I was completely astonished. I never thought my own brother would think something like that of me. “That’s not what I’m saying…”. “But it is what you meant”, I interrupted him. The fact that he looked down and didn’t say anything, was answer enough. “Well then I’m sorry that I’m not your little princess. I’m sorry that I’ve grown up. I’m sorry that I’m not good enough for you. I’m sorry I’m such a disappointment to you!”. “Stop acting like this! You’re blaming everything on me but I didn’t do anything wrong! I’m not the one sleeping around like it’s nothing. I’m not the one hooking up with my siblings’ friends! I’m not the one who’s acting like a fucking whore!”, Callum shouted.

I couldn’t handle it anymore, so I ran out. I could hear my brother yelling my name, but I didn’t care. I couldn’t be around him after he called me a whore. I kept running until I was lost. I had no idea what the time was or where I was. I started panicking because I had no idea how to get home.

Suddenly I got an idea. I kept running, wiping the tears off my cheeks. Somewhere along the way I must have started crying and I seemed unable to stop. After a while I finally saw my destination. I ran into the building and up the stairs until I was in front of a door. I knocked frantically, only stopping when I heard someone running inside.

“Y/N?! What are you doing here? Does Callum know you’re here? Why are you crying?”, Cal asked, shocked at seeing me in front of his door. I tried answering him, but the only sound I could bring out, was the constant sobbing. I was starting to get a panic attack and Cal seemed to notice, since he carried me to his room and put me on his bed.

“Y/N, please listen to me. You’re having a panic attack so the only thing you need to do right now is breath, okay? Just keep breathing”. He sat me in his lap, with my head against his chest. “Do you hear my heartbeat? Just focus on it. Listen to the beating. It’s okay, love. You’re alright”.

After what felt like hours, I had calmed down enough to talk to Cal. “I’m sorry for coming to you like that”, I murmured. “That’s alright, love. Now could you tell me what made you so upset?”. So I told him about the fight Callum and I had. “… and then he called me a whore”, I ended, tears streaming down my face again.

“Oh baby. He doesn’t mean it. Callum loves you more than anything in the world. He’s just upset”, Cal assured me. “I know that but he didn’t have to call me a whore. You don’t think I’m a whore, do you?”, I asked looking at my lap.

He tilted my head so I was looking right in his eyes. “You’ve got to listen to me, Y/N. You are the most loving, kindest, funniest and most beautiful person I’ve ever met. Don’t you dare to think anything less, okay”. I smiled at him. I barely even knew Cal, yet he was the first person I thought about. He was the one to make me feel better. And he was the one I was falling for. Hard.

“Thank you”, I whispered before yawning. “Why don’t you sleep for a bit”, he said, getting me under the covers and tucking me in. Before he left, he gave me a kiss on my forehead. All this drama seemed to have exhausted me, because I immediately fell asleep.    

When I woke up, I could hear people talking. I opened the door slightly and could just make out Callum and Cal. “Callum I know you’re worried and stuff but I really want this. I like her and I would love to get to know her better”, Cal said. My brother didn’t answer, but he walked over to me. He had probably heard the door open.

“Y/N, could we talk?”, he asked once I had walked over to him. I nodded my head. “I’m sorry about everything I said. I was just annoyed that you went behind my back, I guess”, he shrugged. “It’s okay. I shouldn’t have slept with one of your friends in the first place. But the truth is I’ve liked Cal for a while actually and when he didn’t answer any of my messages, I got worried that I’d fucked up”.

“Well that’s actually on you, Callum”, Cal laughed. “I didn’t reply because I knew your brother was still angry and I just wanted to let that pass. But you know, now that everything’s cleared up, I would very much like to get to know you a little better Y/N”.

Can’t Stand You Pt. 11

Admin K: When writing this chapter, I really had two different views but I chose the fluffy scenario over the other scenario in mind so..I hope you still like it. I can make this chapter again for a separate scenario in a less fluffy way…if that even makes sense. lol just read please, I make no sense at all.

WARNING!! supper fluffy to the point that even I want to die just remembering writing this…have funn :) 

word count: 1,041

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Let's talk about your music videos
  • Interviewer: the one that really blew my mind was house of gold. Were you guys wearing green screen pants for that one?
  • Josh: yeah it was green screen sort of uh... like a skirt
  • Tyler: a green skirt that we wore. I'm looking back now and Josh just wore his regular pants and just kinda a green cloth around his pants and that way they were able to, what is it called take out, you know after effects stuff make it look like
  • Interviewer: key it out
  • Tyler: key it out, that's what I was looking for! But um I realized halfway through the shoot for some reason I thought I needed to take my pants off and only wear the green skirt. But all day long all I had was this green skirt on. And I'm looking over at Josh and he had his green skirt and his green pants on and I just let it go. Then Marc shot the behind the scenes video and I'm realizing I'm walking around in a green skirt the entire set. (looks over at Josh) I don't know why you didn't tell me
  • Josh: Uh, I just, I uh liked it. I support this
  • Tyler: I was able to move around and nothing was restricting me to getting to my inspiration

horizon-explorer  asked:

Why was DW3 your favorite then?

Honestly it was probably the one I was best at, i was really young for DW1, and only got to rent DW2, so DW3 was my jam, and I had the guidebook so id go through and look at all the digimon in the game which i thought was cool. 

Technically it did the “trapped in a video game world” before it was cool 

Also bearmon is cute- too bad his evolutions werent my favorite 

Hi, my name’s Emily. It’s nice to meet you.

I will begin by saying, I am just now learning about all of the different labels/sexuality names and what they mean so I don’t know much. What I do know is that I am Pansexual.

I never really had much of an affinity towards a specific gender and that terrified me, it still does. The last few months I have been searching for a way to stop the horrible feeling not understanding my sexuality provoked.

I love YouTube, a lot. So I spend more time then I should on it, one day after riding the YouTube vortex for a few hours, I stumbled upon Superfruit. Superfruit is a channel by these two best friends, Scott Hoying and Mitch Grassi, who are part of a band called Pentatonix. I love their music, so being able to learn more about them was awesome.

 Now at this point I was feeling really uncomfortable calling myself straight or gay, I didn’t feel like I was either. I had no idea who I was.

This is where Superfruit comes back in, Scott is Pansexual and Mitch is Homosexual. So to see these two young adults’ being so comfortable with themselves and each other was incredibly encouraging. It was through them that I found out about Pansexuality.

I looked it up and read what people had written about Pansexuality. It was like they knew my exact thoughts, feelings, and doubts surrounding my sexuality. Everything I read and every video I watched resonated with me. Finally, things were starting to makes sense.

I love people. I instinctively trust and care for people, a trait that, sadly, tends to hurt me. It doesn’t matter what gender. I love them. I think why it took me so long to realize I’m Pan, is because I am a very awkward person. I thought that because I am generally more awkward around guys I must be straight, right? Nope. I am super awkward around woman too. I am just a little less so because my whole life I have only ever had female friends. I am more used to conversing with them.

I knew about bisexuality before I learned about pansexuality but I only began to explore what it meant when I began exploring pansexuality. It caused me to realize that it really does not matter to me what gender a person is, just who they are as a person. I deeply value a person’s personality. I can love anyone, male, female, transgender, and anyone in between, who they are as a person is always the deal breaker.

I cannot begin to express how happy I am to have found myself and to feel like I fit in somewhere. But I know my fight isn’t over. I have only come out to my little sisters after accidentally slipping out a pan joke (stupid, I know). They are incredibly supportive and I want to be there for them if they ever have to go through what I did. But I haven’t come out to anyone else. I know my older siblings will accept me and my mom will still love me, but my dad I am afraid to tell. I know he would never hurt me physically but I don’t think he will ever accept me.

Like I said earlier, I am from a Christian family. Church has always been a big part of my life. I am and will always be a Christian. The peace I have found in Jesus is unexplainable and gives me so much joy. Without him my life would be empty.

Sadly, part of the fear I felt when I was questioning my sexuality came from a fear of losing my relationship with him. And that, truthfully, scares me far more than losing my family or friends. He has always been there so I don’t know what I could do without his support. But the more I explore myself, the closer I get to God. He created me so why am I trying to be something I am not. I’m not straight, I’m not gay, but I am a Christian pansexual.

If you made it through all 700 words, thank you so much for caring. I am still in the process of accepting who I truly am so being able to write it all down and post it means the world to me.  And if you want to talk to me about anything please, please message me. I would love to talk. Also, if I said something that was offensive please tell me, I am trying to learn.


request: Anonymous asked you:Magcon Preference where you meet on a plane!!! XoxoxoxAnonymous asked you:can you make on with Taylor where you end up sitting next to him on a plane and you have small talk at first but you are a fan and he notices your wearing his merch and then you start connecting and idk ily haha my name is Sara btw and you write amazing imagines There was nothing that you hated more than flying. Well besides flying with annoying people surrounding you. And lucky you, you got the best of both worlds this time.  You were flying to California to visit your dad. Your parents had divorced when you were younger, but you managed to keep great contact with both of them. It was a little hard sometimes, but you managed. During the school year, you would live in Virginia with your mom, and over the summer you would live with your dad in California. That’s how it had been for as long as you could remember. You had just put your luggage in the overhead compartment, and realized that you had forgotten your headphones in your moms car. Great. Now you had to actually listen to the annoying kids who had seats on both sides of you. The plane hadn’t even taken off yet, and they were already leaning across the seat hitting each other, making loud noises with their mouths, and jumping up and down. You couldn’t help but wonder where their parents were.  You waved the flight attendant over, who was standing at the other end of the plane. “What can i get you?” She asked. “Are there any more seats available?” You asked, and wondered your eyes from the boy on your right, to the boy on your left. You knew that you had an annoying look on your face, as well as annoyance in your voice. “I’m sorry, but there are none available right now. The plane is full. I wish I could help. Is there anything else i could get you? You groaned and sat back in your seat. "No thank you."  You tried to block the two boys out of your head, when you felt someone tap your shoulder.  "Yeah?” You asked, while looking up at the boy. You immediately recognized him. You had watched some of him videos online. You were a huge fan of him. You even had one of his t-shirts on, which made you feel a little embarrassed and you tried to cover it up, hoping he wouldn’t see. “Sorry to bother you, but one of my friends bailed on me last minute so there’s an open seat next to me. You can sit there if you would like. I’ll try to not bother you too much.” He said, winking after the last sentence.  Of course you agreed. I mean, you idol had just come up to you and asked if you wanted to sit next to him. Hell yeah.  So you got up, and began to grab your luggage from the overhead compartment, but you felt someone brush against your arm. “I got it” he said, while reaching up to grab your stuff. You followed him over to his seat, and sat down in the one next to him. “I really appreciate this. I already hate flying, and I don’t know what I would have done if i had to sit with them for the entire flight. So thank you.” You said, looking at him. “Yeah, no problem. I saw what was going on, and how annoyed you sounded and thought, why not? Then I also saw your shirt and realized that you were a fan, so I knew i had to do something."  You felt blood rush to your cheeks as the feeling of embarrassment took over. You didn’t want him to see you as some crazy obsessed fangirl, but for the person that you really were. And you wanted to get to know him for him, and not the person that the entire world sees through his videos. "So whats your name?” He asked you, since you had fallen silent.  “(y/n), whats you-” You began to say, but realized that you already knew his name and cut yourself off. He chuckled to himself, and you did the same. “Well its nice to meet you (y/n).” “Its nice to meet you too.” You both spent the rest of the flight getting to know each other, and surprisingly, he wasn’t much different than he was in his videos. He was crazy, and outgoing, and funny, but also knew how to hold a conversation. You guys never had a dull moment, and always found something to laugh about. Whether it be a story that one of you were telling, the flight attendant telling you guys to quiet it down, or the two boys who previously annoyed you getting into little arguments. You soon began to forget about how the world saw him, and began to see him as just a regular guy, who knew how to make you laugh more than anyone you had ever met before.

You know when I wrote that bit of a fandom meltdown post a few days ago I was just feeling it and letting it out. Again I’m sorry if I offended anyone. I never intended to.

But I don’t think I was clear on what was bothering me.

Ranting about the show didn’t bother me really. It was a shitty situation that they put Jemma in, and it was one that I never wanted. It could have been handled better definitely (just like my original post could have been handled better, sorry). And, while I’m hoping we see a more better resolution about what happened on the planet, I’m accepting this is what we’ll get.

The whole Will Daniels thing was a waste of a storyline. There was no point to it really. Except to make Jemma feel guilty. Though I do still say we got some great Fitzsimmons scenes because of it. I never liked Will and Jemma. I never wanted it. But, I accepted what we were dealt with, and that’s what I’m doing now. I just have to accept it (nothing will change it) and deal with what we got.

The only thing that’s bothering me is the whole people questioning Jemma’s feelings for Fitz. That’s the one thing I think the show didn’t do wrong. We always saw how she felt for Fitz this season. There was no doubt in my mind how much she loves him and always choose him.

Will was the rebound when all hope was completely lost of ever seeing Fitz again, and she didn’t even have a video or photograph to look to anymore. And, even if he was rescued we never saw anything that said Jemma was going to choose him over Fitz. Yes, she missed him. Yes she even loved him. But, I never thought once that she was going to choose him. 

Not when they showed the opposite. Of her still hoping for that future with Fitz in Perthshire. Of her kissing Fitz. Of her only helping Hydra open the portal when Fitz had gone through and not when they were still only planning to get Will back.

There’s so many things to show why she loves Leo Fitz so much.

And, I do believe it’s leading up to a “I love you” between them. I’ve said that for ages.

So that’s what’s been bothering me. I’ll just never believe that Jemma Simmons doesn’t love Leo Fitz most in the whole universe.

Because she does. She really does.



~Veselé Vánoce~

Hope by morning my spelling is not balls terrible. You said yourself you wanted us to hang out more than anything (same), so when your options are low I tried to give you a choice. Sadly about 8 things went wrong with the video but the final product is not too bad. Tried to make it through your point of view and everything which as I said…. I thought of it before Night Changes came out. :P 

Thank you my orange-head best friend for everything.  Love you always~ karukara


Fetus - Requested (Ashton)

Hey guys so this was requested by Anon (please do one where youre dating ashton and you like watching his fetus covers but it like embarrasses him even though theyre adorable), so one of our amazing followers wrote this imagine, so all credit of this imagine goes too Hayley (masht0ncak3) she wants to know what you all think so please inbox and let us know. 

Ashton had gone to a meeting with Michael, Luke and Calum to finalise some things for tour so you was left alone in the house with nothing to do. You decided to watch Ashton’s fetus video’s from when he did his own covers on youtube. You had watched some of them before and Ashton always asked you to turn them off because he found the embarrassing, where as you thought they were adorable and watched them when he wasn’t around.You were half way through watching his cover of Ain’t No Rock when you heard the front door shut.

’(Y/N) why are you watching my old covers’ you heard Ashton say, you paused the video.

‘Because they’re really good and you look so cute when you were younger’ his cheek turned red.

'They’re embarrassing’ you shake your head and press play watching the last bit of the video.

'Why did you not make more videos?’ You asked him after the video had finished 'I guess I just focused more on drumming and then the band happened’

’(Y/N) stop’ you pause the video and sigh 'Fine’ you minimise the web page and wait until he’s gone out of the room to open it back up again.

You clicked on the video of when Ashton got his wisdom teeth took out and watched it laughing every now and again at how funny he sounded. Ashton came and sat next to you 'You’re still watching them’ he groaned and rubbed his eyes.

'Why do you like watching them so much?’

You shrugged 'I just think they’re adorable’ he looked at the screen

'Who even put this one up?’

'I don’t know’ you said and carried on watching

'I’m gonna kill the boys, it was probably one of them, this is so embarrassing’

You clicked on a recommended video: 5 second of summer haters gonna hate rave.'Oh god’ Ashton said and looked at you 'I can’t believe you’re watching these’

'Why did you stop straightening you’re hair?’ you asked whilst running your hand through his blonde wavy hair.

'Just wanted a change I guess’ you nodded and watched the video 'I’m never going to a club with you or Michael’ you said whilst shaking your head.

Ashton gasped 'Why? We have amazing dance skills’

You looked at him with a raised eyebrow 'No you really don’t, they’re terrible’

'These video’s are terrible in general’ he said.


'Calum’ You ran downstairs to see Calum, Michael and Luke sat in your front room on your laptop 'What are you guys doing?’

Calum chuckled 'Watching Ashton’s old videos’ I sat down with them and watched the videos. I showed them the wisdom teeth video and Ashton came into the front room.

'Not again’ he said and rolled his eyes 'Why are you so obsessed with them?’

'Because you look so young and adorable with your straight hair’ you said whilst ruffling his hair. Ashton turned towards the guys who were sat on the sofa

'Who put the video on youtube? The one where I’ve just had my wisdom teeth took out?’ Calum was trying so hard not to laugh and give it away that it was him who uploaded the video.

'Ash, let it go. They’re adorable and they’re going to be played a lot more now I know they embarrass you’

'Leave my old videos alone’ Luke smiled at him 'It’s alright Ash, mine are just as bad’

Ashton glared at me 'You started this’ I nodded 'But I find them adorable, there’s nothing to be embarrassed about’

'As long as you don’t show them when I get married or something it’s fine’ he said and Michael’s face lit up 'Thanks for the idea’

Ashton groaned 'I hate this band’ he said it seriously and we all stared at him. He burst out laughing 'Let’s watch some more’ Calum said and we carried on watching the video’s for another hour.