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Harry Potter: Neville/Reader

If its not too much trouble, please can you do a one shot or imagine (whichever you like) to do with Neville long bottom ? I’m not sure what other information you would like :3 don’t worry if not , love your blog still :)

Can I get a Neville longbottom oneshot were the reader makes a reference to a muggle fairytale and neville is all confused so you have to explain it to him and end up telling him the story and it’s all fluffy thanks

(Hope you like it!)

Author: Queen of Geeks

Folding my legs under me, I curled up in an armchair in the apartment I shared with Neville. He was lying on the sofa with his own book in his hands. It was one of those days where we could stay inside and let the sunshine in through open windows. Outside, there were bird filled trees that sent tunes into our apartment.

Looking away from my book, I turned a page and saw Neville looking at me. I raised my eyebrows at him.

“What?” I asked with a smile.

“You keeping looking at the birds.” He noted. I nodded,

“Yeah, I like birds.” I shrugged my shoulders.

“It’s nice. You look happy.” Neville carried on reading and I looked out the window.

We read in silence for a few more minutes. Every so often, I’d shift in my seat to make myself comfortable. Noticing my squirming, Neville laughed and sat up straight on the sofa. There was enough space for me to join him. Pushing myself off my armchair, I sat on the sofa next to Neville and he wrapped his arms around me as he carried on reading.

“It’s like they’re going to be singing songs.” I smiled looking at the birds.

“What?” Neville closed his book.

“It’s from a fairytale.” I explained.

“What kind of fairytale has singing birds?

“The kinds that have singing mice and other creatures.” I laughed not taking my eyes off my book page. Looking up, I realised that Neville looked extremely confused. “What?”

“What are you talking about?”

“Fairytales like Snow White, or Cinderella!” I said sitting up so I could face him. When his face never changed, I carried on explaining. “They’re muggle fairytales.”

“That explains a lot. I grew up with Babbity Rabbity, the Three Brothers,” Neville told me. I smiled.

“Yes, but I’ve heard of those stories. But that might be because I’m a half-blood.”

“Probably. But tell me about them. How do they end?”

“Some of them have happier endings. The original writers didn’t intend for them to be like that.”

“How do the happier ones go?” He asked. I smiled at him.

“How about I go and find my copies? They’re around here somewhere.” I stood up and held a hand out to Neville. He grinned and took my hand before standing up.

Most of my books were in boxes that were stored in a spare room of the apartment. After finding the boxes that actually contained books, we brought them into the living room and began opening them up. Neville and I sat together on the floor as we tore open boxes and searched through them.

“Okay, so tell me about these fairytales.” Neville said as he pulled out books. Some of them were potions books and some were transfiguration ones.

“You don’t want to wait?” I teased. Neville rolled her eyes.

“No, I’m really curious!”

“Okay, well, I’ll tell you about Cinderella then.” I tore open a box as I began to tell the story. “There was once a girl named Cinderella who lived her father and he loved her and her mother. But then one day, Cinderella’s mother died and her father remarried a cruel woman who had evil daughters.”

“Why did he marry her then?” Neville asked.

“He didn’t know.” I told him. “Don’t interrupt me.” I chided. “Anyway. Cinderella’s father died one day leaving Cinderella in the care of the evil stepmother. However, her mother made her live in the attic of the house they lived in. And Cinderella became their servant.” I opened a box and began searching through it.

“Why?” Neville asked. I smiled.

“I don’t know. But, maybe you can try and figure it out!” I pulled the book out from the box along with other fairytales. “Here you go,” I passed the book to Neville who opened it up and leafed through the pages.

“These are children books, so there’s a lot of pictures in them.” I explained.

“I like it. Come on,” he sat on the sofa and I sat with him as he opened the book. He passed it to me.

“I want you to read it.” Neville told me. I smiled and opened the book.

“Okay, I’ll start from the beginning then.” I leaned his against his chest and began reading as Neville began listening. As I read, his interest grew and soon I had to get new books for him to read.