looking for the music for this was my favorite thing

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wait are they remaking strange journey????? be still my heart that's my favorite SMT game

Yeah, it looks like an update, the things to consider is Amon/Andras seem important now, Alex is a new character too. Ability to save anywhere in dungeon now for those who struggled in like sectors E, and G, a new ending, voice acting and new music. I’m scared to be honest but I’m super hype to hear bugaboo. I’m trying to figure out how I could get cast as English bugaboo. Then my life would be complete.


A short wordless Hyper Light Drifter comic, Afterlife.
Drifter reconciles with the memory of his only friend before passing away. Or however the viewer wishes to see it. :)

It was also a practice for me to paint fast without worrying for detail or polishing the shapes, so things look a little wonky.

HLD is still definitely one of my favorite games of the year, telling it’s story via beautiful music and visuals.

the third panel from the end is based on the composition of Andastea’s artwork The next pier.


all of this year’s FINISHED rob pieces throughout the year, spanning from may to the end of december

so, my original passion in art was painting–the first thing i ever painted was a musician, and i think that was in 2010? i always did impressionism, but once i got into digital, i was so intimidated by every program that no matter what i did, no matter what artist i watched, i just couldn’t convince myself to do anything in a big, high resolution.

but this year i FINALLY found it. i finally got it again. and, i don’t know what it is, but rob’s just my absolute favorite to paint. it might be familiarity that helps me know exactly how i want a piece to look, or capture, or what be it–it could be the music aspect, and how you can hear so much personality in the vocals, which makes me wanna translate it to visual?? no clue. but he’s been my go-to when things are a little rough

i really appreciate this guy, 

so maybe this is just the best way i can show it (´・ω・`)

Things I've put in my 2017 bullet journal

Just in case you’re after some inspiration on what to put in you bullet journal here are some of the things I have put in my 2017 bujo. 

  • Future log- a basic in all journals. Lets you plan months ahead.
  • School/uni future log- very useful for keeping track of due dates, exams, and other school related events. Less muddled than having everything in one future log making it less likely that you’ll forget something. 
  • 2017 calendar- so you can have all the days at a glance. It’s really useful for planning events 
  • Resolutions- but keep it light, if you make them too hard you won’t stick to them. That being said try to challenge yourself. 
  • Me to my future self- a page to fill out once a year listing all my current favorites(shows, books, music, food, etc). I usually fill mine out around my birthday, which happens to be in January. It’s a really cool thing to look back on years on. 
  • Habit tracker- keeping track of sleep, healthy eating and whatever else fits your lifestyle. 
  • Books to read and films to watch- keeping track of your friends’ recommendations or books/films you’ve been meaning to get around to for a while. A list like this ensures that you can always find some to watch or read. 
  • Some quick and healthy recipes- a godsend when you have no idea what to make for dinner. Bonus points: the ingredients list can be used as a shopping list when you’re out and about. 
  • Memories page- things you’ve done, places you’ve been. Another great thing to look back on in a few years. 
  • Doodle page- fill it with cute little pictures when you’re bored. I’m also planning to do the month of doodles challenge in February. 
  • Gift ideas- when a great gift for someone pops into your head you can write it down and use it when their birthday or some other special occasion rolls around.
  • ‘I want to learn to’- obviously things you want to learn be it a language, knitting or just a new recepie. 
  • Want and need- a list of things you want and need so when you have some extra cash you want to spend you know exactly what to spend it on. 
  • Birthday page- so you can keep track of everybody’s birthdays.
broadway songs that could bring me back from the dead/my favorite broadway songs

defying gravity

for good

what is this feeling

as long as you’re mine

no good deed

one day more

do you hear the people sing?

the abc café/red and black

the schuyler sisters


guns and ships


you’ll be back

she’s in love

the great comet prologue

you won’t succeed on broadway

always look on the bright side of life


agony (reprise)

into the woods prologue

i believe

any dream will do

close every door

joseph’s coat (the coat of many colors)

poor, poor pharaoh/song of the king

benjamin calypso


the phantom of the opera

all i ask of you

waving through a window

carrying the banner

king of new york

watch what happens

seize the day

forget about the boy

gimme gimme

i’m alive

superboy and the invisible girl

cell block tango

all that jazz

candy store

seventeen (reprise)

rhythm of the tambourine


top of the world

summer nights

you’re the one that i want

hard-knock life


Jevon McFerrin is a rad looking A. Ham. 

My favorite feeling in the world is when you’re so beyond happy that it’s impossible to not look around and smile and be grateful for everything that is surrounding you. Please strive for that feeling, because it’s honestly the best.
—  Little things to strive for :)

3.  Show a thing you last drew, no matter how small or a “doodle” it is.

(It’s from the ask btw ;;)

6.  Draw a same pic with your dominant and non-dominant hand.

(The girl from Shelter is so cute ///)

8.  Do you listen to music when you draw? Favorites? Yes and always! Not Gonna Die by Skillet is my favorite so far!

9.  Favorite thing to draw? Hands and eyes and OTP ;/////;

10.  Least favorite thing to draw? FEET UGHHH

11.  Draw a pic of yourself like how you look just now.


I have like a million pieces in progress so the only things I have to show right now are doodles from twitter. 

Did you know I have a twitter? Well I have a twitter. And I post sketches and WIPs on there. Checking that out would be cool probably.

guys i feel like crying in a corner when i think about markhyuck. i may be a little delusive but markhyuck is so soft around each other, excluding all the (loving) teasing haechan does to mark and sometimes vice versa.

like is it just me or does anyone else notice how mark’s focus was like a second too long on haechan when they high-fived during dunk shot perf? and on today’s backstage interview at music bank, haechan is trying so hard to hold back a huge ass smile when mark spoke and after they showed their key point of their dance, both of them looked at each other and snickered and wow- markhyuck’s friendship is really the best. imagine being able to do the things you and your best friend love the most together. when will i reach that level of friendship ;_;

p.s. i may or may not do a list of favorite markhyuck moments so hmu on my inbox/message if u want me to!! (i may just do it lol i rly cant hold back my feelings ;;)


Oops I accidentally made the best thing I’ve made all year

This is Jodie and Faith from the new game that I’m am absolutely crazy about, Super Lesbian Animal RPG (Or SLARPG) being made by @ponett !! Jodie is, hands down, my favorite character already. I looked around and there’s not enough art of her. Faith and Jodie have such gorgeous designs. I can’t wait for this game honestly. Please go check out the creator and the game, there’s a trailer out and it has gorgeous art, cute characters, fun amazing music, like. Please go flip out about this game with me because there’s not enough people talking about it yet.

I also take commissions here!: http://fluffy-floyd.tumblr.com/post/155035272897/a-new-commission-post-for-2017-itll-probably

Sun and Moon. Finally watched it.

So, it is finally here and after months of harsh criticism, pros, cons, going over the wall, listening to so many opinions and everyone not really giving the show a chance as yet. I finally sat down, got a decent subbed version and watched it entirely.

So- things I love

So, I love Ash, his design, not my favorite, but he still is adorkable. I can live with that. I love him to much to let his design prevent me from watching something I have been apart of for 15 years.

Being from an island, I love the overall look and animation of the trees and that steel pan score they have as background music. I love it. Overall it has nice composition as well.

I love the details of the animation, the hibiscus flowers make me feel all warm and sappy inside. In real life those flowers are incredibly beautiful.

Next, Lillie.

To be honest, I thought I wasn’t going to like her, I really didn’t but man did she steal my heart. She is a precious gumdrop.

Lana is my angel. I love her and Poplio.

Mallow, man this girl is everything. I love the group dynamic. It is sweet. I love how the girls have such different personalities right of the off set.

I love the comedy, no gags, as yet but I do like it. It made me laugh more than it should have.

Okay, who do I ship?

I ship Mallow and Kiawe. I don’t know why, I find they are near each other alot,

I can see it. I like it. She is cool and calm while he is intense. There is a familiarity to them.

Professor Kukui, cant go wrong, I like him. Principal Oak. Apple doesnt roll far from the tree lol.

I think it would be nice to see Ash bonding with an older male figure, other than Professor oak. I think this is good later on and I love the fact Ash is staying with him. The scene with Ash eating and playing with his Pokemon was very sweet.

Then finally Tapu KoKo. I love this Pokemon, I get a rather mischievous feeling from him and I love how he seeks out Ash. I like the subtle facial expressions on his face as well. Like when Ash had an outburst, you see Tapu Koko react, just for a second.

I hope to see alot from this Pokemon just because of how he is.

Overall it was a good start, I find it to be a bit slow as I still have no idea what the school may entail. What Ash might do now.

I hope it is enjoyable.

Let’s go on the new Journey. Together

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FIRST, SOME BACKGROUND: I think magic and art intersect more than people talk about. When I feel the emotional and spiritual catharsis that a beautiful song or movie brings me I feel the magic of the universe in my veins. Those moments of release and connectedness are the moments I can tease constellations from the fabric of my life; in short, those are the moments I look for when performing spells. 

This is the main reason I think we normally use tools and altars and herbs and gems and what-have-you in our craft. These things create an environment, a mind space, and a manifestation that allow us somewhere closer to that veil. 

Here’s the problem: a lot of witches cannot afford these supplies. So I got to thinking, things like music videos are highly accessible to witches who can’t afford these tools or simply don’t find that they work for them. 

The music video* above is one of my favorite. The music, style, and imagery all evoke an ancient arcane flame in my chest. 

THE SPELL: Think about what you want to achieve in your spell. Write it out, whatever it is, wether it be about love, a binding, protection, or more— this spell is very versatile. 

Focus all your attention on what you’ve written. Imagine that it is true. After meditating on it and bringing your full attention to the moment, begin the music video. Watch as the spirits and energies all work and entwine to bring your spell to life. See as they send waves through the cosmos to make it so. Imagine that all of the images in the video are happening around you in some rift you cannot otherwise see, and that they’re working to bring your spell to fruition. Use the video as a visual guide through the release of the energy. 

(Tip: I like either using headphones or loud speakers, because being able to be swallowed by the music really helps the experience for me. If you do this, make sure not to listen too loud as not to damage your hearing!)

*music video: Rone - Bye Bye Macadam

Quick Thursday thoughts.
  • I just saw my brother a bit ago, and cue all the fucked up emotions. I am not going to rehash the history in regards to him, if you’ve followed me for any length of time, you know the deal. Sometimes life sucks a lot more than usual, and seeing him is not what I wanted right now.
  • All things are well (generally speaking) with my favorite person, and she loved her Christmas present. This in turn makes me happy. 
  • I plan on staying in on NYE. I will procure beer, drink and post on tumblr, while listening to music, and marathoning whatever may be of my fancy on either cable or netflix.
  • Today the waitress at the Mexican restaurant we go to had to do a double take when looking at me because she realized I had lost weight. I am glad someone has noticed, haha. This also made me feel great.
  • I have more to spew, but for now I gotta run some errands. I hope you all have a great day.

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  • Nicknames: Vess, Mother Vestibule(?), Ken, Asshole, art dude, etc 
  • Star sign: Libra
  • Height: short
  • Time right now: 11:22am
  • Last thing you Googled: liber primus

  • Favorite music artist(s): Set It Off, The Main, Starset, Hopsin, Emarosa, Wovenwar, As Lions
  • Last song stuck in my head: Selfish Age - As Lions
  • Last movie: Robin Hood: Men In Tights
  • My fab outfit: Anything that makes me look homeless

  • When did I create this blog: July 2016??
  • The trash I post:  Mistake Messenger, memes, and shitposts
  • Do you get asks regularly:  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  • Why did you choose your URL?:  Vess is the alias, HS stands for HellSpawn. Literally, that’s it. I might change it, however?

  • Gender:  Caribou
  • Hogwarts house: Ravenclaw
  • Pokemon team: Mystic
  • Favorite color:  Red, black, white, grey, blue, burgundy, etc
  • Dream job: Forensics; crime scene analysis, blood splatter analysis, striations and prints, etc.
  • Number of blankets: 3

  • Followers: 621 too many

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some of my favorite feelings

- night showers 

- taking a night shower then getting in bed after a loooooong day

- laptop in bed with christmas lights on and worship music playing in the background

- reading my bible while drinking tea in the early hours of the morning where everything feels quiet and brand new

- speaking of reading the bible: the sudden understanding or revelation when reading scripture

- looking out the window during car rides and letting your mind wander

- looking out the window in general 

- getting lost in worship

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what were your favorite things about horizon zero dawn?

Everything was just so good like the world building, the story, the graphics, the characters, the gameplay, the mystery behind the machines, the score, aloy god they just hit every nail perfectly I loved aloy so much she worked so hard to feel accepted and eventually found the answers she was looking for but never leaving out an opportunity to sass someone god you know those journals and audio logs you can find never have I actually enjoyed listening/reading them and finding out about the ‘ancient ones’ the music was phenomenal like it would shake me to the core every time there was a heartbreaking scene killing the machines never got old and always set a challenge but you’d feel so good whenever they’d go down but omg my favorite thing was just solving the mystery of the machines and GOD once you do it’s mind blowing and actually really fucking sad once you make the connections to aloy holy shit this got really long anyway I LOVE ALOY