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Ok but can we talk about how Lucifer is very, very old like minimum the entire human history and longer coz when his dad started with humanity it sounded like he was young-ish so he’s like minimum 200,000 years old and allot of that was spent in hell and time goes much more slowly there. 

And he spent only what sounded like part of his childhood or young life feeling loved and cared for. His feelings of being unwanted likely started when his dad started with humanity and all semblance of belonging or love would’ve disappeared when he was sent to hell. So 200,000 years of not loving or being loved, then he comes to earth and indulges in all the fun he can get. He views his partners as at least caring a little for him (which they don’t apparently) which is probably why he was so upset and determined to find the killer when Delilah was killed in the pilot, he really didn’t care for many people but he appeared to care at least a bit for her. Enough to want her to have a good life anyway. 

So she’s gone and he’s back to having no one to care about, then Chloe turns up and he cares about her! Allot more than he’s cared about anyone else in his 200,000 years of living. Eventually he gets over his fear and multiple emotional walls he has up from 200,000 years of being a torturer in hell. Then he finds out that actually, it was all a trick and once again he’s been had and the person he cares for (in his mind) has been ripped away from him. And he doesn’t believe she would accept him for who he is anyway. 

I just want to give some perspective coz I was thinking about this today. 200,000 years is a fucking long time no wonder it’s taken almost 2 whole seasons for Lucifer to actually admit he cares for someone. And he’s prob gon be a fucked up lil devil when he comes back with all his walls back up and weeee fun angst 

And on Chloe: I’ve seen people be all ‘shes gonna get back together with Dan’ NO BITCH DON’T YOU REMEMBER WHAT HE DONE? Dan betrayed her, allot. Like he was a royal dick face I don’t think she’s gonna go back to him. He practically abandoned her to the criticism of everyone and now Lucifers abandoning her so I wouldn’t be surprised if she puts her walls up again to. Hers are just as strong as Lucifers and it took her just as long to bring them down. 


imma go cry in a corner now bye I’m so looking foreward to May but low key scared coz it’s gonna hurt allot 

Fluttercord episode (not airing in Canada this week)

Yes! It’s true! The early airings had stopped and now they’re doing re-runs! And now we have to wait till June for the fluttercord episode!

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this is most of my pitchbook for my fourth year film since tumblr wont let me upload and more pictures to this post its missing a page of story sketches, themes audience and reff/insp. but heres the rest!

super looking foreward to working on my own thing and being able to play around as much as i want since i know i wont get to do that once i start working. this is gonna be a lot of fun to make and hopefully i come out with something pretty fun in the end! 


I’m finally back home from London Comic Con and gosh again I have to say that this convention is the best of all. There is not even one which can top this. I met so many lovely people and had a wonderful time. It’s sad that it’s already over but on the other hand I’m also happy to be back again in Germany XD.

Two days of work and then I have holidays again for the Dokomi. I’m looking foreward to everything.

Sh*t my Socio Prof has Said (Month 1)
  • “Hello, I’m a degenerate gambler!”
  • “I loved flying before the days of Cletus-enhanced interrogation”
  • “Show of hands how many choose A? B? How many just don’t give a shit?”
  • “Basically this is the ass to blame for dragging statistics into this.”
  • “Last we heard he’d started a nude, vegan cult that worshiped poisoned water in some Persian brothel.”
  • “Now Weber’s method of understanding the Montgomery underground club scene- wait is that a real thing? Oh, underground bar scene, cool.”
  • “Note that all these people are what I like to cal DWEM: Dead White European Males”
  • “It was great until he lost faith in America and ran off to become a citizen of Ghana. That’s when people lost their shit and started burning his works.”
  • “Red means stop, green means go, yellow means haul ass if there’s no cop around.”
  • “I damn sure ain’t gonna taste this desk, but I could.”
  • “Anyone besides me love Guinness stout? …Oh thank god, one of you has taste.”
  • “What happens with free time? Cave paintings.”
  • “Let’s invent the alphabet, what the hell!”
  • (nervously) “Wait everyone here has parents, right?”
  • “Anyone here have no friends?” (I can’t help but burst out laughing) “Oh, got one!”
  • “What kind of sick bastard doesn’t get their best friend lit on their 21st birthday?”
  • (gesturing to a photo of Kim Jong-un) “And this guy, who I like to call Lil Kim”
  • “I guaran-dam-tee you that no matter where you go in the world, you can find a Mickey D’s. Except Iceland. Iceland politely asked them to leave.”


I will be opening a raffle/giveaway that I will have going for 2 weeks during my spring break! I will have one at my twitter too since I hit 1k there a while ago! I will upload to giveaway post within a day or two so look foreward to that!!! ❤️



Another set of commissions for @thatsmileyguy, including his awesome gun wielding mage; Sybil and his friends constantly fed up looking rogue; Sebastian X3
These guys were really awesome to draw. Sybil is probably my favourite of his characters to draw because of her hair and face, but Seb has such a noble face and great accessories to add X3

I look foreward to drawing these two more X3
I hope you all like them

So uh, thought maybe we need some introductions?
I know its sloppy again, I’ve been rushing everything, im not good with the markers yet, so incase you cant read my handwriting:
Hi! I’m Emeyn, partnered with Aaron making art for this blog, and I use They/Them pronouns. Im asexual panromantic, and agender. Im looking foreward to improving my character drawing skills, while also helping you guys out and answering questions you have for me and Az ! Seriously, you guys are amazing and I can’t wait to see what cool ideas and funny stories you have related to gender/orientation.

(Aaron should be making one too, key word ‘should’ *shoots him a glance*)

Sex Slave Au

Erie had been traded and bought back and forth for years thanks to her prowess as a sex slave that was highly desired. She had just been bought by her newest master and was sitting across from him in her rags that she was made to wear during the auction. She looked to the man and wondered how her stay with him would be and if he’d find the offers other’s gave too good to refuse and if she’d be sold again. This master seemed a bit different from the others, one that had actual power instead of just a percieved power thanks to money. She wasn’t exactly looking foreward to the man but this was aomething she was used to being a sex slave. She was ready to be put to work.


Asian-Americans experience, in disorienting moments, the shock of the mirror’s reflection. They see they are not like everyone else around them, but somehow they embody the rise of the East in the fall of the West. Non-withstanding a family resemblance to other Asians, they boast cultural affinities to other Americans.

When they travel to an ancestral homeland as a tourist, their senses conflict. Their eyes register that everyone looks like them. Their ears hear, as soon as they try to communicate in the language that is assumed to be in the blood, that they betray themselves as foreigners or idiots (if there is any meaningful distinction between the categories). They belong only until they try to make themselves understood and then they are instantly fakers. Others are embarrassed for them for having lost their heritage, as if it could be misplaced like a childhood forgotten toy.

Returning home to where the hearth is, their self-perception and others’ perceptions conflict. They forget that they cannot be part of the crowd however carefully they follow the fads. They can be invisible to others on the street, but they can becomes conspicuous at the wrong moment. At best they are greeted as diplomatic dignitaries from ancient civilization and at worst they are marked as inept social climbers. The more successful they are, the more threatening they are as the Yellow Peril.

Whoever they may wish to be and whatever they aspire to become, they share set of stories. The Asian American condition is to lack control over one’s own identity.

—  Frank H Wu (Foreward in “Looking for Asian America by Wing Young Huie)
I am going to see Metallica in one week!

It just hit me that I am going to see my favorite band live in person in my town. I have been a huge Metallica fan since I was 14 years old. I memorized all of their songs, watched every music video, scanned every documentary, and read very biography. This music became a haven for me during a very rocky time in my life and filled me with so much love and joy that it aces. I looked foreward to breaks and weekends just so I could watch their concerts on my laptop and longed to have that experience-chanting my beloved songs with my beloved band members. Now, at long last, it is happening. I can’t wrap my head around it! For two hours I am going to see Metallica. They are really going to be their before my eyes, playing the music that I adore. I have dreamed of this for years and now that it is just one short week away I hope for the days to be longer, and if I could, freeze myself in this current moment forever (I had felt this since the tickets were purchased). This because I am no stranger to Post Concert Depression, and it is a horrendous feeling. The first time I felt this was when I was 13 and I liked One Direction because I had not yet heard real music yet ;) when I saw them live the next several months were filled with a feeling of great sadness and longing. The day after the concert I cried and cried, feeling as if their was an empty void in me. There are worse and bigger problems in the world, and this is not one of them. But you can’t blame an emotional, music loving kid can you? I no longer fancy that doll-faced boy band, but I remember my youth with them as a reminder. A few years later I received Def Leppard tickets as an early birthday gift. At this point I was a hard core, old school rocker, earning a reputation as the classic rock lover. That September, two days after my sixteenth birthday, I was going to my first ever rock n’roll show. I was beyond excited and it was truly one of the best nights of my life and I will remember it till the day I die. Shortly after we had bought me a ticket to Black Sabbath’s The End tour in February. Yet one week before Black Sabbath, I saw my beloved AC/DC. I adored AC/DC for quite some time and seeing them was absolute surreal and gave me a sense of Euphoria only felt a few times before (I suppose this is what drugs feel like). Yet, the day after that incredible night, I found myself once again in tears along with the empty void, and suddenly I was hurled back to my 13 year old self. I wept like baby at school and after school (bigger problems in the world, I know). That when I realized that rock n’roll was not a mere genre of garbage music that ones father blasts in a garage-to me it was life. I live for that old school rush of guitar,bass, and drums. I fail to under this generation, and thus I in my mind I live on a motorbike with ZZ Top blaring, and a guitar strapped on my back on an 80s country road. Classic rock is the bane of my existence. And as this next concert draws near, I worry that I will relive that horrible empty Post Concert Sadness. I don’t now how I will handle the day after this upcoming event. In truth, I am scared. I love these four guys so much that it hurts. What’s to fill this void?  God forbid that I experience that wretched sadness over musicians once more, for it affects everyone around me.I put my poor mom and dad through hell every time I go through this stupid post concert depression. But I have to keep going, knowing that these artists are off now and they are well. But I will do so for them. I will keep learning and keep moving foreward with them in my heart to remind me what I live for. I am well aware I am a music freak here, but I will pull myself up again and crawl out of health once more with my dear musicians as my motivations.  

(whew, sorry)

And so, wish me luck. I am going to see my favorite (touring) band after years of daydreaming. 

Lorraine Beauty Salon; Alhambra, California

“Hello! This is my invitation to you to visit our modern and unusually attractive beauty salon. We think it is the finest in suburban Southern California. come in and relax in air conditioned comfort with good coffee and soft music while our skilled staff gives you the personal attention, specializing in all beauty service. One block south of Main street, 11 South First Street. Open Tuesday through Saturday. We’ll look foreward to meeting you soon.”


Lorraine Beauty Salon
11 South First Street

Phone; ATlantic 2-2504


anonymous asked:

I've been thinking about Mabonnie (she's the fusion I'm most looking foreward to writing in the Swap AU), and one thing I figured is that both of Connie's fusions would freak out over their abnormalities (Coniper hiding their upper eyes whenever they get the chance, Mabonnie freaking out over her extra arms), and I thought of Mabonnie getting encouraged by being compared to Opal. Then again, I also imagined her appearance being heralded by fireworks, and Swap!Maven getting a pillar of flame.

Yeah I think that Swap Connie would be quite weirded out by the abnormalities in her fusions (and I feel like Dipper wouldn’t protest to hiding their extra eyes when they form Coniper). But Mabel would totally be into having four arms as Mabonnie just as much as she enjoys having four eyes as Maven. So there would certainly be a point of contention between them in that, in the same way that thats kind of going to be an awkward point for Stepper. But Mabonnie being compared to Opal makes so much sense actually! It would totally flatter her seeing as how Opal is so cool and awesome (and pretty much the same in the Swap AU as she is in canon) 

hunterpuff  asked:

You are going to Phoenix Con? I…I am SO jealous. I LIVE in Phoenix and am unable to go because money and now I have forever lost my opportunity for the Mark/Misha photo op. I have almost been in tears thinking about that fact. Have tons of fun and I look foreward to seeing anything you post from it.

I am! I very rarely post anything from cons on Tumblr, though. That may change this time around. I’ll be with @nichelle-my-belle and I know she’s gonna be posting some stuff over on @nichelle-my-belle-spn-con-blog and I’ll probably send her any decent pics I have to post over there too. 

Confessions of a Sculpey Addict

You probably think that “addict” is an over statement, but honeslty it feels disturbingly accurate.

It isn’t that I consciously decide to sculpt 99% of the time. It’s a compulsion. I’m drawn to even when I am determined not to. I will  tell myself “You have been looking foreward ro this movie. DON’T SCULPT!” But soon I look down and see a lump of sculpey in my hand halfway to being a face. It pulls me in every damn time.

I have tried keeping the sculpey out of reach. It never lasts long. Mom says I start glancing over at the sculpey every few seconds, my fingers twitching impatiently. Then I go get it in a sort of lunge, holding it before I realized I’ve moved.

I have tried putting it in another room entirely, and that works marginally better. Still, half the time I go get it, with Mom chuckling at me. I have gotten up tp go to the bathroom during a movie only twice in my life, but sculpey is an urge far more powerful.

I used to enjoy sculpting, back in the old days when the features were crude and no other human being was ever going to see it. I wouldn’t even sculpt if anyone was around to see me. I could go months in between. I had self control.

Now I have become lost to it. The sad part is, I’ve stopped enjoying it.

Well, not entirely I guess, but it used to be so fun. I’d shoved the sculpey around and be delighted when it turned into some unexpected face. The faces are still unexpected. I certainly have no idea what will show up. But now I look at them as disappointing…and far worse, unimaginative.

And yet I can’t stop myself.

So I want to watch the movie I have playing or read the open book beside, and I sculpt. 

I know I need sleep, but still I sculpt.

I look at the clock and say “IDIOT! You’ve already spent two hours on it, it’s not getting any better! It’s 1am! GO TO BED!”

And I sculpt.

So if you are doing something when you don’t want to, when you do it even when it isn’t really healthy, when you feel angry at yourself for wasting your time, when it mucks up sleeping, when you find yourself miserable with the results……

Yeah, I’m calling it addiction.

Mom finds it funny. But it isn’t too me.

Somewhere along the line just doing it, this irresistable urge to be sculpting, became more important than the results. I don’t focus or think or imagine. It’s just a repetitive action. It isn’t creation but tumbling head first into my own private black hole.

 If only it wasn’t taking longer and longer. 

If only I could set something aside and finish it hours or days later, rather than without so much as standing up again.

If only once in a while I looked at a face and smiled anymore.

The really absurd thing is, I want to be able to stop every day I don’t sculpt something I feel guilty. Intensely guilty. It doesn’t matter if I have spent the whole day working on something important and now my whole body aches. I still grumble that I haven’t “done” anything! 

Obsessed? Driven? Consumed? Nice words, but…

Hello, my name is Stephanie and I’m a sculpey addict.

( BTW This is me trying hard not to sculpt tonight. I wore myself out and got overheated again out there today. I need rest, sleep, and a lot more fluids NOT giving in to the damn sculpey!…. Do you think chains might help? LOL)