looking like you just woke up

Monsta X “Crush confesses while drunk”


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He would smile to himself as you rambled on about how perfect he was to who you thought was Minhyuk on the phone. He would tell you to be careful and go to bed with the plan of confessing when you were sober.


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(gif has nothing to do with the reaction, i just really love looking at Wonho)

He would be shy while you drunkenly confessed but really cocky about it when you were sober again. “So you talk about how perfect I am with Shownu, huh?” 


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100% would be a little shit and would torture Jooheon beause he didn’t tell him about your crush.


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Minhyuk would be so hyped about you liking him but questioning why you thought he was Changkyun and why you were this drunk in the first place.


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He would be mildly annoyed because you woke him up at 1 in the morning and this prince needs his beauty sleep and even more annoyed that you thought he was Kihyun. But he’d turn into a sleepy, blushing mess after hearing that you like him too


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He would brag to the other members about you liking him. Little did he know they all knew this already. It just took you being drunk and thinking he was Hyungwon, for him to find out.


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What if Todoroki's s/o was really strong but like super lazy to put in any effort when actually fighting. It's funny to imagine the s/o," I could actually fight or lose and go home to sleep" Sorry if this idea is too weird

“How have you lost all your fights without a single scratch?” Todoroki stared at your reflection, finishing putting bandaids over his injuries. “I’ve been winning, but here we are.”
You smiled up at him lazily from your phone and tried not to think about how tough it was going to be to kiss him with a busted lip. “Eh, I’m good at dodging fists. ‘Sides, I woke up early and I was really tired and I just wanted to go home.”
He looked at you perplexedly, seemingly trying to formulate the right words. “So… did you just… quit? In the middle of the match?”
“Nah, more like… I let the other person win for my own benefit, and then I go home and recharge. Rebuild my strength via napping and all, you feel?”
Todoroki raised an eyebrow, trying not to reopen a cut on his forehead. “I suppose… but how do you plan on becoming a hero without putting in the effort?”
“Hey! I fight when it’s real! I fight real good, man.” He nodded along. “Say it, Todoroki.”
“You are remarkably strong, I’ll agree to that.”
“Thank you, dear. Means a lot.” You leaned over to kiss his cheek, deriving happiness from the tiny blush on his cheeks. “Hey! Maybe with that motivation I’ll start putting in energy!”
“Oh thank god I was worried.”

Transcript of “THE DOUCHEBAG”

(Isak is on the phone with Eskild)

Isak: No, but Eskild, if he’s sleeping, then just let him sleep.

Eskild: So I shouldn’t wake him up and ask how he’s doing?

Isak: No, why should you do that?

Eskild, No, I don’t know. You told me I was supposed to look after him.

Isak: Yeah, I told you to keep an eye on him because he’s depressed, not watch over him like he’s a baby. Just let him sleep.

Eskild: Yeah, I think he just woke up. Talk to you later.

Vilde: Hi Isak!

Isak: Hi Vilde.

Vilde: Did you see the message I posted in Kosegruppa?

Isak: Uhh.. Yeah, Kosegruppa.. No, I didn’t.

Vilde: Why are you laughing?

Isak: No, I had just almost forgotten Kosegruppa existed.

Vilde: You’re still in? The revue starts now. You can’t just be in on the partying and not the work.

Isak: Of course I’m still in on Kosegruppa, Vilde! What do you think of me?

Vilde: Yeah, because all the groups are going to have a Christmas gathering on Friday and the rave pre-party at yours went so well, so I was wondering if we could have it at your place?

Isak: Yeah. 

Vilde: Yeah? Is it cool with your flat mates?

Isak: Yeah, it’s probably fine.

Vilde: Good! Then I’ll send out the invitations. 

Isak: Go ahead!

Isak: Hey.

Emma: Hi.

Isak: There’s this douchebag in second grade who’s going to have this Christmas gathering with Kosegruppa on Friday, so he’s wondering if you want to come because he thinks that would be very nice.

Emma: I have switched to th PR-group, so..

Isak: I understand.

Emma: But you should tell the douchebag I’m very glad he asked.

Isak: Yeah, I’ll tell the douchebag. He’ll appreciate that. 

Emma: Do that.

Isak: Yes.

Emma: Yeah, bye. 

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I'll start an angst train lol. How about headcanons/scenarios for the chocobros injured while saving their s/o from a daemon, and the s/o takes care of them?

You sit by the fire, Noctis’ head cradled in your lap. You smooth the hair away from his face, and he twitches slightly in his sleep at the contact. You gave him a few potions after the hunt you’d had where you’d almost gotten yourself killed and he’d stepped in to save you, and he’d passed out from the pain. You watch as the potion stitches together his wounds, and let the tears slip from your eyes. You lean down to press a kiss to his forehead and he smiles gently in the midst of his slumber. You won’t let anything like that happen to him ever again.

Prompto assures you that he’s fine, that he’s tougher than he looks when he just about collapses at camp. You drop to your knees at his side and beg him to let you survey his wounds. He winces as you touch a wet spot by his abdomen and feel a sob rip from your throat as you lift your shirt and see a huge gash mark from the claws of the Arachne you’d just defeated. Prompto tries to joke with you that he doesn’t even feel it anymore, and you work on healing him in silence, too scared to voice what you’re really thinking.

When Gladio tells you he’s going on a short hunt and that he’ll be back later that day, you think nothing of it. But when he returns with the gash on his chest opened again and gushing blood, you start to panic. He’s pallid but refuses your help, and almost denies your care until he sees the absolute terror in your eyes. You patch him back up in silence and he apologizes to you once your hands are done bandaging him up. You throw your arms around his neck to pull him close, careful not to jostle his bandages. He lets you cry as long as you need.

When Ignis first loses his vision, the last thing he wants to be to you is a burden. So he tries his best not to ask for your help, but after a close call against a red giant, you pull him close at camp and help him with his wounds. Your hands are patient and caring, and he feels embarrassed that he can’t keep up with the others because of his newfound handicap. You give his hand a squeeze and press a kiss to his scarred cheek, promising him that you’re not leaving his side and that you know that with time, he’ll find a way to adjust. He always does.

Random fact: In Mexico, it’s a common belief that if you cuss out at a ghost, it’ll leave you alone.

OK, so this afternoon I was in voice lesson, just blasting ‘Sebben Crudele’ like a pro to revise italian pronunciation and overall style and all of a sudden the room got super chilly. I got a shiver down my back. My teacher’s cats just suddenly woke from their nap and looked up, ears perked, to somewhere behind my back. Mind you, there was a mirror in front of me and I couldn’t see anyone behind me, then I FELT A FREAKING FINGER RUN OVER MY BACK.

So I kind of panicked, messed up my singing, my teacher stopped me, began to correct me, and I heard something shuffling in the corner, so I turned around. Still nothing. Teacher saw me turning around to look at the corner so he went “What are you looking at?” and I just shook my head and looked ahead again. He then calmly looked at the corner and went “Sácate a la chingada, pinche cabrón!” (Losely translated= Go fuck yourself, son of a bitch)

I kid you not, the room got cozy again immediately after he did that and he continued the lesson like he hadn’t just cussed a ghost outta the room.

Exo Reacts To You Being A Clingy Wife

You wake him up in the middle of the night and ask him if he likes likes you.

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It was 2 a.m when you woke up your sleeping husband. He rolled over and slowly opened his eyes. 

“What is it jagi? Are you okay?” He asked while pushing your hair away from your face. 

You were nervous and you knew that you shouldn’t have woken him up but you… were having a moment..

Looking down you mumbled, “Do you like me?”

It was quiet for a moment before looking up to see him staring at you. 

“Did you really just ask me that question? I mean it’s not like we’re married or anything.” He asked staring directly at you. 

“I mean like… like.. me.” You interjected. He sighed and rolled over on his other side, “Goodnight WIFE.”

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When he rolled over to ask you what was wrong you asked him, “Do you like like me?”

He looked at you and contemplated his entire life decisions.

“Did you really just ask me that question?” Do you not remember that thing we did when you wore a white dress.. and like.. we put rings on each others finger? Did you… just like forget that entire day?”

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When you asked him that question in the middle of the night he took it personal. Like he hasn’t been showing you his love for you and he would be really upset about it.

“Of course I love you jagiya.. You’re the best thing thats ever happened to me. Thats why I married you. I don’t like you, I love you.” He said before kissing your forehead and wrapping his arm around your waist to cuddle.

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When you had woken him up he was trying to figure out if you were being serious. He looked at you and tried to read your facial expression but he couldn’t.

“Uh… Do I like you..?” He repeated the question

You nodded and looked at him.

“Is this a trick question because it’s 2 in the damn morning and I’m not mentally prepared. I love you! I love you I love you I love you!!” He rushed out before throwing his body over yours and going back to sleep.

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“Let me get this straight.. you woke me up in the middle of the night to ask me, your HUSBAND, if I….like you…?” He asked. 


“Goodnight Jagi.”


“Goodnight.” He cut you off before rolling back over and going back to sleep.

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He’d be like Lay. He’d be worried that he wasn’t showing you how much he loves you and would be really sad with himself. He’d try to change the subject by joking around.

“I married you, you know what that means right? I love you.. like… alot….” He gave you a smirk before pulling you closer to him and humming you to sleep.

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He ignored your question and just pulled you into his arms and held you. He knew you were just going through a moment and wanted some love. 

“i love you more than you could ever imagine jagiya…”

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“Do you like like me?”

He squinted his eyes at you. Looked at his wedding ring and then at yours.

“ Are you okay babe?” He asked while feeling your head with the back of his hand.


“I mean what kind of question is that, Mrs. Kim?”

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“ Are you serious? Do I ‘like like’ you? You know what, No I don’t. I was sleeping and you woke me up. So no I do not ‘like like’ you.” He growled before turning his back towards you, mumbling “The hell is ‘ like like’? Girl know damn well I love her. Fuck. Waking me up for this shit.” 

He grabbed your hand and pulled you so you were spooning him, kissing your hand and making you wrap your arms around his waist before falling back asleep.


Looking Like You Just Woke Up

Translation: Drittsekken (The Asshole) - 12.12

Isak: -if he sleeps, you let him sleep, right?

Eskild: Shouldn’t I wake him to ask how he’s doing?

Isak: No, why should you do that?

Eskild: No, I dunno, you were the one who told me to look after him.

Isak: Yeah, I asked you to check in on him because he’s depressed, not look after him like he’s a baby. Just let him sleep.

Eskild: Okay, now I think he just woke up. Talk later.

Vilde: Hi Isak!

Isak: Hi Vilde.

Vilde: Did you see the message I posted in Kosegruppa?

Isak: Er…oh, Kosegruppa..! No, I haven’t.

Vilde: Why do you laugh?

Isak: No, I..I’d almost forgotten that Kosegruppa existed.

Vilde: You’re still in, right? It’s now that the revue begins. You can’t just join the fun and not the work.

Isak: Of course I’m still in Kosegruppa, Vilde! What do you take me for?

Vilde: Yeah, ‘ceause all the groups have this Christmas get-together, and it went so well the last time we had the rave pregame at yours, so I was wondering if we could maybe do it at yours?

Isak: Yeah.

Vilde: Yes? Is it okay with your flatmates?

Isak: Yeah, surely.

Vilde: Okay, but then I’ll send out invites!

Isak: Do it!

(Vilde is :D and leaves, Isak goes over to Emma)

Isak: Hey

Emma: Hi..!

Isak: Look, there’s this asshole in sophomore year who’s hosting this Christmas get-together with Kosegruppa on Friday. So he’s wondering if you wanted to come, because he thinks it would be really nice.

Emma: I’ve changed to the PR group, so..

Isak: I see.

Emma: But give my regards to that asshole and tell him I’m happy he asked.

Isak: I’ll give your regards to the asshole. He’ll appreciate it.

Emma: Do that.

Isak: Yes.

Emma: Bye.

Isak: Bye.

Rough translation, might go in and edit/tweak later, but now I haffta runnnnnn to work BYE!