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LOOKING FOR SHOPS SELLING SCI-FI/DYSTOPIAN/UTOPIAN RELATED PRODUCTS!! We are looking for PH BASED shops willing to participate as a concessionaire in a bazaar. Give us a dm if you are interested :) also, tag your friends down below if you think they’d be interested

Above are some of my favorite sci-fi/dystopian books and would definitely recommend! Sorry for being inactive, school is CRAZY

Decided to attempt to relearn something while taking a break from the commission queue: very rusty portrait. I rely too much on lines, which drives me insane, so I tried looking at tonal shapes. I need more planar shifts. Eh!

Research Study for University

Hello! My name is Lacey and I am a student at the University of New Hampshire. I am majoring in Communication Sciences & Disorders and Women’s Studies, and for my senior undergraduate thesis I am researching the experiences of women with autism. As you likely know, there has been far less research done in regard to how boys and men present with and experience ASD, as compared with girls and women. I am interested in the way that women with autism experience social-pragmatic communication (and I would be happy to tell you more about my research if you are at all interested).

I’m looking for people who would be willing to participate in my thesis. Requirements are that participants are 18+ and have a diagnosis of ASD; participation would involve a 30-60 minute interview that could take place over the phone, Skype, or via some type of messaging system. (Participation will also be anonymous, and I am taking great care to protect participant confidentiality.) 

Do you know of anyone who might be interested in taking part in this study? If so, I would be happy to provide you with my contact information, or tell you more about my research via tumblr.

Let’s talk Cole. Entertainment is seen as a pinnacle profession. Everyone wants in, and it’s preached as the most ideal lifestyle in the western world. An entertainment occupation is one of the only kind capable of bringing a family from the lowest to the highest class of society within a single generation. Promoted to bring financial success, social success, sexual success, what else could a citizen desire? Let’s not forget, like social media (you being in control of your own public image), the entertainment industry is in control of public opinion, and so reinforces itself by claiming its own elite status. This self promotion come across as unending coverage of media figures, their lifestyles, their wealth, and their sexual pursuits.
Repeated exposure of the rich and successful leads to idolization, and idolization of entertainment employees helps to create more. This helps the industry survive.
Monumental success in the entertainment industry is Incredibly rare. And the system balances itself out with low success rates and plenty of able bodied and willing participants looking to fill available positions.
But you don’t see this, you won’t see the struggle. All we’ll see are the success stories, and anyone trying to step away from the industry are vilified (my brother and I going to college). Any other profession taken is seen as a step backwards, any other lifestyle chosen is seen as a mistake. When you’re in, you’re in for life, and oftentimes the feeling of necessary and constant success and relevance is enough to drive young entertainers insane.
Dehumanization in the form of paparazzi and public critique is seen as “an expected part of the business,” and so those who speak against it are often laughed into submission.
Know how your industry operates, and you gain a tremendous amount of agency within it. Let’s be smart about this from now on Cole.
—  Cole Sprouse (2016)

i am a bi woman, and my senior thesis is going to be about the current tensions between bi/pan and lesbian women, why these tensions are present, and what we can do to overcome them and work towards a more unified activism.

i want part of my methodology to involve interviews with any women-loving-women who are 18-29 years old. that means bi, pan, poly, queer, or lesbian. that means cis, trans, or nb. etc etc.

the questions will be distributed to you via the internet using a method of your choice. NO face to face interaction will be necessary, and the only personal info i will need from you is your age, your first name, and the country you live in.

the interview questions likely wouldn’t take longer than 15 minutes to answer, and if they take longer i’ll provide compensation for your participation.

i’m looking for a preliminary number on who would be willing to participate, so if you think you’d be willing please send me a message.

as soon as i have finalized the questions, i will contact you using your preferred method. don’t feel pressured, as i likely will not have them ready until january at the earliest.

it would be helpful if you could reblog this because i’m really invested in getting the perspectives of as many women-loving-women as possible. 

thank you for reading!

Publishing: Book Promotion

wherewolfshide asked:
I have two fantasy fiction novels independently published and on sale, but I lack momentum. What are the best ways to promote a book to a wide audience and get it in the marketplace?

1) Have a catchy web presence that offers something other than your books to people. This could be writing tips, recipes related to your book’s world, awesome playlists, or pretty original artwork. 

2) Get your name out there through a solid social media platform, and make sure your social media is updated frequently. Use it to talk a lot about your writing life, your work in progress, and anything related to your books that are out.

3) Do contests and giveaways that will get people interested in your books. Ask participants to reblog or tweet a blog post talking about your book, a photo of your book, or something else that gets your name and book out there as a requirement for entry.

4) Look for other writers willing to review your book in exchange for reviewing theirs. Participate in blog tours and other promotional events.

5) Make sure that your books are well written, professionally edited, with professionally designed covers. Otherwise, your books are much less likely to do well.

6) With a pretty, professionally designed cover, you can create pretty pictures of your book/s that people will want to pin or reblog. If one person decides to read your book based on such a picture, and you do ten such pictures over the course of several months, that’s ten new readers who might each tell one or two other people about your book.

7) Take advantage of blogs and web sites that promote books, such as Pixel of Ink and others like it.

8) Quality + quality = better chances of success. The more good, professionally edited books with professionally designed covers you get out into the world, the more readers you’re likely to draw.

9) Enter writing competitions and contests, even if they don’t relate to your book. Getting your name out there via poetry or short stories is still getting your name out there.

10) Enter your books in competitions for independently published books, such as the Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award.

11) Post free short stories and poetry on your blog as well as on sites like Wattpad, fictionpress, and figment.

12) Understand that building an audience takes time and a lot of work, so don’t get discouraged if it doesn’t happen overnight or even after several months. Keep at it. :)