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I Don’t Want To Be An Idol - Baekhyun angst

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This took a revoltingly long time, I’m really sorry about that

“What the hell Baek? I had no idea you did hapkido for nine years!” You exclaimed, clutching the phone to the side of your head. “Why didn’t you tell me?”

“I didn’t?” He asked, sounding completely bewildered.

“No! I had to find out on TV! Also, can I just say, that leap was pretty impressive. You’re like a frog.”

“I’m sorry, I thought you knew- A frog?”

“Yes. A really big one.”

He laughed lightly down the phone, the tinkling sound automatically making your features light up and bringing a smile of your own to your lips.

“Frogs could probably do that with more grace, let’s be honest.”

“Well, I didn’t say you were a particularly good frog,” you muttered, picking a stray thread on the cover of your bed. “Besides, I suppose there’s only so much you can do to look cool whilst you’re flying towards the ground at a billion miles an hour.”

He laughed again, and you heard him adjusting his position.

“You’re so cute,” he said after a few moments of silence through the phone.

“Me?” You questioned, surprised. You wouldn’t associate yourself with ‘cute’, but whatever. “Says you? You look so adorable with pink hair!”

“You should dye your hair pink. When I come back, we’ll be matching and we’ll be couple goals.” He yawned then, the noise bringing an image of a puppy to mind. “I haven’t seen you in forever. I miss you.”

“I know. I miss you too,” you replied, wrapping your arms around yourself as you lay under your duvet. “Go to sleep, Baek.” you said gently, looking over at the clock. It was only eleven in the evening, but you knew he’d had a long day, and he had to wake up early tomorrow morning. He would regret calling you so late tomorrow; he probably should have just text you.

“But I like talking to you,” he whined. “We can discuss theories on human-frog hybrids and whether or not I’m the missing link between humans and our future frog overlords.”

“Dammit, we could talk for hours about that…” you gasped, eyes wide as you stare at the ceiling. “Okay, get some sleep now and we’ll talk about frogs for ages tomorrow, okay?”

“Deal.” he mumbled, another yawn ripped from his mouth. “Goodnight jagiya.”

“Goodnight Baek,” you said quietly, turning onto your side and smooshing your face further into your pillow. “Will you dream of me?”

You blushed at the question, but you were eager to hear his response.

“I always do, day and night.”

Your cheeks were aflame now, bright with embarrassment and happiness. This boy was going to be the death of you.

“Good. Sleep well, jagi.”

“You too. Love you.” His voice was thick now, a sure sign that he was nodding off.

“Love you too, bye.”

With that, you brought the phone away from your head and pressed the ‘End Call’ button, sighing wistfully.

Your bed always seemed colder without him next to you, his arms wrapped tightly around you. But, you couldn’t be selfish; Baekhyun was very busy and he had seemingly the whole world at his feet. You could spend a while without him, no problem.


“C’mon, hyung, we have to get to practise.” Sehun said behind him, startling him. Baekhyun automatically locked his phone, sliding it into his back pocket as he stood up straight to look at the youngest, who blinked at him in surprise at his sudden suspicious movements. “What were you doing?”

“Nothing,” Immediately, he kicked himself for acting so obvious. “I mean, uh… I was just, um, texting Y/N. That’s all.”

“Ah,” Sehun said, expression clearing and nodding as if he understood exactly. “Well, don’t let manager-hyung catch you, you know what he’s like about you seeing Y/N.”

“I know exactly what he’s like about me seeing Y/N,” Baekhyun grumbled, grabbing his kit from in front of the door and walking behind Sehun out of the front door of the dorm. “And I hate it.”

“There’s nothing you can do, you know.” Sehun added.

“I’m fully aware.”

His manager hated you. He hated everything to do with you, and he hated the idea of Baekhyun dating you. He constantly tried to coerce Baekhyun into breaking up with you (“The fans hate her.” “You miss practise because you’re running after that girl, she’s ruining your career.” “You’re an idol, it will never last.”) but Baekhyun was resilient. He had found his home within you, and he wasn’t so foolish as to get rid of this so easily.

You were the oxygen in his lungs and he was the blood in your veins. You needed each other. It was that simple.

“Hyung,” Sehun’s voice pulled Baekhyun back into the real world, and his elder turned to look at him. He had stopped, and he was worrying his upper teeth into his lip. “Do you ever think about… What this does to her?”

“To her? What do you mean?”

“Well… You’re never there for her. You don’t have much time to go home to her, let alone go on dates or anything like that. What if she misses you?”

“Sehun, why are you saying these things?” Baekhyun questioned, crossing his arms across his chest and looking visibly hostile.

“I’m not trying to butt into your relationship, hyung, I’m just worried about Y/N. We never really see her anymore and-and we’ve all heard stories of what have happened to our sunbaes when they date-”

“Y/N and I are not going to end like that. We love each other and one day, I’m going to marry her.”

Sehun sighed, getting visibly annoyed at his hyung’s stubbornness.

“I didn’t say you were going to break up, hyung, I’m just telling you how it is. Talk to her. If I know anything about Y/N, it’s that she’s not going to approach you and tell you that she’s bothered you’re working so much and leaving her behind. She’s a nice person, she wouldn’t put you in that position, but I’m sure she’d like to know that her feelings are being taken into consideration.”

For possibly the first time, Sehun had left Baekhyun speechless and it wasn’t in a good way. His mind was filled, mulling over everything that Sehun had just said and Baekhyun’s own knowledge of you.

He was right. Of course he was, he always seemed to be right, but he didn’t expect the younger to have so much wisdom in an area he wasn’t experienced in.

Baekhyun would talk to you tonight. Either he would find a window of time to escape the building, or he would have to phone you again.

You still had to talk about frogs, anyway.


Two more months had passed and Baekhyun had only seen you three times. Usually, he could manage to get home every other day and spend more time than he probably should have with you, but it felt like he was getting more and more work.

Was this his managers doing? Was he purposefully stressing Baekhyun out just so a rift was forced between the two of you? So Baekhyun would risk his career to go and see you?

Should he risk his career? If it meant that the two of you had each other, would he give up his career?

But then he would be away from EXO, his brothers.

But he could lose you.

But if he left, he would hurt the other members.

He would get to be with you every single day for the rest of his life.

He would hurt the fans if he left EXO for you. His fans, who had been behind him every step of the way.

He could have the wedding of his dreams with you, the girl of his dreams, without any interruptions or problems.

He couldn’t leave EXO. He wouldn’t leave EXO. He loved music, and he loved being a part of it. There was nothing quite like being on stage, seeing all of his fans, and singing the words that belonged to him. There was absolutely nothing like it.

There was nothing like you and him either.

He wouldn’t leave either of you, he just needed you to hold on just that while longer. He’d come home one day, and he wouldn’t leave you again. You just had to be brave, for him.

For now, though, perhaps it was easier to let you go. Just for now. He’d be back.

These words were the ones that slipped through his lips as he pressed a soft kiss to your forehead, suitcase handle in his hand.

“I’ll come back for you.” He murmured, trying his best to soothe your sobs. You hadn’t said a single word when he said that he would be leaving for a while - a break, he had said. A break. Just a short one, and then he’ll come and knock on your door and wrap you back into his arms where you belonged.

“No you won’t.” You whispered, and he hugged you tighter to him.

“I will. I’ll never forget my best girl, okay?”

“You’re leaving me Baekhyun. You promised that you wouldn’t.”

“Jagi, it’s only for a few months. Then I’ll be done with promotions and concerts and late night practise sessions. This isn’t fair to you-”

“Neither is this!” You raised your voice suddenly, pulling away from him and glaring at him in defiance. “Hurting me, even if it’s only for a few months! What happens if, whilst I’m not in the back of your mind, you’ll forget all about me? What if I’m replaced? Hell, what if I meet someone?”

His heart clenched painfully at the thought of you wrapped up in the arms of another man.

“You won’t do that to me.” He said firmly, believing the words that came out of his mouth one hundred percent.

“Baekhyun, we’ll be broken up. What happens if I get over you? If I get over the fact that I’ve spent three years of my life waiting up for you? What happens if I meet someone that can give me the time of day and can see me whenever I want him to? What happens then?”

He was silent, staring at you and your puffy eyes, the way that your lip trembled, the threat of a new round of tears looming behind your eyes.

Is this really what he wanted to do? To let you slip through his grasp? To let you run into another man’s arms?

The suitcase dropped to the floor and he wrapped you up again.

“I’m not leaving. Not you. Not for anything. You’re mine and I’m yours, okay? Forever.”

“Forever,” You repeated, nuzzling your face into his chest, the weight of a thousand suns lifting off your shoulders. “Don’t ever try to leave me again. Not for something like this.”

“I promise,” he said, kissing the top of your head and resting his chin in the same spot. “As long as you promise me not to even mention you finding someone else ever again, I almost had a heart attack at the thought.”

You giggled. “I promise. I don’t think I could find anyone that even shines a light to you, Byun Baekhyun.”

If you don’t think that Sirius and James genuinely glamorized each other 21721631.2% of the time then you’re so wrong.

“Look at Prongs, his hair does that thing when he’s flying, it’s so cool”
“Your hair looks better when you make a bun…wait, wait. Use my wand, you’re welcome.”
“You look cooler with your tie a little bit crooked, like this. Perfect.”
“I don’t know, change it again. Try that one with the golden tie, it blends with your eyes…oh, yes! Evan’s gonna love it, you’re gorgeous.”
“Don’t shave, you look more punk rock. Here, I’ll lend you my jacket.”
“Did you see that, mate?”, “Yeah, you’re awesome, Padfoot, can you teach me?”
“When your hair blows in the wind you look like a heartthrob on that terrible muggle movies.”
“You can borrow my shirt, it looks better on you than on me.”

And Remus and Peter are just so used to it that one day Remus teases them with an innocent “why do you both just don’t start an offical fan club to each other already?”

And that’s it, they did. They offered McGonagall the charge of vice-president but she denied veemently all the one hundred and sixty times.

Hope you like it!
AHHHH!! This is really cool!! WOA! Oh my goodness the glowey and faded wing effect is amazing! and the veins look so cool! (I really like how they fly off the body! WOW!) This is just super fantastic! Thank you so much!!

* Dusty makes you some hot chocolate… It’s lovely (*^∀゚)ъ💖❤

cute connverse hc no one asked for
  • Okay, a thing that’s been on my mind is Bollywood.
  • Beautiful, musical Bollywood with its colors, its songs, its originality! Imagine Connie being plenty desinterested about it (’’I feel they’re overdoing the same ol’ american topics on our culture!’’) but STEVEN, STEVEN LOVES IT. HE LOVES THE COLORS, THE CLOTHES, THE ROMANCE, THE M U S I C, OH MY GOD CONNIE LOOK !! CONNIE YOU MUST TEACH ME HOW TO DANCE LIKE HER PRETTY PLEASE!!
  • Connie, who is more comfortable now in the dancing-in-public thing , agrees because Steven is so in awe and it’s making his cutie pie face and she can’t say no to it okay?
  • They try to copy the dancers styles and, while they are both pretty clumsy at first, they learn and they are having so much fun
  • ((Practically it’s visual learning, remember that he lives with gems that dance 90% of their time ))
  • Connieeeeeee!!!!! That thingie you do with your feets is so cool!!! It looks like you are flying!!! 
  • okay now im thinking about steven floats and THEM DANCING IN THE AIR
  • oh my god, Stevonnie the goddess will totally ROCK in a Bollywood musical, just IMAGINE HER IN A SARI DANCING OVER BEACH CITY NIGHT SKY
  • Ronaldo sweared he saw a god-like crature looking pretty similar to alien moon goddesses representations
  • ‘’tHEY aRe BeTween uSSS’’
  • Imagine the gems joining them in their movie nights 
  • Just Steven and Connie being happy and cute dancing and sharing beautiful moments 
  • ((When Connie cried with a romance bollywood movie, Steven was so proud))
  • What do you want my next hc to be ?

TBH i feel like anyone who can’t count Sam in the list of Steve’s potential boyfriends hasn’t actually watched any of the movies after the original Avengers because even in AoU Steve was like, “wow Sam it would be great if you were here fighting with me but I understand you prefer looking for Bucky.”

Then at the end he was like “Okay cool sam that’s great let’s hold off on looking for Bucky so you can fly me around with your cool jetpack. Thanks.”

Really the movie assumes you’ve watched TFA and TWS if you’re watching this one, so we assume he’s always looking for Bucky. But that’s a false continuity. Steve isn’t looking for Bucky anymore until Bucky is in real and present danger from Zemo framing him. 

He’s accepted that Bucky doesn’t care to be found and has found his new life and new friends and literally all he does is call Sam’s name like jfc Steve chILL OUT. 


From this

Black: 8)))) Why hello there


        ref: Hi Black. *floating upsidedown* what brings you out?

Black: Oh hey Ref! Eh, just hanging around, seeing what’s going on. I couldn’t stay cooped up in Red’s factory the WHOLE time. Also, man, I wish I could fly; y’all look so cool and it’s not fair that Red is the only one of us who can do that.

To be honest, I’m trying to think of something fun to do. And I must say I’m seriously tempted to ste–er, borrow–Red’s car and just go see where I end up. -shrugs- Or maybe something else I’m not sure.