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Just some more meters until our hero reaches the last Moon-Crystallum.

Continuing to work on my portfolio and trying to get better at doing concept artworks to finally fullfill my dream to work on a videogame someday. I really want to get a bit into animation so I can show some cool fights. Also I found a name for this project and creating a small start screen for this. I’m looking foreward to show it.

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I get yea, as a very lewd/sexual person, i cant imagine a realtionship without the romantics and sex, but it's just how we are, and tbh, i wouldnt have it anyother way, sex is just a tool to show the person i care for my love. And although its a hard on me cause id like to be that way with a couple of people ive met now, i dont give up and keep looking foreward, and keep havingthe best times as much as i can . Dont give up hawk! Youll find whomever one day! You too nerdy and adorbs not tooooooo~

idk who’d be with someone like me lmao, just kill my feelings now please they’re useless 

Ok but can we talk about how Lucifer is very, very old like minimum the entire human history and longer coz when his dad started with humanity it sounded like he was young-ish so he’s like minimum 200,000 years old and allot of that was spent in hell and time goes much more slowly there. 

And he spent only what sounded like part of his childhood or young life feeling loved and cared for. His feelings of being unwanted likely started when his dad started with humanity and all semblance of belonging or love would’ve disappeared when he was sent to hell. So 200,000 years of not loving or being loved, then he comes to earth and indulges in all the fun he can get. He views his partners as at least caring a little for him (which they don’t apparently) which is probably why he was so upset and determined to find the killer when Delilah was killed in the pilot, he really didn’t care for many people but he appeared to care at least a bit for her. Enough to want her to have a good life anyway. 

So she’s gone and he’s back to having no one to care about, then Chloe turns up and he cares about her! Allot more than he’s cared about anyone else in his 200,000 years of living. Eventually he gets over his fear and multiple emotional walls he has up from 200,000 years of being a torturer in hell. Then he finds out that actually, it was all a trick and once again he’s been had and the person he cares for (in his mind) has been ripped away from him. And he doesn’t believe she would accept him for who he is anyway. 

I just want to give some perspective coz I was thinking about this today. 200,000 years is a fucking long time no wonder it’s taken almost 2 whole seasons for Lucifer to actually admit he cares for someone. And he’s prob gon be a fucked up lil devil when he comes back with all his walls back up and weeee fun angst 

And on Chloe: I’ve seen people be all ‘shes gonna get back together with Dan’ NO BITCH DON’T YOU REMEMBER WHAT HE DONE? Dan betrayed her, allot. Like he was a royal dick face I don’t think she’s gonna go back to him. He practically abandoned her to the criticism of everyone and now Lucifers abandoning her so I wouldn’t be surprised if she puts her walls up again to. Hers are just as strong as Lucifers and it took her just as long to bring them down. 


imma go cry in a corner now bye I’m so looking foreward to May but low key scared coz it’s gonna hurt allot 

Fluttercord episode (not airing in Canada this week)

Yes! It’s true! The early airings had stopped and now they’re doing re-runs! And now we have to wait till June for the fluttercord episode!

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Sh*t my Socio Prof has Said (Month 1)
  • “Hello, I’m a degenerate gambler!”
  • “I loved flying before the days of Cletus-enhanced interrogation”
  • “Show of hands how many choose A? B? How many just don’t give a shit?”
  • “Basically this is the ass to blame for dragging statistics into this.”
  • “Last we heard he’d started a nude, vegan cult that worshiped poisoned water in some Persian brothel.”
  • “Now Weber’s method of understanding the Montgomery underground club scene- wait is that a real thing? Oh, underground bar scene, cool.”
  • “Note that all these people are what I like to cal DWEM: Dead White European Males”
  • “It was great until he lost faith in America and ran off to become a citizen of Ghana. That’s when people lost their shit and started burning his works.”
  • “Red means stop, green means go, yellow means haul ass if there’s no cop around.”
  • “I damn sure ain’t gonna taste this desk, but I could.”
  • “Anyone besides me love Guinness stout? …Oh thank god, one of you has taste.”
  • “What happens with free time? Cave paintings.”
  • “Let’s invent the alphabet, what the hell!”
  • (nervously) “Wait everyone here has parents, right?”
  • “Anyone here have no friends?” (I can’t help but burst out laughing) “Oh, got one!”
  • “What kind of sick bastard doesn’t get their best friend lit on their 21st birthday?”
  • (gesturing to a photo of Kim Jong-un) “And this guy, who I like to call Lil Kim”
  • “I guaran-dam-tee you that no matter where you go in the world, you can find a Mickey D’s. Except Iceland. Iceland politely asked them to leave.”
Daddy’s promise 0.2


Request from anon: 083 would be awesome

Category: Pregnancy
083: “I can’t be pregnant… or….OH, MY GOD! ”

Pairing: Barry Allen x reader
Warnings: Mild swearing (I think there’s like… three curse words or something)
Words: 3777

A/N: Orignially it was just 1 part, but guys, it was huge. I myself know that If I found an imagine of almost 8k words, I wouldn’t have read it, so yeah…!


And Barry had surely kept that promise. But not only did he just stick around, no; when Barry committed to something, he really went all in. For the past three months, Barry had sped over to Y/N and Mary’s apartment daily. At lunch he’d be with Y/N, before getting to STAR labs, he would visit her. Whenever something happened, he would hurry to his loved one and inform her: it was literally every little change that happened – Barry didn’t want Y/N to feel left out just because she stayed at home. After his Flash-duties, he would rush over to Y/N and Mary, telling them both about the day’s meta-challenge. And even though Y/N’s best friend got annoyed at times, she would shush her, and protect the brown haired boy.

And if that wasn’t enough, Barry really had done his fair share of research. It was so well conducted that Y/N almost got a bit depressed by how little she knew.

“I brought cake- what are you doing?!“ Barry’s mood changed quickly, and it didn’t take many seconds before he stood in front of the tired, pregnant woman, whom now was coffee-less.
“Hey! That’s mine! Make your own for Christ’s sake!” Grumpy Y/N was fierce enough alone; pregnant grumpy Y/N? Let’s just say everyone was happy she was limited edition, and gone in 26 weeks.
“Caffeine is the
enemy, Y/N! It can lead to miscarriege and infants! Now, we both want that baby to beas healthy as possible, right?” Barry asked, to which Y/N huffed in annoyance, but agreed with a low ‘yeah’.
“Well, as I was saying, I brought cake! Happy first-day-of-your-second-trimester!” He said happily, handing it to Y/N, whom snatched it angirly with no 'thank you’.

It did make her angry at times – especially when it affected the things that stood Y/N nearest…

It was sushi-night at the Y/L/N-Collins household. Because of Y/N’s appetite emptying all of the wallets in the house, they hadn’t had any type of raw fish since the pregnancy, which is why this night had been the highlight both of them had been looking foreward to the entire week.

“I’m home honey!” Mary made her dramatic entrance with food in her hand.
“I smell heaven on Earth!” Y/N honestly had a foodgasm the second the delicious smell hit her nostrils.
“Barry said he’d be here in a minute, have you set the table?” Mary asked, and came into the living room.
“Who cares?! Food me, please!” Y/N was so amped, she didn’t even notice the blur that snatched her highlight away from her.

“Nu-uh, no sushi for the woman in red!” Barry said from the other side of the room.
“I’ll change my shirt!” Y/N was desperate – all she wanted was some good ol’ sushi and spring rolls!
“Nope! Not changing anything! I brought you Chinese food, though!” Barry put the raw fish on the counter, which by chance was the place Mary
accidently happened to be.
“Hun, I love you, but I ain’t sympathy-eating Chinese with you now, this sushi is way too good to go to waste…” at this, Y/N jumped up from her seat and went to tacle her friend. Though it seemed Barry wasn’t just quick on his feet, but also extremely strong as well.

But Y/N did appreciate it most of the time. She particularly found it cute when he came with facts that didn’t have anything to do with foods.

“Two hot chocolates for Barry and Y/N!” The barista shouted. Y/N went up to go get her drink, though she didn’t get to move an inch before Barry interrupted her:
“You just sit, I’ll get them,” he said with a wink, which made Y/N’s insides twist and turn. Was it one thing she had learned to really appreciate during the past months, was Barry neither drinking nor eating anything she couldn’t – in contrast to Mary, whom just did it when it fitted her.

“So week 27, huh? How does it feel, knowing your baby’s inhaling and exhaling amniotic fluid?” Barry asked taking a sip of his drink. This was what Y/N mostly liked, but also disliked about him beng the baby-expert between the two of them – well, it’s not always so funny having the father of your child (who doesn’t know he’s the father) knowing pretty much everything when you just knew to avoid alcohol (and caffeine;))

“The baby does what?”
“It’s kind of breathing, this week you may get some tickles as well, kiddo’s getting it’s first hiccups!”
“Are you for real? Is that what it is? Where were you this morning when Mary called me paranoid?!” Y/N laughed, enjoying herself in Barry’s company.
“Yeah, and the little guy can even open and close his eyes now, sucks his tumb as well,”
“Are you kidding?! He couldn’t do that before? Oh my poor baby, you haven’t opened your eyes before? Well, how do you like seeing? Don’t wory, it’s completely normal to get tired, mommy get’’s tired many times, that’s why she takes naps, do you take naps?”

Barry watched her talk to her rather big belly. This was why he woke up in the morning for. For these little moments he got to have with Y/N Y/L/N, the girl who had stolen his heart, and who was most likely unaware of her theft. The only thing he could think of when he went to bed was her. His day with her, and his appreciation of how their bond had gotten even tighter than before their time apart. How lucky he was to spend hours with her every day, which the father of the baby didn’t.

Today, on the other hand, was one of the days Y/N wanted to supplant after the birth. She was currently in her 34th week, and her due date was coming up sooner than what she was ready for. Not only did her panic tear on Y/N’s mentality, but the moments of dizziness came more frequent as well as the fatigue hitting her stronger – it didn’t exactly help that getting a comfortable position in bed was almost impossible.
“Hey, Y/N! I brought doughnuts!” There were days like these, that Barry was her saint. It really did help having a speedster on speed dial when you were pregnant in distress.

“Oh you kind soul, you. I’m so grateful I have you, Barry, you’re a real life angel, you know that?” Y/N asked, taking the only thing that could distract her mind for some seconds.
“Well, everything for you, Y/N, it’s not easy doing this on your situation,” he said, giving her a hug.
“But I’m not alone, I have you, my guardian angel,” Y/N smiled up at him.
“You know what I mean, I just feel so guilty for the father not getting to experience this with you, then again I don’t feel sorry for him since he left you alone on this…!”

It was killing Y/N now. Before she used to tell herself it was completely ok he didn’t know. Why would it matter anyways? Though by each day, the telling got more and more difficult. In the end, Y/N had to get Mary to tell her it was ok (which she only did because Y/N was so desperate it made her best friend’s heart break), lying to herself got too hard it didn’t work.
“Barry, I have to tell you something…” She said. This couldn’t last any longer. He deserved to know.
“Yeah?” But as her eyes locked with his, the words got stuck up her throat. She couldn’t just tell him! It was way too late to do that! Why hadn’t she just told him right at once? This was so much worse!

“Uhm… I-uh, I really appreciate what you’ve done for me for the past months, even though I kept it secret for you for so long…” She chickened out. She couldn’t do it.
“That’s the least I could’ve done! What are… what are friends for?” At the word friends, Barry scolded himself inside his head. Why couldn’t they be more? What did he do wrong? He couldn’t just ask here right there and then to be something more. He couldn’t do that, it wouldn’t be right to take advantage of her when she was so hormonal…

That day, Barry had taken a sick day from work and talked to the team he couldn’t be Flash for the rest of the evening either. Mary was out on her third date with a guy she had met some weeks ago, so the pair were eating dinner alone in the little flat.
“The central nervous system and lungs are maturing? What does that mean?” Y/N asked, taking another bite of the spaghetti Barry had made for them.
“Well, the central nervous system is the brain and spinal cord, so by them maturing as well as the lungs, pretty much means that they are fully developed and good to go,”
“You’re so smart, I hope the baby will get your smart brain,” Y/N said, not thinking of what she had just dumped at the father sitting in front of her. It didn’t take her long time though, because when her eyes met his, and she saw the shock in his eyes, she gasped. Her hand flew to her mouth.
“I’m so sorry,” she made out before quickly leaving the table, and moving as fast as her feet could, to her bedroom and locked the door.

The two people were left both emotional. Thoughts were bombarding their minds, and tears were running down their cheeks.
He’s probably so mad right now, God, I kept it a secret for too long! He will never look at me the same ever again! Oh no, Mary was right! I ruined this! I kept him in the dark! Oh lord, what have I done?’
'I’m the father? Did I hear that right? Oh God, I’m the father! I will have a baby boy or girl in six weeks…
Wait… Was it that night we did it? Is that why she avoided me? Why didn’t she tell me sooner? Doesn’t she want me to be there for her? She should have told me anyway! That was my right! That is my right!’ Sadly, Barry left the apartment angry that night.

“He just left you here?!” Mary was mad. She was mad at her best friend for not listening to her earlier, so she wouldn’t be in this depressed state now, and she was mad at Barry for having a natural, but still a jerky reaction to the reveal.
“Mary, I don’t know what to do! He’s my world, and now he hates me!”
“Oh shush, he doesn’t hate you! But he’s mad1 And that1s completely normal! Because you didn’t tell him straight away, but rather waited to slip that bomb on him eight months later!”
“What should I have done?! Mary, we weren’t even near talking about being boyfriend/girlfriend, what would you have done if you had been me?! Telling the guy you’re sure is your soulmate that you’re pregnant the day after you’ve just slept with each other isn’t exactly piece of cake!” The tears were pouring down Y/N’s cheeks, and a pang of guilt spread inside of Mary.

“Sorry, you’re right, I just have so many feelings right now Y/N, I can’t control them. But you’re right, you’re not the bad guy here,” she comforted her friend. “I think he just needs some time to think, before you know it, your Barry will be knocking on your door.”

“Man this is some heavy shit you’ve got going on!” Cisco erupted. Barry had told him everything about his current situation and was now pleading for advice of what to do.
“I mean, I love her, Cisco, but with this thing going on… Man, I don’t know what to do, Cisco…” Barry sighed and looked at his Latino friend.
“Dude, this one’s tough! You sure this is what you want though? To be a dad?”
“I think so… If you’d asked me that some weeks ago, I wouldn’t even question it, but she hid this from me, Cisco… I just don’t know anymore…”

Barry was sad. Why couldn’t Y/N just have told him right away? Then this wouldn’t have happened. He wouldn’t be at STAR Labs questioning a really tough decision, but she’d be in his arms. He would’ve whispered reassurings into her ear, they would day dream about their little family.
“Well this is a boat you have to be 110% on board on, Bar, so if you ain’t completely sure if you even want a ticket, I think you should let the ship sail, my man,” this saddened Barry. He had to say goodbye to Y/N? To never see her again? If he wouldn’t be with her on this journey, it certainly would be wrong to still hang around.

Cisco sensed his friend’s worry and went for a hug.
“Calm down, brother, this will be fine. Y/N’s a strong, beautiful girl, and she will get through this. Before you know it she’ll get the help she needs from another guy…” And that was just what Barry feared: another guy stealing his Y/N away from him.

“Barry Allen!” An angry looking Mary Collins came striding into the Speed Lab of STAR Labs. Her presence stopped every movement inside the laboratory, and she immediately grabbed everyone’s attention. The fierce black haired woman walked right up to the Flash and glared so hard at him, Barry could feel her laser eyes at him.
You…” Mary pricked his chest, she didn’t even know where to start. “Do you even have the slightest idea, of what you have done?” Suddenly, it was as if the anger inside her, bottled up for the past weeks, just tipped over, and everything just spilled: “Y/N’s an extremely hormonal woman, in her 39th week of pregnancy, and you have left her alone!? Do you know that she’s been weeping in her bed ever since she finally gathered the courage to tell you?! The poor woman has been scared all the time, scared to tell you because she didn’t want to drive you away! You know what I told her?! That if she didn’t talk to you, you would have drifted apart, so she did! She went on that date with you, and she told you she was pregnant! I don’t know how she did that, but it took a lot of strength, and she was so brave! Now telling you you’re the father? Can you even imagine the constant pressure she had to carry on her shoulders that whole time you didn’t know? And how the fear of the outcome squeezed on the other side and tapped her for powers? And when she finally managed to tell you, you just leave her?! Alright, it’s OK to react and take som time to cope, but Barry! It’s been weeks!”

“She ran away to her room! I though she didn’t want me to be there!” Barry defended himself and took some steps back from the red-eyed girl.
“You can go stick that excuse up my ass, Allen! Of course she ran! She had just told you you’re the father of her unborn child! Do you think she thought that was fair of her to do? She’s beating herself up! And poor Y/N can’t run away from this problem, so you acting like a coward like this is making me sick, I’m so mad!” And then she stopped. Her eyes wandered around in the room to find the whole team Flash speechless.
“You’ve got a week, Flash, the baby’s getting born next Tuesday, so be there, or never step a foot near my Y/N ever again. And God bless you if you do, because I don’t do mercy with the guys that hurt my best friend.”

“What the hell was that?” Iris was the first to speak up after Mary had stormed off. Her eyes were set on her best friend in the scarlet spandex.
“Well, you see, I uhm, I ehhh…” Barry was lost for words. Maybe it was because his best friend was sending him a hardcore glare right now, or it was because of how true Mary’s words had been.
“Barry…” Iris’s eyes softened as she walked up to the brown haired boy whose eyes were directed at the floor. “I know you’re a good guy,” Iris continued, “and good guys rarely do douchy moves, and certainly not at this level,”

At the corner of his eye, Barry could make out Cisco slowly making his way to the door, though his nano-second eye twitch, Iris noticed as well, and a deep sigh escaped her lips.
Cisco? This was his advice? Oh God, Barry! No offense, Cisco, but what were you thinking!?” Cisco’s arms flew up in the air an act of surrender.
“Heyheyhey, slow down! I didn’t think this would happen! All I did was tell him that if he wanted to be a dad, he needed to be sure 100%!” Barry shook his head in shame. What had he done?
“What can I do to fix this?..” He said out loud. At this Iris was fast to turn her heels towards him.
“You tell her the truth. The whole, heart clenching truth. And you do that romantically and fast.”

“Hey, Mary, what took you so long?!” Y/N shouted from the couch, brushing her tears away from her chin.
“Sorry, Kevin never stopped rambling, he, his seven cousins, and grandma wish you the best of luck, they even got us more of those cookies we don’t like!” Mary didn’t lie completely. Kevin had talked a lot, and he and his family did wish Y/N good luck next Tuesday. But she knew her friend wouldn’t like it if she knew where she just came from, and what she did there.
“Naaw, I love granny Wong…”
“You love her food,” Mary corrected, and Y/N lifted her shoulders.
“That too! Did you get everything I ordered?” She asked, and Mary nodded. She lifted her three bags full of food and handed Y/N the two fullest.
“Bon appetite.”

It had been three days since Barry had gotten his fair amount of scolding, and ever hour since he had tried his best figuring out what to tell Y/N. The truth. It’s such a difficult word to work with. he was scared, uncertain, he didn’t know what to think nor do. But what a shitty apology that was. No, the tough part was forming his words. Choosing them, stretching and pulling them, using them to their full potential. And as if anything could get any worse? He had around two days to get through to Y/N.

“Man, just get going, the words will come naturally when you see her,” Cisco said from across the room. He was working on the upgrade of his specs, and Barry walking across the room in his stressed self, wasn’t exactly helping his concentration.
“But it needs to be perfect!” Barry was frustrated, why couldn’t this just be easier?!
“Sometimes we need to listen to some Hannah Montana and get that nobody’s perfect. Now get out of my workshop and get your girl already,” he sighed.
“Your last advice wasn’t exactly your best one, man-”
“But this one is, now shoo, you’re distracting me,” he didn’t need to say anything else because Barry kind of knew he just had to do it. ‘Do it romantic. Do it fast. OK, I can do this…’ Barry gave himself a pep talk before he ran out to get the girl.

Three knocks interrupted Y/N’s weeping. She put her ice cream bowl off her tummy, paused ‘Dirty Dancing’ before she managed to waddle her way over to the door.
“Barry,” Y/N was in shock. ‘Oh no, now he’s gonna think the tears are because of him. Maybe if I just move a bit more, he will see it’s because of the movie? Ugh, who am I kidding? It is because of him. God, you’re so pathetic Y/N…’
“Y/N,” he said, bur before he could get another word out, Y/N slammed the door shut. ‘WHY DID YOU DO THAT, Y/N? UGH, YOU WANT HIM TO TALK TO YOU!’ Y/N thought, and slammed her head against the door inaudible.

“I won’t leave, Y/N!” She could hear him through the door. ‘Oh lord, he’s shouting…’
“Even though if you will keep the door locked, I won’t leave you! Not again!” Barry was getting louder. ‘Oh no, I have to let him in… Ugh, but I don’t want to, I’m such a mess! But I have to, Mrs. Norman’s soon gonna call the police, oh no, what if she already has?!’ at that thought, Y/N opened her door again.
“You have two minutes,” she said, and Barry hurried inside.

“Y/N, I’m sorry,” Barry started, looking deeply into the Y/E/C eyes he loved so much. Though when Y/N didn’t respond him in any verbal way, he continued: “I just got so… so scared and confused. And then the confusion disappeared, and the sadness turned to anger. I was so angry you hadn’t told me and didn’t get why you kept it a secret for so long, I got blind, Y/N. And blind, angry men chose horrible decisions. And mine? That was the most terrible, horrible, wrong thing anyone could ever do. I am so ashamed, so-so embarrassed! The thing I did was the type of thing I hated in the man I thought was the father of your child did – abandon you. So to apologize to you, I give you my word. I give you my promise. I can assure you, that from now on, I will be the most perfect dad there is, and hopefully – if you still want me, I will be the most perfect boyfriend. I will protect you and our beautiful, smart, unborn child, and I will keep you safe all the time, at any cost. And I, Bartholomew Henry Allen, yours forever, always give 110% to hold my promises, and I will give everything to be the man you both deserve.”

At the end of that 2 minute, 34-second long speech, both Y/N and Barry stood there in tears.
“Yes,” Y/N said, breaking the silence.
“Yes, what?” Barry asked, and Y/N laughed while staring into his eyes.
“I still want you,” she barely managed to say the whole sentence as Barry swooped her into his arms and gave her the most passionate kiss Y/N had ever experienced. It was filled with love. It was filled with lust. It was filled with desperation and patience. It was filled with a promise. An unbreakable promise, and two people deeply in love.


A/N: OK, crappy ending, but IDK anymore, I’ve been up to 3 AM three nights in a row now…  Well I still hope you enjoyed it! AND since it’s summer vay-cay pour moi ATM, I leave for France at Sunday morning, so won’t be that much writing for the upcoming weeks, but I’ll try come up with something for you!


this is most of my pitchbook for my fourth year film since tumblr wont let me upload and more pictures to this post its missing a page of story sketches, themes audience and reff/insp. but heres the rest!

super looking foreward to working on my own thing and being able to play around as much as i want since i know i wont get to do that once i start working. this is gonna be a lot of fun to make and hopefully i come out with something pretty fun in the end! 


I’m finally back home from London Comic Con and gosh again I have to say that this convention is the best of all. There is not even one which can top this. I met so many lovely people and had a wonderful time. It’s sad that it’s already over but on the other hand I’m also happy to be back again in Germany XD.

Two days of work and then I have holidays again for the Dokomi. I’m looking foreward to everything.

im looking foreward to see what dammek has in store for us when we really reach him as a character bc GROWTH. BUT MORE THAN ANYTHING I NEED!! MORE!! JUDE!!! i just feel like we’ve barely got enough of the pure little nerd. it was obviously intentional bc DUH other game. BUT MAN HE JUST LOST HIS SISTER. THE ONLY OTHER PERSON HE HAS IN HIS LIFE. HES JUST A BABY. HES GOING TO BE LOSING HIS SHIT WHEN DAMMEK ROLLS UP

also harley manor is most likely full of guns
and considering how dammek seems as a person, with his major paranoia, even more so than jude,,,, and how he just,, has a thing for guns,,,
i hope,,,, jude will be okay,,,, if het gets hurt,,, or dam upsets him,, i will fight


if dammek has cute moments,, with the puppo,,, he will get one good boy point. 



Another set of commissions for @thatsmileyguy, including his awesome gun wielding mage; Sybil and his friends constantly fed up looking rogue; Sebastian X3
These guys were really awesome to draw. Sybil is probably my favourite of his characters to draw because of her hair and face, but Seb has such a noble face and great accessories to add X3

I look foreward to drawing these two more X3
I hope you all like them

Asian-Americans experience, in disorienting moments, the shock of the mirror’s reflection. They see they are not like everyone else around them, but somehow they embody the rise of the East in the fall of the West. Non-withstanding a family resemblance to other Asians, they boast cultural affinities to other Americans.

When they travel to an ancestral homeland as a tourist, their senses conflict. Their eyes register that everyone looks like them. Their ears hear, as soon as they try to communicate in the language that is assumed to be in the blood, that they betray themselves as foreigners or idiots (if there is any meaningful distinction between the categories). They belong only until they try to make themselves understood and then they are instantly fakers. Others are embarrassed for them for having lost their heritage, as if it could be misplaced like a childhood forgotten toy.

Returning home to where the hearth is, their self-perception and others’ perceptions conflict. They forget that they cannot be part of the crowd however carefully they follow the fads. They can be invisible to others on the street, but they can becomes conspicuous at the wrong moment. At best they are greeted as diplomatic dignitaries from ancient civilization and at worst they are marked as inept social climbers. The more successful they are, the more threatening they are as the Yellow Peril.

Whoever they may wish to be and whatever they aspire to become, they share set of stories. The Asian American condition is to lack control over one’s own identity.

—  Frank H Wu (Foreward in “Looking for Asian America by Wing Young Huie)


I will be opening a raffle/giveaway that I will have going for 2 weeks during my spring break! I will have one at my twitter too since I hit 1k there a while ago! I will upload to giveaway post within a day or two so look foreward to that!!! ❤️

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very sorry to bother you love but shits been hard lately. in may i had gotten discharged from a hospital and had been doing relatively good up until a few weeks ago. i just started my freshman year of college and i am extremely introverted which is making it really hard to make friends cause i despise parties and rarely drink. i’ve been feeling really insecure and just down. i know it’s just an episode but i’ve really been fighting the urge to self harm. i just need some reassurance. thank u luv

Hey you never have to apologize for reaching out for help. I’m sorry this is a rough patch right now. You shouldn’t feel the need to drink or party to make friends. My best suggestion (Being a naive high school student) is to see out organizations that interest you. Like I am seriously looking foreward to joining the local Pokemon go organization at whatever college i end up at because i like playing games and meeting people and going places (I hope this made you laugh i know the game is dead by most accounts). Just hang in there. Call your parents and friends back home or get on a chat room and make some new ones if you’re feeling especially brave. You’ll find your place comrade. Much love. 


Sex Slave Au

Erie had been traded and bought back and forth for years thanks to her prowess as a sex slave that was highly desired. She had just been bought by her newest master and was sitting across from him in her rags that she was made to wear during the auction. She looked to the man and wondered how her stay with him would be and if he’d find the offers other’s gave too good to refuse and if she’d be sold again. This master seemed a bit different from the others, one that had actual power instead of just a percieved power thanks to money. She wasn’t exactly looking foreward to the man but this was aomething she was used to being a sex slave. She was ready to be put to work.