looking through my camera roll

Fun story:

My friend (who doesn’t watch Shadowhunters) was looking through my camera roll (I didn’t even care cause she knows I’m fucked up) and she came across this photo of the Malec kiss.

She knows I do edits and ship gays, so she immediately assumed that it was photoshopped. She didn’t even believe me when I told her it wasn’t. I shit you not she saw the idea of me PHOTOSHOPPING IT as more likely than having an ACTUAL GAY RELATIONSHIP IN A TV PROGRAMME.

This proves two things.

  1. The world is fucked up

  2. Shadowhunters isn’t

Confession: No matter how hard I try I can never fully see the beauty in myself. I feel ugly most of the time and I hate taking pictures because I’m not photogenic. People tell me that I’m pretty but I can never believe it because I just do not see it. On days when I apply makeup,instead of looking better I find myself looking worse. I went through my camera roll today and deleted several pictures of myself. I would much rather feel beautiful than supposedly look it.


Grayson is a fucking god. I felt so attacked going through my camera roll and finding these, he looks so fucking good in black AND I WISH HE WOULD KEEP HIS HAIR THIS LONG ALL THE TIME PLEASE

On the road without baby girl ~Naughty November~

Prompt: Facetime with Roman

Pairing: Roman x Reader

Word Count:425

Warning: toys

TAGGED: @crysxtal @dunbarkiss @kirsty-lou666 @emo-chick-59-stuff@xxshewollfxx @horror-movies-and-disney @kittencutie245@thejulietfarciertlove @jwowwluv

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falling for you pt.3 | jimin

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Pairing: Jimin + OC! Kim Yejin

Genre: Fluff/Angst + highschool au

Word Count: 3.3k

Parts: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 

3 months later

Jimin’s P.O.V.

As the sunshine streamed brightly through the curtains, I laid back down on my bed, taking in the peace of quiet that came with it. Holding my phone up,  I scrolled through my camera roll, looking at my pictures and reminiscing every memory associated with it.

Eventually, I stumbled upon a selfie that Yejin and I took, which I couldn’t help but chuckle at. While I was smiling at the camera, she hadn’t noticed I was taking a picture until the very last second as she broke out into a laugh, shown through her radiating smile.

Smiling at the memory, I continued looking through the rest. As my mind mindlessly wandered to her, wondering if she actually felt better?


“Yah? Kim Yejin.” I said seriously, as I held her chin and lifted her head up so I could look her in the eye. 

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Jakob Chychrun #1 - Anatomy

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A/N: I loved writing this! I kinda got carried away because I started to project a little but but oh well, anything to get you through biology right? anyways, we actually do this in my class and it has produced some funny conversations every time someone looks through my camera roll and sees random pictures of my classmates bodies or videos of someone doing exercises or asks me why I have marker all over my legs. Life of a kinesiology student amiright?

ANYWAYS, I combined two prompts for this because I have a lot of Chych requests so message me if you want a rewrite with a specific one but I think you will be happy with how this turned out :) 

Prompts:  Anon: Could I request a Jakob chychrun imagine where you’re trying to study and he keeps bugging you ?

anon: Hi!!! would you write a chychrun one where you guys just have a cute lazy day? Thx:p


You don’t know how long you have spent looking at a picture of the back of your classmate’s legs and that in and of itself should be concerning. To be fair, you are studying for your anatomy quiz tomorrow and you are currently comparing your textbook notes with the photo you took after your tutorial today where you had spent the whole class palpating and labelling and drawing the outlines of the muscles on your lab partner. You were in the middle of redrawing the vastas lateralis in your notebook when all of the sudden a hand plucked your pencil from your grasp from behind you.

“Hey!” you took took off your head phones and turned to look at the pencil-thief, “Jakob Chychrun! Give me back my pencil, I need to study.”

“You weren’t paying attention to me.” Chych pouted from where he sat opposite to your desk on your bed.

“Jakey, you know I’d love to spend time with you but I also really don’t want to have to take this course in the summer to graduate on time.”

“Should I be concerned that you are looking at a zoomed in picture of some other man’s ass in booty shorts with a whole bunch of lines drawn on him?” his eyebrows furrow as he looks at the reference picture pulled up on your laptop.

You giggle a little at how weird half of your camera roll would look like to non-health science major students. “It’s just from my tutorial today,” you explained, “See, we had to palpate and locate the muscles and then draw them on your partner.”

“Hm, I still don’t really like the fact that you have to feel up some other guy every day at school.”

“Is someone jealous?” you smirked at him, “Don’t worry babe, it’s just practical application of my anatomy class.”

“Y’know, we could do your anatomy classes right here, at home.” Jakob said suggestively while faking a stretch with his arms above his head which pulled his shirt up a bit to expose his abs.

“Ok mister, you don’t need to flash your rectus abdominis muscles at me” you rolled your eyes at him, “Can you please hand me back my pencil so that I can return back to by work?”

“See, you know all of this stuff! I think that your time would be much better spent having a lazy day with me on the couch.” Jakob argued.

You thought about it for a second before an idea popped into your head, “If I spend the rest of the afternoon doing whatever you want,” you started to bargain, “then you have to help me study for my quiz and practical exam later.”

“I feel like I should ask more about what this ‘helping’ entails but right now all I can think of is the newest episode of Billions and you cuddling with me.” Jakob reasoned.

“So do we have a deal?” you cocked an eyebrow at him

“Deal.” he sighed

You giggled in delight. “Perfect, you get the living room set up while I change out of these leggings and into something more comfortable.”

Chych nodded and left your room while you rifled through your messy drawers trying to find the pair of Jakob’s sweatpants that you stole the last time he had slept over at your apartment. They were massive on you with the Arizona logo printed below the right hip and the number 6 below that. You knew how much Chych loved when you wore his Arizona stuff so you switched your University of Arizona sweatshirt for a v-neck Chychrun shirsey. When you walked into your living room you could see that he had collected all the pillows and fuzzy blankets in your apartment and made something that looked similar to a nest on your couch in front of the TV. Beside this contraption he placed a bowl of seemingly random snacks that he threw together consisting of whatever he could find in your kitchen. He was sitting with his back against the arm rest and legs splayed in a way that showed he was waiting for you to come cuddle with him.

“You are so lazy and tactile today Chych.” you laughed at him

“I can’t help it! This is my first day off in a week and it’s gross and raining outside.” he said gesturing to the windows that showed a grey afternoon outside,”plus I am always in a mood to cuddle, especially if it’s with my beautiful girlfriend who is wearing my number.”

You smiled but rolled your eyes at his cheesiness. You padded over to him and sat down between his legs, resting your back against his chest and tucking your head under his chin. His arms came around you and he sighed,

“Perfect.” he placed a kiss to the top of your head while you pressed play on the T.V. You stayed like that for a while, with Jakob mindlessly running his hands up and down your arms, tangling your fingers together occasionally while you both would make periodic off-hand comments about what was happening on screen. Halfway through your marathon, you both got hungry so you got up to go to the kitchen and made two smoothies that were apart of Jakob’s NHL diet. You came back and gave Chych a quick kiss when he pouted at you before returning back to your previous position. By the time it started turning dark outside, you had lost track of how many episodes that two of you had watched and the part of your mind that was constantly thinking over what you need to review for all of your classes and quietened significantly.

“Alright mister,” you sat up and stretched, “It’s time for me to get back to my work.”

“Ok…” he pouted at you

“Cheer up muffin!” you teased and gave him a peck on the nose, “You are helping me study now.”

“Fine. I’m nothing if not a man of honour. What do you need help with: flashcards, quizzes?”

“Not quite,” you giggled and raced off to your room to find the box of markers that you kept in your bag for anatomy tutorials. “My quiz is practical, not written.”

“Oh, I can tell I’m not going to like the outcome of this.” Chych groaned.


Jakob walked into practice the next morning dreading the chirping he was about to endure from his teammates. Helping you study last night had started out fun and with lots of giggles as you had labelled and drawn the muscles on Jakob. By the end, you managed to label all of the major muscles on his body and you took plenty of pictures to document it. When you were finished Jakob looked like an art project and textbook diagram rolled into one. The study session had ended in Jakob trying to draw on you and a messy colour fight. But you had accidentally left the marker on for too long and as hard as Jakob tried, he still couldn’t get some of the marker off, especially on his back.

Which is why Jakob was really dreading the locker room. He got there early enough that no one was around in the locker room before practice. However, after practice Jakob had completely forgotten about last night and was talking animatedly with Max Domi while taking off his equipment. He took his shoulder pads off and started hearing snickers from behind him.

“Dude, why do you look like a biology textbook?” Dvorak said from behind him. This caused the whole team to start laughing.

Jakob just blushed lightly, “I had to help (Y/N) study last night.” he mumbled which only produced more laughs and teasing from the boys.

He grabbed his phone and texted you: Kinda hate u right now. boys will never let me live this down. good luck today <3

You chuckled when you received his message and sent back: it worked! 100% baby ;)


There we go! Cute right? As always, thanks for the support everyone! Up next: Brady Skjei!

I made this edit based off the post by @lightandshadowphotography.

I was looking through my camera roll for ideas of edits to make based off JSE related saved pics and screenshots and decided to make this lovely post into some sort of format of letter.

@therealjacksepticeye so you don’t forget. 💚💚

He Tells Everyone You’re His - One Shot

In which Simon tells his mum whilst recording a video that he has a girlfriend, you, and she loves you already even though she hasn’t even met you yet.

Requested? Yes

Simon’s Point of View

I was on the highway on my way to my parents’ house. My dad wasn’t in, instead he was in the US, doing stuff for his job. My mum was always welcome, though, so I decided to head there in the afternoon.

She’s not expecting anything; probably just the usual, which was me talking about how much I love YouTube and any video ideas I have in mind, and telling her about things me and the other boys did since the last time I saw her. Little does she know that I have some very important news I know she’ll be delighted to hear.

I parked my black rover right outside the door to my parents’ house and rang the doorbell. I could hear the shuffling of socks on the tiled floor before I was greeted by my mum’s familiar smile.

‘Simon!’ She cheered and stood on her toes to engulf me in a hug. I smiled and bathed in her smell. I instantly felt ten years younger, seeing as this is the house I grew up in, the house I lived in when I went to Middle School and High School. But I had to remind myself that I’m 24 now, and that I’ve changed. And that things have changed for this family. 'Come on in,’ She opened the door completely, letting me walk inside and then shut it behind me.

I took off my thick Autumn coat and hung it up on the wall behind the door like I did when I used to come home from school. The nostalgia was filling my mind and taking over all my thoughts, so I didn’t realise my mum had ask me something.

'Sorry?’ I told her, raising my eyebrows. I has subconsciously followed her into the living room, where she stood in front of the coffee table.

'I asked if you’d like some tea or coffee.’ She giggled up at me.

'Oh,’ I smiled awkwardly, and I could feel my cheeks heat up. 'Tea sounds good,’ I told her and sat down on the sofa. I pulled my phone out whilst she got to making the tea in the kitchen. 'Is something troubling you, Si? It’s not often you’re so in thought.’ She questioned.

'Are you calling me stupid?’ I laughed whilst scrolling through my Twitter feed aimlessly.

'What? No! Of course not!’ She laughed in return. It was silent for a short while, but the bubbling sound of boiling water made it a comfortable silence.

'Hey, mum, do you want to film a video with me? As in, right now?’ I asked without looking up.

'Oh, was I supposed to prepare something for this?’ She asked.

'No, I just got an idea.’ I told her.

'Um, sure, what will it be?’ She asked. I could see her pouring the hot water into two mugs.

'I was thinking just a regular Q n’ A, except you get to ask me questions, too.’ This would be an easy way to tell her, since she’s sure to ask about my love life. She used to love joking about how it doesn’t exist.


'I’ll just go get my camera and stuff from my car quickly,’ I said and ran out to the front of the house, grabbing a tripod, a camera, and a little microphone.

'Okay, this is a good one.’ I told her and smirked. 'When’s the last time you and dad kissed?’ I asked her. This was one of the last questions for the video.

'This morning, when he left to go the United States,’ She said confidently. I giggled and then looked up at the camera and cringed. I had just imagined my parents kissing.

'Your turn,’ I told her, but I knew what was coming. She hadn’t asked the question yet.

'How’s your love life?’ She laughed, assuming she already knew the answer.

'Funny you ask that,’ I said, pulling out my phone. I could see her eyes widen in shock. 'I have something I needed to tell you today, mum,’ I looked up at her again. 'I have a girlfriend.’ I stated, smiling so much that my cheeks began to heart.

'Really? Oh my goodness, Si, that’s amazing.’ She said in a high-pitched voice and leaned in to squeeze me, causing me to hold my breath.

'Guys, I’m dying,’ I said to the camera, sounding as if I was going to be choked to death.

'Do you have a picture of her? Oh my days, what’s her name?’ She asked, seeming to be really excited now. My fingers were trembling slightly as I unlocked my phone. Not because I was nervous about telling my mum, but because I was uploading this to the internet a couple hours later.

'Yeah, I do, and her name is Y/N.’ I said, smiling as I looked through my camera roll quickly. It wasn’t hard to find a picture of her because my camera roll was filled with pictures of us cuddling on the couch at the Sidemen House and pictures of her sitting across from me at a table at a café. I settled on a picture of her laughing at a crappy joke I made, whilst she was sitting opposite me at a fancy restaurant we went to together one night.

'Oh my days, she’s gorgeous.’ My mum gasped at the picture.

'If you swipe right, there’s more.’ I told her, handing her my phone. She continued smiling as she looked through all the pictures.

'Is she the only person you have pictures of on your phone?’ My mum asked and I nodded and smiled. 'Oh come here, my little big boy,’ She said and leaned in for another hug, completely embarrassing me in front of my viewers.