looking through these videos made me smile so much :3

art of Thomas Sanders ! !

His vines have helped me through so much and made me smile when I had a rough day and decided to go on Vine. His YouTube videos make me laugh, too, and I’ve never missed a single video/vine of his. Thank you Thomas, and i know this art doesn’t really look like you, i hope you like it <3

Now where do I start….
Dan and Phil have done so much for me, and gotten me through the darkest year yet the best year of my life so far.

Not only do they make me forget about all the crap things that go on in my life but they are just so inspirational, they’ve given me a new perspective to look at, got me to meet one of the most amazing people in the world (ahem @tactful-panda), I’m not sure if this is a silly one or not but they led me to make this blog, which I put so much pride into and have met so many nice and cool people through it :)

Other than me, @danisnotonfire and @amazingphil you have done so much for us, both individually as people and as a whole. You’ve given us inspiration, someone to look up to, made us smile and laugh, taken away our minds from the troubles we have in our lives, in some cases you have saved people’s lives.

You’ve given us your amazing videos to watch, a book that we love; hell even a tour. We appreciate it all :) the time, the money, the effort you put in things just for us. And for that, we love you and appreciate all that you’ve done for us ^^

Thank you <3

I want to say a big thanks to @phankyouforphan this is an amazing idea :) I encourage anyone who would like to join this hashtag ^^