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Oh hey! So I’ve been wanting to announce for a little while that I’ll be participating in a very cool thing: the Daft Punk Charity Zine! This is a little preview of my submission: a short but quite silly “Daft Pun” comic. It’s been a long while since I’ve done one of these (remember?) and I’m super happy to be drawing these robot boys again!

I am one of a whole host of artists who will be contributing to what should be a pretty awesome little book! Check out the zine’s tumblr and have a look at the other swell contributors. Keep an eye out for other announcements in the next few months! Okay thanks!!!

2017--the year of the radical feminist

hello all!

my name is Olive. I’m a teenage radfem of color. I am in the early stages of creating an online magazine for teenage/young adult radical or rad-leaning feminists, and am looking for contributors!

as you can see, my tumblr blog is really new BUT I have been a part of the tumblr radical feminist community for a little over a year now (had to delete a couple months ago for privacy reasons, remade YESTERDAY!). I’ve been daydreaming about an online magazine for young radfems for a while now, but all of the rhetoric surrounding the Women’s March yesterday (both good and bad) has finally prompted me to take action into my own hands. i’m creating this website in the hopes of giving life to something that can centralize the growing(!) community of young female radical feminists, provide us with a stronger sense of sisterhood, and give us all a loud, unified voice. That being said, it’s an important point that this will not be on tumblr. I feel like tumblr can be really disjointed, and having one place to be oriented in will help achieve the goals I stated above.

I love the attitude of this community, and I want this site to have that same smart, witty, feisty, and loving vibe that we have on our individual blogs, with content focusing on radical politics, activism, and our specific experiences as teenage/young adult women. think, if Feminist Current and Rookiemag had a baby.

I am gauging interest within our community for CONTRIBUTORS to the magazine. (btw, I am reaching out to ALL the rad/leaning feminists. Though this site is AIMED at teenage/young adult women, I want be clear that I AM looking for contributors OF ALL AGES, and of course ethnicities, sexual orientations, and all that. basically, if you’re a woman, if you’re a rad/leaning feminist, I want you!)
the magazine’s content will be varied: journalistic writing (editorials and such), photography, art, music, poetry, comics, humor, etc. will be published, as long as it is relevant to radical feminism, or our specific experiences as teenage/young adult women.

if you are interested in becoming a regular contributor (YOU CAN REMAIN ANONYMOUS !!!! Or not, your choice its whatevs), or contributing ANYTHING AT ALL, or have any help/advice that you can offer in terms of building this website, or just wanna have a chat, orshowmepicsofyourcats, ETC. PLEASE reach out to me via braticalfeminist@gmail.com.
if nothing else, I want to just get out the word that this is a thing, it’s coming soon, watch out for it, and PLEASE spread the word!  

I think these coming years are gonna be super weird times, what with Trump being our president and the mainstream feminist movement becoming so unfamiliar, illogical, and alienating. I am aware of a few other radfem zines out there, but we’re gonna need as many venues and platforms for us to gather and communicate as we possibly can get. i think if everyone’s just wants to no-platform us, we’re gonna have to make our own damn platforms and put out as much content as we can.

with that thought in mind, let this be the year of the radical feminist revolution.

Wanted: Far Right Women Who Want Their Voices Heard

The Mountain Flower Team is looking for more contributors! If you enjoy writing and have something to say, shoot us a message or email mountain.flower.heidi@gmail.com with a few words about yourself. 

We would also be interested in artists who would like to produce other forms of media for the cause. 

We hope to hear from you,


When creating COCA, we wanted to create a platform that could be about and enjoyed by the POC community that highlights diversity, thoughts and passions that we share. We are looking for contributors to write for our site, if you’re interested message us! So what are we about:

COCA Mag is a online and print (still in the making) magazine that showcases all forms of art, writing, music, fashion by and for p.o.c (people of color).

COCA was created as a platform that strives to give a voice and a space for p.o.c creatives. This platform is inclusive and push diversity into these mediums that allows for critical thought and open conversation. We make it our mission to publish work that is real and transparent. We tell our stories through our work and we want to share yours.

anonymous asked:

A far right lady, here! :) I just saw your post requesting ideas. Well, I'm 7 months pregnant and would love to read something on raising children with far right values in this day and age. I've searched but haven't found very much, tbh. :/ Society is rather liberal, and I don't want my child shunned. However, I want to. instill in him the values of the right, particularly of NS. Your insight would be much appreciated! Heil!

Congratulations!! It always makes me happy to see more far-right mothers out there! I feel ill-equipped to give that sort of advice, since I have no children of my own yet, but this is a lovely opportunity to reach out to some of my followers:

We’re looking for a new contributor to bring some fresh insight to the project. (Three unmarried, childless young women can only say so much, after all!) So if you or any of our other dear followers are interested in adding their voice to the Mountain Flower Team, please shoot us a message on the blog here or send a quick email to me at mountain.flower.heidi@gmail.com. 

Heil, sister! I hope we can produce some content geared towards mothers at some point in the future for you and all the others out there. And best of luck with your little bundle of joy!


Though we’re a sucker for fiction writers we’re also looking for blog contributors. All pitches should be sent to meetcutemag@gmail.com. We’re open to you posting monthly, weekly, occasionally or as a one-time thing. Whatever works with your schedule!

You’ll be given the freedom to write about any/all types of relationships within literature, television, comics & film. See blog submissions for more info. We look forward to working with you!

Callout for Contributers

tānisi! The Indigenous Women & Two Spirit Harm Reduction Coalition have begun work on a forthcoming self-published collection of research, writing and cultural production which will explore marginalized perspectives around decolonization and we are currently looking for contributors. We are offering an honorarium of $50-$250 per piece depending on the undertaking. The project is open to Indigenous contributors only. We will also consider work around marginalized Indigenous identities (ie. Black Indigenous identities) or work considering colonialism on Turtle Island on a global level. Preference will be given to Indigenous women, Two-Spirit peoples, LGBT*Q Indigenous peoples and Indigenous youth. Please send us a brief description of the submission you would like to undertake. Submissions can be in any medium you prefer including visual art projects, a brief more “zine” type submission, a poem or a research paper.

Deadline for abstract: August 1st.

Deadline for Submissions: August 16th.

Submit abstracts to the collective: ndn.harmredux@gmail.com

Topics the IW2SHRC is interested in exploring in their research: HIV/AIDS within Indigenous communities; Two-Spirit resistance; Indigenous feminist resistance; prison abolition; language reclamation; Indigenous education; Indigenous resistance to foster care and contemporary social work practice; transformative justice; disability and the medicalization of Indigenous bodies; Indigenous perspectives on sex work; Indigenous sex offenders and intergenerational trauma; land defence and Indigenous bodies; and harm reduction.

kinanākomitin QPIRG Concordia for granting us their research stipend and making this work possible.

Phoenix definition : a person or thing that has become renewed or restored after suffering calamity or apparent annihilation.

Calling all writers and artists of Tumblr! 

Like A Phoenix Magazine is an ezine that will focus on how people got through things like heartbreak, grief, or the loss of a loved one.

The first issue will be coming out for free next Spring, and we’re looking for contributors. It’ll be a hopefully therapeutic way to get your work in front of an audience. We’d like a variety of both writing and art to be featured in Like A Phoenix. You have the option to either remain anonymous or be credited for your work.

We’re currently looking for, in terms of writing, pieces ranging from 500 - 2,000 words on heartbreak or grief, hopefully including how you coped with it, or what it taught you. You have months to work on it, of course, but we’d love for submissions to be sent in earlier. So far we’ve had a wide range of submissions, including poetry and many other formats. You’re most definitely allowed to interpret it your own way, and think outside of the box.

We’re currently looking for, in terms of art, either A) pieces illustrating how grief or heartbreak affected you, or B) if you’d like to illustrate a piece of writing, let me know and I’ll keep you updated on that.

If you’d like to help in another way, sharing this post would be beneficial, and you can use the e-mail address below to enquire about lending your talents copy-editing, designing, etc.

You can send any questions into the Tumblr inbox or likeaphoenixmagazine@gmail.com, and send any submissions to likeaphoenixmagazine@gmail.com. You’re also welcome to ask for the link to the Like A Phoenix Facebook group, where updates and calls for submissions will be posted.

Thank you so much!


Project ‘Save minkybabyfabric’s ‘Tan!’

Please share this and spread the word!

minkybabyfabric.com will not be restocking their ‘Tan’ and ‘Coral’ minky fabrics due to not selling in large amounts. The loss of these colors hurts the variety of available minky as minkybabyfabric.com sells their own brand and unique shades that are not manufactured by any other companies. The minkybabyfabric brand is very high quality which rivals the Shannon Fabrics brand minky.

I have been in contact with minkybabyfabric, as well as a friend, and the company has told us that they will only produce more ‘Tan’ if a minimum 500 yard order is reached. I’ve expressed my interest in such an order and was told that it can be purchased for the wholesale price of $6.95 per yard. This brings the total amount to $3,475 for a 500 yard order.

The ‘Tan’ minky can be divided onto 50 yard rolls which would equal $347.50 per roll. It would take 10 people to contribute in order to have enough money to complete the 500 yard order. We’re looking for contributors who would like to purchase a 50 yard roll or anyone who would like to donate to bring minkybabyfabric’s ‘Tan’ back to plush artists.

The price per roll does not include the shipping price, as that will likely vary based on each person’s location. 50 yards of ‘Tan’ minky is quite a lot to have, but it will guarantee that you will have a good supply without the fear of running out anytime soon, or if you’re a minky seller, it would be a great addition to add to your stock as this color is the perfect shade for pale dollskin.

Contributors must be committed to this project. To inquire about shipping costs per roll please private message me with your address and I will contact minkybabyfabric.com.

If you don’t want any minky and would still like to donate to the project I’ve set up a gofundme that can be found here: Save minkybabyfabric’s Tan!

If our goal is reached for ‘Tan’ any extra money will be used to cover the shipping costs and to save ‘minkybaby Coral’.

List of Contributors:

  1. Heather Adkins - 50 Yard roll - $347.50
  2. Heather Hoffman - 50 Yard roll - $347.50

Desi Girl Magazine

hi! desi girl magazine (has a pretty self explanatory name :)) is an online magazine specifically for desi girls. we attempt to create a place for desi girls to discuss themselves, their experiences, their struggles, and their successes. we are dedicated to putting desi voices out there and taking up as much space as possible while educating others and sharing our stories. we are currently looking for people to help run and contribute to the magazine. if you are interested please message me at desigirlmag

  • what is desi girl magazine? desi girl magazine is a zine for desi girls by desi girls. we feature a wide range of topics (beauty, story telling, social issues + current events, desi pop culture, desi music, interviews w desis from all over, etc) in several forms (photography, art, writing, etc). this magazine is a place for desi girls to express themselves and share their work 
  • how do i participate? we are always looking for people to submit their work! you can submit work of any kind at any time here. All your work will be credited to you (unless you would like to remain anonymous in which case you should specify that when submitting).
  • are there any qualifications i’d need to participate? i’d like all participants to be desi because this is a magazine specifically for desis. in the chance that i am looking for non-desi contributors (unlikely but you never know) i will specifically ask for that.  
  • how would i contribute? it is completely up to you how you’d like to contribute. you can submit any art you’ve made, anything you’ve written (stories, narrative, poetry, general commentary on world events, etc), recommendations or reviews (for whatever u want!! maybe books, movies, music, beauty products, etc), and basically anything else you want! obviously we are unable to put videos in our magazine but we can definitely mention them in there and reblog the video on our blog so feel free to submit those as well! this is just some general ideas for what you can submit but i am open to any & all ideas! :) 
for any other questions + concerns, please contact me here or email me at desigirlmag@gmail.com :-)

Just setting the mood here.

I play Sufjan Stevens’ christmas songs to death every winter, by which I mean; if I don’t stop playing them my wife generally wants to murder me to death after a while. However I can’t imagine christmas without his songs anymore, Sufjan gets something so right about the feeling of that period of the year. 

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Hey guys! It’s finally ready to go! 

The beloved short story The Little Prince has been celebrated by so many, and as a fun little project, I’ve decided to organize a zine dedicated to it! 

Flock of Wild Birds is a visual and written zine dedicated to the Little Prince’s travels prior to his arrival to Earth. The project will be looking for at least 50 contributors - 40 artists and 10 authors, however as of right now there is NO LIMIT! The zine will be published on Gumroad as a FREE DIGITAL ZINE for everyone to enjoy!

If you’d like to apply to the zine…

Please refer to the APPLICATION page! There are three different forms, each with their own specifications:
                        - INDIVIDUAL visual works
                        - INDIVIDUAL written works
                        - COLLABORATED visual & written works. 

If you have a question, feel free to ask! You can also send an e-mail to thelittleprincezine@gmail.com. 

I’ll be accepting applications until APRIL 16, 2016.


- @jillydre / @thelittleprincezine