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Sh*t my Socio Prof has Said (Month 1)
  • “Hello, I’m a degenerate gambler!”
  • “I loved flying before the days of Cletus-enhanced interrogation”
  • “Show of hands how many choose A? B? How many just don’t give a shit?”
  • “Basically this is the ass to blame for dragging statistics into this.”
  • “Last we heard he’d started a nude, vegan cult that worshiped poisoned water in some Persian brothel.”
  • “Now Weber’s method of understanding the Montgomery underground club scene- wait is that a real thing? Oh, underground bar scene, cool.”
  • “Note that all these people are what I like to cal DWEM: Dead White European Males”
  • “It was great until he lost faith in America and ran off to become a citizen of Ghana. That’s when people lost their shit and started burning his works.”
  • “Red means stop, green means go, yellow means haul ass if there’s no cop around.”
  • “I damn sure ain’t gonna taste this desk, but I could.”
  • “Anyone besides me love Guinness stout? …Oh thank god, one of you has taste.”
  • “What happens with free time? Cave paintings.”
  • “Let’s invent the alphabet, what the hell!”
  • (nervously) “Wait everyone here has parents, right?”
  • “Anyone here have no friends?” (I can’t help but burst out laughing) “Oh, got one!”
  • “What kind of sick bastard doesn’t get their best friend lit on their 21st birthday?”
  • (gesturing to a photo of Kim Jong-un) “And this guy, who I like to call Lil Kim”
  • “I guaran-dam-tee you that no matter where you go in the world, you can find a Mickey D’s. Except Iceland. Iceland politely asked them to leave.”

Lorraine Beauty Salon; Alhambra, California

“Hello! This is my invitation to you to visit our modern and unusually attractive beauty salon. We think it is the finest in suburban Southern California. come in and relax in air conditioned comfort with good coffee and soft music while our skilled staff gives you the personal attention, specializing in all beauty service. One block south of Main street, 11 South First Street. Open Tuesday through Saturday. We’ll look foreward to meeting you soon.”


Lorraine Beauty Salon
11 South First Street

Phone; ATlantic 2-2504



(as named because either name could stand for either character)

I think my runnerup favourite madancy au thing is Will/Lucas though

Lucas is so…. he just… like… there is exactly NO time that he would be able to be happy with Will, but jeez, there are so many moments where it would be SO EASY to slot him into Will’s life and think things will get better

Sorta a super tragic sweet guy that doesnt deserve what Will and Hannibal will do to him, they just eat him up and spit him out

REALLY looking foreward to one day finding the fic where Lucas has his own red-dragon-style ‘becoming’ and fucking WRECKS Hannibals SHIT because cannibal serial killers going after Will and psychologically torturing them both is just ONE STEP TOO FAR

(presumably the thing that would make this happen would be Lucas finding Will while Hannibal is actually still around, rather than the usual and lovely ‘while Hannibal is away’)

((just picture Hannibal meeting Will for the first time, and Will is like ‘you look a lot like my husband, this is sort of weird’. Hannibal doesn’t realize he loves Will right away, just that he’s very focused on him, so he’ll try to drive Will and Lucas apart just for shits and giggles, really, try to insinuate himself into Wills life, and Will wont know whats going on until he gets arrested for murder. BUT WHO WOULD FUCKING STAND BY WILLS SIDE DURING THE FALSE ACCUSATION BETTER THAN LUCAS THOUGH?? FUCKIN NO ONE.))

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((look they even dress the same! country glasses dog nerds trying to avoid literally everyone else forever, right up until Will gets pulled into the Shrike case)

We have to make a story in my short stories and poetry class that involves certain hand picked traits, conflicts, and morivation and i’m making a Samurai Jack story that sort of is like the one episode of Samurai Jack where Aku is telling a bunch of kids these mock fairytales trying to make Jack look bad. I’m going to try to write it out semi seriously but Aku’s narrating the story so I have to add some snide and sassy comments. I’m looking more foreward into reading my friend @mikefroze’s story involving Garrus Vakarian from the Mass Effect Trilogy.

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Can I have a matchup, please? I'm 5'4", brown hair, green eyes. I'm a big nerd and I love cuddles and hugs. I'm pretty shy, but with my closest friends I'm crazy af. I love making people feel loved and I would do everything for them. Thank you! ❤

Heere is your matchup ∑d(─∀─d) have a little snack and enjoy !!


I pair you with…

It’s true both you and Yuuri are both a bit shy, but when talking to each other it all disapears and soon enough you’re cracking jokes and having conversations with a variety of discussions- from serious matters to playful subjects, talking to you is something he can always look foreward to. He’s a bit of a nerd himself, and not just because of his glasses. Your playful and crazy nature when with friends can be interesting with Yuuri’s built confidence he has around you. No one really knows what’ll happen whenever you two start making travel plans or last minute night outs with each other or if he has some glasses to drink dear lord. The way you show Yuuri your self-sacrifice for others really touches him and it makes him want to protect you form any harm you might get yourself into. Also, your hugs are like the warmest thing to him and he might be a bit flustered when he pulls away but inside you know he’s just ‘asdfghjk’.

*:, i really like this edit for Yuuri, good job past me, good job ,:*

Sex Slave Au

Erie had been traded and bought back and forth for years thanks to her prowess as a sex slave that was highly desired. She had just been bought by her newest master and was sitting across from him in her rags that she was made to wear during the auction. She looked to the man and wondered how her stay with him would be and if he’d find the offers other’s gave too good to refuse and if she’d be sold again. This master seemed a bit different from the others, one that had actual power instead of just a percieved power thanks to money. She wasn’t exactly looking foreward to the man but this was aomething she was used to being a sex slave. She was ready to be put to work.



this is most of my pitchbook for my fourth year film since tumblr wont let me upload and more pictures to this post its missing a page of story sketches, themes audience and reff/insp. but heres the rest!

super looking foreward to working on my own thing and being able to play around as much as i want since i know i wont get to do that once i start working. this is gonna be a lot of fun to make and hopefully i come out with something pretty fun in the end! 

I just wanna point out something

You know how jade and alt!calliope were flying off to go do some unspecified important thing?

And we got treated to this lovely/ absolutely infuriating chat?

I say absolutely infuriating becouse this is so mean to jade. Jade keeps asking to go back to her freinds, which alt!calliope can do, who she hasn’t been able to actually meet in person despite it being something she was majorly looking foreward to for the whole comic, and she is told to wait. That waiting is the main thing for a space player. But that isn’t true!

alt!calliope is a muse, AKA the most passive class there is. It makes sense that she thinks, as muse of space, that space requires waiting for the right moment and patience. For her, it does, but not for jade. Jade is a witch of space and witches are an active class.

Jade is always shown using her powers in an ACTIVE way.

Even in grimbark, this stays true.

By very definition, jade isn’t supposed to be passive. She’s supposed to go and do things, make things happen, not wait around for them to. She can’t wait around like alt!calliope can, she has to actively participate, just like alt!calliope can’t actively cause things to happen, she has to wait. 

Alt!calliope is assuming that becouse she has to wait, all space players have to wait, becouse she’s one of the ultimate space players. It’s the only thing that makes sense to her and she’s happy with it, but for jade its torture.

I think that jade is gonna have to figure this out in order to proceed, or do whatever needs doing, and stop listening to that half of advice/command that alt!calliope gives. Which is gonna be pretty hard, becouse jade basically has to tell an eternity-year-old and master class space player that they are wrong, despite having vastly less experiance than them. Similar to trying to tell your grandma/grandpa or mom/dad that their advice isn’t helpful at all and is completely wrong. And you can bet alt!calliope is gonna be quite upset with this development if/when it happens. 

This whole thing is extremely unfair to jade on multiple levels, and its gonna take some work on jades part to fix it to where she’s relatively happy.

(Like that ever happens in homestuck for any character)

(shut up i can hope)

I want you.

I want you,
With every little thing that comes with it.
With all the good and bad,
With all the pain and joy.
I want the angry you, if something went different then you wanted it to.
I want the giggly you when we’re messing around.
I want the loving you when we’re sweet.
I want the comforing you when i need you.
I want the you in tears when we fight
And the you that’s looking foreward to the huge, endless amount of time we have left.
I want the you that loves me with every little mistake within me.
I want the you that cant keep your hands off me.
I want you.
I want every inch of your body,
And every little piece of your being.
I want you.

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AAAAAHHH FINALLY THE ASK BOX IS OPEN!!! Do you know any fic with nerd or shy jongin and bad boy kyungsoo BUT kyungsoo is the bottom? And one more, do you know any new incest fic? I think I’ve read all of them and I’m craving for them T_T Thank you so much I love you >.<

Check out incest lists here and here, as well as the incest tag here. Not all are extremely new, but these have not been recommended yet. 

  • I C U - bow down before kaspian; the next few are also done by kaspian
  • How I Want You (How I Need You) - aside from being stepbrothers, kaisoo are both also wolves (warning: age switch)
  • All Yours - jongin is off to college, leaving his younger brother behind (warning: age switch)
  • How Long Is Your Ride - they met in the bus, as strangers, had some public sex and then found out their stepbrothers
  • Good Boy - heol ;_; brothers kaisoo
  • Reload - this is actually a wolf!au where kaisoo happen to be stepbrothers, and mates
  • I Want You, Hyung - i’ve read a few of this authors smut fics, and they’re good. brothers kaisoo (warning: rimming)
  • I Need You, Hyung - sequel to the above story (warning: ice cube play, light stick play)
  • Warm Lips, Cold Hearts - stepbrothers where you start off with a very nice and steamy shower scene (warning: rimming)
  • Is This Really Okay? - soo thinks his feelings for jongin, his real brother, has subsided, but it has not (warning: currently on hiatus)
  • Off-White - kyungsoo has a hard time not loving his cute brother
  • Mirror - this was.. interesting.. some sort of royalty!au with an evil twin sister and mirrors and all that jazz; kaisoo ended up being half-siblings (warning: female!jongin, female!baek)
  • Like A Foolish Schoolboy // Sequel: Habits Of My Heart - they’re stepbrothers here, and if you’re not into really long chapters, and a pretty slow progression, this is not for you (warning: rape, infidelity)
  • Boundless - kyungsoo is initially in denial with his feelings for his brother
  • Getting Along - kaisoo are stepbrothers
  • Dear Brother - haven’t actually read it, but looks promising (warning: age switch)
  • Get Over Yourself - also haven’t read this, but looks pretty good! kaisoo are stepbrothers
  • Egg Head - READ WITH CAUTION, i repeat, READ. WITH. CAUTION. admin j made me read it, and it screwed me over. lol. but the writing style is A+++. so if you can handle it, read it. (warnings: LOOK AT THE FOREWARD)

As for your other request for Nerd/Shy Jongin and Bad Boy Bottom Soo, unfortunately, I only managed to find 1-ish? All the Bad Boy!soo fics I’ve read are pretty much top!soo. Admins here worship top!soo jsyk. Sorry about that!

  • Imagine That - somewhat? jongin coerces soo into letting him bottom (it’s a pretty short scene though)
  • because our readers want bad boy bottom soo at all cost and won’t quit, they suggested curing shyness (where kyungsoo is just very experienced and jongin extremely shy + nervous cause it’s his first time, and soo teases him a bit before the sexy times) - admin J

Enjoy ~ |°з°|

- Admin S

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Ever since Republic City surrendered and the Earth Empire was fully reunited, Kuvira and Baatar ruled the land with an iron fist. The Avatar had failed and was ridiculed by the rest of the world and Chief Beifong’s officers were now reinforced with parts Kuvira’s army. 

A few months had now passed ever since, and things were running rather smoothly. While Baatar did enjoy constantly being on the road, he prefered settling down roots even more, and looked foreward to spending the rest of his life with the woman he loved in the country they together reunited. 

“Kuvira,” he said with a small smile upon lying eyes at the woman. “I’ve just calibrated the hydraulics and checked the pressure on the heatsystem. Everything is running like clockwork, Anything else that needs to be fixed before dinner?” 

i am really conflicted because i was looking foreward to girl meets the great lady of new york because it is a farkle centric episode (like finally!) but i am going to end up feeling really bitter watching it cause it is going to be an episode that showcases different cultures and the writers aren’t going to add in their only woc character in the episode?!

Are. You. Fucking. Kidding. Me

I just wanted to give a big THANK YOU to the BGF community, and all my new followers!! Ive been having such a blast, and everyone ive met so far have been such wonderful people. Ive made a bunch of new good friends, and i just really love and appreciate all of you!! So thank you so much, joining the community has helped me in many ways and its thanks to you beautiful people <333 
Im really looking forward to all the fun times were gonna have in the future!! (And so are Dixie and Hatch, after they finish their snooze uwu)