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I love how the UK’s motto is keep calm and carry on, the terrorist attack we had a month or two ago and the attack yesterday in Manchester just proves that. The community comes together and we fight together and it just makes my heart so happy to know that even in the darkest times hope is never lost and everyone’s comes to each others aid.  


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although i’m not so good at english and tumblr.
still love this place so much! 
you guys are very cute haha

i had a good time while making this.
and i hope you will enjoy to read it too! :D

Oh I guess I never mentioned but Eli and I are taking a trip to New Zealand to see Scott for the first couple weeks of June. I’m very excited about it! I am not looking forward to the flying cause I am not good at it but I will be fine.

So I will probably not be on here all day during the trip but I will likely be posting photos from time to time.

I cover my dysphoric and self loathing with the ability to help other people. Literally everyone I’ve ever helped has helped me become a better person and that’s what I strive for in life. I may hate myself but if I can put a smile in someone’s face and confidence in their step then I guess I did my job.

So uh I’m listening to Seasons of Fear now and there’s this bit when Charley’s asking about time and things and the Doctor goes

“If you think about things like that when you travel through time, Charley, you’ll turn your brain into a spiral staircase, and I’ve heard of people who’ve vanished up starcaises like that!” And I’m like huh wOW what a nice poetic line there but then—

“Zagreus sits inside your head, Zagreus lives among the dead, Zagreus sees you in your bed, and eats you when you’re sleeping!” uM what

Now that’s obviously the best poem I’ve ever heard but uh they can’t just leave that out there omg, is this foreshadowing

I know there’s an episode called Zagreus and uh… is this what I should expect? Because I can’t decide if it sounds completely awesome or awful literally what

313 Party!!

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it’s my birthday and i’m enjoying it by throwing myself a saisa party. :D every post today is about them. if that’s too much meiji husbanding for you, feel free to block this tag: 313 party

oh and just to clarify…unlike 313 day, this isn’t an official fandom thing. it’s just me having a good time and taking an obscure opportunity to have a second saisa flail fest on my blog. lmao :3 if you’re wondering “wtf is 313?” here’s an explanation.

^_^ <3

he’s the beauty; she’s the beast

so i’m sure the remake of a timeless classic that disney is about to roll out is going to be great and all

but here’s another way we could do things:

he’s the beauty

she’s the beast

for a movie who’s central theme is inner beauty, it doesn’t really do anything to support that, you know? so how about this: adam, our prince turned beast, isn’t an inhospitable monster. because this back story doesn’t make any sense – why is the young prince of this land alone, in a castle, only to be caught unaware by a witch?

so how about this – this is pseudo france, right, so these royals do what their real life counterparts did. they flee. the cruel, greedy king and queen flee and leave their young son behind with their staff. their son who is kind and soft hearted and totally unfit to rule any kingdom (never mind that they’re literally running away from their own people). not only that – they trade their son for their freedom, trade their kingdom for their freedom. to the witch.

so the witch comes, and she doesn’t disguise herself as a crone, goes to him looking as lovely and young as her magic keeps her. but our prince adam has a talent, one many cast-aside, neglected children have developed – the ability to see people for who they really are, and he knows this is no kind young woman in need of his help. he refuses to let her in – and there’s this little twist to the magic, that she can only enter the palace grounds and claim her prize if she’s welcomed in a as a guest, and he, the young master of this castle, won’t let her in.

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