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Okay, Bill, Miss Potts. I am the only person you have ever met, or ever will meet, who is officially licensed to kick the Doctor’s arse. I will happily do the same to you, in the event that you do not align yourself with any instructions I have issued which I personally judge to be in the best interests of your safety and survival. Okay, Bill? Good-oh!

My reaction to movies I want to see for the rest of this year
  • Me: "I saved all my money and I can't wait to see Civil War!"
  • X-men Apocalypse: "Remember us?"
  • Me: "Right...well...yeah, I'll see you guys too!"
  • Keanu: "Hey, we come out a week before Civil War...and we have a kitten!!"
  • Me: "Guys...I...I only have so much mone-"
  • Alice Through the Looking Glass: "We've returned after 6 years and this is how you treat us?"
  • Me: "Aw come on, a lot has happened-"
  • Finding Dory: "Don't even talk about waiting so long for a follow up-"
  • Me: "Now that's not fair you know I am going to see you-"
  • Jason Bourne: "Yeah well I came back too, so what about me?"
  • Me: "I...I mean...it's not-"
  • Ghostbusters: "What are you against reboots all of a sudden?"
  • Me: "I have nothing against reboots! I just don't have enough to see every single film...I can only see so much-"
  • Star Trek Beyond: "So you're gonna reject us. That's it? If it's about "Into Darkness" then-"
  • Me: "No no its not that but-..."
  • Suicide Squad: (coughs)
  • Me: "SERIOUSLY?"
  • Doctor Strange: "This is for not giving you Season Four of "Sherlock", isn't it?"
  • Me: "It has nothing to do with that!!'
  • Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them: "Aw come on you should have enough money by then to see me-"
  • Me: "I mean...I think I will? Please guys, I'm begging you...stop...I am one perso-"
  • Rogue One: (in an Adele voice) "Hello."
  • Me: "Take my money."

“He never raised his voice. That was the worst thing.
The fury of the Time Lord.”

Alexander  pt.6 [BTS Jungkook ] (M)

jungkook x reader (y/N)

bts members

Genre : angst/smut/fluff  

Mature contents: this is not a fairy tale leave if you don’t like it,

Summary: he gave me fire and i need to find him ;with him i saw stars ,i wasn’t scared i felt safe.. i liked his kisses and i wish we meet again …

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this chapter has smut 

“can i come in” Katherine knocked the door she knew her colleague is so cold but it was something important for her to understand so she will not fuck up her work 

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I need some Nash,Hanamiya, and Haizaki angst if you don't mind hahaha. Any scenario will do but as long as it hurts the heart i guess aha

Of course you can and since I’m in the mood to vent out these three scenarios will be totally random, perhaps no similarity in-between. Just a bit of their “demons”. I hope they’re angsty and good enough. ^^, -T-chan


He always loved breaking people. He loved seeing hope and happiness slowly leaving people’s eyes when they realized he did nothing but play with them. He loved it, when he saw them break. There was thrill that flew in his veins, giving him adrenaline, wishing, wanting for more. He wanted to be more destructive.

No one liked him, he knew that well enough. His mother never knew that. And he made sure it stayed that way even when his locker was filled with trash and razors. How people managed to sneak them into school was beyond him, but he didn’t care. He acted like everything was fine. He acted like nothing was wrong and that unnerved everyone even more. They wanted to make him pay for what he did.

Hanamiya was alone. He didn’t like hanging out with anyone. That was until he joined the basketball club. “There are annoying people in the club.” was his reason and it made his mother laugh. But she could see something shifted in Hanamiya’s eyes as he talked about the club more.

He never talked about things he did. Books he read were what kept his relationship with his mother float, but even then there were more things to it too. He loved his mother. He cared for her. He wanted to keep her away from things he did. He kept it a secret when he went home, taking longer roads, just to shake off people that followed him in secrecy. He made sure his mother was safe, but he knew sooner or later someone will find out where he lives.

Hanamiya was pissed when he came home and saw his mother with a broken wrist. He knew that they gave up on breaking him and went after his mother instead. Hanamiya didn’t like that and he will make them pay.

“Who did this?” He asked and gently held his mother’s arm, looking at the cast.

“It’s nothing, Makoto.” She smiled. “I slipped on the water at the market.”

Market. He looked into her dark eyes that were same as his. “What did the doctor say?” He looked back down at her hand, placing it gently on her lap afraid he would break it even more. He hated seeing his mother hurt in any way. Physically of psychologically, he hated seeing her hurt and sad, less alone cry. Just like he hated his excuse of a father, who left her.

“It’s broken and will most likely need the cast for a month if not more. I did land pretty bad on it.” She admitted and let out a silent sigh that Hanamiya easily caught.

He swore he will make them pay.

Blood dripped down his clenched fist, his chest heaving, as he stood in front of seniors from his high school. They were slumped on the wall, one of them barely conscious as he knelt down in front of him. His eyes glinted with mischief and anger. The corners of his lips turned up in a smile that sent shivers down the teen’s spine and he shivered. He tried to move, but he flinched, hurting all over.

“I see you coming after my mother one more time, I’ll make sure you end up in hospital longer.” Every word was filled with venom, yet only one came out with most care. He reached out his hand, the teen flinching, and patted his shoulders, like he wanted to brush dust away. “Make sure you tell others too.” He looked straight into the teen’s eyes, who nodded. His smile stretched wider. “That’s good. That’s very good.” Straightening up, he turned and left without looking behind.

“Were you in another fight, Makoto?” His mother looked at him disapproving and Hanamiya wanted to scowl.

“It’s nothing.” He replied and tried to pass her by, only to be stopped by the look she gave him.

“It’s not nothing when your clothes are bloody and your cheek blue.” She argued.

Hanamiya sighed. “I bumped into one of my old friends and we talked about old memories.”

“Makoto!” She called and he felt his chest tighten.

Hanamiya looked at her. “I’m fine.”

His mother stared at him, her lips in thin line before she let out a sigh. She closed her eyes and walked over to her son, caressing his cheek. He felt filthy the moment he felt her soft fingers on him. He didn’t want to taint her. Turning his head, he took a step back, further from her. He didn’t want to get any dirt on her. Especially not from people, who caused her injury.

“Don’t fight anymore.” Her voice was silent, begging.

“I won’t.”

They both knew it was a lie.

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He’s like fire and ice and rage.
He’s like the night and the storm and the heart of the sun.

anonymous asked: Ten being threatening or ten being friendly?


“The study of nature makes a man at last as remorseless as nature.” The Island of Dr Moreau, H.G. Wells

Luke Foster - Playing Doctor

Luke Foster Smut! MC has been given a sexy nurse outfit, and as you were trying it on he walks in on you?! How will Luke react at the sudden change in pulse?

“Sexy Bones?” his cheeks flustered he watches you from across the room. Dressed in a non-realistic and revealing nurses outfit.

The skirt is slipping up your thigh, “Luke!”

“W-what are you doing ___?” he asks, confused at your state. You had a nurse outfit he had warranted for you, did it not fit?

“The guys! They made me!” you say, flushing as Luke looks you up and down.

“I can see all of the alignments of your bones…” he whispers, his voice low and husky. His eyes clouded, he was trying desperately not to take you right here.

“Luke…” your voice was small, husky even.

“Sexy Bones, why would they dress you up in a nurses outfit?” Luke smirks, his eyes popping wide.

“They wanted us to play…Doctor.” you reply and he raises an eyebrow.

“Play?” he walks toward you and his lips come to your ear. “I am a doctor.”

“I know..” your voice was now very small. “I’m… sorry I couldn’t stop them.”

“You like this?..” he whispers twirling on the skin just below where the too-short material ends.

“Ah-” you whimper, arching a little.

“You want me to play doctor?” he repeats again, “-would you like to be examined thoroughly?”

“Luke..please…” the stethoscope he pulls out is cold as he drags it up your arms and is gently placed on your chest.

“Ah!” you jump a little and he smirks, blowing softly on your earlobe. He nibbles it gently, and you watch as he slowly unbuttons one part of your top.

The stethoscope reaches down, and he smiles, “Your pulse is a little fast, young lady.”

Young lady?  “Can you fix it Doctor Foster?”

“Oh I’m afraid I would do more damage than good for your pulse.” he smiles evilly, and your heart begins to beat faster still.

“I need to be very careful about the health of my nurses you see.” he whispers, “I think I should do everything in my power to help them.” his wicked voice turning your insides.

“Luke…” you plead, your cheeks hot and your body all but willing and ready for him.

“Dr . Foster.” he replies and then kisses you letting you experience his exotic taste. He was intoxicating, and tasted of tea, a bagel you had forced him to have this morning and something that was just Luke.

“Dr Foster, please help me.” you whimper and he takes your chin in his two fingers.

“When I want you to beg, I’ll tell you.” As you gasp he gains entrance to your mouth, his tongue lapping at you. Dancing a dark melody he swirls and teases, playing with the butterflies in your stomach like a child with a net trying to catch them.

His kiss blocked everything else from your mind, and you became solely his again. “Luke…please.” you beg again and his hand slips into the short skirt of your outfit.

“This is very convenient,” he comments between kisses, having fallen down to your neck. His tongue licks at your sweet skin, his teeth make his mark as his hands touch your most sensitive spot again and again.

“Does it button all the way down I wonder? -Ah I see.”  Buttons pop everywhere as he rips the material off your body.

“Doctor Foster!” Your plea was again part of the charade, his dominance in the role play all but evident. “Luke!”

Fantasy mixes with real life in a beautiful bubble of sexual lust, Luke amplified to the point of burst. Now only in underwear he lies you down on his doctors chair, looking down at you with his dark eyes that promised something seductively dark.

“Be a good Nurse.”  he demands as his fingers play with you still, as you cry out for mercy, for more, for less and for him to fulfil all the bulge in his scrubs was promising.

“Luke!” he bites at your neck hard. “Dr!” You correct yourself.

His one hand works to ready your sex for him, while his other works on your breasts; perking them up for his fingers, his mouth, his tongue.

“Oh-ah!” his cheeks go pink as he watches you and his look sends you over a dangerous edge. Spiralling back down to Earth you open your eyes to find him above you, ready to please you. Please himself.  

Skin on skin as he takes off his scrubs and then his pant. You lie there panting of want and need, for what only he could provide you.

“Who do you belong to?” he asks as he lines his impressive length to your sleek sex.  

“Yo-YOU!” you scream as he enters you, holding on to his shoulders then back as he shows no mercy. Tonight was different to your other times, he was more aggressive, sure of himself, he was powerful.


“___!” his cheeks pink as he groans your name in ecstasy. As he moves in and out of you in pure undiluted sexual bliss, you scratch at his back- which only seemed to gear him up more.

“Lu-Doctor!” you couldn’t think straight, couldn’t speak correctly. You were begging, pleading and needing release.

As he continues however, you were pushed off the cliff instead of rolled. You scream his name in a moan so loud you were sure the other auctioneers could hear.

His mouth open, his thrusts becoming erratic and deeper. “Please.” you wanted him to release wanted him to-

“!! - ____!” he cries out, an orgasm kicking out of him at such aggression and speed he was wiped out. It hit him at his spine, shooting through him to the point he groans and collapses softly half on, half off you.

After a little while of lying on the Doctors bed panting Luke groans and looks at you, turning to stroke your hair. “Wh-What’s my name? Euke? Duke? Wuke? I don’t even care..”

You giggle and stroke back his growing blonde hair. “Luke… you liked that.”

His cheeks show his embarrassment once more as he turns away, “Says you… but yes… I did.”

You turn his head so his gaze meets yours, wondering how the bidders had managed to pick out just what Luke would have wanted, “Yes I did too, perhaps I should get another outfit.”

As you two look at one another with shy, quiet smiles you both laugh a little, surprised at the discovery. “Yes… maybe you should.”

Pietro Imagine #16

Request: could u write an imagine where pietro saves the reader in a really bad car crash

A/N: I’m so sorry this took so long I just wante it to make it as good as I can and hopefully it is to your expectations! I’m writing the other requests so if you requested something I promise I’m not ignoring you! 

You never were excited to get your license. It’s the reason why you waited a few years before you actually learned to drive. It was reasons like living in New York that you didn’t want to drive. It was late at night and you were coming home from the coffee shop you work at. You were currently in terrible traffic which was weird because rush hour was hours ago. Your car slowly inched forward every few minutes. It was like this for hours until the car lanes started moving.

“Finally.” You thought out loud. You started driving and passed by a few ambulances and a tow truck that was dragging a totaled car.

“Another reason why I waited so long to drive.” You mumbled to yourself. You started to drive back to your apartment. Soon there were almost no cars in the road and you found it weird. You came to a red light and waited for it to turn green, once you did you accelerated the car. You heard honking to your right and looked over to see a big truck right before it ram into your car.

You gasped as you felt your body jolt to the right before the car went airborne. Glass shards flew everywhere, scratching your face and other parts of your body. You wanted to cry out in pain and your mouth opened to do so but nothing came out. The airbag popped out at you and took the air out of your lungs out.

You were in shock at what was going on. Everything seemed to go into slow motion as you looked outside the windshield seeing the truck fall on its side. Your car landed upside down, causing you to jerk downwards, almost hitting the car roof. You set your hands on the roof and started gasping and trying to form words. Blood rushed down your face and the seat belt started aching where it was holding you, making it hard to breathe. Your lungs felt constricted by the seat belt, not helping with your breathing at all.

“Help!” Your voice cracked, the pain you were in starting to sink in. You started to silently cry as you continued to call for help. Your head was pounding. Your forehead was wet from sweat, blood and tears that you didn’t have the energy to wipe away. You searched around for your phone with what was in sight. You tried to move the seat belt but it hurt so much to move. Your neck felt raw from your seatbelt constantly rubbing against it. Everything started to go black until you felt your body fall to the ground. You let out a cough, causing pain to your head and your throat. Your body was being removed from your car and you opened your eyes to see who it was. You saw a man with blue eyes and blonde hair look down at you.

“Don’t worry Y/N, I’ll get you out of here in no time.” He told you in an accent. You wanted to ask so many questions but everything went black. You couldn’t comprehend the last words that he spoke, so you just let your body go limp in his arms.

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