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Bat Aunt: Part 8

Prompt: How Bruce Wayne’s life changes when a little sister is thrown into the mix

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“I’m sorry, I don’t think I heard you right, can you repeat that?”

    “I adopted another child.”

    You close your eyes, brace yourself for the incoming headache, and let out a sigh, “That’s what I thought you said.” You plop down into your office chair. “I knew I shouldn’t have left you alone with Alfred. He’s always had a hard time saying no to you.”

    You watch as Bruce rolls his eyes, “He’s a kid, not a puppy. He was lifting the tires off the Batmobile. He’s entirely too thin, and he’s living on the street.”

    “How are he and Richard getting along?”

    Bruce smiles, “You know Dick. He’s always been great with kids. And now that he’s splitting his time between Gotham and the Titans… well, it just makes sense.”

    You log onto your computer, “Yeah. I saw the pictures of his new suit. Were the finger stripes his idea, or yours?”

    Bruce lets out a laugh, “Dick was born to be in the center ring.”

    “What’s his name?”

    “Jason. And I’m sure he would love to meet his wonderful Aunt Y/N.”

    You smile, “Well, of course he would. I’m amazing. Now tell me, do you plan on having him take the Robin mantle?”

    Bruce finally takes a seat, “He has what it takes, but I’m being cautious. The more training the better I think.”

    You smile, “I can’t help but agree. I’ll stay at the Manor while I’m in town, and get to know my new nephew.”

    Bruce leans back, “Does that mean, you might just knock off early?”

    You lean forward, “What are you up to, Bruce Wayne?”

    Your brother gives you an easy smile, “I have no idea what you’re talking about.”

    You roll your eyes, “You’ve been talking to Barry again, haven’t you?”

    Bruce doesn’t even bother pretending, “He says you’ve been pulling a lot of late nights.”

    “No more than usual.”    

    He groans, “Wasn’t the entire idea behind you moving to Central City and moving in with Barry, actually living with him? Having a life outside of work?”

    You shrug, and a moment of silence lapses between the two of you, “What’s going on, kid? Barry says you’ve been really distant lately. You’re pulling away from him, you barely return my calls, Dick says you’re answering emails with only one or two words, and you’re refusing Alfred’s face time.”

    You run your tongue over your teeth, “Bruce, I have a lot to do. I’ll try and stop by tonight.”

    Your brother scowls, “So, you’re going from staying at the Manor, to trying to stop by.” You don’t say anything, and he sighs, “Fine. I’ll talk to you later. If you pick up.” You wince as he walks out. You scrub your hands over your face before turning around to look at Gotham’s skyline.

    You’d been living in Central City for two years now. You’d been happier than you’d ever been before. But slowly, you’d found yourself homesick. You missed the manor and your family, and any reminder of them made you resent Barry just a tad. You knew he couldn’t leave Central City… but you missed your home.

    You get lost in the sight of your home. You watch as the daylight fades and the buildings slowly light up. You listen to the police sirens, and the faint sound of live music coming from the bars. Finally, the need to be on the streets overtakes you. You grab your coat and make your way out of the office.

    You find yourself sitting on a park bench. You watch the people walk by. You can’t help but smile. You feel at peace for the first time in months. Knowing what you have to do, you begin your walk back to the office. You’re passing an alley when you hear it. The grunts and groans of someone being beat up.

    It’s the flash of red that catches your eye. You turn and watch as the young boy searches through the pockets of the unconscious man on the street. You smile as you walk further down the alley, the click of your heels drawing his attention. “Now, I know my brother wouldn’t approve of this.”

    The boys scowls at you, “And your brother would be?”

    “Your mentor. Jason Todd, right?”

    His eyes go huge, and you motion with your head for him to follow you. He drops the wad of cash on top of the man’s chest before following you. You dig out a spare pair of clothes from the back of your car. One of Dick’s old outfits. He changes in the car while you wait outside.

    When he knocks twice on the window, you slip into the driver’s seat. He says nothing as you drive to your destination. You smile as you pull to a stop, and he follows you in. It’s been months since you’ve been in, but you’re greeted like it’s only been a day. You go to your usual booth, and Jason slides in across from you.

    You catch him staring at you, “If you have a question, I recommend asking it.”

    “Why didn’t you take me home?”

    “Because, I’m the cool aunt. That means bailing you out of bad situations and not telling my brother when you’re doing something stupid. That being said, you sneak out again, I’ll make sure you never make it into those tights again.”

    He scowls, “I’ve been training for two months. I’m ready.”

    You smile, “You’re over eager.”

    “Let me guess, Dick wasn’t?”

    You raise an eyebrow, “Dick had eight years of circus training to propel him forward. From the looks of it, you’re a small time thief.”

    He scowls, “This is part of being the cool aunt?”

    “This is me making sure my brother actually lets you out on the streets some day. He finds out about that stunt and you won’t even be allowed in the cave.” Silence lapses between you. You chat with Diane when she takes your orders.

When she’s gone, Jason asks, “Has he always been such a stick in the mud? Bruce, I mean.”

You stare at the boy, “He’s better now than when he was a kid. He kept himself very isolated after our parents died.”

“He was there, when they were killed?”

You nod, and he leans back in his seat. “He’s not all that bad. I mean he teaches me

some pretty cool things, and my new school is pretty cool.”

You smile, “You like school?”

He nods, “They offer a bunch of literature classes. It’s awesome.” And just like that you

watch the icy exterior melt away. Jason entertains you with stories from school. You don’t realize how late it is until Lew gives the signal to start cleaning up.

You drive Jason home, and give him your cell phone number. “Call me anytime you need it.”

He smiles, tosses out a “Thanks for the food, Aunt Y/N.” And runs inside. You pull away from your family home with ease. It takes a bit of time to get to the airport, and you’re on the next flight out.

You land in Central City at three a.m. and you nearly fall asleep on the ride home. Bone tired you open the door to the apartment and you freeze. You walk further in, to find a red blur zipping around the apartment.

It stops at the sight of you. Barry’s voice is soft, “Hey.”

You smile, “Hey.”

A moment of silence ticked by before Barry starts talking, “You’re homesick. I should have realized it sooner. It really was stupid of me. I mean your entire family is in Gotham, your company’s headquarters are there. You’re done setting up the satellite office here, you’ve been done for months, and to be honest I should have seen it earlier. You need a challenge, and Gotham provides that both professionally, and superhero wise. So I put in my notice at work, and Gotham PD has already taken me on. They were kind of desperate actually. And you own the apartment building, so we don’t have to worry about breaking the lease. I figure we could live at the manor for a few months, and we could get our own place close by, or maybe our own wing if you want to stay there. Wow that sounds weird … and I’m babbling. But Y/N I love you something fierce and I don’t want to lose you …”

By the time he’s done talking, he’s actually out of breath. You take the three steps needed to reach him, before throwing your arms around his neck, and kissing him. When you pull back you say, “This is the nicest thing anyone has ever done for me, but I don’t want you to give up everything for me.”

His voice is soft, “I’m not giving anything up. I don’t have much left here. Iris is married, and pregnant. Joe is getting ready to retire, Wally can more than handle the City, and to be completely honest I’d follow you to the ends of the Earth, because Y/N you’re my home.”

You kiss him again, long and slow, before pulling back and asking the question you’d intended all along, “Barry Allen, will you marry me?”

I’m Shook

I’m Shook

Peter Parker x Reader x Dad!Tony Stark

Warnings: None

Request: Hi, I was wondering if I could request a dad Tony fic where the reader is dating Peter before he gets his powers and reader is the only one he tells and the only one who knows and fast forward to when Tony discovers Peter is Spiderman (he knew reader and Peter were together) so he’s shook and discovers you knew all along and just some funny Tony stuff sorry that it is extremely confusing (I got carried away so forgot about grammar)

A/N: Sorry it’s so short! I’m not good at writing funny things lol, so I tried! I hope you like it nonnie :)

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“(Y/n), babe!” You heard, you groan and turn your back towards the phone that was on speaker. Peter called you at 2:38 in the morning, sounding so awake, when you could barely even lift an eye open.

“What’s wrong?”

“There– there was a spider!”

“Peter, just grab a shoe and kill it, it’s too early for this.”

“It bit me!”

“Are you okay?” you ask, suddenly awake, “are you feeling anything weird? What kind of spider did it look like? Did it look poisonous?”

“I’m fine, I’m just scared that there’s more spiders and that they’ll crawl into my mouth when I sleep.” You laugh, Peter was always quite scared of spiders, you would think he’d be more traumatized now that he’s got bitten.

“Do you want to come over? So no spiders would get you in your sleep.”

“Will your dad be okay with it?”

“Yeah, I mean, he’s not here right now. Currently out of the country for some business stuff. I think you’ll be fine.”

“Alright, be there in 10.”

You wake up to an empty bed. Propping yourself up to your elbows, you look around the room, half asleep, looking for your boyfriend.

“Peter?” you called.

“Over here,” you heard from above you. You look up and gasp. Peter was hanging upside down on the ceiling.

“Peter!” you whisper yell, “what are you doing up there? And how are you doing that?”

He falls from the ceiling and lands on your bed, you slightly bounced up from his weight.

“I don’t know! I wake up and then suddenly–”

He jumps onto the ceiling and walks down the sides of your walls like a spider.

“This happened.”

You look at him confused, and then remembering last night.

“The spider! This is probably some weird side effect or something.”

You spend the day calling him Spider-Man, and he decided that that should be his superhero name. You laughed at the idea, but it stuck, and now he was famous for it.

Peter spent every night swinging across the city, sometimes taking you with him. Showing you around the city of Queens. You never really seen it much, you usually stay home, all day.

Peter would spend the night, or sometimes even day, saving the city. But sometimes, he would have those days where he doesn’t really have anything to do, and end up helping old ladies get around the busy streets.

One day, your dad saw a video of ‘Spider-Man’ stopping a car from hitting a bus with his bare hands. Of course, it got your dad intrigued, he wanted to find out who Spider-Man was and use him to help beat the old Cap in their little feud.

Your dad, the infamous Tony Stark, found out Spider-Man’s identity, by watching surveillance cameras and finding out where he lives.

Knocking on the door of Spider-Man’s apartment, Tony was shocked to see you answer the door.


“Dad?” you both said simultaneously.

“What are you doing here?” you two say again.

“You know who Spider-Man is?” he asked, a blush creeping up your neck.

“Babe, who is it?” Peter asks, walking up behind you to see who’s at the door.

Tony looked at you confused, then at Peter.

“Oh! Mr. Stark! Come in, come in,” Peter yelled, pushing you slightly to the side to open the door wider, letting your dad in.

As Tony makes himself comfortable on the couch, Peter sits by him, smiling widely, trying to be polite.

“So how are you Mr.Stark?”

“I’m… fine. How bout you, Spidey?”

Peter turned a deep shade of red, almost as red as his suit.

“Wh– what?”

“You heard me.”

“Dad!” you interrupted, “seriously, what are you doing here?”

“I came to meet Spider-Man and ask him to join me in Germany.”

Peter and you silently look at each other and back towards your dad.

“Uhh– well– did ya find him?” you ask, trying to not let Peter’s identity be revealed.

Tony gives you a knowingly look, Peter sighing and throwing his hands up in the air.

“All right! All right! I’m… Spider-Man.” He whispered the last part.

“Oh? You don’t say.” Your dad says sarcastically.

“I can’t believe you knew Spider-Man and didn’t tell me!” He yells at you, his eyebrows slanted and his bottom lip pushed out into a pout, making you cringe.

“Ew dad, don’t make that face. And anyways, you never even asked.”

“So you would’ve told him if he asked!” Peter yells at you.

“No! I wouldn’t”

“You wouldn’t?” Your dad says, pressing his hand to his heart and looking really shocked and hurt.

“No– I– I don’t know!” you said, throwing your hands up in exasperation.

“I can’t believe you knew all along and never told me,” he said, looking away from you, “I’m shook.”

Peter and your face instantly morphs into a disgusted one, body trembling into a full body cringe, at the sight of your dad trying to act cool.

“Dad! You can’t say that, that’s gross!”

“What? How is it gross? Everyone uses it!”

You scoff, “not old people.”

Peter giggling right next to you.

Tony just rolling his eyes.

“Whatever. So Pete, you on my team or what?”

anonymous asked:

Hello, can I ask for Akira, Yusuke, Ryuji liking someone that's just kind of oblivious to flirting and romantic gestures. Like they're the "if you drop me a hint, I will pick it up and give it right back to you without understanding" type person. I mean they're only just bad at understanding when someone likes them and thinks it's just close friendship. Hope that's fine, thank you!

That’s so tragic lol. Thank you for the request! I hope you like it!


  • Akira’s a natural flirt, so he drops hints and makes innuendos all the time.
  • “Should I hold your hand? It’s looks kind of cold.”
  • S/O simply says, “No thank you. It’s kind of you to offer though.”
  • He isn’t fazed one bit. In fact, he approaches it as a challenge or a game, testing out how far he can go before S/O understands. 
  • He’ll brush their hair behind their ear and whisper into it, “You should be careful. Someone might just whisk you away for looking so cute.”
  • “Thank you for warning me. I’ll be on my guard,” they reply seriously.
  • The entire power of the universe was required to hinder him from kissing S/O on the spot. 
  • He becomes quite daring after that. One evening, the two agreed to purchase hot chocolate from a nearby street vendor; it was winter, and their breath was visible in the chilly air when they ordered their beverages. 
  • S/O excitedly sipped their freshly-made cocoa, and some whipped cream fastened itself on the corner of their lips. you know what happens next
  • Akira chuckles and wipes the cream with his thumb. He proceeded to thrust his thumb in his mouth and suck on it, never breaking eye contact with S/O the entire time.
  • S/O wore a baffled expression as they stated, “Thank you for the gesture, but that was very unsanitary. I’ll go fetch us some napkins.” He smirked as they departed, and he patiently awaited their return. 
  • “Why don’t we take a ride on the Ferris wheel?” The smirk remained plastered on his face while he asked. S/O agreed and they hastily boarded the ride upon arriving.  
  • Akira sits so close to them that their shoulders brush together.
  • “S/O,” he suddenly says. When they face him, his face is inches away from theirs. “Will you let me be your boyfriend?”
  • Realization hit S/O like a ton a bricks, and Akira’s lips twitched upward in satisfaction as he witnessed the blush manifesting on S/O’s cheeks.
  • “U-u-um, yes, that would be nice,” they said, averting their eyes away from him.
  • Akira snickers and gently takes hold of S/O’s chin, making them face him again. “I’ve been wanting to do this for a while now.”
  • He lightly flicked their forehead.


  • Ryuji was utterly frustrated. 
  • Here he was, dropping some of his best one-liners with a rosy tint on his face, and S/O had the audacity to remain so adorably oblivious.
  • “I-I really like you,” he stuttered to them, after assembling all of his courage.
  • “Aw, I like you too, Ryuji!” S/O replied.
  • Ryuji beamed, but his face quickly morphed into suspicion when he asked, “Whaddaya mean by that?” 
  • “Huh? You’re just a lot of fun and you’re a great friend.”
  • Friend.
  • Awakening to his Persona paled in comparison to how much pain he felt hearing S/O say that word.
  • “Ryuji? Are you okay? Do you need to use the restroom?”
  • Good idea, maybe I’ll flush myself down the toilet while I’m at it since I feel like shit. 
  • “N-nah, I’m fine. Thanks,” he squeaked. “H-hey, do you wanna come with me to the park later?”
  • “Sure! Does six work for you?”
  • “Yeah, that’s cool. See ya later!”
  • The two ‘friends’ meet up and stroll around, discussing numerous subjects and exchanging anecdotes.
  • They took a seat on the bench by the lake, and Ryuji spotted a couple holding hands and pecking each other on the lips.
  • Grateful that the darkness hid his ferocious blush, he nudged S/O and nodded in the direction of the couple. “D-do ya think we could do that?”
  • “We could, but we’re not dating,” S/O casually answered.
  • “…Can we change that?”
  • S/O was also grateful to the darkness for disguising their flushed cheeks. “Y-you mean it?”
  • “Y-yeah…” He waiting for the rejection when…
  • “T-that would be amazing.”
  • Ryuji.exe has stopped working
  • “C-cool! S-so uh…” He swiftly pecked S/O on their lips, and the couple couldn’t even look at each other as they continued their walk holding hands.


  • Yusuke is extremely clueless himself; he’s clueless that they’re clueless.
  • S/O accepted his invitations for dates, and they permit him to embrace them when the two are alone in his dorm.
  • When they visited him in his dorm once again, he pulled them into a hug and whispered, “I have missed you, my love.”
  • S/O pulls back and laughs in his face. “Why are you acting like we’re dating? Did one of your friends tell you that we were? I swear, just because we’re close…”
  • Their voice became a distant fuzz, and Yusuke felt his soul disassemble on a molecular level.
  • This is too cruel to be a joke.
  • “You’re so gullible sometimes, Yusuke. I really worry about you…”
  • “U-um yes. I apologize. I will try to… read between the lines more often,” he replied, barely concealing the disappointment in his voice.
  • How had he not realized it sooner? He felt like such a fool.
  • “You look awful… did something happen?” S/O’s eyebrows furrowed with concern, and the urge to kiss them was overwhelming.
  • “P-please, there’s no need for distress. I’m all right, just a bit… drained.”
  • “Is there anything I can do to help?”
  • Yes.
  • “No. I’m fine, I assure you,” he said with a sigh.
  • S/O stayed with him for a bit; they tried to make him laugh from their outrageous ideas, and paid him a plethora of compliments.
  • When they were making their exit, their hand had just grabbed the doorknob when Yusuke spoke. “S/O. I’m sorry to further take your time, but I’ve been meaning to ask you something.”
  • S/O turned around questioningly. “What’s wrong?”
  • He took a deep breath and his cheeks glowed with a peachy hue. “I would be interested in furthering my relationship with you… as your romantic partner. Will you accept?” you could have just said you want to be their boyfriend
  • S/O is speechless, and Yusuke nearly has a panic attack until they say, “I… would love nothing more.”
  • Art boy has died and went to heaven.
  • The blush crept back on his cheeks as he beamed and exclaimed, “Wonderful!”
the one (soulmate!au)

Requested: For soulmate au shawn idea how about when soulmate so get side affects when coming close to find their soulmate for the first time and Shawn or y/n get a very painful one

Hi hi!! Excuse me for taking suuuper long to write this but i finally have some inspo but i’m writing this note before i start writing the au and i already know its probably gonna suck so sorry in advance :)

feedback makes my day! <3 

It was a cold winter morning in Canada, freezing actually, but you were less than surprised since most of the time it was cold and snowy. Currently you were sitting on the couch that looked over the city of Toronto  in your small apartment, curled up in front of the Tv and fireplace while you tried to read a book. Though, it was hard to get through a single page with the sound of Spongebob Squarepants playing in the background and your daughter’s quiet humming as she played with her dolls. You were lucky you even had this small time to relax since the young girl kept you busy most of the time.

You sighed as you put a bookmark in your book and set it on the coffee table knowing full well that you wouldn’t be able to read it with all the noise in the background. Instead, you turned your attention to the little girl playing on the carpet. Her blonde hair was messy since it was only morning and you hadn’t had the time to get her ready for the day yet, and you could see a small hole in the back of her favourite pyjama dress. You knew she would be devastated when she found out because that was her favourite piece of clothing she had and you definitely couldn’t afford to buy her a new one, hell, you could barely afford to put food on the table every night.

When you found out you were pregnant at 17, everything became harder. The father of the baby left you because he wasn’t ready for that kind of responsibility which left you devastated since you really thought he was the one, you thought he would be the one you spent the rest of your life with. On top of that, your parents kicked you out but since then you’ve made up with them and they absolutely adore their granddaughter, and finding a stable job hasn’t been the easiest, especially since you had no college degree. Luckily you found yourself a stable job working as a waitress but the pay was barely enough. All you wanted was to give your daughter a good life but it seems as if you’re doing the opposite right now.

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Constant | Part I

Vernon x Reader

2484 words

Synopsis: When Vernon puts up an ad online for finding a roommate for university, the last person he expects to answer it is you. When you reply, Vernon is conflicted about how to share a house with you when he can barely think straight around you.

A/N: I’m finally back with a series! Inspired by Seventeen’s comeback and the fact that I think being Vernon’s roommate would be super chill.

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A Difficult Circumstance - feysand fanfiction 1/?

Summary: Rhys and Feyre make a deal with Cassian during a drunken evening at Rita’s, and the next morning they are startled to find out that magic does not understand irony. Or jokes. And apparently does not care about the amount of drinks one has imbibed and it will take you seriously. AKA the body-switching fic!

Notes: I don’t know how many parts this will end up being; as many ridiculous situations as I can up with, pretty much.

AO3 : Part two : No warnings : Tagging @darkheartsdontbreaktheybruise @personpersonper @birdiethebibliophile @juliasempiternal @feyre-therabeaux @jjellybean @stellaireskies (if anyone else wants to be tagged in the future let me know)


Throwing her right arm across the bed, Feyre was startled to find that instead of resting on a warm, familiar body, it met air. The edge of the bed. She didn’t want to open her eyes quite yet, and so she felt around for the sheets, trying to figure out how far the edge so she knew how far she had to go until she fell off. This was not her usual side of the bed, but she wasn’t quite surprised to find herself at odds with her habits.

She and Rhys had spent the previous evening at Rita’s, with Cassian, Mor, and Lucien. She vaguely remembered drinking. Well, that was a lie. There was drinking, a lot, and laughing, which always came from having that group gathered. There were the usual dares, Cassian threatening to tell the waitress that Mor had a crush on her if she didn’t do it herself, Mor trying to teach Feyre how to dance. It was a failure, as usual, but at least they all got a laugh, and they would leave her alone for the next few months because hey, at least she tried.

Feyre assumed that she and Rhys had fallen into bed together at the end of the night either too exhausted to figure out who normally went where, or perhaps he had flipped her over there in some sort of alcohol-induced sex game. Either way, she was fairly certain that she had slept too long and Nesta or Amren would come barging in any moment. The idea of rubbing either of them the wrong way when they had a full day of work ahead of them was enough to make Feyre groan out loud.

The voice that came from her lips, however, was decidedly not her own. It was deep, and although it was familiar, it was not supposed to be there.

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Storms (Chapter Eight)

Long update! 3000 words! Some fluff and feels, then RHODEY comes to visit! And then some angst, because that’s just what has to happen. Then some more feels because Thor is the freaking sweetest.


Enjoy :)

Tony ate breakfast the next morning seated firmly on Thor’s lap, content to be spoon fed, happy to just be close.

He couldn’t get over the current of electricity that seemed to travel under Thor’s skin, and couldn’t believe he had never noticed it before.

“It is brought to the surface by a sexual connection.” Thor explained, feeding Tony a small bite. “Usually it doesn’t turn into a storm, though.”

“Then why did–”

“The storm speaks for itself.” Thor said with a smile and a soft kiss to his lips. “I am very happy this morning, Anthony.”

“I’m happy too.” Tony shifted on his lap and flinched. “Sore though. Forgot about that part of things. Even though I imagine I’ve never been this sore.”

“Forgive me.” Thor looked troubled but Tony just shrugged it off with something like a wicked smile.

“I’m not complaining.”

“I have something that could help.” Thor offered after a moment, looking unsure of himself. “A soothing ointment to ease the pain.”

Tony eyes twinkled then and he shifted a little closer. “And how would that ointment be applied, exactly?”

“Well simply as one would apply any –” Thor raised an eyebrow when he saw Tony’s expression. “Anthony. You surprise me with this.”

“With what?” Tony asked innocently. “I’m curious. Is applying this ointment a two person job?”

“You are so serious most days, I suppose it catches me unawares when you are playful.” Thor admitted. “Even though I have missed your less-serious side these last few months. I am pleased that our… joining has brought it back in some measure.”

“Oh, I’m being deadly serious right now.” Tony corrected. “Is applying this ointment a two person job?”

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The Screw-ups: a Super Sons fic

Synopsis: Jon gets injured after a mishap on a mission with Damian. Friends and family come to visit him, except for the person he wanted to talk to the most. Written with inspiration from @batboyblog :D

It was supposed to be another routine mission for them.

Once Jon and Damian’s dads had warmed up to the idea of them officially working together, they’d been sent on small-scale missions—things that their dads wouldn’t have worried about. That time, their mission was to apprehend a rogue STAR Labs scientist who supposedly stole some experimental weapons and was evading arrest by using them. It was nothing that Superboy and Robin couldn’t handle.

At least, it was supposed to be that way.

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Darker Sentence Meme

“A cleaved head no longer plots.”
“A conversation of silence, lies left unspoken.”
“A dying man needs to die as a sleepy man needs to sleep.”
“A lot of truth is said in jest.”
“A lot of you cared. Just not enough.”
“Afraid to love you hide away.”
“Although I search myself it’s always someone else I see.”
“Although we are through, I’m longing for you.”
“Am I invisible? Am I soundless? Or am I just alone?”
“And they didn’t even put up a fight.”
“And they didn’t even put up a fight, they didn’t even make a sound.”
“Anxious, you laughed. Sad, you smiled.”
“Are you proud of who I am?”
”At least I’m being honest.”
”But I’ve got better things to do than let you walk all over me.”
“’Cause I’m not convinced I’m worth your time.”
”Can still remember the time you were here.”
”Can you see me? Can you hear me? Or am I not here?”
“Can’t believe what I did for love.”
”Can’t you forgive me? At least just temporarily.”
“Can’t you hear me calling? Can’t you see me falling? I’m lost without you here.”
“Constantly lying to myself just to get through the day.”
”Death has been crooning in my ear things I want to hear.”
“Don’t bother to cry, no one will hear you.”
“Don’t go where I can’t follow!”
“Don’t you try to fix what’s broken, no one else can take your place.”
“Ending it will just pass on the pain, I know, but I’m selfish enough to just want it gone.”
”Feel like a failure, ‘cause I know that I failed you.”
“Feel like a shadow walking behind who you think I am.”
”Give me one good reason to love you, for I can’t think of any.”
“Go ahead and leave me – I never needed you anyway!”
“Guess there’s a part of me that likes to bring you down just to keep you around.”
“Heartburn. Reminding me I fucked up.”
“How did I miss you when I didn’t know you?”
“How do you love someone without getting hurt?”
“How do you warn the people you love that you may not come back?”
“I am just so angry with myself.”
“I chose the easy way out.”
“I could be long gone. I could be a ghost in your eardrum.”
”I don’t care if you’ve got them on your mind, all I really care is if you wake up in my arms.”
”I don’t deserve it, I know.”
“I don’t hate you, I fear you.”
”I feel broken and hollow.”
”I got nothing here without you.”
“I just want to not be me.”
“I killed myself by leaving you.”
”I know I should’ve fought it.”
”I know I should’ve fought it, at least I’m being honest.”
”I know that this is my fault.”
”I know you wouldn’t even notice.”
”I made a mess of me.”
”I should’ve been more careful.”
”I still don’t miss you yet.”
”I swear, I’ll make it worth it.”
“I thought I could imagine how much it would hurt, but I was wrong.”
“I told you to leave me… Don’t.”
“I trusted you not to go.”
”I was a liar, I gave into the fire.”
“I wish I could remember.”
“I would have stayed up with you all night had I known how to save a life.”
“I would never die for you.”
“I’d like for it all to stop now. Please.”
”I’m a walking heartache.”
“I’m a work in progress and I’m not so sure I’ll like the end result.”
“I’m not enough for you.”
“I’m not fine as in fine, but fine as in you don’t have to worry about me.”
“I’m still alive but I’m barely breathing.”
”I’ve been a fool – a fool for you.”
“I’ve hurt myself by hurting you.”
“If you care to look around then you’ll see me going down.”
“If not for me then you’d be dead.”
“If only I had an enemy bigger than my apathy, I could’ve won.”
“It doesn’t do a damn thing to fix anything.”
“It’s a long way down, but here I am.”
“It’s just not meant to be.”
“Leave your mark on love before love leaves you.”
“Let me hang in peace.”
“Life’s greatest gift is the freedom it leaves you to step out of it whenever you choose.”
“Losing hope is the real disaster.”
“Love? Great? That’s bullshit, love hurts.”
“Memory is a curse more often than a blessing.”
”No more lies if you don’t wanna find me gone.”
“Now everything I see reminds me of all that is said and done.”
“Now you’re just somebody that I used to know.”
“Of all the things I’ve had and all the things I’ve lost I miss you the most.”
“On my own I’m only half of what I could be.”
”One last time I need to be the one to take you home.”
”One more time. I promise, after that I’ll let you go.”
“Our souls contain more scar tissue than life.”
“Pain is a pesky part of being human.”
“People are different – it’s not always a good thing.”
“Promising to stay you slowly walked away.”
”Return us to when you know how to love.”
”Said you’d change but I’m afraid it’s something I won’t live to see.”
“Save your time for someone deserving of it.”
“Silent tears invisible to the naked eye, but still they drown you.”
“So sick of believing the lies and trying to hide, covering the cuts and bruises.”
“Some days I feel broken inside.”
“Some people make me want to throw up.”
“Somebody tell me why I’m on my own if there’s a soulmate for everyone.”
“Soon I will be just another memory.”
“Stay with me a minute, I swear I’ll make it worth it.”
“Stop caring– I don’t deserve it.”
”Stories are all we’ll ever have.”
“Surrounded by pale people, think I’m fading too.”
“Tell me you love me, say you care. Lie straight to my face.”
“That constant judgement you can’t avoid.”
“The marks humans leave are too often scars.”
”The person I’ve been lately isn’t who I want to be.”
“The world is full enough of hurts and mischances without wars to multiply them.”
“There are some things you never really move on from.”
“There are wounds that never show on the body that are deeper and more hurtful than anything that bleeds.”
“There is no relationship in life beyond betrayal.”
“There’s more here than what we’re seeing.”
”These scars are reminders of just how much I can take.”
“They didn’t even make a sound.”
“They say bad things happens for a reason.”
”This morning I woke up hating us both.”
“Trying to save myself from choking, just wish that I could see your face.”
“Used to think you didn’t love me, now I know you don’t.”
“What am I still doing here?”
“What am I supposed to do when the best part of me was always you?”
”What I wouldn’t give for peace.”
”What, like it matters? Since when?”
“What is left without your love?”
“We cannot tear out a single page of our life, but we can throw the whole book in the fire.”
“We learn so little from peace.”
“We were great once. Where did that go?”
“What hope I have left flickers like a candle about to go out.”
“When you sleep, will it be with me?”
“Why am I still living this dark and hurtful life?”
“Why do I bother?”
“Why do I let you hurt me so?”
“Why do I love you?”
”You break your promises in two, what can I do?”
“You call it a simple mistake, but to me it’s not simple at all.”
“You deserved better.”
“You don’t care about me like I do you.”
“You leave me and I’ll leave you.”
“You remind me of things I’d rather forget.”
“You talk when you cease to be at peace with your thoughts.”
”You’ll always be love’s great martyr.”
“You’ve got an excuse. What’s mine?”
“Your life is worth more than mine.”
“Your pain is my happy ending.”


((Some y’all said I should post this so that’s what I’m doing hope you like it??))

Airports were terrible. Airports are terrible. So many people bustling to and from, people sprinting to make their flights, people complaining loudly, a baby shrieking possibly solely for purpose of making everyone else want to commit either homicide or suicide. Keith couldn’t stand it, staring at the child with intense hatred knowing full well the only thing he’d accomplish is scaring it more. His dog lying under the bench he waited on did nothing to comfort him in his tired state, it only whined at the occasional pet that passed by. He almost regretted getting up so early, at 4AM, only to have the flight delayed by three hours. He’d already killed time wandering around, skimming through magazines at stands, half heartedly looking at the souvenirs for his home city, drinking more coffee than he, rationally speaking, should. There weren’t many places he could go with a dog and his car in airport valet, so he sat patiently. The large clock high on the wall struck 8, and he’d officially been waiting four hours. And now, his phone was dead. Wonderful. At least the baby was gone.

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anonymous asked:

hnnghdh here we go. im embarrassed ;; Your breath hitches, and you know your shock is expressed on your face when Jesse's face changes too. You turn away from him suddenly, surprised by how much his words stung. "Right, well," you bite out, ashamed out how your voice wavers slightly, "I'll just go, then." (1/2)

You hear McCree call your name but you’re already out the door, heading quickly to your room. Jesse feels dread settle heavy in his gut, wanting so badly to apologize. Whether it’s his pride or his shame, however, keeps him from seeking you out for three days, until he can’t stand not being around you anymore, hearing your voice or seeing your smile. He doesn’t care anymore, he’ll beg you for you to come back if he’ll have to. (2/2)

Communication (Drabble)

“Listen to me, Jesse!” you shout, nearly hitting a a cabinet when you swing your hand out. “You can’t keep using Deadeye like that. It wasn’t made to support that sort of recklessness.”

“And I’ll use it however the hell hell I damn well please,” he shoots back just as harshly. You could see his eye twitch violently and his face wince in pain, and you suck in a breath, cold fear gripping your chest for just a moment before a hot wash of anger takes it over.

“Look at you, you can barely look me in the face!”

“I’m lookin’ at you just fine.”

You have to resort to pleading, anger giving way to desperation. “Please, Jesse. Let me do my maintenance on it. Your optical nerves and the rest of your body can’t handle this right now.”

“It’s workin’ fine.” 

It isn’t, it’s consuming far too many resources for its function and is creating an undue strain on Jesse’s body. He’ll be without sight in his eyes for a couple of days, but it’s not like he has a mission or anything. You didn’t know why he was being so stubborn about it. Just the same way he doesn’t understand why you wouldn’t stop nagging–it’s happened before and has always gone away. A minor glitch from a piece of older, but still reliable, technology. Upgrades has always caused him more bad than good–too many bugs and unknowns, and the adjustment period was awlays far too troublesome. No, he’d rather stay with its current state.

“Jesse, you’re going to get killed like this! What if it breaks down in the middle of a fight or it short-circuits? Just let me–”

“Well, if y'didn’t install it so shittily, we wouldn’t be havin’ this conversation, now would we?” The words shot out of him faster than a bullet, and he didn’t even have time to regret it–his ma always told him that he runs his mouth too much. He could only watch it all fall apart.

Your breath hitches, and you know your shock is expressed on your face when Jesse’s face changes, too. You turn away from him suddenly, surprised by how much his words stung.

“Right, well,” you bite out, ashamed at how your voice waves slightly, “I’ll just go then.”

You hear McCree call your name, but you’re already out the door, heading quickly to your room. Jesse feels dread settle heavy in his gut, wanting so bad to apologize. Whether it’s his pride or his shame, however, keeps him from seeking you out for three days until he can’t stand not being around you anymore, hearing your voice, or seeing your smile. He doesn’t care anymore, he’ll beg you for your to come back if he’ll have to.

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Pairing: G-Dragon (Big Bang) x Reader

Genre: Smut (kind of)

Length: 878 words

Warning(s): suggestiveness (loads of it), mild language, MATH !

Originally posted by hell-ogoodbye

Mondays sucked. Like, they really sucked. You rolled your eyes and swung back in your chair, eyes fixed on the torturously slow movement of the clock hand. The clock showed 12:30, and your heart leapt in your chest as you heard the bell ring, giving you permission to escape this prison of a class.

You sprung up out of your seat, whistling a familiar tune, but suddenly froze in your tracks. Shit. No. Math test. Your mother had severely warned you about what she expected from this test. She’d said you’d have to consider the serious consequences of doing badly in school otherwise.

You groaned internally. As if you’d had time to revise for this stupid test. Rolling your eyes, you slumped back down in your seat as the other students swiftly made their way out of the classroom to get lunch. You pulled out your math book and reluctantly opened it to the topic you were meant to have studied for.

You heard the door open loudly, followed by the sound of footsteps approaching your desk. You looked up to see Kwon Jiyong, a tall boy in the year above you.

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New EqG outfits for new series have finally gotten a full picture. What say you of their quality o' auteur of EqG design?

Ooooooh not bad!

I’m loving Rainbow’s jacket/hood look. Mixed feelings about the leggings or tights or yoga pants or whatever the heck they are. Good color, but I feel like the lack of something to break up that large area is a bit problematic. And I’m gonna miss the skorts.

Fluttershy’s new outfit is objectively infinitely better. I still kinda feel like she should be wearing long sleeves and a long dress (when she’s not doing animal care anyway)–but I suppose that’s more the incredibly timid and modest Fluttershy of the early season, whereas she’s more confident these days, so it works. And she’s doing the bare-shoulders/halter-top that just slays me. God she looks cute.

AJ’s top looks no different, but eh, I guess that’s fine. Her boots are similar but they lost the weird giant shape they used to have (same could be said of all the girls, but her new boots are especially nice, so I mentioned it here). I still feel like she needs jeans. She needs them, like, way more than RD needs pants, I just have a hard time seeing AJ wearing anything less than practical on an average day. Having said that, the new skirt is definitely an improvement over the old one; It’s following the rule of thirds with a lot of good details like seems and flare to break up the kind of bland shape it used to have.

Pinkie’s looks good as far as I can see. Like AJ, her new skirt is way more detailed and elaborate than the bland simple shape of before–and also more unique to distinguish it from the other girls skirts (the similar silhouettes was kind of a issue before). Her top looks cute, but maybe a bit simple? Hard to say without seeing more. Loving the bow though.

Twilight’s is…eh. I dunno. I think I hate it actually. I hate the puffy shoulders, for sure, and every single Twilight design has them; and I’ve disliked every single one to varying degrees. With the sole partial exception of the Crystal Prep uniform she used to have–and that was the best look for her. I wish they had done something similar to that. But honestly…this looks like the worst. Boring lack of color/value contrast. And horizontal stripes are like, the most obvious of fashion faux paus, so I don’t know what anyone was thinking there. Big disappointment here.

Rarity’s seems good but I literally can’t see any significant portion of it. No more to say on that until I see more.

Sunset’s is absolutely the best of this lot though. I can find literally nothing to complain about it. Sunset’s unique blend of traditionally masculine and traditional feminine fashions has always been completely on point, and there’s no exception here. Loving the unique skirt, and always the leather jacket/boots combo. At the worst, I feel like she might benefit from something to break up the big empty area of her legs, but it’s a minor thing and I honestly am not convinced it would actually improve her design for sure.

When doing character design for a whole cast, it’s always important to make sure that they look good together as well as apart–and it’s especially important to make sure they all have unique and compelling silhouettes. Previous designs kinda dropped the ball on that 2nd one but these designs freakin nailed it. They did away with the homogenized boots and skirts of the first movie and really let each girl’s own style take on a life of it’s own.

With the exception of Twilight and the lack of anything Rarity, I’d say they did a damn good job.

Prompts: “When it comes to loving me, he’s the worst” and “I despise that I adore you” - second one changed slightly (despise to despised)

Characters: Thorin x reader

Gender: Any/Neutral    Triggers: None

Five prompt lists you can send requests from - One - Two - Three - Four - Five 

Originally posted by thorinoakenshieldconfessions


“Y/n, come with me” Thorin said, after assigning chores to everyone. You and him were to go get wood for the fire. 

After walking deeper into the forest Thorin suddenly turned to you, grabbing your face and kissing you gently.

Pulling away he smiled at you “I’ve been wanting to do that all day”


You sighed to yourself. On the quest Thorin only showed you affection when you were away from the others, but he still showed you he loved you. But since the quest ended and he has become King he barely shows you any affection at all. He promised he would change the law so he could court and marry you, without having to worry about criticism. But he has yet to do anything of the sort.

“Ah, y/n. What are you doing up here?” you heard Balin say as he approached you, before looking out over the land.

Turning you smiled at him, though your smile didn’t reach your eyes. Balin noticed this immediately “Hey Balin, just looking”

“You alright lass?”

“I’m fine” you said unconvincingly

“Balin!” you heard Thorn suddenly shout from somewhere before appearing from behind a wall. 

His eyes met yours for only a moment, you could see something flash in them, but it was so fast you couldn’t tell the emotion.

“Where are Fili and Kili I need to speak to them” he asked Balin

“Last I saw they were down at the masonry”

Thorin nodded his head before turning to leave, not even sparing you a second glance. Balin, when turning back to you saw the sadness on your face, and understood why.

Taking a step towards you he spoke quietly before grabbing your arm in a fatherly manner, before pulling along with him “Lets go for a walk”

As you entered an almost empty areas at the bottom of the castle Balin spoke up “You shouldn’t worry abut Thorin, he’s just…busy, with everything”

“I know” you said quietly, you did know this. That was why you had tried so hard to not let it get to you.

Sighing, Balin had you sit down on a bench with him “When was the last time you had an actual conversation with him?”

“Um…I don’t know” you said honestly “It’s definitely been a long while. I’ve barely even seen him smile at me” your voice was full of sadness

“You do know he still loves you right?” 

“I try to believe that Balin but…Thorin, he just…When it comes to loving me, he’s the worst” you said truthfully

Before Balin could respond you heard a quiet voice come from behind you “Balin” looking up you froze when you saw Thorin staring at you, sadness in his eyes “Could you leave me and y/n alone”

Balin, after glancing at you, patted the back of your hand before leaving. But not before giving Thorin a warning glance.

Looking down at your hands to avoid his gaze your heart started pounding when you saw Thorin put his hands on yours “How long were you listening?”

“I came when I saw you two wander into this area. I heard everything” he said sitting down next to you “Y/n I-”

“It’s alright Thorin, you don’t have to-”

“Please y/n, let me speak” after you went quiet he continued “I’m sorry. I had not realized that I had left you so…alone. That I had neglected our relationship so badly that you feared I did not love you anymore. But I do love you. I suppose, after I became King and I learned of all my responsibilities I became fearful that I could not be a good King. That I forgot about all my other duties. One of which, was loving you”

Looking up you were surprised to see his gaze so full of love. A look that you hadn’t seen in a long time.

“I adored you y/n. And I still do, but to be honest, I despised that I adore you after you gave him a shocked look he continued “I despised that you could look at me and bring me to my knees, that I would die for you, because I was convinced that that made me weak. But I realize now, that it made me stronger. I wanted to become a good King..for you, but I lost me way, and I convinced myself that you would not want to be with someone so…”

Before he could finish you took his face in your hands “Thorin. You have never been weak. I would never see you as weak. You are my King, and I will love you no matter what.”

Thorin smiled at you before stroking your face with his fingers “How long has it been since I have kissed you?” he said as he leaned slowly closer to you.

Smiling you whispered as you leaned in as well “Too long”

When he kissed you, you felt as though all the problems and stress you had disappeared. Thorin felt a weight lift off of his shoulders. He still felt the guilt of letting you drift away from him, but he made a silent promise to the both of you that he would never let you go again.

Requested by anon

In the Rough

part 1, part 2, part 3, part 4, part 5, part 6, part 7, part 8 (you are here), based on @skygemspeaks​‘s prompt (prepare for a bit of angst this time around, all)

Previously: Prince Phichit has returned home, to Victor’s quiet (but fairly obvious) relief. After a bit of unexpected prompting from Prince Yuri himself, Yuuri gathered his courage and began courting Prince Victor.

That first true outing is one of Victor’s best memories. Seven months after his arrival, Yuuri had finally let loose and allowed himself to go all out, riding the way Victor had always known he could. Still, knowing and seeing were two very different things. The stunned look on Victor’s face when he’d been left in Yuuri’s dust had him laughing.

“Come on, Highness. I know you can do better than that!” he’d teased, slowing to a trot and circling back a few yards. “Or perhaps you’re getting too old to ride properly?”

For a moment, Victor was too amazed to respond. Yuuri had, unknowingly, positioned himself and his horse directly in front of the forest, forming a picturesque scene that nearly brought tears to Victor’s eyes. Yuuri had never ridden in front of him before, simply because he hadn’t needed to. Victor had pinched himself discreetly before riding after Yuuri to take him up on his challenge.

Yuuri on horseback was something magical, he learned that day. It was as if his worries, his anxieties melted away, leaving only the man Victor had fallen in love with behind. He sat up straighter, smiled more freely, laughed more openly. When he really lost himself in the moment, it was clear that not only was he easily one of the most skilled riders Victor had ever come across, but that he truly enjoyed the sport even more than Victor.

If Victor was a less god-fearing man, he would have described that day as a holy experience.

Even a week later, Victor considered himself the luckiest man alive. Yuuri had finally reciprocated his affections, allowing Victor the freedom to finally, officially court him. His family’s opinion has always been important to him, particularly his brother and father’s. That they seem to love Yuuri as much as he does (albeit in a different way) is as reassuring as it is expected. After all, who in their right mind wouldn’t love Yuuri? He’d all but cemented his spot in the family in barely seven months; even Yuratchka adored him, not that he’d ever be caught saying so. Father approved of him, and both Mila and Georgi found him endearing. Otabek was… an enigma, but he always was. Victor likes to think that he approves as well, given that he’s generally fairly open about his dislikes, if not  his likes.

So why, he wonders to himself, is it so hard for him to man up and kiss Yuuri?

It’s partially Yuuri’s fault, he reasons to himself as he tosses and turns at some unholy hour of the morning. Victor knows intuitively that if he times this wrong, Yuuri won’t respond well. That if he does it casually, its meaning could twist itself a hundred thousand ways in his mind so that it ended up meaning “I’m not worth a grand gesture and declaration. Maybe he doesn’t truly feel the same.”

But then there’s the dilemma that if he does make some grand, romantic gesture (which is more to his taste anyway), Yuuri will crumble under the pressure of having to reciprocate. Not, of course, that Victor thinks Yuuri can’t handle pressure, but he doesn’t like it much and the last thing he wants is for his Yuuri to be uncomfortable.

So he has to find a moment that perfectly balances the two, that’s casual enough not to have any accompanying pressure but is intimate enough to very clearly convey Victor’s feelings in a way that can’t be misconstrued.

Then again, maybe this is just his overtired mind overthinking things again.

In the end, the moment presents itself without prompting within days of him coming to this sleepy conclusion. They’re out late on a midnight ride. Victor wants to take Yuuri out to a meadow he knows that’s great for seeing the stars. Occasionally he’ll look over and find Yuuri already looking at him as if he’s already seeing them. It makes him… well, Victor hates the word giddy, but if the shoe fits…

When they reach the meadow and dismount, Victor sits on the grass and pulls Yuuri down with him, laughing. “Look at the stars with me, Yuuri. We can look at the… what’s the word? The patterns!”

Yuuri yelps at the cool grass hitting his bare arms, but settles easily enough, curling into Victor’s side adorably. “Alright.”

They spend the next… Hour? Two? pointing out constellations to each other and teaching each other the names in their native tongues.

“The lion?” Yuuri confirms in the common tongue when Victor points it out. “We call it Shi-Shi.”

Victor has always loved hearing Yuuri speak his own language, though he’s picked up notes of homesickness when he does it from time to time. He makes a mental note to make another trip to Yutopia.

“We call it Lev,” he says, pronouncing it lee-ef. “It means–”

But he never ends up finishing that sentence, because right then an arrow buries itself in the grass where his head was a second ago– where it still would have been, had Yuuri not yanked him out of the way.

Yuuri looks at him, a fire burning in his eyes that Victor has never seen before. “Are you alright, Your Highness?”

He’s too shaken to even feel the pang of grief that goes through him at the return of his irritating label. “I…  yes.”

This has never happened before. No one has ever made an attempt on his life, as far as he’s aware. The idea of a bodyguard has always been slightly abstract to him; his bodyguards have always been his companions, his closest friends. It often slipped his mind that they were there to protect him, simply because he’s never before needed protecting. He didn’t even bring his sword out with him tonight.

But the reality hits him hard as he watches the pure, simple joy disappear from Yuuri’s face in an instant. He draws his sword, ready to protect Victor at the expense of his own life, and Victor realizes: his bodyguards, be they close friends like Chris or something infinitely more precious like Yuuri, still have a duty to his father, to his country. Because, as Victor never really lets himself forget, he is its future. Yuratchka is too young and passionate, and anyway, Victor would never wish the life of the crown prince on his little brother.

Well-loved and cheerful though he may seem, it’s a lonely existence, being put on a pedestal. As he watches Yuuri go toe to toe with the masked man that wants to kill them both for some reason that no doubt has to do with some outdated grudge he has against the throne, Victor remembers that.

And as the failed assassin falls, bleeding and disabled but alive, he remembers that, as godlike and perfect as Yuuri appears to him, he’s still very much mortal. And the sight of him panting and bleeding the way he is now is something straight out of Victor’s worst nightmares, though his wounds are, objectively, hardly severe. A few shallow cuts on his arms from the assassin’s dagger, some mild bruising, and a small cut on his face; nothing more from what Victor can tell.

So why, Victor wonders, still in shock even as Yuuri loads the disabled assassin onto his horse and guides Victor to his own, why is his heart pounding so fast? Is it simply because he’s afraid that Yuuri could have died, left him alone again?

Or is it, he realizes as they reach the castle again, that a world without Yuuri in it is simply unfathomable to him? That the very idea of it has his pulse racing, his eyes darting over to ensure that Yuuri is still there, still alive, still with him?

The night guard notices them coming back with a third member to their party and alerts the rest of the guard. Victor hears him loudly call for someone to wake the general, and it takes him a moment to realize that he means Yuratchka.

The assassin, the man who tried to kill Victor and succeeded in hurting Yuuri, is handed over to his younger brother without so much as a thought to Yuri’s safety. Victor wants to protest before he remembers that, just as he’s been groomed his entire life for politics and etiquette, Yuratchka has been trained for combat and security. When Victor learned languages, Yuratchka played war games. It’s frustrating, not being able to protect the people he loves, to be forced to rely on them instead.

Victor is used to boredom, not frustration. This is new, and it’s unpleasant, and he doesn’t know how to deal with it because he’s frustrated and he’s helpless and he almost lost Yuuri and he couldn’t do anything to stop it.

He forces himself to look at the facts, though; he would have been more hindrance than help. Yuuri is easily the best swordsman he’s ever seen, on par with Yuratchka. And, objectively speaking, he’s fine. Barely even banged up. It could have been so much worse, unimaginably worse.

But as Victor patches him up in their– he can’t bring himself to call it his –bedroom, he can’t keep his own hands from shaking. He should be more worried that someone tried to kill him. He knows that, of course, but living life as the crown prince of a country cut off from the rest of the world left him so bored for so long that he doesn’t remember ever having a self-preservation instinct. Instead, he’s still in shock from the fact that Yuuri risked his life to protect–


Yuuri’s voice is gentle, but strained in a way that makes Victor suspect that he’s just as distraught, if not even more so. Victor meets his eyes for the first time since the attack, and Yuuri’s gaze is warm, flickering in the dim light from the fireplace.

“Are you alright?” And oh, god, the gentle concern in his voice breaks Victor’s heart but not nearly as much as the apprehension does, as if he’s done something to warrant disgust or anger from Victor when that couldn’t be further from the truth. “You’re… You’re not injured?”

The tiny, shallow cut on his face has stopped bleeding, but it glistens anyway. With a pang, Victor realizes that Yuuri is trying hard (and only mostly succeeding) not to cry.

It’s as if there’s a blip in time, because Victor doesn’t recall making the decision to do so but the next thing he knows, he’s gently kissing the wound. Yuuri’s breath hitches in surprise.


“I could have lost you.” It’s this that seems to surprise Yuuri and of course it is. In spite of Victor’s best efforts, he still doesn’t seem to understand the depth of Victor’s feelings. “There’s nothing that man could have done to me that could have been worse than taking you from me.”

They’re so close right now, in this moment, that all it would take to make this moment a kiss is a twitch in the right direction. Victor stays right where he is, though, revelling instead in the flush of Yuuri’s cheeks, the feel of his breath on Victor’s face, the fact that he’s alive. He’s content to stay here for the rest of time.

It’s only later that Victor realizes that Yuuri stayed silent, and his overtired, overstressed mind misses the fact that Yuuri didn’t promise that Victor would never lose him.

Age Is Just A Number

Here’s the Imagine as requested (hopefully :) )

I tried my best to write it as it was suggested, so I hope you all enjoy it.

“So, Y/N, how are things with Jared?”, your BFF asked you hoping for some details about your and Jared’s relationship. You were not as open to share much information about the two of you, since Jared was so popular and it was best if everybody knew as little as possible. 

“Great, we’re having the best time when we’re together. He’s so charming, funny, handsome and great to be around.I swear the last date flew by so fast I felt we were out for 15 minutes, when we spent almost 6 hours together.”

“Are you gonna see him today as well?”, your BFF was so curious.

“I think so. He said he’ll text me when he’s done with the recording for today. Which should probably be any minute. It’s really late. They’re wrapping up with the new album so he’s pretty busy these days.”

Buzz, buzz

Wow, speak of the Devil”, you said and smiled as you glanced at your phone.

We have to talk. Can you come over to my place?”, it was Jared and you immediately felt a pit in your stomach.

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Quick Soundcheck Fan Acct!

Okay so this is for 3/23 in Newark!

Min Yoongi stared at me long and hard when he saw me in my Sope tracksuit and Sope banner and also JRE just passed by me outside and also stared and just went “Sope!” And at the end when they were about to leave he stage and also Taehyung was walking away from the stage but then ran back because he forgot his phone on the stage lmaoooo


Okay they did Dope, Save Me, and Baepsae and for the first two they didn’t really do the choreo but they did for Bapsae and oh my god. I don’t know. How are they real. How.

For the songs they didn’t do the choreo to, Hobi was totally feeling himself and hE CAN MOVE. And they were all bare faced and they’re beautiful I’m kinda floating on a cloud right now byeeeeeee.

(Also I totally spotted @taetaetown a row or two behind me but I was too shy to say anything hahaha)

Also they all look so hot drinking water byeeeeeeeeee.

The only sad thing is I lost my Sope banner so someone better pick it up and put it to good use (jkjkjk). (Plus I got so many free banners so it’s fine)

Catching Murphy, Part 2

Warnings: Swearing, possible nsfw content
Word Count: About 2219
Summary: You, Miss (y/n) (y/l/n), had a crush on Connor Murphy for years, from a distance of course. You had always been too shy to approach him, and the fact around school that he was an aggressive stoner caused you to become even more shy. One day, in history class, your teacher decided to assign a project and assigned everyone a partner—you and Connor were partnered together. Could you two grow close during the project and remain close? Or will Connor go back to ignoring you after the project comes to a close?
A/N: I apologize if Connor is a biiiiit OOC… ;-; Obviously takes place in an AU where Connor is alive
Part 1 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5 | Part 6 | Part 7 | Part 8 | Part 9 | Part 10 | Part 11

When you arrived at the Murphy residence, your breath immediately left your lungs. You had never thought you could have ever gotten this far. And never had you thought that your love of Ancient Egyptian history would get the guy you had crushed on for years to notice you. Just this whole situation was incredibly weird—first Mr. Boulden partnered you and Connor up, then you are being brought over to Connor’s house. Not to mention Connor had, before you apparently interested him, told you he wouldn’t let you go to his house. You were lost in thought and you didn’t hear Connor calling your name from next to you.

“…ello!? FUCKING HELLO!!” Connor screamed into your ear.

Immediately, you covered your ears and answered, “Ouch! My fucking ears! WHAT, Connor?! WHAT IS IT!!?”

“Get the fuck out of my car, we’re at my house.”

“Fine. You had to scream in my ear, why?” you asked as you got out of his truck.

Crossing his arms, he answered, “Because you didn’t fucking answer me when I said it the first ten damn times.”

You huffed and retorted, “You could’ve done anything that wasn’t screaming in my ear, Connor.”

“Are you going to sit in my truck in the heat or do you wanna come the fuck inside?”

“Do you have food?”

“Oh my fucking God, yes, we have food for your fat-ass,” he grumbled.

“I’m not fat, Connor. I have some flab, but I’m not a fat-ass. Also, I thought you brought me to your house so you could help with the history project, not insult me and ridicule me when I want food,” you said.

Connor walked into his house, demanding you follow him, “Just come the fuck inside.”

“Fine,” you snapped and followed him inside. Oh God, I’m snapping at Connor fucking Murphy… I’m a deadman, you thought to yourself. “Now, can I have some food?”

Zoe walked through the den and said, “You can make yourself some food, (y/n), because Connor won’t make you shit. If you know how to cook with a stove, we have some noddles you can cook. Pans are under the sink.”

You smiled at Zoe and thanked her, “Thank you, Zoe… is it really okay?”

She looked at you, then to her brother, then back at you. “Yeah, it’s fine. Like I said, Connor won’t make you anything, so you might as well make yourself something.”

“Zoe, go fucking do something that’s not talking to (y/n). She’s here to work on a project,” Connor sneered at his sister.

You looked at Connor and crossed your arms. “That’s no way to talk to your sister, Connor,” you told him.

“And what do you know? You barely even know me or my family? All your here for is a fucking project,” he snapped.

That kind of hurt you. He had seemed so interested earlier at school, what had caused him to do a complete 180? You bit your lip and turned away from him. Speaking of what happened, what happened to you? Not even 24 hours ago you never would have even thought about talking to Connor Murphy, let alone the way you were talking to him now. “You know what, Connor Murphy—you are so confusing! You seemed soooo fucking interested in what I was saying at school and then the moment we are out of school, you act like we didn’t have a rather interesting interaction. Are you actually interested in helping me out with this fucking project or am I just going to have to do the whole damn thing by myself?! Because if you’re going to act like this, I would much rather you take my fat-ass home so I can do this myself!!”

Zoe rolled her eyes and left with a, “Keep your girlfriend calm, Connor.” Did she completely tune out what you had just said?

“I-I’m not his g-girlfriend, Zoe!!” you yelled, voice breaking in embarrassment.

“Yeah, okay. Sure, (y/n). He never brings a girl home and here you are, a girl, and he brought you home,” she said with a grin.

You blushed and stammered, “N-n-no! That’s crap! I’m just fucking here for a stupid project that I might as well do myself!”

As soon as Zoe left the room, Connor seemed immediately relieved. He even sighed, adding to the fact that he was relieved. “Geez, I thought she would never leave,” he said.

“Why does it matter?” you asked. “Anyways, are you going to fix me food or not?”

Connor sighed, “I can fix your dumbass some food.”

You bowed ironically as you said, “Thank you, Sir Connor.”

Connor had fixed you some simple mac and cheese, not that you were complaining, his mac & cheese was surprisingly delicious. You were half-way through your bowl of food when Connor asked you, “So, continue from where you fucking left off today.”

“Right now?” you asked with food in your mouth. You were completely taken by surprise by his words.

He looked at you for a moment, with a spoon hanging in your mouth and eyes looking up from your bowl, and gave you a small smile. “Yeah, right now. What do you have planned for our project.”


You swallowed the food in your mouth and cleared your throat. “I, umm, well, I was thinking more of Akhenaten. The more I was thinking of him, the more I decided we could cover his family’s heresy,” you said.

“Who and what?”

“Pharaoh Akhenaten, born Ahmenhotep IV, was the head of religious upheaval that turned Ancient Egypt on its head. He went from worshipping the plethora of Ancient Egyptian gods and goddesses to just one god—Aten, the solar deity. Akhenaten’s whole family were a bunch of raging weirdos, though, so it wasn’t just him who was the special one of the bunch! Thutmose III, the bastard that tried to erase Hatshepsut from history, was the Heretic King’s great-great-grandfather—so yeah, great family already. Now, I’m not saying all of Akhenaten’s family was as fucked up as Thutmose III, but his great-grandfather, Amenhotep II began some religious shit. The same religious shit that spiraled out of control and ended with Akhenaten’s Amarna Period. Amenhotep II decided to build a fucking temple to the Sphinx of Giza and be crowned ruler of Heliopolis instead of Thebes, which started everything! And when I say everything, Connor, I mean everything! So, after this slight deviation, for the next three pharaohs, the religious deviation continued until Akhenaten decided to flip EVERYTHING!!”

There you went again, you got so animated when you talked about Ancient Egyptian history. And Connor noticed it and it caused him to smile a tad bit. He tried to focus on what you were saying, and he half did, but he was more focused on the way your eyes lit up as you shared your knowledge. He noticed how you abandoned the mac & cheese as you fidgeted with the spoon, like you were tying not to leave a single detail out. “Mhmm… cool, what happened?” he asked, waiting to see how animated you could get.

Of course, you did not disappoint. “Oh my Osiris!! Everything happened!! Akhenaten’s family slowly deviated from the Theben religion and shit! Ooh! I can’t even get into it! It wasn’t like Aten was some god that Akhenaten decided to make up just to fuck with the polytheistic religion of Egypt, no! He can’t take that credit! Aten had his own little cult back then,” you laughed. You noticed Connor’s eyes on you harden as you said cult. “N-no! Cults back then weren’t negative in the slightest, so don’t take it like that, C-Connor. Cults in the ancient past were kinda like the different secs of modern religions, like Baptists and Catholics of Christianity. So, yeah, Aten was a lesser god who had his own cult. The priesthood of Amun, the de-facto chief of gods, had grown large and almost out of control. They literally owned more land than even the fucking pharaoh did! Like, what the fuck? How the hell could they get that much fucking land without the pharaohs before Akhenaten noticing. That was the straw that broke the camel’s back and it was one of the reasons that moron tried converting the whole of Ancient Egypt from polytheism to monotheism.” The spark in your eyes was enough to start a fire and you spoke with so much passion that it was almost suffocating. You took a spoonful of mac & cheese and stuffed it in your mouth, saying, “It was better when we were all fucking pagans.”

The way Connor was looking at you had you thrown for a loop. It was like you were the center of the world for a small amount of time. Taking a few moments to absorb what you had said, he spoke, “Oh really? And why were things better when we were all pagans, (y/n)?”

Scoffing, you answered, “Because when we were all pagans, we focused on fucking peace and harmony! None of this oh let’s go conquer this land in the name of God/Allah/our own selfish bullshit reasons! NO! When we were pagans, we only fought when we wanted to expand our land or settle something with another kingdom.”

“Ah,” he answered. Connor honestly didn’t know nearly half of what you were telling him. Everything you said was new information to him and it honestly made him lowkey smile about it. He had never really met anyone who could speak to him as freely as you did, or snap at him like you did for that matter, and it made him feel like he wasn’t just some druggie who people avoided. Connor Murphy actually felt grateful to that “old man” that was Mr. Boulden for partnering him up with such an interesting person. Never once had he thought that he could have been paired up with someone as interesting as you. “What makes you think that pagans didn’t go to war for stupid reasons, (y/n/n)?” he asked, his eyes never leaving yours.

“Boy,” you deadpanned, “you’re kidding me? A core idea in any monotheistic belief system is the encouragement of the belief that, in order for it to be right, other systems must necessarily be wrong. It is because of that stupid insistence on being the sole administrator of ultimate truth leads to intolerance of other beliefs and their suppression. That is why pagans are seen to be unholy and blasphemous, because of that damn central idea of monotheistic belief systems! Ugh!! It’s infuriating that a religion that promotes peace and harmony is considered unholy because some moron created a serious monotheistic religion.”

Connor chuckled in amusement, “You don’t seem to like monotheism, do ya, (y/n)?”

You laughed at his comment, “What gave you that idea? Now, don’t peg me as an atheist, because I’m not, I’m more agnostic than anything. And I don’t dismiss anyone’s religious views because umm, no, that’s fucking rude.”

“That’s good to know, I guess. Miss Agnostic,” Connor quipped.

“Oh, aren’t you just too funny, Mister Loner,” you quipped back.

“Ahaha… you’re hilarious, my spleen may burst.”

“Aww, thanks, Con.” Connor blinked at that name. You noticed what you had said and stammered, trying to fix your mistake, “C-Connor! I meant to say Connor, but it came out too soon! M-my brain… my mouth… my something wasn’t keeping up with everything else! I-I’m sorry!”

He chuckled softly at your cute stammering and said with a shrug, “You can call me that, (y/n). I can call you (y/n/n), you can call me Con. Anyways, we should probably get to work on the project. I like whatever your doing with the whole Heretic King thing, so let’s do that. But, you seem to know fucking everything there is to know about that shit, so you probably don’t need my help.”

You looked at him and smiled. “I might not need any help with research and shit, Con, but having some company while I do the project would be nice. If you can handle being around me for two to three weeks,” you answered.

“I can’t see that fucking killing me, (y/n/n),” he said, a smile could be heard in his tone.

Smiling, you continued to eat. “Okay, coo. We can get started once I’m done with my food. Sound good to you, Con?” you asked with a smile.

“Yeah, sure. I did make you the food, I fucking expect you to eat all of it, dammit!”

“I’m working on it,” you laughed.

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Jughead x Reader

A/N: thank you to everyone who’s made a request! i’m working on them & having so much fun. i love you guys ❤️ also- i hope i captured the feelings of a panic attack correctly. i’ve been fortunate enough to never actually experience one, so i based it off what i’ve read. but if you guys ever need someone to talk about this stuff- or anything- with, i’m here.

Requested by: @minigranger

Word Count: 1621


It happened for the first time when my parents broke the news to me about Jason. Cheryl, my older sister and Jason’s twin, was soaked when my eyes landed on her; her mascara had left stains on her cheeks, and her eyes were glossed over, like she couldn’t hear a word anyone was saying. Like she couldn’t even think; couldn’t breathe.

That’s how I felt. No matter how much oxygen I pumped into my lungs, it wasn’t enough. Then the room would spin, and the tears would spring to my eyes. I think my parents were scared, the first time it happened. I was too. But, as sad as it is, I’m almost used to it now. Not that you can ever really get used to panic attacks, but they happen so frequently these days, that I know exactly what to do. Or at least, that’s what I like to tell myself. I have a routine- when I have one at school (which is quite frequently) I excuse myself from the classroom, and rush straight to the bathroom with my head down. Then, I enter one of the stalls, and wait until it’s over. Afterwards, I clean myself up, and head back to class.

My biology teacher was handing back tests on this particular afternoon. I tried to mentally prepare myself for the grade I knew I would receive; this test had been a hard one, and I knew it didn’t go well. But when my teacher handed me back a test with a big red "F” on the top of it, I felt the air leave my lungs. Then, my hands began to tremble. I put my head down and stood up hastily. “Excuse me,” I mumbled quietly, to no one in particular, as I made my way to the door. I kept my head down as I rushed to the bathroom. “You’re almost there,” I tell myself in my head. “Almost there. Almost there…” I push the bathroom door open and smash straight into someone standing inside. I pick my head up to see the one and only Betty Cooper looking at me with wide eyes.

“I- I- I’m- I’m s- so- sorry,” I manage to stutter out.

Her eyebrows furrow when she takes in my flustered appearance. “Hey, are you okay?” she asks me gently. I open my mouth to respond, but I just start hyperventilating. Tears are beginning to slip from my eyes, and the room is spinning so wildly I can’t see a thing. Betty reaches out and takes my hand, steadying me as I squeeze my eyes closed, trying to collect myself.

“Are you alright?” another girl asks me. I straighten myself upright and take a deep breath, the spinning in my head finally slowing down, leaving me with a wicked headache. “I’m fine,” I whisper, barely audible.

“Are you sure?” she presses.

I let my eyes open, wincing at the harshness of the bathroom lights.

“Yes,” I mutter, a bit louder. I’m faced with the concerned looks of Betty Cooper and Veronica Lodge. “I’m okay.”

“Do you need anything? Advil? Some tissues?” Veronica offers.

“Advil would be great, actually,” I tell her. She takes a small bottle out of her purse and hands me two small pills. I swallow them dry as I walk towards the mirror. I let out an audible groan when I see my appearance; my eyes are red and puffy from crying, and I have tear stains running down my cheeks.

“You know, I could help you with that,” Veronica offers, giving me a tentative smile.

“Thanks,” I sigh, allowing her to clean up my face with whatever makeup she’s pulling out of her bag.

“What happened?” Betty asks me quietly.

I sigh again, closing my eyes like Veronica instructs me to. “Panic attack,” I reply. “Happens pretty often.”

“I’m so sorry,” Betty tells me, and I hear the sincerity in her voice.

I reopen my eyes and give her a small smile. “It’s alright.”

“Hey, aren’t you Cheryl’s and Jason’s sister?” Veronica asks me.

My eyes drift down to the floor. “Yeah,” I whisper, saddened by the thought of my deceased big brother.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t-”

“It’s okay,” I cut her off with a smile. “Don’t worry about it.”

After a few moments of silence, Betty asks me, “Do you want to join us at Pop’s tonight? It’ll be the two of us, plus Kevin and Archie and Jughead. And you, if you want.”

I give her smile. “Yeah, I’d like that,” I tell her.

“Great!” Veronica beams. “Can’t wait.” She links her arm through mine, and I link my other through Betty’s. We walk out of the bathroom like that, the three of us, and eventually head our separate ways in the hallway. But now I have plans with some pretty nice girls, and something to actually look forward to.


Veronica, Betty, Kevin and I arrive at the diner first. Veronica and Betty slide into one side of the booth, and I take a seat on the end. Kevin sits across from us. We all place our orders, mine consisting of fries and a chocolate milkshake. We sit there, falling into easy conversation, talking about anything and everything until Archie and Jughead show up. “Hey there, boys!” Veronica calls to them, a playful smile on her face. The laughing boys walk over to join us, Archie sliding into the booth first, followed by Jughead.

“Guys,” Betty starts, smiling at me, “this is Y/N Blossom. She’ll be joining us today.”

“Jason and Cheryl’s sister?” Archie clarifies.

I give him a small smile. “That’s me.”

“Jughead Jones the third,” the boy across from me introduces.

I extend my hand out to him. “Nice to meet you,” I grin. A waitress- Veronica’s mom- walks over to our table, taking Archie and Jughead’s orders. Once they’re placed, we slip back into conversation, letting the time pass by as we laugh and eat and talk. Archie and I discover that we share a love of music, and the way his face lights up when he talks about it makes me giggle. Jughead stays quiet pretty though, adding in a sarcastic comment here and there, laughing at the rest of us. After a little while, though, the solace I’d found in that booth is shattered when Reggie Mantle walks in, surrounded by his little posse.

He recognizes me immediately. “Hey there, Blossom!” he calls to me.

I sigh. “Hi, Reggie,” I say.

“What’s uhh… what’s going on here?” he asks, eyeing everyone in the booth with me.

“Just trying to eat,” I tell him, desperate for him to leave.

“When did you start hanging out with this crowd?” he asks me, puzzled. Before I can answer him, he adds, “You know, Jason really wouldn’t approve of this.”

And just like that, all the of air suddenly escapes my lungs. “What?” I whisper, looking away from him.

“He would want you hanging out with the people he liked, not… well, you know.”

My hands start to shake, and my eyes burn with tears. “Excuse me,” I say, getting up from the table. Unfortunately, once I’m standing, I run straight into Reggie’s chest, causing him to reach out for my shoulders so that I don’t fall.

“Hey, where are you rushing off to?” he asks me.

“Please let go,” I whisper, trying to pull back from him. The room is beginning to spin and I start taking short, ragged breaths.

“Hey,” I hear someone say. “Let her go.” I recognize the voice as Jughead’s, and feel the familiar warmth of his hands as he steers me away from Reggie and out the door of the cozy diner. Once we’re outside, he lets me go, and I fall to the ground on my knees. I keep sucking in air, but it’s like the oxygen gets lost on the way to my lungs. The world is spinning, my head is pounding, I-

“Hey,” I hear someone say, breaking through my thoughts. “Hey, Y/N, look at me.” My eyes are still squeezed shut, but I manage to slowly pry them open. “There she is,” he says with a smile. “Deep breaths now, come on.” My breaking is too shaky to take a real breath in.

“I c-can’t-”

“Hey, just look at me,” he says softly. The world’s spinning begins to slow down, and I focus on radiant color of his eyes. He takes my hands in his, giving them a reassuring squeeze. “It’s alright,” he tells me. And I believe him.

The spinning finally stops, and after a few minutes, I am almost able to breathe correctly again. I sigh, and gaze at the dark haired boy in front of me. “Thank you,” I whisper.

He gives me a sweet smile. “Anytime.”