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6x14 My thoughts

After watching this episode last night I was left feeling like a huge mixed bag of emotions had been dumped over me, but since I’m a person who likes to process things I decided to rewatch today to see if I was able to clarify ‘why’ I was having those feelings.  

Normally plot holes aren’t that big of a deal to me and as long as I can work my way around the reasons ‘behind’ why I feel that xyz happened, then I’m ok. But this episode left me with a scene that I loved but at the same time, I hated, which is an odd feeling to have.  

Across my dash today I’ve read comments from people loving the show to people having the same criticism that I have with it and when some of these people are ones you never agree with, it becomes a curious thing.  

Breaking it down - 

Snow - as in the weather.  It was gorgeous, but darn did it look cold. 

Snow - the character.  I loved her talk with Killian and her kiss on his cheek and hug were so cute.  I also enjoyed her talk with Emma about her ring.  That was nice.  And I’m really happy that the EQ apologized to her about things that she has done. That was a bonus. 

Emma - Bad - I’m sorry, your man gives you a ring and you don’t run out and leave him alone.  You stay with him or take him with you - but she was really cute and happy in her scene in the loft but then the transition to the station was odd. And then in their house when she walked by Killian - how in the heck did she know it was a secret and her grandfather?   And then after everything that happened last year AND the shears this year, I felt she was really hypocritical of his behavior.  She automatically jumped on something and their usually wonderful communication totally broke down.  It just didn’t work for me. Good - I am however excited about a second proposal and her realizing that something has happened to Killian and freaking.  

Killian - Bad - I get this is about him and his feelings of self worth, BUT running is something the old Killian would do.  And how in the heck did he learn to put his memories in that catcher thing?  And burning them, if that was what he was thinking of doing is another form of running, that they should be long past. He’s usually quite eloquent with his words and sadly they were missing last night.  Good - Colin rocked the angst look and the reunion between CS better be one to rock the socks off of Emma.  His talks with Nemo and Snow were priceless.  I wish Nemo would hang around.  That man has such a pleasant vocal tone.  Good/Bad - New coat, liked it but since new coats are really changes in the character then they should have waited for the reunion, but whatever.  Nice decision on going back to Emma but man, send her a text! The big question - Interesting that Gideon wants him out of town - a curse perhaps awaits our savior? 


Robin - Good - I still believe this Robin was there to act as a guide to help mend the 2 halves as well as make them look inside of themselves, and he did that by dropping truth bomb after truth bomb.  And I’m happy that he has the Q and perhaps can learn to love.  Bad - I’ll miss Sean.  I’d rather have his Robin on my screen any day instead of Zelena.  

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To Hope.

“You should eat.”

The male Xaela’s voice was impatient and irritated. As he nudged the small bowl at the youngster’s black horns. The young Xaela’s hunger had very nearly robbed him of his pride, but he remembered himself as he turned to peer at what was offered. It filled the bowl to the brim in a pile. At first he thought it was rice, but upon closer inspection it looked more like dry snow. The young man glared up at the one who had offered it. “…is this some kind of joke, Madeo?”

“No, Sayeh,” Madeo insisted, “Just take some. The priestess passed around and gave out rations to those in line.”

“And you left your place in line to come give me this? Idiot!”

“What? No, Sara is still there, and my mother. They will make sure to find out everything we need to know.” Madeo settled down next to the younger Xaela, the bowl still held out in offer. He jabbed a thumb back over his shoulder, where surely, a very young and a very old Xaela stood in a long line that extended toward a golden tent, behind which a glittering golden dome loomed. Near the front of the line a hyuran priestess ushered those who had made the long journey  to seek he who promised asylum. Ice, rocks and snow defined the mountainous landscape around them; though the gathering of Xaela had all settled onto a plateau for this part of their pilgrimage.

Begrudingly, Sayeh placed the tips of his fingers into it to extract some of the odd substance. It had the consistency of hoarfrost, and was very light to the touch. Yet, when he put it into his mouth it melted on his tongue with the taste of bread, milk and honey. “This…this is actually good,” He murmured in surprise. It only coaxed a smug chuckle from Madeo. “I told you. You can have the rest, I’ve already had my fill. There’s more than enough for everyone.”

The younger Au Ra nodded, having already dug his fingers in for more. He could feel strength flowing through him; exhaustion seemed to be a thing forgotten. Even the bitter cold of the Spine’s peaks may as well have been the gentle sun upon a meadow. “How long do you think we’ll have to wait?” He finally asked.

“Not long,” Madeo assured. Then, he tipped his chin to someone not far away. “Ayo, it’s that girl you like.”

Sayeh wasted no time with denials or bluster. The boy’s head moved so fast that his neck cricked. Sure enough, across the snow she stood. She was beautiful, with well kept horns and scales that were almost glossy, and smooth to the texture. Her hair was raven, and her eyes a deep blue. She walked to a small clearing among the other refugees with a flute in hand, and began to play a joyful and upeat tune. It flowed through the frigid air and warmed both it and the spirits of those nearby. The two seated Xaela were almost transfixed, with content smiles on their faces. 

“I enjoy when she plays. Someday, when we’ve all settled, I will find her, and ask her to play for me,” Sayeh murmured. 

“And I’ll be there, waiting to heckle you when you make a mess of it,” Madeo promised. 

Sayeh raised the bowl and offered some of the odd food regardless. “To hope,” he proposed.

With a smile, Madeo set his fingers into the bowl for a clump of it. 

To hope.”

thefishywitchy  asked:

Hey! I just wanted to ask, since I was sooo curious about it and looking forward to it, if Snow in Summer was still going to be a thing someday!

it will someday!  I just realized that I’d plotted it out so hard and done so much second-guessing that I hardly felt any of the passion I had at the start?  so I’m letting it rest for now. @v@


Your lips are cold, dude


I’m not asking you to forget your dead. I’ll never forget mine. I lost fifty brothers the night that Mance attacked the Wall. But I’m asking you to think about your children now. They’ll never have children of their own if we don’t band together. The Long Night is coming and the dead come with it. No clan can stop them. The Free Folk can’t stop them, the Night’s Watch can’t stop them and all the southern kings can’t stop them! Only together. All of us. And even then it may not be enough, but at least we give the fuckers a fight.

Persephone and Hades!

Just wanted to do some chara design with these characters

I always really liked the myth of Hades and Persephone when I was younger, it was like a mythological Beauty and The Beast for me. I was a big greek mythology nerd before. Also trivia fact: my name take is root from Persephone first name -the one she had before she came in the underworld- Cora!

If you don’t know this myth it’s the story of Hades god of the underworld falling in love with Persephone -the reason may change, my favorite is that Aphrodite and Eros didn’t like the fact that Hades was such a cold heart refusing to fall in love so they strike him with one of Eros arrow-  and kidnapping her. into the underworld so she become the Queen of the Underworld -it’s not the entire story but it’s a bit long to explain-