looking for a murderous psychopath



i tried but i failed. sorry.

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Can we take a moment to appreciate domestic Harley and J??? The fact that their room is a mess and it’s probably all Harley’s fault? That their bed isn’t done? That Harley’s bat is in the wall? That J is swinging around her Bat? That in order to waste time while his gf is getting ready J is opting to torture someone? That Harley takes longer than J to get ready? That J is like every other impatient boyfriend who has to wait for their girlfriend who is taking 7382738282 years to get dressed? That Harley has J + H written in lipstick on their mirror? That these two mofos are luxurious as fuck?!!

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Maybe the FBI knows that Sam and Dean are impersonating them all over country, but they are just letting them run around cleaning up all these unsolvable murders and weird shit because it’s bringing the FBI a good name.

“Hey it looks like those two psychopaths caught the blood-sucking murderer. Let’s aak for a raise and grab a drink to celebrate.”


Somebody recut mr bean movie to make him look like a murderous psychopath.

i don’t think all might is gonna die.

yo so look, i don’t think Toshinori/All Might is gonna die in bnha. and i have a few reasons for thinking this

a lot of this series is geared to make us, the audience, think something is gonna happen based on our expectations of shounen genre anime, but then something else happens.

take for instance how a lot of people were apparently expecting katsuki to have some deep backstory that gives reason to his temper and overall shit personality.

nope. just this.

also, the most recent arc with katsuki’s abduction. we all know how that went, and how katsuki  is like the most ass-backwards and hella edgy hero in goddamn anime. without context all of his frames would probably look like he’s a psychopathic murderer about to join the league of villains and wants to blow shit (and people) the fuck up.

“stfu bitch ur cramping my style” katsuki-ver.

and then

that is the face of a devil. he could probably give yoichi hiruma a run for his money

seriously look at that. does that not look like some intense villain-face to you? funny thing is he’s still a good guy, this whole thing is about him affirming the fact that he’s a hero and will never change - and tbh i’m pretty sure katsuki sits firmly in chaotic good. like holy shit this guy is the personification of chaotic good.

taking a break from Examples Via Katsuki, let’s also take a look at how the hero system is viewed. in general, horikoshi kouhei has actually set up a rather realistic take on how modern-society would react to heroes becoming an actual “thing.” vigilantism is firmly looked down on, and vigilantes will be dealt with since there exists the hero system - wherein potentials have to go to school, get an education (that includes normal high school curriculums)

there’s also the fact that the media and populace will act negatively when something goes wrong - like when katsuki was kidnapped. (shit we’re going back to katsuki again)

also also the relationship between izuku and his mom. unlike a lot of anime moms, she doesn’t just kinda fade into the background. she also isn’t a key point for character development in the negative sense - she isn’t the abusive, Evil Bitch Mother. She also isn’t one of the few Good Moms™ that dies for the same reason the Evil Bitch Mothers exist - character development.

instead, she’s a good mother, tries her fucking best, loves her son (they are 3CUTE5ME TOGETHER, FUCKING HELL) and instead of being a constant, silent support for w/e her son does regardless of the consequences

real reaction people. real mother that really loves her real adorable son. she’s seen how badly he gets hurt, and even though she supports his dream and the fact he’s come this far she is so fucking worried for him

… okay back to baku-bro/ho because tbh he is the best example.

so, tragic-backstory baiting (which ended up being completely false), chaotic good hero that ultimately didn’t turn to the “dark side” like most rival characters do, AND - 

katsuki’s True Rival™ makes an appearance. tbh i honestly wasn’t expecting this; i figured izuku and katsuki would still be the real rivals but it’s more like these two are the rival/best friend pair, and izuku is just, kinda there. pffhaha. (poor deku son)

SO. ALL OF THIS, ALL OF THIS UNEXPECTED SHIT, TWISTS AND TURNS AND EVERYTHING (there’s more but i don’t feel like scouring the manga to find the screenshots/panels)


painful. PAINFUL. BUT ALSO PAINFULLY OBVIOUS. i don’t think i’ve ever seen such a blatant statement of “here’s some foreshadowing of death.” ofc the first thing we’re all gonna think of is that allmight is gonna die. he was gravely injured 5 years ago, he has his “successor” who he’s training, and this really cinches it.


aizawa shouta is horikoshi kouhei’s SI/OC

but yeah, this is my reasoning. @athanatosora also pitched in for half of this shit. maybe we’re reaching but, like, we don’t want all might to die. DONT JUDGE US FOR WANTING OUR FABULOUS SON TO LIVE AND BE A FATHER TO IZUKUUUUUUUUU