looking south from the upper east side


Time Warner Center. Midtown. The stars in the center’s atrium change colors every few seconds and are very visible from inside and out. Speaking of outside, this is a good opportunity to explain where we are in Manhattan for those not from around here.

If you look out the atrium, we are facing east:

  • Directly in front of us (circle) is Columbus Circle.
  • On the left (trees) is the southern border of Central Park.
  • On the right (buildings) is the northern border of Midtown.
  • The street (behind the circle) separating the Park and Midtown is 59th Street, better know as Central Park South. ($$$$$)
  • Everything from this corner of the park and north is the Upper West Side. ($$$$$)
  • If you walked up Central Park South to the other corner of Central Park, everything to your left and north would be the Upper East Side. ($$$$$)

Needless to say, we are in the heart of some of the most expensive real estate in the world. Anything close to Central Park commands top dollar. This goes not only for real estate, but shopping and restaurants as well. While the Upper East and West Sides are prime locations, there are differences in the people that live on each side of the park. I’ll cover those differences when I get there…

eskarleth-darling  asked:

Love your tumblr! I will be visiting NY for the first time this next upcoming week, any suggestions of places I must go to?

Thank you very much!


1. Central Park. Central Park Conservancy has Free maps and excellent free tours, go to the Dairy or any Visitor Center for more info. Look for the volunteers with green shirts  and ask them where to go

2. East Village & Alphabet City ( btw La Lucha has very delicious Mexican food)

3. The Financial District has beautiful streets and Architecture (besides Wall St)

4. Beautiful homes and neighborhoods in the Upper East and West Sides

5. UCB for a Comedy Show

6. Top of the Rock for amazing views

7. From the Meatpacking District walk south to Tribeca keep to the west as you head down.

8. Nolita (Since you are around there get a Kanish at Yonah Schimmel’s Knishes Bkry)

Note: Just really explore the areas and walk a lot. Of course you need to go to Soho, Chinatown , Times Squares, etc but really explore them , go where nobody is walking look for empty streets and always look up. Don’t follow the crowd. 

Have a great time