looking for the perfect beat

schmabel: but Ben and Leslie!!!!! (parks and recreation)

i haven’t watched too much of Parks and Rec cause I’ve never been able to get totally into it (i plan to try again though after i finish The Office). Ben and Leslie look cute, but…Jim and Pam are just the best. They’re the best friends to lovers story that I love so much, and they have such a healthy relationship. they disagree and have misunderstandings, but they never fight. Jim has never raised his voice at Pam ever, and she’s never yelled at him. they’re best friends who goof around and make each other happy and are still very much in love even years after being together. Jim waited 4 years to date Pam. He’s been in love with her since the day he met her. He got an engagement ring a week after they started dating. God, and they’re so supportive of each other too, always encouraging the other to be better, to follow their dreams. Never complaining about or insulting the other, neither are they sexist or gross in the least like they’re always so respectful of each other and so so happy together!!! and Jim would never even consider being with someone else and Pam knows this, even when someone tries to make her think he might be having an affair Pam’s like “nah, he loves me too much” and that’s just!! so good!! i need to see more healthy relationships like this on tv!!! this is the shit that needs romanticized!!! Jim and Pam are such a great team!!! they are truly the Dream Team!!!

and like this doesn’t have much to do with their relationship itself, but I love how they’re both more soft-spoken people too. they’re usually calm, avoid most big social interactions if they can. on their wedding day they literally ran from where the ceremony was taking place to get married on their own on the Maid of the Mist, without anyone they know watching. and Jim planned this ahead of time cause he knows Pam and himself. idk its just really good. like i can’t think of many couples on tv that are more quiet and calm and not depicted as boring or stuck up for comedic reasons or whatever.

and I might be a little biased cause they remind me a lot of the relationship I have with my boyfriend (my mom even jokingly called us “the wonder twins” once like how Michael called Jim and Pam that once), but Jim and Pam are truly genuinely awesome. they are seriously relationship goals.

what starlights think Ravi decided to promote shirtless: show a new side to Ravi that appeals to differing audiences and make them question how long he’s been looking dis good; honestly a perfect balance with his red hair and sick beats he’s laying

why Ravi decided to promote shirtless: show off them sick tatts 😜


I don’t understand. How did you get here?
The only thing that matters is I’m here with you now.

This week on Victoria

I should start by mentioning 3 things:

1. Ernst and Albert’s literal brotp is so adorbs. Really. Its ridiculous. They’re ridiculous. I just want more

2. Victoria and Albert cannot keep their eyes or hands from each other. Prepare yourself for stolen kisses, hand holding, giggles, sprints in the forest and whispered words of love and longing. Its all rather romantic in the right kind of way. Albert is proving to be LETHAL when armed with flirtatious words and a deliberate dose of heart eyes. Any time he locked eyes with Victoria, my eyeballs singed.

3. Lord M is throwing shade and I have no doubt he doesn’t event know he’s doing it. To his credit, he was less ‘sad eyes’ and more resigned this week. It feels like he has said goodbye to us and damn if I won’t miss him. Victoria’s farewell was sweet and hit the perfect beats as he turned to look at her one last time while she ran down the passageway, rushing towards her husband and her new beginning. 

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tonyspegasus  asked:

Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! You're a darling sharing that info with me!! BTW, I also thought Ryan was an only child... but now we know there are 4 Hawleys... WOW!!! Guess Arabian nights did good to his parents?


Yes there are actually 4 Hawleys out there can you believe it!! I wonder if Ryan’s brother looks anything like him…although I guess it would be hard to surpass Ryan’s divine looks since he’s perfection, and you can’t really beat perfection can you?!? LOL

But you’re very welcome love, it’s actually my anons you should be thanking as they helped me figure out Ryan and Danny’s families a few days ago ❤


every westallen scene ever (11/?)


The evolution of a kick: Tony Jaa practicing one one of his more complicated kicks on the set of “Ong Bak”.
According to Jaa, some of the moves in his films take an obscene amount of takes to perfect because, not only does the kick have to look good but the landing and the stunt man’s reaction also has to look perfect.

Still doesn’t beat Jackie Chan though. Jackie once famously yelled, “We stay here until we get it!” during the Jianzi game in “Dragon Lord”. The final sequence took around 2,900 takes to nail.


every westallen scene ever (31/?)


Afrika Bambaataa - Looking for the Perfect Beat