looking quite annoyed and wearing shorts

[Pref] You’re Short


You and Luke went to shop around… more like you forced him to go with you since you’re a very lovely girlfriend to him. Though right now, you’re having such a terrible moment. You can’t quite reach the top rack of the crisps that you want.

You tip toed and stretched your hands trying to reach out for the bag of crisps. A hand hover on the top of you reaching for the crisps and turned around seeing a quite annoyed look.

“You’re flashing everybody” He whispered leaning a bit. You could feel his hot breath tickling your skin. You were wearing a jeans short and a loose cropped tee. You looked around and noticed some of them were looking. You blushed and turned to Luke and buried your face to his chest.

“Shortness struggles, huh? Good thing your persistent asking me to go with you” He smirked and patted your hair. “Not fair!” You mumbled pouting.


You were reading a book laying your stomach onto the cold floor and suddenly your book was in the air. You grunted and looked up to find Ashton grinning widely.

“Ashtooooon” You whined annoyed and stood up jumping trying to reach for your book that he held up high. “Stop it! You’re always making fun of me and my poor height” You clutched to his tops and continued pursuing for your book.

“You’re funny you can’t reach things” He joked and made a satisfied face to you. “I SWEAR, IRWIN” You angrily scowled. “Come on, baby, loosen up” He giggled and leaned his forehead onto your and put down your book stealing a peck on your lips.



“Y/N, can you get my picks on our room, please?” You heard Calum from the kitchen. You obligely drop the knife you’re holding into the chopping board and washed your hands. “Hang on, Cal” You replied to let him know you’re onto it.

You ran upstairs and went to your shared bedroom. You wander around trying to spot where the pick was but to no avail, you couldn’t find it… “Cal, where had you put it?” Looking up you saw his picks up the shelf “Nevermind, saw it…”.

You tried to get it but your shortness prevents you from doing so. You made weird noises like hnn or gaah. “Goodness grace!” You grunted annoyed and heard some giggling. You looked to the doors direction and saw a very amused Calum.

“That was on purpose isn’t it?” You squinted your eyes to him. “No… the picks I use is right there” Pointed at our bedside table. What?! I swear there isn’t one on there. “But?!” You pointed up at where he puts his other picks.

“Extras babe, besides you were quite a show” He winked at you “No dinner for you” You glared at him smirking and his face turned scrunched.


“Oh look at this!” Luke hysterically laughed at his phone with that amusing laugh of his. “It’s Michael and Y/N” Now you’re intrigue. You perched your brow up and walk towards them. Michael laughed loudly when he had seen the picture.

What could be so funny that he hath laugh like that? You asked yourself and continue to stride to them. When you reached them, Michael stood up and smirked. He waved Luke’s phone up so that you can’t reach it. “Michael let me see” You whined and he was literally laighing out with the other boys. “Oi, Hemmings, what was it?” You asked the lanky man a question and continued to jump trying to get the phone from his hand.

“Oh, nothin, just some old photos of you two…” He sent me a cool smile and laughed. “Michael, I swear…” You grunted. “You know, I actually never thought that you were this small… oh you still are” Michael joked and you frowned, grimaced and annyoyance showed in your face. “So you decided it’s fun to tease me?” Clearly upset he put down his hands feeling a bit guilty.

“Here” He showed a clearly stolen shot of you hanging on Michael’s neck and clearly could see how tiny you are. Literally half a normal ruler away from the ground. “I am that small” You wailed stating the obvious. “Oh babe, I am sorry, please don’t cry…” Michael was clearly distressed earning some laugh by his mates. “Mikey, is wrapped around your fingers” Ashton commented and everyone laughed along.