looking mighty fine there boys


So I was just thinking. Look how nervous Jimin has been the entire day! I mean he almost didn’t smile and when he did it was just a small one and I know there are people who are making ridiculous jokes about Jimin hating White people(stop making those damn jokes, they’re not funny)

I think he was really, really, really nervous because after they won the Award(SO DAMN PROUD) he was smiling the entire time, like always, he returned to his adorble(sexy) self! 

And Namjoon was amazing translating and speaking English, he is a true leader but we already knew that of course but damn I’m just so proud and what about J-Hope and his enthusiasm about everything, I just sat there enjoying the way he was enjoying his time there. JK omg he was adorable with his rock signs the entire time and boy he looked dashing in his suit. Taehyung, our tae tae, he well looked amazing and the way he kept sticking to his precious V sign. Vogue.com choose him as best dressed for a reason, damn…

Jin, well the third guy on the left….. enough said right?! He looked sharp like always and sweetie just keep doing your flying kisses we love them. Now I’m ending with my Bias, Min Yoongi..damn boy he slayed in his outfit, I just, well he blew my mind when he stepped on that carpet, he looked mighty fine and the way he was smiling the entire time, boy did he make me melt!! 

So to sum it all up, they looked awesome, they were awesome, they are awesome and most importantly they had fun oh and let’s not forget they got an Billboard music award….

Ozzy be looking classy, right,


*whistles* WOO! Atta boi! He a mighty fine boi! Woop! Lookin like a handsome boi Oz! (*debates whether Nicey should come see this*)

Title; Proposal / Rating; K / Warnings; None /

As you finished up and turned all the lights out at the office Spencer came in ‘ready to go home baby?’ Your boyfriend was in his casual clothes; a plain blue shirt, dark wash jeans and his converse and my oh my did he look mighty fine. ‘yeah, let’s go home pretty boy’ he gave you a small smile, you loved using Morgan’s nickname for Spencer, on the other hand he didn’t. Spencer and you walked from the car hand in hand to your shared apartment at the door he covered your eyes with his hands, ‘Spencer? what are you doing?’ 'trust me Y/N’. Something smelled delicious when you entered the apartment and when Spencer removed his hands it was a stunning, there was candles, petals, the works. ‘Oh Spencer it’s stunning’ you were blown away but what he had done for you both ‘I just wanted you to know how much I appreciate everything that you do and how much I love you Y/N’. 

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