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Draco!! When did you start to notice that Harry looked good????? YOOOO give me the deets man.

Harry: He hasn’t started yet– *laughing* Ow!

Draco: Fourth year.

Harry: *laughing some more* You did not think that in fourth year, come on!

Draco: *icily* I did, although I wouldn’t have admitted to it even at wand-point.

Harry: *scoffs* Seriously?

Draco: Yes. You fought a fucking dragon!

Harry: *surprised* Oh. 

Draco: And you looked rather dapper at the Yule Ball.

Harry: *blushes* Oh?

Draco: And I saw you in nothing but your boxers for the first time during the Second Task.

Harry: *grins* Oh.

Draco: *winks* Oh.

Three times the sun gods bothered Icarus at work

Soooo this was going to be a “5 + 1” fic but I really gotta work on my project now, boo.  but I wanted to send you what I had :)  so here’s three parts!  I tried to write from Icarus’s point of view this time… not sure how great I did lol  anyway I hope you like it though  :)


Icarus is taking four classes this term; the standard for a full-time student.  He also signed up for a handful of extracurricular activities, not many, but enough to keep him involved.  He’s discreetly in the student LGBTQ+ club, though he doesn’t often speak up.  And of course, astronomy club, which is the thing he lives for every week. 

He also has five separate jobs, that require his efforts at various times of the day/week.  Between the five of them, Icarus manages to make enough money to keep his monthly bills in check, as well as taking a chunk off of the cost of tuition.  He’s not rich, for sure, but frankly, it’s enough for him to keep his head above water (a phrase that’s always made him shudder, for some reason), and not burden his family with debt.

So many jobs, classes and extracurriculars requires Icarus to keep a detailed schedule on his refrigerator so he can keep track of where he’s supposed to be and when.

Tragically, this becomes his undoing, as certain other individuals also consult this schedule at their leisure to determine how and where to find him and maximize their pestering.

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Ooh yes I got a drabble for you; Captain Charming + fluff + tux shopping

squeee!!!!!!!! i love you!!! 

“Well? What do you think?” Killian asked as he stepped out from the changing room.

David popped his head over his own changing room door to give the suit a once over before frowning.

“It’s nice…”


“But it’s not really you.” David admitted. 

Killian looked down at the white and gold tuxedo, agreeing with his future father-in-law. He gave a defeated sigh before disappearing into the changing room again. 

“Why is finding a suit so bloody hard” he ranted.

“It’s the choices you’re picking, they’re not you.”

“Aye, mate. But this is mine and Emma’s wedding. I can’t bloody well turn up in my pirate leathers, and besides. Emma’s…” 

David waited for him to continue. When he’d found the man had gone silent, he prodded.

“Emma’s what?”

“Well, she’s a princess, isn’t she. It’s only right I wear something at least resembling something regal.”

“You’re lucky you’re in another room right now or i’d slap you.” David chastised. “Look, Killian. When has Emma ever embraced her royal status?”

“I know, mate, but the town-”

“Forget the damn town for a second. She’s marrying you for you. The same way you’re marrying Emma for Emma and not for what she is. Be true to who you are.”

“Aye. You’re right.”

There was a silence from both parties as the rustle of fabric filled the void.

“Alright. How about this one?” Killian finally spoke as he stepped out of the changing room once again.

His tuxedo was all black, smart and sleek and fitted him like a glove.

“I think we have a winner. That’s more like it, pirate.” David teased, causing the man to grin.

“Now” David stepped out of his own changing room in a classic black and white tuxedo. “How do I look?” 

“Rather dapper, mate. You wear it well.” 

Killian slapped his shoulder and they turned to assess themselves in the full length mirror between both rooms.

Midnight Dance. ::Sami Zayn One Shot::

Pairing: Reader x Sami Zayn

Word Count: 2,830

Warnings: Minor swearing.

So this was inspired by the following adorable gif:

Gif Credit: typhoidcandy

I saw it and just had to write an imagine for it, but featuring Sami x Reader of course. This is exactly how I wish I could be spending my New Year’s Eve, but unfortunately it’s not to be :(

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New Year’s Eve. Traditionally, a start of new beginnings, new resolutions (some kept, some broken) and saying goodbye to the current year. And, if you were friends with certain people, a time for alcohol and lots of it.

For better or worse, (I couldn’t tell), but I just wasn’t really a great drinker, at least in comparison to my teenage years. My tolerance seemed to shrink over the years as I got older and I was just plain out of practice. New Year’s though, was the one night I was willing to make an exception.

The hotel bar was booming, mainly with WWE staff and their families, the area having been rented out for us. The members of the New Day had set up an impromptu dance floor and Xavier had even brought Francesca along, though it was a struggle to hear the instrument over the pounding of the speakers, the typical cheesy New Year’s Eve music being played.

I was stood to the side, slightly out of the way as I conversed with Nia, who was looking stunning in a red dress and with her hair pulled back. Despite the character she played on screen, in reality she couldn’t be more different. Nia was my bona-fide mum friend. She even came with a certificate that said so. Taking a page out of The Miz’s book, I had whipped up a certificate for her, stamped with Y/N’s seal of approval, as part of her Christmas present. She had found it hilarious and had immediately snapped a picture of it, sending it to both Dean and The Miz, stating how much better hers was. Miz had jokingly threatened to sue me for stealing his idea.

I was slightly bouncing and half swaying on the spot, enjoying the way my skirt was swishing around my legs. Sometimes it really was the small things that amused me. Behind Nia, I could see Sami approaching us and I raised my hand to wave at him.

“Hey Nia, Y/N” he greeted, pulling me into a friendly hug with one arm as he was holding a drink in his right hand. His beard momentarily scratched against my cheek before he pulled away and I could still smell that gorgeous aftershave he always wore. Not that I had told him, how much I loved the scent. No one wanted to be known as that girl with the weird smell fixation.

“Hey Sami” I replied in return, having to tilt my head to look up at him. He was looking rather dapper in a fitted sky blue buttoned shirt, the sleeves having already been rolled up to his elbows. His signature cap was missing from the ensemble though, which was slightly disappointing. I rather liked it on him, you know that whole victorian paper boy vibe. At that mental thought, I realised that might just have to limit my reading. No more Philippa Gregory, Jane Austen and the likes for me.

I could hear Nia shift on the spot and turned to see her looking out at the crowd, her focus on a distinct mane of purple-pink hair.

“Sorry guys, just need to have a word with Sasha. I’ll talk to you later” she said as she made her apologies, stepping into the crowd surrounding us. Pausing momentarily, Nia turned to call out over her shoulder to me.

“If I don’t see you again tonight Y/N, text me to let me know that you got back to your room safe,  okay?”.

I would have almost rolled my eyes at her, if it wasn’t for the fact that I appreciated her thoughtfulness and gestures of care. Beside me, I could feel Sami’s body shudder slightly as he sniggered silently to himself and I elbowed him playfully in the ribs to get him to shut up.

“What if I don’t make it back to my hotel room safely?” he muttered with a fake pout, standing up straight and shaking off the elbow to the ribs, as though he hadn’t even felt it. Not that I had been particularly rough with the action to begin with.

“You can text me” I reassured him, playful patting him on his shoulder in mock sympathy. Sami just raised an eyebrow at me and stepped forward, taking up the space that Nia’s absence had left.

“You look amazing” he told me, genuine honesty reflected in his voice. I couldn’t help but almost preen as he glanced over me, his eyes lingering on my face and drifting slightly to my neck and where the precious stone of my necklace laid further down. Sami blushed slightly as he realised that I had caught his wandering gaze, but I was too busy trying to control the heat that was flaring up across my own cheeks, to say much to him about it.

“You look great too” I replied, trying not to focus too much on his exposed, strong forearms.

“You’re missing your cap though” I added, pouting at him as I did so, causing him to chuckle. His laugh was deep, infectious and with the ability to cause shivers down my spine. He bowed and doffed an imaginary cap at me.

“Me apologies, ma’am” he offered, in what I suspect was an attempt at a Cockney accent. I laughed again, shaking my head at the dreadful accent.

“What are you drinking?” I questioned, as my eyes fell to the amber liquid that was contained in the glass he was holding, eyeing it with great suspicion. Sami raised his glass to eye level and examined it for a moment, slightly baffled himself, judging by his expression.

“Kevin” was all he said in answer, shrugging his shoulders as he spoke, as if that answered everything. Which it kind of did. Kevin was a good answer to a lot of things sometimes.

“Want to try some?,” he offered, holding out his glass to me. “It’s actually pretty good’.

I timidly accepted the drink from him, my fingers brushing over his as they wrapped around the glass. I took a small sip, letting the liquid slide down my throat. It was as Sami had said ‘pretty good’, though slightly stronger than what I was use to and I licked my bottom lip to collect every last drop of the alcoholic beverage. Sami was watching me, his eyes tracing the flickering movement of my tongue and I blushed deeper, hastily passing the glass back to him, seemingly snapping him out of whatever moment he had be in.

“Well credit to Kevin, where it’s due” I spoke up, hoping to move on past the awkwardness, undoubtedly of my own doing. This was Sami we were talking about after all, my imagination probably running away with me again, because there was no way that the Underdog from the Underground was looking at me like that.

My attention was caught by Big E, as he suddenly busted out some impressive (and also slightly alarming) moves on the dance floor, causing the crowd that had gathered around, to let out a sudden roar of approval. I only turned back to look at Sami, at the sound of him clearing his throat and he nodded his head towards the dancefloor, where my attention had just previously been.

“You want to dance?” he asked.

“Oh I can’t dance” I was quick to reply, shaking my hands in front of me vigorously as if to further demonstrate my point. Sami studied me for a moment, making a point of deliberately finishing his drink and placing the glass down on a nearby table. I knew immediately what was about to happen before he even reached for my hand.

“Sami, I can’t dance” I tried again and he paused for a moment, expression serious as he flashed me a comforting smile.

“Yes, you can. I’ll take good of care you” he reassured me, his face falling slightly as he noticed my continuing hesitation and nerves. He chewed his bottom lip thoughtfully.

“Please, Y/N. I really would like to dance you” he added. I sighed and nodded my head in affirmation, hoping I wouldn’t live to regret my decision.

“Fine. But the moment I step on your foot, I’m outta there” I warned. This seemed to be enough for Sami and his face pretty much lit up. I blushed at his response and my palms suddenly felt clammy.

Hands linked, Sami guided me through the crowd. Several times I heard him politely speak up, an “Excuse us” falling from his lips and one distinct “Fucking move, Kevin. I’m busy”. The man in question just laughed in reply, clapping Sami on the shoulder, whispering something I couldn’t hear into his ear, but that caused the ginger wrestler to blush and grumble something back. Kevin took a step back and let us by, winking at me as he did so, his face full of mirth.

We reached the edge of the dance floor and Sami steered us to a fairly empty space, slightly secluded by the angle of the wall, but with plenty of room to move about.

“So dancing….” I offered nervously as I eyed the people nearby.

“Well, you’ve got to have seen my entrance a hundred times by now, haven’t you?” he spoke up, grinning widely, absent-mindedly rubbing his beard. My eyes traced the gesture, almost surprised that my own hands itched to do just that to him instead, before his words sunk in.

“Wait, we’re dancing like that?” I queried.

“Yep” he confirmed with a grin. In his eyes, there was a touch of mischief and a determination that I was quick to recognise from his matches. I knew from that moment I was doomed, knowing that I wasn’t going to be able to deny him. Besides, despite what my hesitation might suggest, I really did want to dance with him. Sami was always such fun to spend time with.

“Ok. Just wait a minute, because this isn’t happening in heels” I warned him as I lifted up one foot off the ground and started to work on the buckle of my shoe. It wasn’t long before I began to wobble dangerously, my balance precarious as I stood on one foot. Ever the hero, Sami took a step forward to help, solid hands placed on my body. One hand rested on my arm, the other on my waist. I could feel the heat of them spreading through my clothing and onto my skin and I felt another curious, altogether different heat spreading from my stomach.

“You’ve gone all red. Are you feeling alright? We don’t have to do this” Sami told me, the questions rushing out one after another, clearly concerned.

“I’m fine. You asked me to dance and we will. I want to” I replied, suddenly feeling emboldened, though by what I didn’t know.  I certainly hadn’t drunk enough for it to be that kind of false bravado.

Using his shoulder to help prop myself up, I unbuckled my other shoe, tossing the both of them to one side, ensuring that they wouldn’t be in the way of anyone, not wanting to cause an incident. I felt his hand slide down from my upper arm to grasp my hand and I hoped he didn’t feel me shiver as his fingers ran over my skin.

“Just think of me, dancing in the middle of ring,” he paused, laughing quietly under his breath. “Preferably after a victory for me”.

He winked cheekily at me, pulling a laugh from me, our hands swinging in between us as he began to move. It admittedly took me a moment for me to join in, trying to bring up his entrance music in my head and superimpose it on top of the song that was actually being played out loud.  I thought back to how that upbeat song made me feel every time I heard it play and the anticipation, not to mention the adrenaline, that Sami provoked every single time he made his entrance.

Sami’s face seemed to light up the moment I joined in, my feet moving in time with his. He swung our linked hands together a bit more vigorously, as we continued to dance, Sami Zayn style. He swung me around occasionally, never breaking his grip on me, both of us laughing loudly together.

We probably looked like a hot mess. There was no finesse to our movements, probably moving completely out of step for this kind of music, our laughter drawing far too much attention than I would normally be comfortable with, if it wasn’t for the fact that I was just having so much fun. I could see several people, including Kevin and Nia glancing at us in amusement. Sasha who was still stood next to Nia, even waved cheekily at me.

Sami twirled me under his arm once again as the final strands of music began to fade out, the current song ending. I was admittedly disappointed as we were forced to stop, though at the same time I was thankful for the breather. Sami still had my hand gripped tightly in his and I was probably a damn mess by now, breathing far too hard for what could be considered to be attractive and my hair wild, but damn was I having a great time with him. He made me forget my worries, forget to be so self-conscious.

The DJ’S voice filled the room and I suddenly realised that all the couples in the room had paired off and that the image of a giant clock complete with a second hand, had been projected onto the far wall.

“And it’s time for the countdown folks, 2017 is rapidly approaching, so let’s get ready to celebrate”.

I looked up to Sami, to see him step closer to me. The number 10 was chanted out loud and at this he pulled me towards him, spinning me as the countdown began, bringing me straight into his chest, his hands resting gently on my lower back. My face was only inches from his, lips almost brushing, if only one us leant in a little bit more. He took a deep breath, steadying himself, arms wrapping tighter around me as he realised I wasn’t pushing him away.

“8, 7….” everyone else continued in the background.

“Can I kiss you?” Sami asked, his focus intent on mine. I shivered as a result of the anticipation his words created within me. If I was being honest with myself, I had wanted this for a while. No one made me feel like Sami did, being with him was easy. And while I enjoyed being his friend, that didn’t mean that I didn’t want more.

“6, 5….”.

“Please fucking do” I replied, my voice breathier than I had even realised. Sami couldn’t help but laugh at my response, a wide grin breaking out across his face.

“Fuck, it feels good to hear you say that” he admitted, cupping my face in his hands as he did so, pushing my hair back and out of the way.

“3, 2…”.

“1! Happy New Year everybody!” I heard the crowd roar as Sami lowered his lips to mine.

His lips were moving softly against mine, almost timidly, as if he was still half afraid that I would push him away and reject him. But how could I ever reject Sami?

Wanting to convince him that my feelings were the same as his, I wrapped my arms tightly around his shoulders, stepping closer into him as I did. I could feel the tension in his muscles fade away as my body pressed against his, Sami’s kiss becoming more confident. He continuously ran his fingers through my hair and I practically melted against him.

It wasn’t the most passionate kiss in the world, but even so I was breathing deeply as we parted. The kiss had been sweet, gentle and loving, perfect in every sense of the word. Sami was grinning down at me, wrapping his arms around me in a tight hug, even lifting me off the ground slightly, causing me to laugh.

As he set me back down on my feet again, I took the opportunity to go in for a quick kiss, wanting to feel his lips on mine again. Sami pulled me back into him as I went to break the kiss, kissing me more urgently this time, his hand laying on the hollow of my back. When he eventually did pull back, I experimentally licked across my bottom lip, still able to taste him, pulling a choked gasp from him.

Both of us blushing, he pulled me into a hug, letting my head settle in the crook of his neck.

“I hope the new year brings you everything you want” he whispered to me and I was only just able to hear him over the music. Looking up, I stroked his cheek, my fingers brushing over his beard.

“I think it already did”.

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1) “My best friend thinks you are my girlfriend/boyfriend, though I just met you and this is awkward but let’s pretend we are a couple, I don’t want my best friend to tease me anymore tbh” (lucaya)

“You can’t be serious right now? How do you break both of your legs by tripping over your own feet?”

“I know, I’m a klutz Maya, I get it.” Riley’s voice sounded exhausted and like she was in pain, but to be honest Maya didn’t care at the moment. Riley was supposed to be at Giovani’s with Maya celebrating their friendiversiry as they had every year since they were seventeen, but she was spending the day in the emergency room instead. “Can’t you just cancel the reservation?”

Maya took a deep breath before explaining why that wasn’t possible for the fifth time in four minutes. “You can’t cancel a reservation that you booked a year in advance with only ten minutes notice Riles. They already told me it would be 200 bucks if I did and I don’t have that kind of cash. The gallery is doing well, but not that well.”

Maya looked over to the hostess and couldn’t help but notice a tall man exchanging some desperate looking words with the her and found herself eavesdropping. This guy looked snooty and was probably complaining about his reservation being too close to a poor family. Maya rolled her eyes and focused on her best friend again.

“The nurse is telling me to hang up Peaches. I’m sorry, I will pay you back the cancelation fee.”

Maya sighed and pinched herself to make sure that this wasn’t some cruel nightmare. “Yeah, okay Honey. Feel better and happy anniversary.” She hung up the phone and let her head fall dejectedly into her hands.

“Husband issues?” A deep voice and a southern drawl snapped her back to reality rather quickly. It was the man who had been arguing with the hostess and he looked a lot taller hovering over Maya’s waiting couch.

“Not married,” she grumbled, unwilling to explain any further. The hostess was staring Maya down and she didn’t have the patience or money to deal with her at the minute, but she didn’t want to spend their friendiversiry at Giovani’s without Riley. It would just feel wrong.

“So you’re being stood up.”

This caught Maya’s attention and made her blood begin to boil rather quickly. Who did this man think he was to ask if she had been stood up? No, it wasn’t even a question. He was TELLING her that she had been stood up. This guy was an asshole and Maya didn’t care where they were, he needed to be put in his place.

“For your information,” she growled through gritted teeth. “My best friend Riley just broke both of her legs and is in the ER. I was not stood up unlike that stick shoved up your ass. Besides, didn’t anyone tell you? Asswipe is so last season.”

The man’s eyes flickered with something that looked like he was impressed by her, but it disappeared quickly. “Convenient how she broke both of her legs at once. She must be some klutz, huh?”

Maya’s eyes narrowed and she was sure she looked like one of those cartoons with steam blowing out of her ears. “What are you insinuating, HeeHaw?”

This earned a throaty chuckle from him that made his Adam’s apple much more prominent and almost distracted Maya. Almost. “All I’m saying is it’s awfully unlikely to break both legs at once. Besides, either way she isn’t showing and you did. That’s kind of the definition of being stood up.” She was about to fire back when he stood up and tipped an imaginary hat to her. “Excuse me, I have to use the restroom.”

As the man walked away from her, she felt pure rage. It was one thing to insult her to her face, but to imply anything about Riley meant war. When he returned from the bathroom she was going to give him a piece of her mind even if it caused a scene. This tall, dark, and handsome cowboy couldn’t get away with treating strangers like this and acting all high and mighty. Sure, he may look like Scott Eastwood’s long lost brother and sure he may have eyes that Maya couldn’t even decide what color they were, but if he thought-

“Excuse me, miss?” Another drawl snapped her out of her rage fit and she was met with a man in a rather dapper looking shirt and tie. “I am looking for my friend Lucas and the hostess said that you were just speaking with him. Do you know where he went?”

So Lucas was his name. “Oh yes, he just ran to the restroom. He should be back soon.” Just because Lucas didn’t know what manners were didn’t mean that Maya couldn’t be civilized.

“Thank you so much. The name is Zay.”

Maya nodded and accepted his handshake hesitantly. Why was this new guy talking to her? Did she have a sign on her that said “talk to me, I’m friendly!”?

“Maya. Nice to meet you Zay. You have quite an accent there.”

He smiled wide and nodded. “I grew up with Lucas in Austin and haven’t left the city much. I guess you could say it’s the southern roots.”

“I don’t believe many stereotypes anymore, especially the southern ones. Lucas proved a lot of those ones wrong to me.”

Zay chuckled again and nodded behind Maya’s shoulder. “Here he is now.”

Maya looked over her shoulder and was met with a much more afraid man than she had been talking to not five minutes before. He approached the two slowly and looked extremely hesitant. “Hey Zay.”

“Lucas, you failed to mention how beautiful she was.”

Maya’s eyes went wide and she looked at Lucas in shock. What the fuck? “Oh so Zay has heard about me?”

Lucas looked like he wanted to puke, but Zay kept talking. “Only every time we talk. He’s mentioned this blonde beauty for months and I told him I had to meet her when I came to visit, but he told me he wasn’t going to bring her. You must have noticed how surprised I was to see you sitting here!”

Maya felt a chill run down her back and her first instinct was to run. Who were these men and had they been following her? How had Lucas been talking about her for months when they had just met that day? She knew for a fact that she had never seen Lucas before in her life because if she had, she would remember that face anywhere. She knew that her face was probably looking a lot like Lucas’s horrified one at the moment, but she also knew she had to get away.

“Wow,” she tried to keep her voice level. “Um, if you guys will excuse me I have to go to the ladies’ room.”

She stood up and tried to focus on the clicking of her heels as she walked away to keep her from fainting or throwing up. This was the kind of situation her mother had always warned her of, but Maya wasn’t prepared to deal with it. She had been so set on getting away from them that she had trapped herself in the bathroom with no escape route in place. Her hands were shaking and a sudden knock on the door caused her to jump a lot more than it should have. “Just a minute,” her voice cracked.

“Hey, are you alright?” It sounded like Lucas’s voice coming from the other side of the door. “I’m sorry about Zay, let me explain.”

“Get the fuck away from me you creep!” Maya’s voice sounded a lot more broken than she had wanted it to. This was her worst nightmare coming true. She was going to be kidnapped. She was going to be forced to live in a shed, locked away for the rest of her life. She didn’t even have her phone to call for help because she had bolted so fast and left it on the waiting couch.

“Woah, woah. I’m not a creep blondie.”

“Your friend said that you had been talking about me for months. We just met today, so what have you been stalking me? Do you have a whole wall in your house dedicated to pictures of me? I bet you even have a bug in my apartment don’t you? Oh my god.”

The door suddenly swung open and Lucas was in the elegant bathroom with her. Of fucking course she forgot to lock the door.

“I have never seen you before in my life so calm down and let me explain before you go accusing me of being a stalker.”

Maya was silent, but her hands were shaking behind her back.

“That’s my best friend Zay out there and he still lives in Texas. I moved here for vet school about two years ago and he has been hounding me about a girlfriend ever since. I finally got fed up with it and made up some generic fantasy girl to get him off of my back and told him that she was out of town this week so he couldn’t meet her. The problem is, you look a lot like the girl I told him about and now he thinks you’re her. I didn’t mean to freak you out and I swear I’m telling the truth.”

Maya felt her body relax slowly when he looked her in the eyes. She believed him. “So no creepy wall in your house?”

Lucas chuckled for the second time that day and it made Maya smile as well. “No pictures or bug. Boy Scouts honor.”

“So I’m really your fantasy girl, huh?”

He rolled his eyes and frowned at her. “Was that really the only thing you got out of that besides the fact I’m not a stalker?”

Maya smiled widely and nodded like a child. “It jumped out at me.”

Lucas shook his head and ran his hand through his hair. “I guess I have to go explain to Zay that we can’t eat here AND I don’t have a girlfriend. This should be fun.”

“Why can’t you eat here?”

“I guess your have to book a reservation almost a year in advance and the whole restaurant is booked for the night. I all but begged the hostess, but she told me to go try TGI Friday’s.”

Maya burst into laughter and earned a small smile back from Lucas. “Since I got stood up, you guys can have my reservation. Consider it an apology for calling you a stalker and a creep.”

He shook his head adamantly. “I nearly gave you a heart attack, you don’t need to do that for me.”

She thought about it for a moment while her stomach growled loudly, earning a questioning look. “Hey, what if we compromise?”

“I’m listening.”

“I’ll stay with you and Zay and you can use my reservation and let him think I’m your girlfriend if you buy me dinner.”

Lucas rose his eyebrows in shock and disbelief. “Are you serious? You would do that?”

She nodded as her stomach growled again. “I don’t need a reservation for two and I’m sure they can handle one more person. Besides, I’ve been there with the imaginary boyfriend thing and I wish someone had saved me from that embarrassment.”

“Hey, if you ever need a fake boyfriend you can always call me.” There was an awkward silence and Lucas blushed when he realized what he had said.

“We should probably go back to your friend now.”

“Yeah, um just one more thing.”

Maya hummed, telling him to go ahead.

“What’s your name?”

A Letter

Pairing: bucky x reader

Summary: Bucky had realized how much you meant to him. he was looking everywhere for you to tell you that he was sorry but he couldn’t find you. what he did find, was a letter.

Author’s Note: ANGST!! Man, it was so satisfying to write. it was my first time writing in first person and other POVs. It was fun and turned out well. The letter is in bold letters. The reader is a trained killer with enhanced healing, speed, strength and has power of shadow manipulation. Hope you like it!

Warning(s): mentions of alcohol, swearing, verbal fight and implied sex.

Word Count: 2552

(y/f/f) = your favourite flowers

Originally posted by srogersxbbarnes

I took in a deep breath as I finished writing the letter. The letter addressed to him. the letter addressed to Bucky. I kept the pen down, scanned the words, but kept it in the envelope halfway reading it. reading the words, the truest feelings of my heart, was not just mentally torturing but physically paining.

I thought of him once again. I wanted to visualize him yet again so that I could leave every essence of him that was living with me behind. I wasn’t the type of person to do the romantic stuff or the cliché stuff. But, writing the words down was much easier than saying them out loud.

Thousands of images, happy ones ran through my mind once again. But how long does the last ray of sunshine last? That one image, the one moment that was making me take this step, came back to me. I couldn’t hold back the tear that followed, nor could I stop it from dropping on the letter lying neatly on the table. I violently wiped my face and cursed myself. I was a fighter, a warrior. I wielded powers that made me deadly. How could I cry over a man? How could I cry at the first place?

‘get your sorry ass to the airport, bitch.’ I said to myself. I took my backpack and slung my duffle bag on one shoulder. I took in a deep breath, fixed my appearance and left my room.

Bucky’s POV

‘how much for those?’ I asked the young woman as I pointed at the bouquet of (y/f/f).

  It wasn’t very big, not something that screamed ‘I got you a big thing! How great am i!’ but one that very softly conveyed the message ‘I love you.’ It was perfect for (y/n); my (y/n). I was getting them to make up to her. I had fucked this one up bad. Normally, I would just forget about it and regret. But her, she wasn’t something I could afford to lose.

  ‘that’ll be 15!’ she chirped as she took it out from the stand and held them in my direction. I gave her the money with a small smile. ‘thank you!’ she said and I moved forwards. ‘may they help you with whatever you are doing!’ I heard her shout behind me. I really hoped they did.

I was walking around the facility looking for her. I was so anxious yet so happy. If it all went how I had imagined, I could call her mine again. But if it didn’t, I didn’t know what I would do or feel. I was about to knock at her door before I heard Steve call my name.

 ‘hey buck!’ he ran towards me.

‘can you hold your horses for a minute, punk?’ I said out of annoyance. ‘I’m kinda busy.’ I pointed at her door.

‘that’s what I wanted to tell you!’ he said. ‘(y/n),..’ he looked down and rubbed the back of his neck.

‘did something wrong? did something happen to her? is she hurt?’ I asked with furrowed brows. All these years had taught me to only think of the worst possibilities.

‘no, nothing like that.’ He moved his head in a ‘no’. ‘she-she left. I don’t know where but she said she’ll be back when she’s ‘ready’.’ He said and I felt something sink in my stomach. ‘she said she has kept something for you in her room.’

  I couldn’t say anything; I couldn’t think of anything. I didn’t say a word to him and entered her room.

I kept the bouquet aside and looked around the room. I was starting to lose hope until my eyes fell on an envelope. I moved towards the tabled and stared at it for a while before picking it up. It had my name written across it.

what was it that she couldn’t speak but write? I gulped uneasily before opening the letter.

Dear Bucky,

I am writing this letter to you I the hope that I could write what I couldn’t say. These words are not just plain hand written group of letters but my truest feelings for you…..

 I couldn’t help it, falling for you wasn’t something I could control. It just happened.

I sat down on her bed and continued to read.

I remember the first day I saw you…


I was waiting for Steve to bring him in. bring in his best friend James Buchannan Barnes, fondly called Bucky. I was excited to meet him. I had heard so much about him, after all. Steve finally walked in with him, after what felt like hours.

‘hey (y/n)! so, this is Bucky.’ He pointed at him and he nodded at me. ‘Bucky, this is (y/n), one of our strongest avenger.’ Steve grinned at me and I rolled my eyes.

‘don’t listen to him, he’s an idiot.’ I said to Bucky. ‘nice to meet you!’ I chirped and held my arm for him to shake. He looked at me with a little unease before Steve nudged him a little.

‘nice to meet you, too.’ He tried to smile as he shook hands with me.


You were so reserved. So mysterious, so… beautifully broken. I don’t know what it was that gravitated me to you. maybe it was the pasts that we shared or the label of misfits. You being so damn good looking was one factor too….

I scoffed at that sentence. I could feel as if she were speaking those words to me. I could hear her beautiful voice loud and clear.

How much had I tried until that one night…


I was taping my feet to some music when demons by imagine dragons came up. Earlier I used to just sing to it but now, I could link this song to Bucky. I felt his pain, I at some level was familiar with the kind of regret he felt.

  He had started to get a little comfortable around me. He would laugh at me when I was being silly or at my jokes, he would help me get things from the top shelves and pass me smiles, he would sit with me silence when we read books, but still, at some place I could feel he was holding back.

Thinking about him I couldn’t help but visualize him. his strong arms and hands, his perfectly toned body, his steely blues, his lips.. I shook my head physically to get him out of my head. His stupid handsome face had got me gushing and crushing over him.

  In an attempt to get the thoughts out, I decided to turn up the music and dance to it. I never actually danced to music but just jumped here and there, did some cute or sexy moves and just walked around the room a lot. While I was moving to cheap thrills, I felt like someone was watching me. I twirled around and found him leaning on the door frame and watching me. I couldn’t read his expression but he seemed he was, enjoying it. he had tiny smile on his face before he straightened up when I faced him.

‘you-you were watching me?!’ I stuttered and tried to hide my embarrassment.

‘yeah,’ he looked down. ‘but not in a creepy way! I-I was passing from here when I saw you and you looked so-so carefree and happy, I-I couldn’t.’ he tried to explain. ‘let’s just not make it more embarrassing, i-I’ll leave.’ he started to leave.

‘wait!’ I grabbed his arm and he avoided my eyes. ‘you wanna dance?’ I smiled.

‘I don’t dance.’ He said grumpily.

‘well, you saw me, that’ll be only fair.’ I wiggled my brows.

‘no, I wont-‘

  ‘oh why am I even asking.’ I shut the door quickly and played sugar. He groaned in response but I pulled him by the waist and led him like a man. He rolled his eyes but eventually gave in.

We connected a lot that night. We danced to my music then he offered to teach me some moves of ‘his time’. I did good, at least he said I did. I then taught him some salsa moves I knew. We would laugh every time he failed with a hip movement.

 That night was one well spent.


Nights were always our thing weren’t they buck?

‘yeah, they were.’ I muttered. Wait, did she say ‘were’? That single word was enough to make me worried.

Another night I couldn’t forget is the one of that boring party…


I was dressed in the most exposing dress I had ever worn. I never liked to be at Tony’s parties they were just too grand and lavish. I would prefer my room and a good book over them anytime. I was leaned against the bar with a whiskey on rocks in my hands as I cursed Natasha for leaving me alone and putting me in that damn dress.

  ‘someone’s looking amazing, tonight.’ I heard a familiar voice.

‘hey buck.’ I faced Bucky. He was wearing a black suit and his hair were slicked back. How could he look so good in anything he wore?

‘loathing the party?’ he stood beside.

‘aren’t you a mind reader.’ I said sarcastically.

‘well, your choice of drink gives it away.’

‘go big or go home, sweetheart.’ I sipped on my drink and he laughed.

‘okay, seriously, you wanna get out or what?’ he asked and I nodded. ‘let’s get going then.’ He linked arms with me.

We arrived at the roof and sat at the edge of the building.

‘it’s so much better than that shit party.’ I said.

‘yeah, your company and the stars. What else can I ask for?’ he looked at the sky. ‘maybe a human arm.’ he joked.

‘your metal arm’s cool!’ I faced him.

‘really?’ he said sarcastically.

  ‘hell yeah. I mean think of all the stuff you can do with it! you can do that buzz lightyear thing with it, when woody asked him to lend a hand and he threw it at him,’

‘he did that?’ he smiled.

‘mhm, and then there’s the kinky stuff.’ I wiggled my brows and he snickered.

‘do you think about that often?’ he moved closer to me.

‘about what?’ I tried to avoid the subject.

‘my arm and the things I can do with it?’ he tilted his head and I felt my stomach flip.

‘nope.’ I turned my head away.

‘I can spot a lie when I hear one, doll.’ He teased me.

‘who brought me on the roof at the first place?’ I crossed my arms over my chest.

‘couldn’t help it, you were looking too good to resist.’ He said and I rolled my eyes. ‘seriously, you look beautiful.’ He locked eyes with me.‘you always do but I couldn’t help it tonight.’

‘you look rather dapper yourself, James.’ I said sincerely.

  He moved his face closer to mine and stopped when it was inches apart. He flicked his eyes to my lips and I captured his lips. He was a great kisser; he hadn’t collected dust all these years. I had never been kissed hat way before. His lips were soft and he moved them in sync with mine. he made my knees go weak

One thing led to another and we were in his room testing what his metal arm could do.


It was all so good, it felt like dream come true. I wish I hadn’t forgotten the pain incomplete dreams caused. I wish hadn’t received my wakeup call last Tuesday…

My heart dropped to my stomach when I read that sentence. It was the day I spat out the bitterest of words and my poor (y/n) was the one who had to taste them. The day she cried in front of someone for the first time, the day I broke her heart in a million pieces, the day, I shut her out.


I was shaking, Bucky was furious. I had never seen him so mad. he was angry for I had ignored what everyone had told me and went on a solo mission. It was a dangerous mission; I had fractured my arm. Even with my enhanced healing my injuries were bad. They had even captured me and tried to wipe my memory; I had escaped with great difficulty. But I had to go, I had to retrieve Bucky’s file.

‘how could you be so stupid?!’ he yelled at me. ‘why did you go? Will you look at your injuries?!’

‘I don’t know why you are yelling at me. I came back and even got that file.’ I said calmly.

‘came back and got the file at what fucking cost?!’ he pointed at my wounds. ‘do you know what could have happened to you?’ he moved towards me and grabbed my shoulders. ‘look at me, do you want to go through the same hell, do you want to feel the same regret? Look closely, it ain’t pretty.’ He let go off me.

‘I was trying to help you.’ I said.

‘help me!? Who said I needed help?! I don’t need yours or anyone’s sympathy! So for fuck’s sake stop pretending! Stop playing the damn hero!’ he yelled.

‘what do you mean by pretending?’ I asked moving closer to him.

‘stop pretending that you love me! I am not someone people fall for! he looked in eyes and I felt a sting in my heart. ‘and when I think about it, I never loved you either, maybe it was fondness or just lust that kept us together. Our relationship, never had a future.’ He said.

‘you mean all that?’ I asked in the hope that it all was a lie.

‘ask yourself.’ He stated and my heart shattered.

‘oh’, my heart ached and it was the only word I could muster up. ‘I guess, I won’t ever disturb you again. Thank you for all those moments, goodbye.’ I said and left the room


I wish you had stopped me, that you had done something. I wish you never said those words, but you did. I wish you would say it was all a lie; but you won’t. I wish I could make you love me; but you don’t. was it always lust? just fondness? nothing else?

I don’t blame you for not feeling the same. I am going away. Not because you hurt me, but because I need to kill these feelings and bury them deep. I’ll be back once I have done that.

I still can’t help but say this: I love loved you, a lot.

Yours (y/n)

I traced all the words she had cut. What had I done? I had pushed away someone who loved me, someone who loved the real me.

I wish I could tell her that I regretted everything that I said, that I regretted not stopping her and wrapping my arms around her. I had made a huge mistake; I had let her go. I had made her go.

I dropped on my knees and held the letter, the last piece of her love, close to my chest. I wanted to scream, I wanted to kick but I was so numb I couldn’t. I just replayed her memories again and closed my eyes to block the tears that threatened to spill.

Jim Parsons Shares New Pics From Wedding to Todd Spiewak -- See Their Sweet First Dance!

Jim Parsons and Todd Spiewak celebrated their nuptials in style.

The Big Bang Theory actor and his longtime partner looked rather dapper in custom Tom Ford tuxedos, as depicted in a series of photos Parsons posted to Instagram on Monday, two days after they tied the knot at the Rainbow Room in New York City.

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The 44-year-old actor shared some of his favorite details of the special day in his heartfelt captions.

“She’s our best friend, she was our wedding planner, she was our officiant and she played all three parts brilliantly this past Saturday: thank you and love you, @melissamcneeley (that Chuppah ain’t bad, either, @doan_ly!),” Parsons captioned several snaps from the ceremony, crediting Amber Gress Photography.

She’s our best friend, she was our wedding planner, she was our officiant and she played all three parts brilliantly this past Saturday: thank you and love you, @melissamcneeley (that Chuppah ain’t bad, either, @doan_ly !) photo cred @ambergressphotography

A post shared by Jim Parsons (@therealjimparsons) on May 15, 2017 at 4:19pm PDT

5.13.17 ❤️Rainbow Room, NYC 📷 by @ambergressphotography 🎉 by @melissamcneeley 💐🌸🌺by @doan_ly (more pics to come)

A post shared by Jim Parsons (@therealjimparsons) on May 15, 2017 at 5:15am PDT

The happy couple later changed into more festive jackets for the reception and first dance – a white blazer for Spiewak and a burgundy velvet number for Parsons.

“Reception, first dance…” wrote the four-time Emmy winner. “Have to say thank you to #anniepsaltiras who was supposed to just be a guest but worked really hard to help us get the @tomford tuxes we loved so much AND she tied the bow ties of several guests that night. Annie is a champ and we love her.”

Reception, first dance… (have to say thank you to #anniepsaltiras who was supposed to just be a guest but worked really hard to help us get the @tomford tuxes we loved so much AND she tied the bow ties of several guests that night. Annie is a champ and we love her ❤️) photos by @ambergressphotography (why can’t I figure out how to tag @melissamcneeley and @doan_ly ??? Oh yeah, cuz I’m old. 👌)

A post shared by Jim Parsons (@therealjimparsons) on May 15, 2017 at 8:48am PDT

EXCLUSIVE: Jim Parsons Talks ‘Big Bang Theory’ Spin-Off, Teases Who Will Play Young Sheldon

Parsons’ Big Bang Theory co-star, Mayim Bialik, attended the wedding and posted another snapshot of the duo surrounded by stunning pink and white flowers.

“What a wedding,” Bialik captioned the shot, also calling out the beautiful floral canopy with the hashtag “#chupahlove.” “Not a cell phone in sight. Everyone was so present which sounds pretentious but it was truly powerful for us all to just want to be there fully. Todd and @therealjimparsons, you are so loved. Also: hands down, prettiest chupah ever. Seriously.”

What a wedding. Not a cell phone in sight. Everyone was so present which sounds pretentious but it was truly powerful for us all to just want to be there fully. Todd and @therealjimparsons, you are so loved. Also: hands down, prettiest chupah ever. Seriously. #chupahlove #yourlove

A post shared by mayim bialik (@missmayim) on May 15, 2017 at 5:31am PDT

For more on the happy couple, watch the video below.

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Normally I would be all like “wtf Thomas, what’s with the double breasted jacket, are you somewhere above 80, or are you from the 40’s. And what’s with the pattern, I mean DUUUUUUDE, YOU FUCKING WENT ALL OUT ON THIS ONE

But I have to say, you look rather dapper to be honest. Maybe it’s the shoulders pushed back coupled with that badass (eyefucking) stare and cheekbones and beard and “your hair looks sexy pushed back” kinda thing you’ve got going on, or the fact that I don’t really know if that shirt is light blue or white, which doesn’t really matter either way since it accomplishes its task: shielding your skin from coming into contact with the waaaaaaaay too fashion forward jacket.

I gotta hand it to you man, that jacket is the star of the show and still you fucking outshine it, you little shit. Hell, it probably is the least wearable item on this planet and you make me fucking want to buy it, you bloody arse.

Maybe it’s because it matches the beard. I still want to ride that ginger beard into the sunset.

Preference #43 - Thinking Out Loud *REQUESTED*


‘Darlin’ I will be loving you till we’re 70’

You and Harry had only been together a few months and you were a little unsure of where your relationship with him was heading and you wanted to talk with him about your future together. You were sitting at his dining room table eating your dinner as Harry returned from taking an urgent phone call from management, he sat down and continued eating his meal. “Harry, I need to ask you something.” He froze with his fork full of food in mid air. “This sounds serious.” You turned and shrugged your shoulders. “I guess it is.” He placed his fork back down. “I’m all ears.” You gave a small half a smile. “Where are we going with this relationship? I love you and I see you in my life for the long haul but I want to know where you stand and if you see a long term future with me.” Harry stood up from his seat and came and knelt before you. “I see a future with you and I couldn’t imagine a future with anybody else. We will get married in front of our family and friends and I will probably shed a tear but blame it on allergies. We will have a family of our own even if we have to adopt and they will be the most important people in our life. Our family will grow and there will be horrible times and good times but I will be by your side.” You leant down and pecked Harry’s lips. “I am so lucky to have you in my life.” He just shook his head. “No I’m the lucky one (Y/N), because I will still love you when your 70. Grey hairs and wrinkles be damned.” Harry pounced on you and tickled your sides, he froze above you and ran his fingers through your hair and you felt him tug on a strand. “Is this a grey hair?” You narrowed your eyes at him. “HA, HA, very funny.” He just responded with his cheeky smile.


‘And, baby, your smile’s forever in my mind and memory’

Liam flopped back on his bed and connected his phone with his charger as the battery flashed with 7% life left. He sighed aloud into the silent room wishing you were with him while he was on tour. Liam could admit that he never got lonely when he was on tour as he had the boys and the team behind One Direction. But he missed the companionship of having you by his side where he could be all sappy and vent over the days events, because you would never judge him. He reached for his phone typing in his pass code and there was your smiling face staring back at him as his phone background. Your hair was framing your face and you were staring right into the camera as Liam was behind you staring at you wanting to remember every little thing he could before he left for tour. He wanted nothing more than to pull your number up on his screen and press the call button but time zones were preventing that as he knew you would be fast asleep. He wanted to hear your laugh ring around his empty room from something silly he said to you but instead he succumbed to flicking through and playing videos he had taken of you. They were videos of you doing everyday things such as making breakfast and dancing around the living room but it was the small things like that he missed the most about you. But the pull in his heart to actually talk to you was so becoming so over powering that he pressed the call button and waited five rings before you answer in a groggy sleepy voice. “Hello?” Liam’s lips curled up into a smile as he could imagine your droopy eyes. “Hey baby. I just needed to hear your voice.” Liam knew you would be smiling shyly and rubbing at your eyes. “I miss you. But I have to warn you I will probably fall asleep listening to you.” Liam laughed at that softly and started talking about his day and 10 minutes later he could he hear the faint snores of you coming through the receiver. Liam smiled softly, “Goodnight baby. I’ll be home soon.”


‘Take me into your loving arms, Kiss me under the light of a thousand stars’

You were surrounded by your family and friends at your wedding reception and you glanced and made eye contact with your groom Louis who had the dopiest smile on his face you had ever seen. You watched as he made his way through the throngs of people over to you. He kissed your plump lips and pulled you flush to his body his hands on your hips. “Well don’t you look just ravishing Mrs. Tomlinson.” He knew exactly what to do to make you blush. “And you look rather dapper.” He placed a kiss to your forehead. “It’s about time for our first dance as husband and wife.” This caused your to pout. “Do I have too?” He had his signature smirk on his face. “I think you do.” The DJ came over the speakers. “As per Louis request could all guests head outside.” You tilted your head to the left. “What are you up too?” He just shook his head and grabbed your hand following the last few guests outside. When you stepped outside there was a direct path to a dance floor that was illuminated by hundreds of candles and all of your friends and family surrounded the boarder of the dance floor. You looked at Louis and threw your arms around his neck and peppered kisses all over his face. “This is perfect and amazing. I love you. I love you. I love you.” Louis was just happy that you were pleased with his little surprise. He lead you to the dance floor and held you tight as the soft music of Ed Sheeran’s 'Thinking Out Loud’ echoed around. Louis kept his lips by your ear and sung the song to you lyric by lyric but when the lyrics 'Take me into your loving arms, Kiss me under the light of a thousand stars’ Louis asked you to look up and you did, your eyes landed upon the sky where thousands of stars twinkled brightly. “You see I wanted the song to have real meaning behind it for us.” You just laughed in happiness at his thoughtfulness. “You really are perfect.” Louis shrugged his shoulders sheepishly. “I try to be.”


'Maybe we found love right where we are’

Niall was your best friend and was throwing a small get together at his house for his own homecoming and you missed him greatly and couldn’t wait to see him. When you arrived you couldn’t see him anywhere but you did spot a few friends and went and caught up with them. You had been talking to your friends for 15 minutes when you felt arms wrap around your waist and a kiss placed on your temple. “Why didn’t you come and find me?” You turned around and faced Niall. “I couldn’t find you, but I knew that you would be around eventually.” You both stared at each other for a moment before Niall broke the silence. “Did you bring a hot date?” You placed your hands on his chest. “Do you count?” He threw his head back and laughed. “I always count.” You turned back to your friends but Niall kept his hand on your waist as your continued conversing. A while later Niall kissed your neck, “I’ll be back. I love you.” You squeezed the hand that was still on your waist. “Alright. I love you too.” Niall left and you returned to smirks plastered on your friends faces. “What?” You asked. They all looked at you in disbelief, “What do you mean what? You and Niall are all over each other.” You just sighed. “Niall and I have been best friends for as long as I can remember and I’m so in love with him but our lives are so different at the moment, it just wouldn’t work.” You noticed your friends weren’t looking at you anymore. “Why wouldn’t we work out?” You saw Niall standing there with his arms over his chest and you stood there in silence as he continued. “Everyone knows that we fall in love with each other every time we’re together. But when I’m by your side that’s what love is to me. Seeing the world and experiencing what life has to offer with you. It will always be you.” You weren’t sure what to say back to him, instead you rushed up to him and threw your arms around his neck and kissed for the first time with everything you had. Your friends hollering in the background caused you both to smile into the kiss. “I’ll always be by your side Niall.”


'And I’m thinking 'bout how people fall in love in mysterious ways, Maybe just the touch of a hand’

You and Zayn were sitting at a café just waiting for Harry to arrive and have a late breakfast with you both. “Why doesn’t Harry have a girlfriend?” At this Zayn sighed. “It’s not for the lack of trying. But he doesn’t really talk about that with us. I think he’s worried about our reaction to it all. I mean we’re all in committed relationships even Niall found a girl.” You grabbed Zayns hand and threaded your fingers through his. “But I just want him to be happy and I know he’s missing something in his life and that’s a girl he can fall madly in love with and they can get married and have babies. Harry would be an amazing father.” Zayn opened his mouth to continue the conversation but his face scrunched up in confusion as he watched something happen behind you. You turned around at the same moment Harry knocked into a girl with a try full of drinks, the girl and the drinks landing on the floor with an echoing thud. Everyone was still and silent as Harry started apologising profusely over his clumsiness, he held his hand out for the girl to help her off the floor and at the moment their hands touched Harry’s eyes went wide and he just stared at the girl in wonder and awe. After a few seconds he shook his head slightly and started to blush. They began to exchange words for a few moments and they both began to lean closer and closer to the other. Harry moved his hand and pushed a tendril of hair away from her face and lightly traced over her cheek. You squeezed Zayn’s hand excitedly. “Did we just watch Harry fall in love?” Zayn removed his hands from yours and circled his arms around your waist. “I think we might have.”

A/N: Thank you to the anon that requested this. I had so much fun writing this and I hope this was alright and sort of what you thought it would be. To anyone else if you have a request or feedback that would be pretty good.