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Oh hey! So I’ve been wanting to announce for a little while that I’ll be participating in a very cool thing: the Daft Punk Charity Zine! This is a little preview of my submission: a short but quite silly “Daft Pun” comic. It’s been a long while since I’ve done one of these (remember?) and I’m super happy to be drawing these robot boys again!

I am one of a whole host of artists who will be contributing to what should be a pretty awesome little book! Check out the zine’s tumblr and have a look at the other swell contributors. Keep an eye out for other announcements in the next few months! Okay thanks!!!

Looking for nonverbal contributors

Hi ! You may or may not know us, we’re Scriptautistic, a writing advice blog which focuses on helping writers create accurate, realistic and positive autistic characters and representations in their works. We write masterposts and answer writers’ questions.

The blog is run by two autistic mods, Mod Aira and myself. Here is the thing : we often get questions from writers looking to write mainly or completely nonverbal characters. While both of us do have experience with going non-verbal under stress or when tired or overwhelmed, we are usually verbal. This is why we want to find one or several non-verbal autistic person(s) to whom we could show what we write on this specific subject, to make sure we don’t get anything wrong. Our goal is to represent all autistics and certainly not to speak over any part of the community.

If you are mainly nonverbal and would like to help us out, please shoot us an ask! This shouldn’t be too much work, just reading over a few posts a month to make sure we haven’t made any major mistakes.

Thank you, and thanks for boosting this if you can :)

-Mod Cat

update 11/26/16

Just a little update to let you know we are still working hard to get the beta up for a mid-December launch! Not much else to report, we just wanted to let you know things are still moving forward and looking good. For our indiegogo contributors, an email with your beta access keys should go out within the next couple weeks, and we will make a post here when that occurs.

Phoenix definition : a person or thing that has become renewed or restored after suffering calamity or apparent annihilation.

Calling all writers and artists of Tumblr! 

Like A Phoenix Magazine is an ezine that will focus on how people got through things like heartbreak, grief, or the loss of a loved one.

The first issue will be coming out for free next Spring, and we’re looking for contributors. It’ll be a hopefully therapeutic way to get your work in front of an audience. We’d like a variety of both writing and art to be featured in Like A Phoenix. You have the option to either remain anonymous or be credited for your work.

We’re currently looking for, in terms of writing, pieces ranging from 500 - 2,000 words on heartbreak or grief, hopefully including how you coped with it, or what it taught you. You have months to work on it, of course, but we’d love for submissions to be sent in earlier. So far we’ve had a wide range of submissions, including poetry and many other formats. You’re most definitely allowed to interpret it your own way, and think outside of the box.

We’re currently looking for, in terms of art, either A) pieces illustrating how grief or heartbreak affected you, or B) if you’d like to illustrate a piece of writing, let me know and I’ll keep you updated on that.

If you’d like to help in another way, sharing this post would be beneficial, and you can use the e-mail address below to enquire about lending your talents copy-editing, designing, etc.

You can send any questions into the Tumblr inbox or likeaphoenixmagazine@gmail.com, and send any submissions to likeaphoenixmagazine@gmail.com. You’re also welcome to ask for the link to the Like A Phoenix Facebook group, where updates and calls for submissions will be posted.

Thank you so much!

When creating COCA, we wanted to create a platform that could be about and enjoyed by the POC community that highlights diversity, thoughts and passions that we share. We are looking for contributors to write for our site, if you’re interested message us! So what are we about:

COCA Mag is a online and print (still in the making) magazine that showcases all forms of art, writing, music, fashion by and for p.o.c (people of color).

COCA was created as a platform that strives to give a voice and a space for p.o.c creatives. This platform is inclusive and push diversity into these mediums that allows for critical thought and open conversation. We make it our mission to publish work that is real and transparent. We tell our stories through our work and we want to share yours.

After publishing our JULES VERNE Anthology, and some original comics, we feel like we need some old school Space Opera anthology. So we are coming up with a STAR WARS ANTHOLOGY.

The Star Wars Universe has grown so much, we just love it all. From the very beginning’s ‘New Hope’ to Star Wars Rebels animation, including the Old Republic video games or Boba Fett’s comics.

Calling for entries now! Bring it!

We are looking for contributors from now until April 12th 2017.

You can take part of this project with Black and White FANCOMICS or ILLUSTRATIONS.

  • Comics will be more appreciated because we just love telling stories.
  • If you decide to do a fancomic, please provide a summary of the plot and an estimate of the number of pages it will take.
  • Your work has to have characters from the Star Wars Universe. Not necessarily cannon and you can come up with whatever story you want. Even pair characters up as you wish. As long as everyone is from the Star Wars Universe.
  • Original characters and Crossovers from other Universes will not be accepted.

So if you want to take part in this STAR WARS Anthology please send an email to: crashed.asteroid@gmail.com filling in the following information:

  • Email subject: STAR WARS Application
  • Name/Nickname
  • Fancomic or Illustration
  • Reference of the main characters involved.
  • A link to samples of your work (Tumblr, DeviantArt, Cargo, any blog or website with your art). If doing a comic, we’d like to see some pages you’ve done before; if you want to do an illustration, then illustration samples will do. DO NOT DRAW ANYTHING FOR THE APPLICATION BEFORE YOU’VE BEEN SELECTED.


We are in the process of considering a full, official relaunch of the blog and website. In doing so, we will be looking for writers and contributors to help bring fresh content and ideas to the blog. We are also hoping to relaunch our literary magazine, which will be open to all genres of writing. More info and other surprises to come in the next few weeks. In the mean time, if you are interested in being a part of our team, please message us here or email us at discoveringindie@gmail.com for more details.


We’re looking for developers/designers, photographers, artists and writers! We would love to accept so many new artists into our gang! Requirements include: MUST BE A QUEER WOC!!!! Cannot stress this enough. We want this to be a safe space for queer WOC only. If you are interesting in applying or want to apply please hit us up on our email theaudrelordefanclub@gmail.com and we will provide you with the application details. Please reblog, tell a friend, your family, etc about us and what we do. 

“We are a online maga(zine) aimed at empowering young queer WOC through literary and visual art. Our goals are bigger than tumblr and the internet; we want to make a difference!”

Have any questions? Contact us…


Founder & Editor-In-Chief:

Hannah @tropicalgrrrl


Assistant Editor & Photographer: 

Valerie @crvvshed

Follow us on Instagram!


Hey guys! It’s finally ready to go! 

The beloved short story The Little Prince has been celebrated by so many, and as a fun little project, I’ve decided to organize a zine dedicated to it! 

Flock of Wild Birds is a visual and written zine dedicated to the Little Prince’s travels prior to his arrival to Earth. The project will be looking for at least 50 contributors - 40 artists and 10 authors, however as of right now there is NO LIMIT! The zine will be published on Gumroad as a FREE DIGITAL ZINE for everyone to enjoy!

If you’d like to apply to the zine…

Please refer to the APPLICATION page! There are three different forms, each with their own specifications:
                        - INDIVIDUAL visual works
                        - INDIVIDUAL written works
                        - COLLABORATED visual & written works. 

If you have a question, feel free to ask! You can also send an e-mail to thelittleprincezine@gmail.com. 

I’ll be accepting applications until APRIL 16, 2016.


- @jillydre / @thelittleprincezine

Icelanders... We Need You!

Are you Icelandic?

Do you live in Iceland?

We would love to talk to you regarding our documentary on the huldufolk!

So far, we have made contact with a lovely Icelandic YouTuber named Sylvia, who can be found HERE :)

We have also been in touch with a family friend’s friend (a little convoluted but there we go!), who happens to be an Icelandic storyteller… Which is just incredible!

Who we are looking for:

  • Young Icelanders (aged 16-25) who use Tumblr and other social networks
  • Older Icelanders who are in touch with modern technology
  • Icelanders who live in Reykjavik/based in a city
  • Icelanders who live out in the countryside
  • Icelanders who are knowledgeable about the Huldufolk and are happy to talk about them on camera

Please, please spread awareness… We are both so passionate and excited to make this documentary but in order for it to be a success we need some amazing contributors. :)

Looking for trans writers/poets/artists!

I’m setting up a trans magazine and I’m looking for contributors! 

Whether you’d like to be a regular contributor, have a pitch, a poem or anything else you’d like to see in a magazine, please contact me either on here or at transactionmag@gmail.com !! 

Glad to announce that I officially am working with Sixpenceee on their new venture

A few days back, @sixpenceee announced they were looking for contributors to a new creepy venture. I can’t say much about it right now, but I’ll be working with them on writing articles and pieces that all followers of Sixpenceee will love!

Can’t wait to discuss more!

We’re looking for contributors!

Submit to ARTS.BLACK: The Home for Art Criticism from Black Perspectives

ARTS.BLACK is an online arts and cultural criticism publication that seeks to further expand the places and spaces for critical thought on Black art. We launched in December 2014 and have spent the past six months building our platform. Now, we’re looking to grow our team of contributing writers!

We are looking for writing from both emerging and established art critics. If you are contributing to the field of contemporary arts and looking for a home for your writing, we invite you to send us a pitch. Be sure to visit our site before submitting to effectively understand the type of works we publish. Please note that at this time we are unable to offer monetary pay for work but we are open to discussions of skill bartering as compensation should that interest you. Submission guidelines are below:

                                          Submission Guidelines 

-   We are a publication that features Black art critiques, thus we only accept submissions from writers who are of the African Diaspora and identify as Black, African, African- American, Afro-Latina/o, Afro-Caribbean, Afro-European etc.

-   We publish essays, interviews, exhibition reviews, reported stories, and critical writings only. We do not feature fiction writings, or poetry.

-    We are willing to publish previously published works.

-    We tend to publish works that are no longer than 5,000 words, so we ask that you keep this in mind when submitting

Send your submissions to us by emailing team@arts.black. We’ll do our best to respond to all queries within 2 weeks.


6 Summer Shame is a zine dedicated to Osomatsu-san organized by @sentaidash and @hoshitohotaru. The prompt is summer time. The project will be looking for at least 50 contributors - 40 artists and 10 authors, however as of right now there is NO LIMIT!

If you’d like to apply to the zine please refer to the APPLICATION page! There are three different forms, each with their own specifications:

  • individual visual works
  • individual written works
  • collab of visual & written works.

If you have a question, feel free to ask! We’ll be accepting applications until APRIL 22, 2016.


P.S. this is not an April Fools joke ahahaha so please reblog to let other people know.

so the buffy summers defense squad is now a thing. 

we’re definitely looking for more moderators (message me if you’d like to be one.) 

we’re also looking for contributors. (honestly not just buffy positive meta, but buffy positive fic recs, or buffy positive graphics) if you want to contribute just use the tags

  • #buffy summers defense squad or
  • #protect buffy summers 

and we’ll add your content to the blog!!