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I asked my mom to name each voltron character and their personality


Me: “What’s his name?”

Mom: “I’m trying to think of something sly like, Leo.”


“He’s a player. A big flirt. Like he thinks he’s better than everybody but he’s really not.”

“Anything else?”

“No that’s it.”



Mom: “James”

Me: “JAMES?”

“And ack he’s sad god love him. He may be a bit disgruntled but he looks very sad. I think he seems like a nice guy, you know?”


“He’s very closed off too. Cause he has his arms crossed. That means you’re closed off.”


Mom: “His name is…….. Patrick.”

Me: *laughing my ass off* “You’re giving them such generic names!”

“So? I like em names.”

*my brother from a distance* “PATRICK LMAO”

“And he looks a wee bit dozy.”


“Yeah he doesn’t know what he’s up to. He thinks he knows what he’s doing but he has no clue. He’s a big lug.”

*after being told his name is Hunk* “I like Patrick better.”


Mom: “I’m just gonna give her a name. Jenny.”

Me: “Jen- okay”

“And she looks like she’s a curious wee book worm girl. She’s probably really smart and slightly misunderstood maybe?”

“Is that it?”



Mom: “I’m trying to think of a name for him……….. Ian.”

Me: *trying to hold back laughter*

“Ian and he’s a wee bit scary. He’s like the leader. He’s the one in control of everything, you know? And he seems very… very distant but he wants to be closer maybe? Like he wants to be friendly but he’s gotta play the tough guy.”


Mom: “……….Quintara.”

Me: “QUINTARA- at least it’s not something generic.”

“She looks like a princess. She looks… friendly? But a little bit sad or something? Worried maybe. But determined. She’d kill a bitch.”

*laughing our asses off cause FACTS*


Mom: “His name is…………………………………….*long pause*…………………………….. Red.”

Me: “Red??”

“Yeah cause his hair. You know? He’s a red head.”

“Why would his name be red because of his hair color?”

“Because that’s the nickname. He’s very stuck up. Very snotty. ‘Mr. know it all.’”

“I can’t.”

“He may even speak with an English accent.”

*pissing myself at this point*


Mom: “….*long pause again*………. Like, fricken Zaltor?”

Me: *choking* “You’re close?”

“He’s a powerful enemy out to kill everybody. He has a dark side but he might have a light side too. He seems a wee bit soft hearted maybe? You know what, he reminded me of the princess. Allura? Yeah he reminded me of her. That, ‘I’m gonna kill. I’m soft hearted but I can kill you.’ and maybe that royalty stance gives off that impression.”


Mom: *scared look* “Oh jesus……… King Buggaboo.”

Me: “wHAT??”

“I don’t know he looks like a bug! King Buggaboo!”



“Try giving him a more intimidating name.”


*w h e e z i n g*

“He’s like a big Mac Truck.”


“He looks like he has a big raspy voice and he’s scary. He’s kinda like Megabyte, you know?” *she’s talking about Megabyte from reboot lmao* “He’s a trickster.”

*after explaining that he’s Lotors dad*

“Oooh…. this- this one, him? THAT’S HIS DAD?? WHAT THE HECK HAPPENED TO HIM???”



Mom: “Ooo she looks like a witch doctor. She’s pretty dark. ‘Evil one.’ Her name’s Voltra.”

Me: “Yeah, VOLTRONS enemys name is VOLTRA.”

“Oh right it’s Voltron. I forgot the name. But she’s a nasty piece of work. There’s no soul in her.”

*me and my brother share a ‘If only she knew’ look*

*after explaining she’s Lotors mom.*

“So Zarkon is her husband.”

“Oh shit. Them two a couple? Fuck.”


incorrect Framework quotes 


Okay, Bill, Miss Potts. I am the only person you have ever met, or ever will meet, who is officially licensed to kick the Doctor’s arse. I will happily do the same to you, in the event that you do not align yourself with any instructions I have issued which I personally judge to be in the best interests of your safety and survival. Okay, Bill? Good-oh!

A quick sketch of our wonderful, tattered and torn Twelfth Doctor in Twice Upon a Time.

What will the Christmas special hold?

Steven Moffat has said it will be ‘dark’… could we be seeing the Valeyard?

Whatever happens, I know that Peter Capaldi will be bloody brilliant 😎🎭🏆⚡️🌕🌑

May I Have This Dance (Black Hat x Dr. Flug)

From the Tumblr prompt of: ‘How about some fluff paperhat?’
Hope you enjoy!
“U-Uh, Sir? Is this really necessary?” Flug asked as Black Hat stretched his arms out and ran a tape measure and put one end on against Flug’s right wrist and the other end to Flug’s left wrist.

“Of course it is Flug!” Black Hat snapped giving the scientist a glare making him flinch down and give him a weak 'yes sir’.

Black Hat rolled his eyes and snapped his fingers making a bag with a hanger appear in Flug’s hand. “That’s your suit for tonight, don’t wrinkle it.”

Black Hat looked over at Flug and let out a grunt “Got it?” Flug squeaked and nodded holding the bag as carefully as he could.

“U-Uh sir remind me again…w-what is this for?” Flug stuttered out softly looking down at the suit in his arms then back up at Black Hat.

Black Hat rolled his eyes and murmured softly “Moron…” He then cleared his throat and spoke up to Flug could hear him. “You are going to accompany me, Doctor to the Annual Heros Association Dinner and Ball.”

Flug blinked and tilted his head “Dinner and…Ball?”

Black Hat nodded “Yes, Ball, I know it sounds stupid but the Heros have found a powerful chemical that would be perfect for new inventions! So you will accompany me as my…date…” Black Hat turned away at the end to hide his flush.

Flug flushed softly and smiled gently but quickly hid it and spoke: “B-But what about our identities s-sir?” Flug tilted his head.

Black Hat cleared his throat and turned back to Flug with the hint of a flush but Flug didn’t comment. “I’ve thought of that already of course! I will be going in disguise.” Black Hat snapped his fingers and in a flash, instead of his suit being black and dark, it was white and bright. Flug had to shield his eyes for a moment before Black Hat turned to his normal suit.

“And you Flug…just don’t wear that bag of yours”

Flug’s eyes widened and one hand went to his bag as to hold it protectively while the other held onto the suit. “S-Sir I-I don’t think I can d-do that” He squeaked.

Black Hat’s eyes softened gently and he walked over to Flug and took his hands gently speaking quietly “Please Flug? I’ll be with you the whole time, I won’t leave your side” Black Hat gently lifted one hand and stroked Flug’s cheek softly to soothe the trembling scientist.

Flug took a deep breath and nodded his head calming down a bit making Black Hat smile and gently lean up kissing Flug’s forehead.

While Black Hat would never admit to doing anything of this sorts with other people around, he wouldn’t mind making an exception for Flug when they were alone. It might not have been his thing, but if it made Flug happy, then he would just have to deal with it.

Flug flushed softly at the gentle kiss but smiled and nuzzled Black Hat’s hand before he pulled it away.

“Glad we agree on it Flug, now all we have to do is go, perhaps do some dancing while we wait until the Heros present the chemical then we will swoop in and take it!” Black Hat grinned evilly and chuckled lowly.

But Flug stopped listening after the world dancing.

He’d have to dance with Black Hat.

He couldn’t dance.

“A-Ah s-sir? W-Wouldn’t you rather t-take Demencia o-or something?”

Black narrowed his eyes softly “You don’t want to go with me?”

Flug’s eyes widened “N-No it’s not that! I-its just….I…can’t…I can’t…dance.” Flug mumbled and flushed in embarrassment.

Black Hat blinked softly. Flug couldn’t dance? That was the problem? Black Hat chuckled softly and gently grabbed both of Flug’s hands and pulled him against his chest.

Gently wrapping an arm around Flug’s waist, Black Hat purred and gently whispered in Flug’s ear, “Do you want me to teach you Doctor~?”

Flug flushed dark and looked around before he nodded his head shyly.

Black Hat grinned and snapped his finger making a soft gentle music fill the air. Perfect for the waltz. Black Hat straightened up and placed one of Flug’s hands on his shoulder with him holding the other. Black Hat’s other hand was wrapped around Flug’s waist and they started.

Make sure Flug was comfortable, Black Hat taught him and instructed him on how to waltz. At first, Flug kept looking down at his feet so he wouldn’t step on Black Hat’s, but after a few minutes, he felt more confident about it.

The two danced and spun around the room, laughing softly and smiling wide. They didn’t even notice the song was over until they were both softly panting out of breath.

Neither of them knew waltzing could do this to them.

After the two caught their breath they both flopped onto the bed and smiled gently at each other before Black Hat leaned over and lifted Flug’s back slightly and kissed him deeply.

Flug happily kissed back and purred.


Hoe ya’ll enjoyed! I’ll always take prompts! So please send them if you wish!


“He never raised his voice. That was the worst thing.
The fury of the Time Lord.”

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Hey I really loved that last post you did with the S/O's on the bring of death! Do you think you would maybe be able to do a continuation?? Like what if the guys got help just in time! How would they react having their​ s/o alive with them after that experience?? Thanks in advanced if you get to this!!


Katsuki Bakugou

“Bakugou! Y/n! What happened?” it was Uraraka’s voice. Bakugou looked back and saw that Iida was with him.

“Iida! Take her!” Bakugou shouted at him, he didn’t care about the way he looked or sounded. The only thing he cared about was making sure you didn’t die on him.

“What? I will!” Iida, with Bakugou’s help, picked you up and he ran to the nearest hospital. Bakugou and Uraraka followed behind, though much slower of course.

When he got to the hospital your condition was unknown. All Bakugou knew was that the doctors were rushing to save your life since you had lost so much blood. He was told to wait in the waiting room until further notice but the wait was killing him. He couldn’t sit still no matter how many times someone told him to sit down. He had even started pacing around the room while mumbling curse words to himself. He was doing just that when a doctor came out.

He stopped pacing but continued when the doctor announced someone else’s name. The suspense was killing him, he wanted, no he needed to know what was going on. He needed to know if you were going to be alright, if you were going to live.

Just as he was going to erupt in annoyance, he heard your name called, “Family of Y/n L/n?”

Family? He wasn’t exactly family but then he watched as Uraraka stepped up, “I’m her sister. Is she going to be okay?”

Everyone stared at her, but no one denied her statement, they all decided that the best thing to do was just go along with it. So they all walked up behind her, including Bakugou who stood next to Uraraka. The doctor looked skeptical but decided to go with it, “She was in extremely critical condition but she’s stable now. She lost too much blood so we had to put her in an induced coma for some time.” (Idk if they’d do that, just go with it)

“Oh okay,” silence followed after Uraraka’s reply until Bakugou decided to speak up.

“Can, can we see her?” The sound of his voice made everyone look at him, it sounded so broken, so unlike him.

“Yes, though it’d have to be one person at a time. My guess is that you’d like to go first?” the doctor looked at Uraraka.

She quickly shook her head, “Actually, I’d like it if he could go first.”

Everyone turned to look at Bakugou and the doctor simply nodded, “Okay, please follow me.”

The second he stepped through the door and saw you, his heart dropped. There were so many tubes, all of which Bakugou believed didn’t belong there. He didn’t want to see you in that condition, you didn’t belong there.

You were always so kind, so gentle, with everybody and everything. You were always so happy and love making everyone else happy. You never wanted to cause anyone any unnecessary harm. You were the complete opposite of him. You didn’t deserve to be in that bed. If anything, he did. He was always stirring up trouble for everyone. He was always causing unnecessary fights and destruction. He was always so rude and cruel to everyone, he was the one that should’ve been laying where you currently were.

He walked over to you as the doctor left. There was a chair next to your bed and he slowly took a seat in it. He grabbed your hand, it was so cold, your hands were never cold. You looked so pale, so still, so unlike your energetic self.

He put his forehead against the metal bar on the side of your bed. Against his best wishes to stay strong, tears starting flowing down his cheeks, “Karma really fucked up this time. I’m so sorry Y/n, I should’ve been there to protect you. I should’ve fucking been there, this is all my damn fault.”

The poor boy was broken, you hadn’t died, but a part of him did knowing he couldn’t do anything to save you.

Shouto Todoroki

Todoroki pushed himself even more the moment he spotted a group of your friends. He started shouting at them for some help and when they all ran towards him, he led them in your direction. He explained what was happening on the way.

When he got back to you, your breathing was shallow and you were unconscious. He didn’t know how since he wasn’t paying attention but somehow, help had arrived.

They had managed to extract some of the poison and had rushed you to the nearest hospital, where everyone was currently waiting to hear about your wellbeing. Every once in a while, a doctor would pass by and everyone would stand up from their seats only to sit back down when they called someone else’s name.

The waiting room was full of family and friends, all quietly sitting down patiently waiting. No one spoke a single word, no one had the guts to break the sorrowful silence that filled the room. A few hours had passed since you were taken there and there had been no news of you, other than being told that you were in surgery.

Todoroki’s patience was wearing thin but he knew that there was nothing he could do to speed up the process. The only thing he could do, was remain calm and wait until someone came with news about your condition.

At last, a doctor came out and announced your name. Everyone stood up and the doctor’s eyes widened in surprise before your parents rushed over  to him. It was good news apparently, because your father sighed in relief and your mother thanked the doctor. The doctor led them to your room where you were actually awake, just a little groggy.

When your parents came out, they told Todoroki to go and see you, since they saw how much the poor boy was breaking apart. The moment he walked through the door, his heart sank. The way you looked in that hospital bed would be a memory that’d haunt him forever. His eyes watered the second you looked over at him and made eye contact.

“Hey,” you whispered, giving him a small smile. You patted the spot next to you and he walked over, taking a seat.

Now up close, he noticed how pale you looked. He stared down at the bed and started rapidly apologizing, “I’m sorry Y/n. I shouldn’t have left you alone, I should’ve gone with you instead. If only I had known who you were up against, I would’ve taken him on instead of having you go.”

You shook your head and put your hand on his wet cheek, “Look who’s apologizing when it’s not their fault now. Shouto, you couldn’t have known his quirk was poison, no one did. Plus, I should’ve been more careful, I acted stupidly and accidentally let him spray me in the face without fully understanding his quirk. And I like going off on my own sometimes, it makes me feel independent.”

He looked up at you and it looked like he was about to disagree so you cut him off, “Please don’t say you still blame yourself. Shouto, it’s not your fault this happened, it’s only the villain’s fault. And, I’m okay now, so there’s nothing to stress over. Okay?”

The boy simply nodded and hugged you the best he could, not wanting to cause you any pain. You could still feel the tears on his cheek, but you kept quiet. Of course he was crying, he thought he was going to lose yet another person he loved. You knew how much you meant to him, and could only imagine what this had done to his poor heart. The only thing you could do now, was reassure him that everything was going to be okay.

It took some time but he finally calmed down, only after you promised that you were going to take things easy from now on. And he was definitely going to hold you accountable for that promise.

Izuku Midoriya
Izuku was able to get you to the group, where All Might had Iida quickly take you to the nearest hospital. The only problem, even Iida’s speed couldn’t stop the amount of blood that was seeping out of your wounds. You were doing your best to stay awake and not to succumb to the darkness calling your name.

“Iida?” you called his name desperately doing your best to keep your eyes open.

“Don’t worry Y/n! I’m going to get you help in time!” he shouted just as everything was starting to get blurry.

You couldn’t even tell what direction you were going in, you couldn’t sense anything. All you knew was that everything hurt, you didn’t even know what happened. The only thing you could remember was looking through a building for survivors and then hearing what sounded like an explosion.

The last thing you saw before you lost the fight with the darkness were what looked to be doctors rushing to help you.

When you did wake up, you were in a hospital room adorned with flowers, balloons, and get well soon cards. You smiled at how much your friends cared. You turned to your side and saw Izuku sleeping in what looked to be a very uncomfortable chair.

The poor boy hadn’t left your side since the moment he was allowed into your room. He was so deeply consumed with worry that he had stayed up for hours so that he could be awake when you woke up. Sadly, the drowsiness he felt took over and he knocked out. Though, it wasn’t until after Izuku cried and cried for you to wake up soon. He couldn’t stand seeing you like that, it made him miserable. He didn’t know what exactly happened, but he never would’ve forgiven himself if he hadn’t gotten you help in time. After all, you meant the world to him and the only thing he wanted was for you to be safe and happy.

Though, he knew you were okay now, the event was so traumatic, he’d never forget about it. He wasn’t there to stop the building from collapsing over you, but he vowed to be there to protect you against anything else in the future. Izuku Midoriya was never going to let anything happen to you, or he wouldn’t be worthy enough to be the number one hero.

You ended up falling asleep shortly after waking up, the strain your body had been put through was too much. When you did wake up, a few days later, Izuku was still by your side, this time awake.

“Y/n!” he cried cheerfully, “You’re awake! How are you feeling? Are you okay? Are you in pain? Do you want anything? Food? Water? Want me to get the doctor?”

You couldn’t help but smile at how cute he looked worrying over you, “Water sounds good.”

“Okay! I’ll go get you some!” the boy ran out so fast you thought he’d slip on something.

When he did come back, he brought more than just a cup of water, he brought an entire gallon with him. You smiled and thanked him when he poured you a glass of the water, the refreshing drink feeling like heaven against your sore throat. Though, the water wouldn’t be the only thing Izuku would end up bringing you. He’d turn into somewhat of your mom, and he would always be there if and when you needed him.

In Dreams She Comes

Summary: While discussing poetry, the Doctor remembers Rose.

Characters: Twelfth Doctor, Bill Potts, Nardole

Rated G


Author’s Note: This is a departure for me, because I am no poet, and I frankly know nothing about poetry beyond a college level poetry class I took a million years ago, but She Walks in Beauty by Lord Byron got stuck in my head this morning, and this is the result. Obviously, Lord Byron’s poem, which I’ve quoted here, does not belong to me. The Doctor’s opinions on Lord Byron’s works are his own, and are not necessarily shared by the author.This is intended as a one-shot, and I’m marking it complete, but I may change my mind. Who knows.

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She comes to him in dreams, more often now than she has for centuries. No, that’s a lie. He’s very good at it, lying, particularly to himself; it’s a skill he’s honed over millennia after all. In truth, not a day has gone by that he hasn’t thought of her, at least once or twice, sometimes with the twinge of nostalgia brought on by fresh loss and old age, sometimes with a terrible longing he hadn’t believed this incarnation capable of. It was an ironic gift of the blindness, the ability to see her face more clearly now than he had for centuries: on a space station, glowing with the energy of the Vortex; under a black hole, kissing the helmet of his space suit; lying on the floor of the console room, laughing with the sheer joy of living; and most often, in a darkened, war-torn street her lips slowly curling up into a smile, her light blonde hair falling loose upon her shoulders, her brown eyes twinkling as she spotted him.

In his dreams that scene ended differently, with a long-awaited kiss, exuberant because that was who he had been in those days, a kiss filled with the joy of reconciliation and passion for the girl whom he’d believed he’d never see again.

He shut his eyes for a moment, savoring the false memory, and absently traced a finger over his lips. Different lips to be sure, but still his own.

“‘She walks in beauty as the night,’” he quoted softly.

“That’s Shakespeare, isn’t it?” Bill asked from somewhere to the left and slightly behind him.

He started, startled by the sound of her voice. He’d thought himself alone.

“Nah, that’ll be Robert Browning,” Nardole responded. Ahead of him, six paces. Other side of the console? Possibly. When had they come in, and how had he not noticed? Too lost in his thoughts, he expected. “All that lovey dovey stuff’s a bit too sentimental for my taste.”

The Doctor reached into an inner pocket of his jacket and pulled out his sonic sunglasses. He slipped them on with an air of nonchalance.

“You’re both wrong. It’s Lord Byron,” he corrected. “One of the greatest poets who ever lived.” With the aid of the sunglasses, from his position sitting on the stairs in the TARDIS control room, he could now *see* in front of him the console, its glowing time rotor reaching up to the ceiling, and two humanoid life forms, one standing on the side of the console nearest the door, the other walking across the room towards the console. As he had predicted, Nardole was the one on the far side of the console, his life readings humanish rather than strictly human.

As Bill came to a stop in front of the monitor, the Doctor stood. He tugged at his jacket to straighten it before crossing unerringly to join her. He was getting better at this, he thought, pretending to not be blind. Of course, the glasses helped.

“One of the greatest human poets, maybe,” Nardole responded, the skepticism heavy in his voice clearly indicating he didn’t think much of Lord Byron, or of human poets in general. Given his attitude on humans in general, it wasn’t surprising.

“One of the greatest poets, and not just of humans,” the Doctor corrected.

“If you say so,” Nardole said dubiously.

“I do say so, and I am the world’s utmost authority on poetry.”

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Indulge in the sadness with me, children

I gotta know…how are the rest of the Ipliers taking this new information?

How is Bim taking this sudden vulnerabilities from his superiors? Do Ed or Shep care? Is The Doctor finally piecing together why Dark always looks so corpsey? Is GoogleIRL secretly looking the details of it all up in secret? Does The Host wish he could’ve been there to write life differently?


Your patience shall be rewarded. Let’s see how Dark is after his little showdown with Anti didn’t exactly pan out how he wanted.

Dark’s hand was forced right through the wall. As if it would have been any trouble to not. Dark’s shadow allowed him to create anything he desired, including all the walls he could punch through. The five foot brick wall disappeared. Dark’s image cracked a bit, but went back to normal as he took in a deep breath. “Calm down. It’s alright,” He clenched his teeth and turned, punching through another wall. “No it isn’t!” He yelled, desperately holding onto his wrist. This time the wall wasn’t as easy to break. His figure continued to lash out in rage as he desperately tried to keep it together. 

Dark looked down at his now bleeding hand. He rolled his eyes and suddenly he’s in Dr. Iplier’s emergency care clinic a few floors down. The sudden appearance scared the doctor in his seat. He’s about to give him a piece of his mind, but then he sees his bloodied hand. The doctors sighs heavily. “I’ll get band aids.”

The doctor is wrapping up Dark’s bloody and now bruised hand. He doesn’t ask what happened, he can already guess. He knows that Dark took on Anti and he knew it didn’t really go as planned. Dark tends to throw little tantrums when that happens and it usually ends up with him coming to get patched up. Doctor Iplier snickers, getting Dark’s attention. “So how was your meeting?” He teased. Dark’s shell cracked in a split second of anger but soon returned to normal. He took a deep breath not replying. 

After his hand was wrapped up, Dark stood and tried to walk out but was soon stopped. “Ah ah ah! Sit!” the doctor said, grabbing the side of his coat and pushing him back on the bed. 

Dark looked at him, a mixture of anger, annoyance, and confusion on his face. “What? You fixed it right, so let me leave!” He demanded. Dr. Iplier smirked. They both knew what the doctor did to the clinic. Anyone could come in no problem, but the only way to leave was with the doctor’s permission. Even as powerful as he was, Dark couldn’t leave.

“I need to ask a few questions. Your hand should have healed already but it’s still fractured. I need to figure out why,” He explained Dark rolled his eyes and sat back down, careful of his still painful injury.

The doctor took out a pen and began writing on his clipboard. “Ok so how did you hurt yourself?”

“I hit something hard,”

“What did you hit?”

“A wall,”

Dr. Iplier looked up. He knew why he hit the wall, but why did it leave such a bad injury. “Was it one in your office?” He asked.

Dark hesitated. “Kinda,” He muttered. “It was a figment that I made,” 

This confused the doctor even further. If Dark created it, then why did it hurt at all. He controls his figments so he controls how sturdy it would be. Unless… it was psychological. He smiled, holding back his slight laughter by covering his mouth with his hand. Dark looked and saw him. “What?”

The doctor looked back at his hand then back up at Dark. “you lost control, which is why you got hurt,” Dark rolled his eyes.

“Yes thank you doctor!I Already figured that out!” He yelled.

The doc rolled his eyes. “Well I just find it funny, You acted all high and mighty when you left to face him. All that confidence must have disappeared I guess. What, did Anti scare you? Or was it the little bitty hell hound?” He teased, laughing quietly.

He looked up and saw Dark just sitting there he was angry but also collected. This was slightly concerning, in a weird way. Normally he would have lashed out at that, or at least cracked slightly, but now was different. “Can I leave now?” He asked quietly. The doc allowed him to but couldn’t keep his response, or better lack of one, out of his mind. It was out of character and an out of character Dark is sometimes worse than an average Dark. 

Once he’s left the clinic, Dark transports to his office and leans back against the door. He lets out a deep breath, rubbing his hand (the uninjured one) through his dark locks.

It’s then Dark realizes that he’s not alone. He opens his eyes and glares and the man sitting at his desk, feet kicked up, scattering some random papers. Dark lets out a breath and in a second he’s leaning forward against the front of the desk. “Can I help you with something?” He asks rhetorically.

The man just snickered and continued twirling his knife in his hand, not at all phased by Dark’s threatening demeanor looming less than a foot away. “Oh come on now Darkipoo, after that stunt, you’re in no condition to be spiting orders around!” He said with a wiggle of his brightly colored mustache. Dark looked down at his hand. Crap, it started bleeding again. 

Warfstache stabbed the knife in Dark’s desk and stood up. Leaning in as Dark put pressure on his hand to stop the bleeding. He smirked. “Gotta say Dark, I haven’t seen you like this is a long time,” He crossed his arms and pretended to think for a minute. “I think the last time you looked this weak was last October,” 

Dark gripped his hand even harder. “Stop!” He demanded through gritted teeth. The blood began soaking through the bandage and drip onto his floor and shoes.

Though he could see the rage forming in his eyes, Wilford persisted. “Yes I believe I remember seeing your shadow so weak it could barely keep you alive. Dr. Iplier thought he was going to have to give you an IV. But you insisted you didn’t need it,”

“You told me “Once this all over, once he’s gone, they’ll all come running back to me,” Isn’t that what you said?”

Dark was shaking at this point. The constant ringing that always surrounded him was unbearable but only to Dark. Wilford didn’t seem bothered at all. In fact, it was as if it wasn’t even there. Wilford snickered more, holding back his giant burst of laughter the best he could. “You may wanna go back to the doctor and get another lecture, or you could just heal already!” He said, almost sounding annoyed. Dark looked up at Wilford. His expression showed how the tables had turned. Wilford was standing, with his gaze looming over Dark. 

It was a strange scene. Normally, Dark would be the one looking down on the less serious ego, but even Dark knows he was careless. He doesn’t need to be told that he got lucky. Part of him wishes that the Doc was wrong, that the confidence he left with was the same during his encounter with Anti, but they both knew that wasn’t entirely true.Wilford wrapped his hands behind his back, standing like Dark normally would. “Neither of us thought that Anti’s popularity would hold for as long as it did. And that’s where his power comes from. The cheers, the cries, the adrenaline that runs through his fans is what keeps him here. So I understand where your fear comes from,” wilford began to wonder around the desk, slowly walking towards Dark. “You thought that it was the same for yourself?” Wil scoffed. “How arrogant,” He whispered. Wilford stepped closer and buttoned the top two buttons of Darks shirt. Wilford patted Dark on the shoulder kinda hard. “Get yourself together. We’re supposed to keep this mess of a group together. We’re the heads of the table after all. So work out your little problem and do it soon,” He demanded tossed his red tie on Dark’s shoulder.

Wilford began walking towards the door. Without turning his head, Dark called out to him. “I don’t understand,” Wil stopped in his tracks. “Why is he still so powerful! I understand that it’s all the attention but why him! Why do they love him so much?” Dark yelled for an answer, not knowing if he’d actually get one.

The pink ego continued walking until he was halfway out the door. He turned back to Dark. “Because people like a mystery,” Then he closed the door, leaving Dark to deal with his bloody mess and freshly healed hand.

anonymous asked:

Hey! I don't mind if you don't of course, but I'd love to see like?? How Dark would take care of Anti while he was sick?

(( Hope this is okay darling ))

- Dark doesn’t do things without expecting something in return, he’s manipulative, it’s in his nature, so taking care of Anti when he was sick usually came with a silent agreement that Anti would owe him.

- That all changed when Anti got seriously ill when the wound in his neck became infected.

- Dark ended up looking after him because he refused to go to a doctor, and Dark had to keep him alive. When it was over he was exhausted and had been covered in more of Anti’s blood that he had ever wanted and Dark was just so happy that Anti was alive that he didn’t want anything in return.

- Now, whenever Anti is ill and can’t look after himself Dark will look after him.

- Anti’s a pretty independent person when sick if it’s just a cold or something like that, but he can be a little more clingy if around Dark when he’s like that. Dark barely gets sick, so he allows Anti to stick around and whine and moan.

- He’s stolen the recipe for chicken dumplings that Mark loves, and he cooks that for Anti whenever he’s sick, because it makes Anti feel better too.

- Dark is literally always stocked up with tissues, lozenges, cough medicine etc. he knows how Anti’s sickness works.

- He’s prone to infections despite his name, especially since his neck is always an open wound. Dark takes care of his neck for him all the time with antiseptic wipes, bandages and plasters to help prevent infection, and if it ever does get infected, Dark will stay by Anti’s side constantly, and make sure he’s okay.

- He’s not really that attentive when Anti’s sick, but his words are gentler, he’s calmer and he accepts Anti’s annoying whines despite not understanding what it is to be unwell.

- Anti had flu once and it flattened him he was in bed for days and barely able to do anything. His fever was so high Dark banned all blankets and clothes, and Anti had a constant cool, wet rag on his head. Dark would feed him, clean him and soothe him to sleep constantly.

- He only does this for Anti. Anyone else who is sick has to look after themselves, although Wilford has tried to get Dark to look after him.

- He’s also super protective when Anti is ill. Even if it’s just a cold and Anti doesn’t need him to look after him, anyone even looks at Anti wrong and Dark bites their head off. Anti loves it tbh, and sometimes provokes people on purpose just to get that reaction.

- Dark is pretty good at telling when Anti is faking, which the Glitch doesn’t do very often anymore, not after the first time.

- Dark forced him to stay in bed constantly, wouldn’t let him eat any nice food and basically forced disgusting medicine on him. He knew Anti was faking so instead of treating him with care, he basically bullied him into learning that Dark wasn’t going to take his shit.

- Anti lost his voice once from glitching too bad, and Dark casually spread the rumour it happened because of constant blowjobs. When Anti found out he hit the roof, although he admitted it was funny when he calmed down.

- Dark is a lover of old famiy recipes. For instant, whiskey, warm water and sugar for a bad stomach. Anti despises it because “whiskey should never be made to taste that bad”. (Jack said it was akin to torture when he tasted it).

- In all honesty, Anti doesn’t get sick very often but when he does, Dark like looking after him. They aren’t a gentle couple, there’s a lot of push and pull between them, so when he’s looking after Anti he almost doesn’t feel like a monster. And sometimes that feels nice.

- Anti still gives back when Dark’s finished looking after him, but he knows Dark doesn’t expect it anymore. It’s little things, like fetching Dark breakfast in bed when he’s had a late night, going on coffee runs when Dark has no energy and making sure he doesn’t run himself too ragged. Since Dark doesn’t get ill, it’s the most Anti can do to look after him.

My reaction to movies I want to see for the rest of this year
  • Me: "I saved all my money and I can't wait to see Civil War!"
  • X-men Apocalypse: "Remember us?"
  • Me: "Right...well...yeah, I'll see you guys too!"
  • Keanu: "Hey, we come out a week before Civil War...and we have a kitten!!"
  • Me: "Guys...I...I only have so much mone-"
  • Alice Through the Looking Glass: "We've returned after 6 years and this is how you treat us?"
  • Me: "Aw come on, a lot has happened-"
  • Finding Dory: "Don't even talk about waiting so long for a follow up-"
  • Me: "Now that's not fair you know I am going to see you-"
  • Jason Bourne: "Yeah well I came back too, so what about me?"
  • Me: "I...I mean...it's not-"
  • Ghostbusters: "What are you against reboots all of a sudden?"
  • Me: "I have nothing against reboots! I just don't have enough to see every single film...I can only see so much-"
  • Star Trek Beyond: "So you're gonna reject us. That's it? If it's about "Into Darkness" then-"
  • Me: "No no its not that but-..."
  • Suicide Squad: (coughs)
  • Me: "SERIOUSLY?"
  • Doctor Strange: "This is for not giving you Season Four of "Sherlock", isn't it?"
  • Me: "It has nothing to do with that!!'
  • Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them: "Aw come on you should have enough money by then to see me-"
  • Me: "I mean...I think I will? Please guys, I'm begging you...stop...I am one perso-"
  • Rogue One: (in an Adele voice) "Hello."
  • Me: "Take my money."