looking kinda androgynous

so everyone’s making fanaccs, and honestly if I made one it might sound redundant, SO I’m going to give u my MOTHER’s fanacc (a 50 year old psychologist with like hardly any previous knowledge of shinee (except basic knowledge of the members and a few songs thru me) or kpop in general.) so basically an outsiders view of this whole shabang that I found rly interesting. we had a 7-8hr drive back up from LA, so we talked more than we usually would otherwise and these are some of the things she said/highlighted: 

  •  first of all, when I asked what her favorite performance was there was no hesitation at all when she said: “taemin” and I was like ok… so his solo? and she said yes and that, “he’s so talented. He’s going to go so far." 
  • also about taemin: "he’s so pretty– like all of them were pretty but he was just beautiful. the lavender shirt with the hole in the back was really something.” (Im not even joking when I say she remembered EXACTLY that shirt and brought it up.) 
  •  "there was a grown man, like my age, in the back near me just repetitively yelling “TAEMIN”“ 
  • "it’s interesting. the girls near me were screaming at everything key said, but I mean, he’s as gay as the day is long, and they’re probably aware of that so it was really… interesting.”
  •  "key was funny, I liked him.“ 
  • "taemin is a far more superior dancer to everyone" 
  • "when I went to concerts when I was young, and just when I’ve seen famous people in person they tend to be more torn up than in the photos– but these men were flawless. like seriously, flawless. they must get facials like all the time.” to which I responded, “yeah, key especially likes skincare products and things like that.” and, of course, she responds “yeah most gay men tend to like that.” (she very strongly believes that he is like. obviously gay. which is understandable) 
  • i don’t remember her exact words but she said minho was also really pretty in particular (she referred to him as “the young looking one who likes sports” and said he just looks way younger than all of them n that he’s got a very elegant face shape and particularly nose 
  • “how do all these white girls know so much Korean?”
  •  I was talking about the vcrs and that they were kinda cheesy but rly cute and she said, “they’re kinda homoerotic” I’m not even fuckcign joking I laughed my ASS off when she said that 
  •  she was really shocked at how many people there were coming from across the country and even from other countries just to see shinee and that everyone there was so dedicated 
  • “I get why it’s called shinee world now. That wasn’t just like… a music concert, that was a whole different thing with so much content and words I had no idea existed. The lingo is so strange” (she was referring to like “bias” and “stan” and all that) 
  • she said that it was really interesting to see all these drastically different people from different places, different backgrounds, different ages, etc. who were there and were “on the margins” of the mainstream (she said something like… “all outsiders in society or minorities in at least one way”) and that we we’re all coming together in one place and talking as if we knew each other personally. Where as a lot of people (“like you” she said, to me,) wouldn’t be nearly this open and talkative and inviting otherwise. They’re all so devoted and it was such a unique experience I’d never have expected to witness. (shes a psychologist so she kinda Analyzes people alot just by default. and by people in this case she means shawols)
  • “everyone was crying. So many people were crying.”

Don’t mind me…Just…drawing some…Punk!Marvin………

Realized I didn’t add the cat mask until it was too late so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Put it as a tattoo instead.

Also this is like the first time really trying to work on perspective and??? Eeeeeeh??? It’s okayyy



Sorry about my weak selfie game but my wigs are good to go for Nekocon this weekend! Mae will be seen on Friday and Saturday (and my bro is gonna be Angus!), and fem!Yoosung will be Sunday. I might squeeze the former in for a bit on Saturday, but it’ll be a definite for Sunday! If I have any followers attending this weekend, feel free to say hi! Here’s hoping for a fun weekend! :D

“You look more and more like your big brother.”

College-age Hiro.

So the cute @neckpillows tagged me in the “Get To Know Someone Better” thing^^ thank you :3 so I’ll just start before things get awkward xD

Appearance: I have short blue/green/gray ish hair, inspired by amber’s hairstyle. I do wear glasses right now because of an eye infection but I usually wear contacts. I look kinda androgynous I guess? My mother said so^^ and also I am supposed to have peachy cheeks xD (credits to @kill-a-lily love ya)

Personality: eh that’s a bit complicated because I didn’t quite figure myself out yet^^ I was always a shy person, hiding behind people and rarely speaking. But in the last few years I started to get more confident and extroverted^^ so I’m a mix of both, sometimes my introverted side come’s back out^^ I guess you could say I’m an extroverted introvert. I also say dumb stuff like 24/7 and I forget so much .-. I cuddle people a lot and I’m cinda clingy xD (also lowkey always asking myself if my friend’s even like me or if they are just pretending *cough* trust issues rip *cough* )

Ability: uhm idk I can dance? I’m a pretty fast reader and I’m good in english(german is my mothertongue^^). But that’s about it. I’m not good at much stuff

Hobbies: like I already mentioned dancing. It’s a big passion of mine and I’m really determined to get better. I’m still not perfect and I want to improve a lot. Also writing short stories in my free time^^

Experiences: that’s kinda vague huh .-. Well I experienced some good stuff and some bad stuff in my life. I was bullied in 8th and 9th grade and it leaved some scars on me so yeah. Fuck those assholes. But I always had a safe family who supported me and believed in me. Them and my friends are my happy experiences. And also the best experience in my whole life is this wonderful person @corey0111

My life: my life is a mix of boring and stressed xD I have alot of school plus exams and homework. It stresses me alot sometimes but I’m managing it somehow^^ besides that I lay in my bed and relax it a book or my phone^^

Relationship: Okay if I don’t stop myself this will turn into a love letter so @corey0111 I love you so so fucking much you are the best thing that ever happened to me. Me and this cute little boy have been in a relationship for over a year and I couldn’t love him more. We met through a friend in a kpop group but we live 300 km apart :/ (I did have relationship’s before but eh)

Random stuff: idk what to say xD I’m watching star wars right now and it’s pretty late so rip tomorrow. My cat is also here and he’s SO FLUFFY WTF… yeah okay I’ll stop xD one last thing tho… GAY

this was fun xD I tag @freeartmagazinez @softparkkyung @lunamuna622 @corey0111 (just for fun xD) @kill-a-lily (have fun dude) @namjoonsboyfriend (wtf toby I still can’t find you someone tell this cute boy I tagged him) @catpeeonbarbie (I miss talking to you guys ><) @space-toast-yall (you too maggie!) @paulgiesler


So…… I got my first eye contacts and I really like them??  🍃

Here’s a close up. Super vibrant!!! (my natural eye color is a dark brown!)

i’m calling it right now shuuichi saihara is gonna turn out to be a female crossdresser

this isn’t based off of much but i just noticed that this guy

looks a lot like this gal

naoto shirogane from persona 4, a character the player first believes is a boy, but is actually just a very androgynous girl.

besides appearance they’re also both detectives

this theory is kinda based off of other references to persona in danganronpa, like how kyosuke munakata 

is similar in both personality and appearance to persona 4′s protagonist yu narukami

(they also both wield katanas)

also monokuma is kind of a reference to a similar bear mascot in persona called teddie, both who make a lot of bear puns

that’s all this theory is really based off of, plus shuichi does look kinda androgynous to me, so i think it’s very possible they might end up actually being a girl.

Okay, so…

My HRT tranniversary is coming up on June 26.  That’s super exciting, but there’s also something subtly upsetting about that fact, and I wish I knew how to properly process it all.

I’ve said before that I’m often incredibly jealous of other trans women - probably to a dangerous degree.  There are those of you who haven’t even started hormones, or have only been on them three months or so.  You have amazing hair and gorgeous bodies and adorable eyes and shit.  It’s awesome and I’m so happy for you but I’m also jealous as fuck.

Even after a full year, I still get misgendered constantly.  I have a high amount of body and facial hair, my general look is pretty masculine, the hair on top of my head pretty much refuses to grow so I still have a huge bald spot, I have tits but my chubby stomach is bigger.  On a good day, I look kinda androgynous, if I’m really, really trying.

Passing is a goddamn myth for me.  I don’t know if it still qualifies as clocking when you still look like your old self 24/7.  My own friends and family can barely manage my name and pronouns sometimes.

I say all this not merely to complain (though sometimes it’s healthy to do so anyway) or to hate on all the beautiful trans girls out there.  I say it because I want everyone to understand that there is no standard narrative when you’re trans.  Particularly women like me who are unemployed and lacking in resources just don’t have the ability to immediately transform (a la Caitlyn Jenner).  We don’t get to be flawless goddesses.  Some days we’re lucky if we manage vaguely feminine.

My name is Amy, I’ve been on hormones almost a full year and you’d probably never know it.  Don’t let girls like me get erased.