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some journaling ideas
  • quote of the day / song of the day / thought of the day
  • what you’re looking forward to this month / year
  • goals for this month
  • spreads or lists for favourite films / shows / music albums / books
  • favourite film / show / music album of the week or month
  • ongoing projects and work to keep track of
  • to watch / to read / to listen to list
  • wishlist
  • places to visit
  • letter to your future self / letter to your past self 
  • movie tickets / concert tickets / polaroids / receipts / stickers / stamps
  • self affirmations
  • playlists
  • five years from now 
  • tattoo ideas
  • things to study / learn more about
  • favourite quotes / lyrics / poems
  • achievements / accomplishments / places you’ve been and things you’ve done and when 
  • calming / grounding senses ( favourite sounds, smells, textures, and more )
  • support websites / phone numbers for reference

Hey guys! I’m back from Aninite, it was a blast! It was my first time selling my artwork at a big convention. But all the hard work and little sleep paid off! Thank you so much for your patience, I will post more content this week! So you can look forward to some original art as well as fanart :)

And I’ll stream again this afternoon at 17:00 CEST / 8am PDT on Twitch. Link can be found on my bio. I’ll talk about my last weekend at Aninite while drawing. So come say hi if you have time and are interested!

And I wanted to say, that I love my commissioniers! Thank you so much! <3

You know what I love about the sequence where the Generals drop onto Puig?

First, both Ezor and Zethrid look at Acxa. I’ve heard people talk about the way Zethrid argues with Acxa in s3e6, but the thing is… Acxa isn’t SiC just cause, that’s the role she naturally fits in with the rest of the team. None of them are prompted to look to her, but they just do.

They’re all the same rank (general). Technically Acxa has no real authority to boss any of them around, and there’s pretty much no way that Zethrid, stated as a stubborn and proud person, wouldn’t know that.

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#ChoicesCreates Prompt Round 24 (Aug 22-Aug 27)

Welcome to #ChoicesCreates Round 24!

Can you believe that #ChoicesCreates has been running for 24 weeks. That’s 6 months. That’s HALF. A. YEAR. Whuttttttt.Thank you to everyone for your support!

Ready to get a little celestial? Here’s this week’s prompt:


This week for Choices Creates, take inspiration from the skies, whether it’s astronomy related such as a solar eclipse or astrology related such as zodiac signs.

Post your creative work

by August 27, Sunday, 4 pm, Chicago time.


Your next host for #ChoicesCreates is…  @alwaysanotheroc 🌠

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Your relationship with Jaehyun from his POV


Ahhhh I really enjoyed writing this one but id if it can be see in the text or nah lol :’) but uh anyway! I hope you enjoy this :)

Your relationship with NCT from his POV

  • Taeil
  • Johnny
  • Taeyong
  • Yuta
  • Doyoung (link to be added soon but can be found in masterlist!)
  • Ten (link to be added soon but can be found in masterlist!)
  • Jaehyun
  • WinWin

I will do all the debuted members in NCT excluding Sm Rookies, but first I’m starting with the hyung line of NCT before doing the maknae line!

Originally posted by jaehoneytoast

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Moving Forward Chapter 8

Prompt: Reader gets pregnant by the sourwolf but he leaves before she could tell him, time skip the kid is 3 and the pack is the readers main support.

Pairing: Derek Hale x Reader, Pack x Reader

Word Count: 1,285

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jess-the-vampire  asked:

Since Tom is presumably half-mewman, perhaps he has little mewberty wings he hides under his shirt that he's embarrassed about showing. How about a fic where Marco discovers them and thinks they're cute?

Awwww! Sure I can! This was such a sweet and cute idea I really had a lot of fun writing it! I hope you enjoy!!!

Tom giggled a little bit and he leaned forward giving Marco a fast kiss. Marco smiled and pulled his demon in for a hug. He wrapped his arm around Tom and gave him a big kiss on the cheek. Tom blushed and felt his heart flutter. But unlucky for him, his heart wasn’t the only thing that fluttered due to Marco’s affections.

“What the hell was that!?” Marco gasped, pulling away at feeling the flickering against his arm. He calmed down and looked at Tom. “Tom, what was that under your shirt?” He asked, now more curious than freaked out. Tom backed away as Marco advanced a little.

“N-nothing! It was nothing!” Tom gulped, turning a dark red and looking distressed.

“It felt like a big bug.” Marco tried to get him to turn around. “Come on Tom, I know you’re hiding something, what’s up?” He asked, smiling slightly. He tugged a little at the demon’s shirt and Tom squirmed away, diving under the blanket.

“It’s nothing! It’s nothing at all!” Tom cried, his voice muffled from the big fluffy blanket. Marco lifter the blanket up so he could see Tom’s face.

“Come on, please tell me?” He asked in a teasing tone. Tom pouted.

“Nooo,” he mumbled and buried his face in the blankets. “It’s embarrassing.” He groaned. Tom then looked up with a look of disgust and he reached behind him to touch his back. “They’re ugly anyway…” He muttered.

“What are?” Marco asked, leaning forward. Tom looked behind himself and Marco to make sure nobody was in the room and he sat up.

“My… my wings…” He spoke so quietly Marco had to lean in to hear. “I’m half mewman… they’re my mewberty wings.” He added, in explanation.

“Oh Tom! You have wings! That’s amazing!” Marco mused. Tom shook his head.

“No, no, no, no, no! It’s not!” He snapped. “I’m half demon… so my wings don’t look demon or mewman… they look weird and hybrid like and I got them way too young and all the other demons used to make fun of me.” He mumbled. “I was still a little kid, and I had no other signs of mewberty until one day I sprouted these tiny, ugly, useless wings. And I can’t even control how they move sometimes.” Tom added.

“Is that why they just fluttered?” Marco asked. Tom blushed and nodded.

“You got me nervous.” He mumbled. Marco smiled a little and gave the demon another kiss on the cheek.

“Well… I think it’s cool that you have wings.” Marco spoke. Tom perked up a little.

“You do?” He asked. Marco nodded enthusiastically and scooted closer. Tom blushed a tiny big. “Do you… wanna see them?” He asked.

“Well I don’t want to make you uncomfortable.” Marco assured. Tom shook his head.

“No… well I’m going to be uncomfortable but, I don’t mind it right now.” Tom explained. “I kind of want you to see them.” He spoke. He couldn’t explain why he wanted this. He loved Marco, so he felt the need to hide his biggest physical insecurity from him. But at the same time he felt like he needed the human’s approval or opinion. Love was weird.

“Okay.” Marco agreed. Tom pulled his shirt up so Marco could see the two dark purple, dragon-like wings. There were parts that seemed a little see-through and sparkly. Like a pixie, but scaly and dragon-like at the same time. Marco reached out to have his hand graze on very lightly, but Tom squirmed a bit so he pulled away.

“W-what do you think?” Tom asked, getting choked up from nerves. Marco felt a big grin spread across his face. Tom’s wings rest down, but every now and then they would give a little flutter from nerves and Tom would shift.

“They’re so cute!” Marco exclaimed. Tom turned his head in shock, to see Marco’s smiling face. “Aww, Tommy. They look so cool! And they way they flit around is adorable.” Marco continued gushing over how cute his demon was, and how amazing and unique his wings were. With every word Marco said he felt his face flush more. “Can you fly?” Marco asked. Tom shook his head.

“I can hoover a little bit if I try really really hard.” He admitted. “But barely.” Tom added.

“Can I feel them?” Marco asked. And for some reason this made Tom blush violently. But he nodded and Marco felt the scales lightly. Tom felt his eyes close a little. It felt sort of nice, like the same way it felt when Marco would scratch him behind the ears and run his fingers through his hair. It was relaxing and the little affectionate touches made him feel loved. Not to mention how sore his wings were from keeping them folded in tight and constantly hidden under his shirt. So the way Marco was feeling them felt like a little massage, it was nice.

Soon Tom shifted to be closer to Marco and he snuggled into the human’s hoodie. Marco smiled and continued to rub gently between the two wings. Pretty soon the same old thing happened, Tom began to purr and purr until it grew softer and he dozed off.

Marco smiled big and pulled a blanket over the two of them. He continued to feel Tom’s wings gently, and used his other hand to scratch his ear. The wings had a little glint to them, so it was like the glowed. Marco smiled softly and gave Tom a light kiss. “I love you, Tommy. Everything about you.” He whispered to his sleeping love. Marco rested his head atop of Tom’s and smiled, closing his own eyes. “And for the record, your wings are super cool.”

Fanfic Writers’ Appreciation Day

AKA here are some incredible writers and people I want to give my entire heart to


I feel like my life changed for the better when I discovered your writing, and you have been one of my biggest supporters in the Voltage fandom. Even on days when you and I do a play-by-play of what you’re working on, your final fics and drabbles blow me away with how incredible they are. You have the rare gift of making readers feel present in the moment of whatever scene you’re writing. I look forward to every single thing you write, and I am so lucky to have you in my life.


You are my ray of sunshine, and your writing always brings a smile to my face. Your descriptions are otherworldly, and I feel this incredible warmth when I read your writing. Even your angst leaves me on the edge of my seat, and I love seeing you grow and explore other genres. You are a captivating writer and an even more amazing friend, and I love the mutual support we have for each other’s work.


You manage to make me laugh and cry with your writing, and that is not easy to do. Your Eisuke angst broke my heart, and whenever I need inspiration I love to go back and read what you’ve posted. You can even see the dedication you put into writing when you do shitposts and silly headcanons, which I appreciate more than you’ll ever know. I cannot wait to work with you more when you come back from your journey, and I know my writing future is brighter because you are a part of it.


I’m not exaggerating when I tell you that your writing is a gift, as you have inspired me unlike any other. Just when I think I’ve seen every trope, felt every emotion I could possibly feel in regards to fanfiction, you created VABVerse and raised the bar. I will be forever grateful for the dedication you put into this craft, and I truly mean it when I say that you have given me the courage to explore concepts I never had the confidence to even consider. The fact that you’re just as eloquent and kind in real life as you are in your writing is a testament to the fact that you are truly an amazing person and I love you so much.


Can you say badass and incredible? That’s how I’d describe both Rose and her writing. I cannot even fathom how you come up with these plotlines and how you give the your readers the perfect balance between scene description and dialogue, but you continue to impress me with everything you write. I love the support we give each other through screaming about angst and talking about our faves together. You have quickly become my ride or die in the writing community and in real life. 


I am so blessed to be friends with such a dedicated writer and an even more incredible person. Your descriptions are so real and moving, I find myself hanging onto every word when you post a fic. You make my day better when I see how passionate you are about writing and these characters we have all grown to love. I’m pretty sure you are the light in everyone’s life, and you are my fellow dotter and partner-in-crime.


If I have a tenth of the amount and quality of content that Scum produces, I will consider myself a successful writer. You are dedicated to your schedule for writing and you come out with these great headcanons and fics week after week. I am so glad we reached out to each other, because your constant strive to become an even better writer is so inspiring to see. I love talking shop with you and bouncing ideas off you, and I admire how confident you are with your words.


Your passion is a driving force behind your writing, and you can see that with every fic you post. I love how you aren’t afraid to explore different genres and ideas. I love everything from your smut to your fluffy pieces. You have this awesome confidence that comes off of every piece you post, and I strive to have that similar confidence someday. I also appreciate how open you are to new ideas and feedback. 

Padme Defence Squad Week Thank You and Masterpost

A huge thank you to all of the amazing creators who participated in our Padme Week celebration! We loved each and every post and are so grateful to share in your love for Padme Amidala. Padme Week was a huge success and we will look forward to hosting more events in the future! An extra special thank you and kudos to everyone who made something for each day. <3

Here’s a list of everyone who participated and their posts! Please support these wonderful folks and their creations:

(If we missed a post, please let us know!)

With love and gratitude,

Mods Alexandra ( @politicalmamaduck) and Katie ( @bruceclarkd)

Our posts:

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Fanfic writer apreciation day.

It’s really late but in all honesty, it’s really hard for me to say things so it took me a whie to figure out what I wanted to say so here it is. and even if you are a fanfiction writer and I don’t mention or follow you I want you to know you are special and amazing for doing what you love. Keep up with the good work

@promiscuous-jalapeno You are one of the first mysme related writers I encoutered back when I was new to the fandom and I’ve loved every piece of your work I’ve read.

@setthestarsxnfire You broke my heart, still you are a great writer and a cool person, looking forward to see more of your broke, specialy fluff, you’ve only caused me pain so far. (joke, write whatever I’ll read it anyways )

@nordicicequeen you are such a good person and write such good angst, I’m waiting to see more of your work specially that fic with saeran (I’m realy sorry I suck at names)

@misskiku I truly don’t know what I would do without her advice thank you

@fromthedeskofelizabeththird @2bedroom-baddestbidderlove @casualpastelgay @yoosungshoodie @juminssi @mystakemessenger-imagines @hamitome–imagines @theincredibleultron are all wondeful talented writers.

I feel like I missed a lot of people but I don’t know what to say about them, they are wonderful, their writting it’s amazing and they are so funny people. I was lucky to meet them some of them and get to read their work. And if you don’t follow them you should it’s worth it.

The Legend Of Lucky Pie Episode 4 "ALIENS" - YouTube

Finally, here is the fourth episode of our cartoon. Thank you for your patience, you will find something interesting after you watch this episode. This is what we hope and look forward to. We have started the fifth episode making. Maybe it is the last episode of this cartoon series if we still not find any invest. If you like this cartoon series and hope to watch more story of Lucky and Pie. Please share it with your friends. More share and more views can help us to have a better chance of securing money for continued making. It took us three years to make four episodes cartoon. Our fate is in your hands, thank you so much!

Seungri’s Chinese Fan Site has already started raising funds to support  Seungri’s solo

  • CR vivivivivivivi12#seungri
    Hello, here is CVVIP.
    We VVIP all want to know Seungri solo’s exact time, which we all want to see ASAP. Chinese VVIP are all preparing for his solo at present.
    Early at 1st Feb this year, when hearing the news that Seungri is planning for his solo, Seungri’s Chinese Fan Site has already started raising funds supporting for it. CVVIP has raised one hundred thousand in only 23 hours, and raised more than half a million until now even without knowing the exact info of his solo. We all believe that the funds will have an explosive increase when the official propaganda of Seungri’s solo comes out. We VVIP are all waiting for YG’s arrangement peacefully; however, why there is not any news about his solo even after 5 months?
    We are looking forward to a reply, and please, face up to the voice of Seungri’s fans.

    안녕하세요.여긴 중국의 CVVIP인데요.팬들은 모두 승리의 솔로가 대체 어느때에 나오는지 알고싶어해요.우린 모두 승리의 솔로를 빨리 보고파요.현재 중국의 VVIP들은 다들 승리의 솔로를 위해 준비하고 있어요.일찍 2월1일 때 승리가 솔로계획이 있다는 소식을 듣고 승리의 중국팬사이트에서 미리 모금을 진행해 솔로응원을 위해 준비를 하고있었어요.CVVIP 23시간내에 10만위안이란 모금을 달성하고 솔로에 관한 구체적인 소식이 없는 현재까지 우린 이미 50만위안이란 모금을 모았어요.이 숫자는 공식솔로발표후 기하학급으로 증가될것이에요.승리의 팬들은 정말 항상 회사의 안배를 기다리고 있지만 5개월이 지나서도 왜서 여전히 감감무소식인가요?우리들은 단지 답복을 받기 싶은것뿐이에요.승리의 팬들의 의견을 직시해주셨으면 좋겠어요. @fromyg

indigowallbreaker  asked:

!!! Aw thank you! I look forward to it :3

Welp, it’s late, but it’s here. I also have a version on AO3. It’s all under the cut so my terrible writing doesn’t clog up everyone’s dashboard. For indigo, who needs something to read while they recover from wisdom teeth. 


Robbie jerked, falling out of his chair. He ran over and looked through the lens. He groaned, seeing the blinding excess of pink in the sights of his periscope. “What do you want?”

“Sportacus needs your help.”

“He needs my help?”

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At this point I am just looking forward to when Jon goes back to Winterfell and is in BIG TROUBLE.

He and Sansa will have another fight a la the battle tent scene

I think he and Arya will have a falling out too. The more staunchly Arya defends Jon this season, the more I think she is being set up to have this memory of Jon as the perfect brother shatter a little.

I think Jon’s quote “they’ll come to see you for who you are” to Dany will come true, and she and Sansa and Arya will eventually get along, but only after it is made clear that the north will never belong to Dany. I don’t even think that for shipping reasons. I happen to be in the “Iron Throne will be worthless when this is all over and the Seven Kingdoms will be separate again” camp. The model for that future will begin by Dany fighting the war against the dead with allies rather than subjects.


I might be scarce here for the rest of today and tomorrow, trying to get shit done including a lot of Patreon stuff I had to reshuffle to the end of the month because I suck. But Wednesday we have The Longest Journey liveblog right here (sponsored by @madegeeky!), and I’ll be getting my much belated voting for September’s Patreon underway soon and announce what’s coming next month by Monday.

I feel I’ve not been around anywhere near as much lately as I’d like, and I’m looking forward to when shit calms down so we can get back to normal.  OCTOBER WILL BE SO MUCH MORE AWESOME