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Why I worry that 23 minutes will not be enough for the final episode of Yuri on Ice

Let me preface this by saying that I don’t actually want to worry you with this post but I need to express my concerns somewhere or I’ll implode. Because at the current moment, YOI has too many things to show in order to provide a satisfying conclusion in just 23 minutes. Allow me to list the things that, in my opinion, the anime must show for such a conclusion to be possible:

  • Victor and Yuuri’s bedroom conversation (this is really crucial and we need to hear every word of it, no time skips or summaries allowed)
  •  Victor and Yurio’s backstories

I think both of their characters suffer without those. Although Yurio probably to a lesser extent because this is his senior debut, he is now making history and his backstory isn’t that relevant. But Victor? Victor desperately needs a backstory (or rather, we desperately need to hear it). His career is practically at its end yet we know nothing about it, apart from the fact that it was extremely successful. But his thoughts and feelings? How he got there? Whether it was hard work or talent? Anything relating to his family? Apart from a few vague lines we still know very little about it. The finale is the perfect (and, frankly the only) opportunity for us to learn more about the mysterious hot ‘n’ skilled guy that is Victor Nikiforov. I worry that without it, he would be nothing but a flat ‘love interest’ character, a perfect Disney prince with little substance (which would be really sad because I really love him).

  • Some sort of conclusion to Yurio’s character (I know he’s only beginning his proper career but it would be a pity if there wasn’t something satisfying about the end of his character arc in the show)
  • All six free skates (and I think this really is not necessary but I’m afraid the creators will try to stuff it all in there anyway)
  • Basically something satisfying about all the Grand Prix Finalists (personally I’m most curious about Chris and his laid-back attitude and what they’re trying to achieve with it; not to mention Otabek and something that would make him a meaningful character)
  • Let’s say it again all six free skate programs because this really stresses me out because that usually takes up most of the episode and we really need to use the time for more important things
  • The two exhibition programs, one Yurio’s, one Yuuri( and Victor’s because it has to be a duet)
  • A wedding maybe???  Some ending showing all the characters after the Grand Prix Final, perhaps not a huge timeskip, but something small like a week or two, seeing how everyone’s life is going along after the Finale. (Also showing Victor and Yuuri who are still together)
  • Basically a wholesome, self-contained conclusion that will make us feel like we got everything we wanted.

That’s all I can think of right now but that’s already a lot and I feel like that’s still not everything. I really hope that they won’t show us Phichit, JJ or Chris’s programs because we’ve already seen them in all their glory and they really won’t contribute to the story right now (even if they contribute to the overall realism of the show).

So yeah, how am I spending my time before the new ep? Worrying. Praying. Either one works.