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Past Lives

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Request: @waiefu : “ok so reader is going to college away from home and they need a room mate so theyre looking at possible people they see kylo but misread as kylie reader sees they have a lot in common and assuming its a girl picks them anyway they show up at the dorm and see a dude”

Summary: Soulmate AU: Kylo Ren, being the man that he is, loses a lot of things in his life. One of those things being his only shot at ever having love. As centuries pass however, in another galaxy on a planet known as Earth, an unexpected turn of events brings him another possible chance. Though he never could have predicted it would have come around in the way it does.

A/N: Ok so I combined a request with an AU I had brewing in my mind for a long time (even before I started this blog hah), and hopefully you all enjoy it! And in case anyone was wondering, yes “Past Lives” by Borns is the song rec for this cause well, ya know. Feedback is welcome, and of course all credit for the triplet AU goes to @crylorenlo

Warnings: Language

Laying motionless in the snow, with flakes daintily dropping onto his pale flesh, Kylo stared up at the night sky. Blood matted his raven locks and smeared across his full lips, starkly contrasting his appearance. His body was spent, his mind reeling as the world around him seemed to fall into an unnatural silence. No matter how much his ears strained, there was nothing to be heard, nothing to be seen.

Left to his thoughts alone, Kylo slowly felt them consume him. Though there was nothing to be heard physically, Kylo’s psyche seemed to take on its own consuming presence, forcing him to acknowledge it.

So, this is what you received.

Kylo sighed faintly, the breath feeling heavy in his lungs.

A slow, painful and a depressingly lonely demise. Was it worth it?

Despite his inability to move or react, his eyes began to pool with tears. It was your voice. A voice that had disappeared into the furthest corner of his mind for years. Years he had lost to his poor decisions, including the one of the last night he ever laid eyes on you. 

Was taking the countless lives worth it? Destroying what the force created…was it worth it?

His eyes winced shut as his soiled body began to tremble. Slowly the tears started to slip down his cheeks, accompanying the flakes of snow.

“I’m sorry.”

He practically whispered, sounding much like a passing breeze. Lip quivering he choked out the words as he spoke again with his broken tone.

“I’m sorry…I-…it wasn’t worth it.”

His trembling grew fiercer as his body grew even weaker, seeming to ignore the creeping frigid temperature.

“I’m sorry…so sorry.”

Aside from his dying whimpers, the atmosphere was eeriely silent. As if he had suddenly gone deaf to the world around him, there was nothing. You weren’t there, his family was long gone and there was not a soul he had to lean on. In his demise, he met his fate. To be entirely alone in the end, no one to have beside him aside from the snowy terrain beneath him. Slowly as his body grew weaker, almost incapable of continuing to sob the way he had been, he felt his eyelids grow heavy. Drooping lower and lower over his blood shot, glimmering eyes, the world around him slowly started to fade.

Centuries later in a far away galaxy…

Staring at the screen before him, Kylo looked over the Craigslist ad he was about to post, assuring everything was correct. Typos would not be accepted and he had to assure not a single detail was missing. Though anyone else would have thought he was doing it as a service to his soon to be roommate, he truly was doing it for himself, unwilling to live with certain types of individuals. He knew what personalities melded well with his, and he would do everything to assure he got just that.

Narrowing his eyes to the screen he read over the bullet points he had written once again. Walking up behind him, Ben appeared. Rolling his eyes Ben shook his head faintly as he watched Kylo hunched over the computer desk.

“Why are you so dramatic?”

“Why are you so obnoxious?”

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What's the protocol for when the power goes out at the aquarium? And do you have advice of what to do to keep fish (and filter bacteria!) alive if the power goes out? :)

Okay, staff at the aquarium actually get questions like this frequently from visitors. This is because visitors are often quite shocked to realize that many of the animals they saw during childhood visits are still there, in spite of Hurricane Sandy and all the damage it brought to the Jersey shore. They start asking about how we weathered the storm.

The truth is, we have major plans in place for handling any emergency or power outage. This is how the aquarium staff (at the time of Sandy, I was still just a volunteer!) did so well. By having plans in place and reviewing them, it greatly helps with most issues.

Minor power outages or rolling brownouts are a common enough occurrence during the worst of summer heatwaves or storms, no matter where you live NJ. While modern upgrades and redundancies to the power grid has removed much of the risk of significant power loss, it can happen.

To deal with minor losses, we have a few hidden treasures tucked away. While the building has emergency lighting to assist with human navigation, every free-standing exhibit has a flashlight or lantern tucked underneath. Why? Well, every extra bit of light is important to help us pathetic humans navigate in the dark. We employees and volunteers know our aquarium and the terrain pretty well, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be hazardous in the dark. This means helping everyone get around safely to a secure area or possibly exiting the building if external conditions warrant is priority 1.

These lights are also crucial for our sharks and their tank mates. Successfully keeping larger sharks with fish requires working with their natural tendencies. Sharks tend to be more active with hunting at night. One of the biggest tricks to keeping sharks in aquaria is making sure they have a nightlight. It need not be bright enough to disturb, just bright enough to prevent them from getting into that hunting behavior and starting to look at their tank mates as a possible snack. So, a big job is specifically ensuring that there are lights on our sharks.

Side note : I picture this whenever we talk about power outages and shining flashlights for the sharks. I’ve never experienced a power outage at work, but I have a feeling this will be me if it happens while I’m around the sharks.

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In addition to hidden flashlights, each and every free-standing exhibit has a hidden emergency kit underneath including a battery operated air pump, line, and stone. If the power outage will continue longer than a minor inconvenience, these little battery operated pumps can be set up to keep some circulation and surface disturbance in the exhibits.

This plan for dealing with minor outages is only as good as our prior preparation. So, these pumps and flashlights are frequently checked to ensure that everything is in working order and that they all have good batteries. We have a cache of batteries in our lab, as well as a huge tote of spares.

If a power outage looks like it is going to persist for longer than a few hours, then we have a bit of a challenge on our hands. Temperatures on smaller exhibits (especially terrestrial ectotherms) may begin to slide, and prolonged stagnation of water through filter media may cause the beneficial bacteria to consume all available oxygen (and die). The aquarium has generators on hand for this very emergency. We may not be able to operate ALL life support systems, but our generators can handle ensuring that critical systems are functioning.

Where it gets interesting is our water quality monitoring. In our day to day operations, the aquarium alternates between two systems from Hach and YSI. These are both battery operated, handheld devices with internal lighting that we can use to go from tank to tank and monitor for temperature, dissolved oxygen, salinity, and pH (on the YSI). As we test, the data is displayed on the device in use and is also stored for later retrieval. So, although I need a computer to upload data and make our pretty spreadsheets for logging purposes, I could still easily go around and ensure that each tank is sitting within a reasonable range for general parameters.

Our aquarium has two levels, and our upper level has been known to turn into “tent-city” when a prolonged outage is expected (or a significant storm). Staff has camped out there and spent the night to ensure that nothing goes awry. I am told, however, that the seals make bad roommates (they can be active and noisy at night, apparently!).

We also put in a ton of prep work if we suspect an event will cause us to lose power, such as a hurricane or other major weather event. This may include things like setting up the generators, putting pumps into place, etc. By being ready in advance of the power going out, we’ve already done much of the hard work. I also like to think it gets us in the right mindset for when the power does go out, no different than having a fire drill.

Okay, I think this is long enough for one post. I’m going to make a second one for home hobbyists dealing with power loss.

Почему девушкам нравится красиво наряжаться? Почему девушки используют косметику? Почему девушки  увеличивают грудь? На базовом уровне женщины хотят, чтобы мужчины находили их привлекательными. Они хотят найти самого лучшего партнера. Чем более симпатичными и сексуальными они выглядят, тем выше шансы найти сильного партнера. Это - природа. Позвольте мне заявить, что мужчины должны  также хорошо выглядеть и вести себя, как господа. Относитесь к женщинам с уважением и любезностью, пока она не попросит, о нечто ином.

Why do women like to dress up prettily? Why do women wear make-up? Why do women have their boobs done?At the most basic level, women want men to find them attractive. They want to find the best possible mate. The prettier and sexier they look, the higher the chances of finding a strong mate. It’s nature.Some people will rail against such a cold simple idea and say it is about empowerment, about feeling good, but that is just window-dressing.But before people start to think of me as a misogynist, let me state that men have to step to the plate too. Men have to look good and men have to act like gentlemen. Just because a woman dresses up, it does not mean she is fair game to be groped or leered at. You treat women with respect and courtesy until she says she wants to be treated differently.

cool fun tips for creating a thread in Find A Dragon

here are some cool fun tips that most people seem to go by when creating a thread in the “Find A Dragon” subforum!

1. looking for something extremely specific? you could probably use the search feature and find dragons close to what you want or even exactly what you want, but that requires effort. force others to search for you and complain when you don’t see anything that’s exactly what you wanted.

2. when making the thread, you should come up with a title that conveys as little information as possible. good examples are “looking for dragon”, “need mates for dragons”, and “looking for new dragons”. if you’re looking for something extremely specific, you can also use a title that has a vague description of what you want and make it seem like you’re looking for a wide variety of dragons. for example, if you’re looking for a mint/jade/jade male noc with iri/shim and wind eyes, you could title your post “green m noc”. this describes the dragon you want as well as thousands of other dragons. people will come into your thread with dragons that match the title, then leave when they see that their dragons don’t match your extensive checklist.

3. in your post, you can be a bit more detailed with what you want, but you should still try to keep it vague. the best posts are ones that force sellers to try and guess what you want–tell them you’re looking for a mate for X dragon, but don’t tell them any details you want in the mate or what you’re trying to breed. tell them you want a “pretty dragon” or “good-looking gen1” and don’t tell them the genes/colors you prefer. leave them guessing!

4. you should NEVER give sellers any hint that you’ve read or glanced at their post. do not acknowledge that they’ve even posted in the thread. ignore them entirely. if you do post, respond to only one person or say something like “nothing interests me so far”. even if there are pages and pages of people offering dragons, stay silent.

remember, sellers have limited time to go through the subforum, and probably don’t enjoy spending hours trying to find someone who will buy from them. try to waste their time as much as possible and make them regret trying to sell dragons in Find A Dragon! :-)

Give me Hope- A Lay Wolf!Au (part 1)

Lay was just having a normal day, well, as normal as the life of a wolf shape shifter could be. He patrolled the perimeter around their land, and made sure there were no signs of the others, the rouge shifters, before returning to the house.

He was a beautiful wolf, although he himself would never say it, he was a precious sandy color, his fur was thick, and fluffy, and it glimmered in the sunlight. But as a man, he was even more handsome. He had a beautiful dimple on his cheek, and his body was lean and muscular. His hair was a sandy brown, and it fell beautifully on his face.

“Hey, Lay could you go to the store to get me some vegetables for dinner? Oh and if you can stop by the book store, please? Suho ordered a book about a week ago and it just arrived, could you pick it up for me please?” Suho’s mate asked him, as she rummaged through the fridge, trying to find something to use for dinner. D.O had the night patrol shift, and so he couldn’t help her cook dinner that night, so she was a bit nervous as to what to prepare for the pack.

“Yeah. Of course, I’ll go now if you want. What book store is it?” He asked her, always happy to help a friend. He had a gentle nature, although he was known to be stubborn when he was fixated on something.

“The one next to the pharmacy and the daycare primary school thingy place. Take the car though.” She replied, and he looked at her with an eyebrow raised.

“Yeah… okay… the daycare primary school thingy… Okay.” He laughed, before grabbing his keys from the table, and walking out through the front door. He got into his car, and drove off, wondering why he had to take the car instead of running there, until he realized the moment he shifted back, he would be butt naked, and that was probably a reason for him to get in trouble again.

He parked the car somewhere sensible, and locked it, before walking towards the store to get the vegetables. He looked around, trying to figure out which ones Suho’s mate could possibly want, but since she had been so unspecific, and he had been too distracted to ask, he had no idea. He groaned, running his hand through his brain, wishing he had some sort of telepathic power to communicate with her over distance.

“Ah! My phone!” he exclaimed, mentally scolding himself for being so slow. He checked through his pockets, and realized he had left his cell phone back in his room, so he hung his head low, and cursed himself for being so careless.

He decided he couldn’t possibly guess what Suho’s fiancé would want, and he was completely clueless when it came to cooking, so he was probably going to need advice from someone who did know. He decided to wait it out a bit, and walked straight towards the book store, at least he knew what to do there.

He heard the chiming of the bell as he walked in, and cleaned his feet on the small doormat. He walked straight to the counter, but his head turned in every direction possible, as he stared at all of the impossibly high bookshelves with thousands of different books placed carefully on each one of them by alphabetical order. He wondered who had found the time to arrange them all.

“Could I help you sir?” He heard a soft female voice speak to him, and he felt a sudden wave of electricity rush through his body. His head snapped up to look at the source of the beautiful voice, and he couldn’t stop himself from smiling, his cute little dimple poking through.

The moment his eyes met yours, he couldn’t pull them away. He couldn’t bring himself to look away from you, from your gorgeous eyes, and the cute small smile on your lips. He didn’t realize he was staring, until you cleared your throat, with an amused expression on your face.

“Sir?” You asked him, trying hard not to laugh. You felt slightly flattered, you hadn’t been looked at that way ever since your last boyfriend left you. Lay blushed, blinking quickly.

“Ah yes! My friend, Suho? Kim Junmyeon, he ordered a book about a week ago, and his fiancé got informed today it had arrived? They asked me to pick it up while I did the shopping.” Lay spoke, oversharing, as he awkwardly coughed, and tried to cover up the fact that he was blushing like crazy.

“Ah yes, I know which one it is. You’ll need to sign this for me with your details. Let me get it for you.” You told him, handing him a form with the details of the book, while she disappeared under the counter, looking through a box to find a bag with the desired book inside.

“Here you go.” You spoke, handing him a pen, and the book. Lay smiled at you, again, finding it hard to pry his eyes off yours.

“Thank you.” Lay muttered, as he signed his details down onto the form, and handed it back to you. You smiled at him, taking the form from his hand, and as your hands grazed, you felt an electrical current rush through you. You began feeling slightly hot and shaky. You became nervous, as you stared at him, wondering how someone so handsome could exist. You brushed your hair behind your ear and looked at him, as if expecting him to do or say something, or even just leave, but he stood there.

“Do you need help with anything else… ehm… Yixing?” You asked him, looking at his name on the form he had just handed you. Lay’s heart skipped a beat at the sound of his name rolling off your tongue, and he wanted to hear you say it over and over again. He realized he was staring again, so he shook his head, his cheeks turning a bright red.

“Ah, actually, I do. Do you know anything about cooking?” He asked shyly, and you looked at him in surprise for a moment, before laughing.

“yes, yes I do, why?” You asked, covering your mouth with your hands. He smiled sheepishly, his dimple poking through.

“My friend’s fiancé, well, she sent me to the market to get vegetables for her to cook dinner, and… Well she never said what she wanted, so… I don’t know what she could possibly want, ahhh… I’m hopeless, I didn’t even bring my phone.” He told you, rubbing the back of his neck with his hand. You laughed a little at his statement.

“Well, you are hopeless, but luckily for you, my shift is over in 5 minutes. So if you have the patience to wait for me while I walk to the school, I will help you with the vegetables.” You told him with a wide smile, and he immediately agreed more than happy to spend any extra length of time with you.

“By the way, my name is Y/N.” You told him, with a raised eyebrow, as you began saving your work on the library’s computer.

“Oh! Yeah! Sorry, I forgot to ask, I was distracted looking at your eyes. I mean… Eh… Ah… I’m hopeless.” He confessed, not quite aware of what he was saying, and this time it was your turn to blush. “I’ll wait over there.”

He pointed towards a comfortably armchair, before walking towards it, grabbing the book that Suho had ordered and trying to read it. You smiled at him, feeling butterflies in your stomach whenever you thought about him, or his name, for the first time in a very long time.

MERRY CHRISTMAS // masterlist

Request: @waiefu​ college au where reader is looking for a room mate and is looking at possible people and misreads kylo as kylie. they have similar interests so reader picks him thinking its a girl. reader shows up to the dorm and is shook when its a dude

A/N: This mf took me like 4 days to write bc busy and then like 4 hours today to finish bc determination. It ended up hella long and I’m sorry but it’s worth it, my dudes! Thanks for the request, buddy, I hope you enjoy! P.S. requests are open again :)

Warning: Vulgar language? Whom care

Word Count: 7.6K+ (my longest?)

Nothing seemed more exciting than moving out of your home and into a dorm for college, especially when you had the opportunity to pick your own roommate rather than be paired off. Sitting in the residential advisors office as you flipped through the many possible choices of people that could room with you, you came to a stop at one. “Oh, Kylie…” You nodded to yourself, reading their interests. “Likes movies, especially superhero ones…listens to alternative rock…like’s space and is studying to be an astrophysicist. Oh, sweet, we’ll have similar classes.” You mumbled to yourself as you had been studying to be a physicist. Reading on, you stopped midway. “Them, they’re it. We have so much in common, it’s insane.”

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SouMako with Omega??

SouMako + Omega

    Sousuke knew that he made for an intimidating sight and usually he tried to soften his expression as much as possible when they were out and about, carefully watching Makoto out of the corner of his eye and trying to mimic him…something that his partner found endearing and flattering. However, today was not one of those days…he had stepped forward to stand next to his mate, trying to look as intimidating as possible, teal eyes flashing as he wrapped an arm around the trembling omega…his trembling omega.  For a moment he was distracted from his rage, pulling Makoto into his side and beginning to draw soothing patterns on his back, a technique that always helped calm him after a fright or nightmare, but today…. after being dunked so abruptly and for so long it wasn’t enough, and he hastily switched tactics, tugging the other man into a tight hug.

“Leave,” he snarled at the gathered swimming team who were beginning to realise that their actions which they had meant as fun, hadn’t been as fun as they intended, thankfully they heard the alpha in his voice…the threat…and turned and fled, leaving him free to turn back to Makoto, tilting his mate’s head up so that he would see frightened green eyes. “You’re okay,” he whispered, nuzzling their noses together, making no effort to steal a kiss as he was finally rewarded with a tiny nod before Makoto buried his face in the crook of Sousuke’s neck.

“I am now…”

this literally can’t be an original thought, but I like to think that dragon eggs aren’t made in the, uh, physical way? Because they all look the same in the nest, and that look depends on their element, and obviously some pairings could not possibly physically mate. So I like to thing they’re the manifesting of combined magic powers. Like, the parents sit together and it may take moments or it may take days and days but they focus their intent and their want for children and their personalities and magic kind of swirl together and build up into eggs that then have to be hatched the “normal” way, hence dragons sitting on nests and such

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Yes it started at the X factor, but when do you think they knew it was forever and how do you think it came about? Love you, your blog and your writing💙

That’s very nice of you, thank you!

Honestly? Every relationship recommits itself every day. I guarantee you they have had countless moments over the past five years where they have looked at each other and honestly wondered if they were doing the right thing. I think a pivotal moment was when the AIMH tweet happened. Their careers were taking off and Harry was being pushed into this casanova role and Eleanor was being pushed and suddenly it wasn’t fun and games anymore– it was serious. Because now not only were they having these women pushed on them, they were being told it was time to “grow up” and “leave puppy love behind” and “get serious about their futures in the industry”. I’m sure they were scared and unsure and probably fought a lot and bickered and it put tension on everyone.

I imagine a particularly nasty fight that starts in the presence of the other boys, before they all give up trying to intervene and leave them alone. I imagine Harry in a moment of weakness, looking at Louis and saying, “Maybe there’s not room to be both who we are and who they want us to be. Maybe we can’t make it through it this time.” I imagine Harry leaving, because I think Harry tends to avoid serious face-to-face conflict a lot. I imagine Louis stewing on the sofa, turning over the past year in his mind– thinking of the green-eyed boy who stole his heart and how he can’t imagine taking on life and the world without him by his side. I imagine him deciding in that moment that no matter what happens, no matter what comes… it’s always going to be Harry. That his heart only has room for Harry. And so he picks up his phone and opens Twitter. He wants the world to know. And he types out “Always in my heart @Harry_Styles. Yours Sincerely, Louis” and he presses send and wipes his tears and gets in his car to go find Harry. He drives to Anne’s house and knocks on the door. Anne greets him warmly, because she’s Anne.

“Hello, love. You don’t have to knock, you know. You’re family, you’re welcome here.” Louis grimaces a smile.

“Yeah, I know. Thanks. I just… I assume he’s here?” Anne nods. “And he’s told you?” She nods again.

“It’s awful. He’s very upset. But I think he needs you, Louis.” Louis squares his shoulders, sucks in his breath, and nods his head furiously. He knows what he needs to do. He marches up the stairs past Anne and opens Harry’s door with a soft knock. He’s lying on the bed he used to sleep in when he was a little boy, before life got so complicated.

“Go away mum. Please.”

“I’m not your mum.” Harry flips over with speed and narrows his eyes at Louis.

“What… what are you doing here?”

“I came to tell you. I came… to…” Harry’s eyes narrow further than that Louis thought was possible.

“Look, mate. I’m not up for it tonight.” Louis hates when Harry calls him “mate” when he’s upset.

“I’m not your ‘mate’, Haz. I’m more than that to you, and you’re more than that to me.”

“Not anymore.” Harry sniffles and turns over on his side. Louis walks over to the bed and heaves himself down. Harry doesn’t budge an inch, nor did Louis expect him to. He’s nearly falling off the edge of the bed, but there are things to be said.

“Harry. Harry, look at me.” Harry flips over in a huff of breath. “I know neither of us wants to give up what we’ve got going with the band. I know neither of us wants to walk away from that. And I’m not asking you to walk away from that. I’m asking you to tell me if you feel the same way I do. Because Haz, without you, I’ll be lost. I can’t do this without you.”

“You meant what you said?” Harry croaks.

“What I said when?”

“…On Twitter?” Louis’ heart overflows with fondness and gentleness and he grabs both sides of Harry’s face.

“I meant every word.” He plants a kiss on Harry’s lips and brushes a curl out of his eyes as he pulls back. “You’re it for me, Harry. I didn’t stand a chance from day one. You’re always in my heart because you stole it, you bastard.” Harry laughs.

“We can do this together, Lou. Just be here with me right now, okay? Just hold me.”

Andddddd that’s the story of how the song 18 was written. LOL. Just kidding. But maybe!

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So do wolf packs interbreed with each other like father/daughter or they go off to search for non family mates?

As offspring begin to mature and want to start a family of their own, they disperse from their pack to look for a mate. They’ll look for a mate as far away as possible, for better changes of finding an unrelated mate to prevent inbreeding and keep genes healthy.

However, inbreeding among wolves isn’t uncommon. For example in cases where the wolves can’t disperse (the isolated Isle Royale is a perfect example of this) and are forced to inbreed. Or when one of the breeding wolves die, one of its offspring replaces his/her role, which means the remaining parent will be mating with their own offspring.