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Hellenistic Terracotta Group of a Hunter and his Family, Signed by Apollonios, C. Early 1st Century AD

The young man, perhaps Meleager, standing in a relaxed attitude with his legs crossed, his right hand behind his back, resting his left hand on his wife’s shoulder, and wearing a chlamys fastened with a brooch on his right shoulder, a dog at his feet, the young woman seated on a rocky outcrop, looking up at her husband, holding a small boy on her lap, and wearing a himation loosely draped over a chiton falling from her right shoulder and leaving her breast bare, the child with Eros braid and clasping a pet(?) in his arms, the tall base decorated in relief with a hunter wearing a petasos and wielding his spear at a leaping boar, perhaps a depiction of Meleager killing the Calydonian Boar, the coropolast’s signature ΑΠΟΛΛΟΝΙΟΥ (“[the work] of Apollonios”) etched into the back prior to firing, remains of gesso and pigment. Height 21.7 cm.

My Story: [Dewey, Huey, and Louie all in a hospital beds, wires in every which patch of skin under soft feathers, tubes down beaks, thin cotton gowns, shivering like cold, scared ducklings]

Me: [Can hardly handle it]

Scrooge passing the nurse a $50: “Put then in the same bed, eh?” [looking both ways, lowering his voice. Completely embarrassed because he’s a multi trillion dollar businessman he should not be saying this…] “they prefer to… snuggle.”

Me: [evaporates into a fine mist, gone to this world]

Donald: [running in, fishing through his gallon Trader Joe’s bag, pulling out the hand stitched dolls] Dont forget their Tuffy’s!

Me: [dying]

Scrooge: What are those?

Donald: Favorite toys since they were little.

Scrooge: What? Their mother make those?

Donald: [lowering dolls into the bed. The three boys snatch theirs up unconsciously and hold them close] No… uh… I did.

Me: [RIP]

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a thing i've thought of for biological parents taakitz - what if the reaper squad are on a mission all together when taako goes into labor, and so their stones of farspeech are off and he can't reach any of them. he tries calling some other people but nobody answers until finally the only person he has left to call is lucretia, and she DOES answer, so he has to swallow his pride and ask her to take him to the hospital.

hooooly shit I love this idea holy shit

and like Taako ends up holding her hand the whole time and he’s like “JUST SO YOU KNOW THIS DOESNT MEAN ANYTHING” 

Lucretia is actually super helpful though, Taako’s secretly glad to have her there

When the babies come Taako asks Lucretia if she wants to hold them and she just starts crying

Reaper squad arrives late and panicked and finds Lucretia and Taako chatting each one holding a baby. Lucretia got Taako some water and she did his hair because he didn’t wanna look gross when Kravitz got there and started taking pictures

okay but can you imagine:

- mike being homeschooled never really got to experience those school dances that everyone keeps talking about

- no matter how cliche it was in movies, he always wanted that bubbly feeling dancing to a slow song with someone

- big bill asks him to be his date to the prom

- which of course mike said OF FUCKING COURSE YEAH BILLY BOY

- mike’s reaction was so adorable, he picked bill up and spun him around

- bill adores it whenever mike picks him up

- mike took dancing lessons so that he can sweep the dance floor and hopefully his date off his feet

- bill thought it was unnecessary of him at first but adored it to the point where they would practice every routine together

- they don’t match but you best believe that they look like the freshest couple out there

- mike’s a lil nervous since he’s so excited so bill hold’s his hand for the most part

- when mike’s finally ready, bill and mike do every signature move known to man with such fluidity and chemistry

- even the other losers were impressed of course

- “since when did bill know how to dance”

“hey now :^/”

- the last song was for sure a slow song, which was pretty much the ONLY dance they were not prepared for

- this feeling was a different nervousness, especially for bill. mike has been anticipating this moment for years though so he was somewhat more ready

- it was pretty much mike’s turn to guide him along, and he was happy to lead. bill for sure stepped on his feet a bunch but mike didn’t mind.

- the night pretty much ended and the two got slushies

- probably maybe kinda sorta in theory kissed a little

- as mike grew into an adult, his heart would flutter every time he hears that slow song on the radio

- hanbrough is god tier, yall need to stop sleeping on them

Absorption Quirk


I’m so sorry it took so long to get to your request!

Katsuki Bakugou

Originally posted by aishitetsuro

Your quirk was one that came with great consequences. You couldn’t touch people without taking their energy away. You were left with a fear of touching, everything but your face was covered so you couldn’t accidentally hurt someone.

Bakugou remembers a story you had told him when you had first started dating. You had almost killed someone when you had touched them for far too long, you had believed you had gain control over your quirk. It was why, even with your gloves, you were hesitant to touch him. In fear, you would kill him. 

He notices the way your eyes seem to linger on the couples when the two of you are out. The way you look longingly at how they can kiss each other, how they can hold hands with ease. So, in hopes of easing your insecurities, he takes your covered hand in yours.

“It doesn’t matter” he huffs his eyes looking away from you as he speaks, “one day you will be able to hold hands with your gloves getting in the way and one day I’ll kiss you without having you having to worry. You just need to train”

“Thank you,” you say as you squeeze his hand, smiling to yourself when you feel him squeeze your hand back. 

“Don’t fucking worry” 

Shouto Todoroki

Originally posted by kirei-na-jinsei

Todoroki seems to have a six sense for sensing people’s insecurities, you think this over as you feel the way his hand slips into yours. He must have noticed you staring at the couple a few feet in front of you.

A couple from your school were talking together, holding hands and laughing. She would bump into her parent’s side before looking up at him. Their skin was touching. 

“You’ve worked hard,” he says, a reminder to the fact you can now touch someone for a minute before absorbing their energy. You’re still working on being able to shut your quirk off completely and only using it when you need it. “You’re getting there”

“Yeah…” you say, looking to the side, away from the couple and the concerned gaze of your boyfriend. He frowns and slowly beings your hand up. He presses a gentle kiss to the back of your hand before sheepishly looking away.

“I’m proud of you, (Name). You’re close” he looks back at you, his hand squeezing yours to reassure you before he let your hands fall back to your sides. 

“Oh…” You say, looking away in embarrassment. “Thank you Shouto” you say, smiling as you gently swing your hand and his back in fourth. “It means a lot to hear you say that”

“Then I’ll keep saying it. It’s the truth”

Eijirou Kirishima

Originally posted by ejiroukirishima

“I’m sure you can hold my hand without the glove. I can just use my quirk” Kirishima grins and you can’t help but smile back, a certain sadness seems to plague your usual cheery smile as you shake your head.

“As long as our skin touches I’m afraid your quirk won’t protect you from mine.” You look away as you pull your glove back on. Kirishima frowns but says nothing else. He stays quiet for a moment longer before calling out to you. 

“(Name)…” he says out, leaning closer to you. You hum, turning to face him. Your eyes still focused on your glove as you struggle to button up the side.

“Yeah E-“ his lips find their way onto yours, his hand sliding to touch your side as he pulls you closer. It lasts for a little too long. He pulls away, smiling as he leans against the desk behind you.

“Please don’t look so sad. I may not be able to touch you for long periods of time yet but I know someday I will be able to hold you for hours on end” he grins at you and your face flushes.

“Until that day please be careful and mindful of your touches” you mumble and you hear him laugh as he leans further into the desk.

“Wow (Name). You make me feel dizzy…”



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“This could be you,” you say as you stare at the unconscious person laying before you. Dabi frowns from behind you, walking to your side as he scowls.

“It sounds as though you’re making a threat.” He hums as he watches you pull your gloves over your exposed hand. “Anyway, I don’t care I can’t touch you anyway. PDA is overrated.” He tilts his head to the side. “As long as I can spend time with you I don’t give a shit what you can or can’t do. Besides, now you don’t have to touch these hands” he raises his hands, smiling as he turns on his heel. You frown and quickly follow him, stepping into pace with him as you slip your hand into his.

“I like your hands” you confess, your face flushing as you continue to walk forward. “I think they’re nice”

“Yeah and I like you,” he says as he looks down at you, “so don’t ever think you need to touch someone to show your affection, idiot. You’re good the way you are” he says as he looks away from you. You smile, leaning into his side as you feel him squeeze your hand.

“PDA is overrated, eh?”

“Shut up.”


I’d like to pinpoint that so far we got tiny bits of PP3 and look how much we got of something that I’d like to call “Bechloe sneaking in the background to fool Universal”! I mean, side hugs, real hugs, hand holding, heart eyes, lots of glances, sharing an apartment and possibly a bed. 

Anna Kendrick and Brittany Snow did what they could. Let’s appreciate that. They care about us so much.


Requested by anonymous

You were at your locker, collecting your things when you heard a familiar click. You turned and saw none other then Toni Topaz herself, pointing her camera in your direction.

”Toni come on” you said holding out your hand to block any view of your face. It was early in the morning and admittedly you didn’t put much effort into your outfit today. You were not at all ready for a photo shoot.

Toni laughed.
“Shy are we [Y/N]?” Toni teased, lowering her camera slightly so you could see the sly look on her face. You didn’t respond to this accusation but a blush did manage to creep on to your face.

”Don’t worry sweetie. These pictures aren’t for the paper or anything, they’re for my eyes only” Toni continued with a wink.


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Welcome Back!!! Could I ask for Murasakibara and s/o trying to build a ginger house/ village together.

“Atsushi, you can’t eat those yet!”

Mouth slightly ajar, tongue poking out by just a bit, Murasakibara could already taste the sugar sweetness of gumdrops on his taste buds. Almost defiantly, he popped the one he was holding past his lips and began to chew the candy. The rest he dropped onto the counter before him as you threatened to smack his hands with a spoon.

The majority of the counter was covered in powdered sugar, looking almost like snow itself as it dusted every surface. Beside him, you were holding on to a few square pieces of gingerbread, fitting them together in order to see if they were the right size to make a house. The pieces you were holding would go on to join the other several gingerbread homes you had already accomplished making.

“Stop eating our decorations and help me,” you pouted, holding the two gingerbread squares up to him. “Get the icing so we can glue this together.”

Obeying, Murasakibara picked up the little tube of white icing you’d made earlier. He lined the edge of cookie you were holding up to him, watching with half lidded eyes as you held the two pieces together. Having timed how long it had taken you to do this before, Murasakibara knew he had at least a minute before you would be able to let the cookies go to stand on their own.

This was his chance.

With your hands tied up with the cookies, Murasakibara set the icing bottle down and began to pick up the nearest gingerbread man. It was already decorated, little icing smiling peeking up at him.

“What are you doing? Wait, Atsushi, no!”

He already had the gingerbread man’s left leg in his mouth by the time you realized what he was doing. Chewing slowly, Murasakibara knew there was nothing you could do to stop him without jeopardizing the house in your hands. He smirked, taking another bite out of his cookie.

“He had a family,” you cried, a fake sob on your lips.

“It’s okay,” Murasakibara said behind a mouthful of gingerbread. “They won’t be around for long, either.”

The burden of improvement is not on the people who call you out. Your mistakes and/or continual mistakes are not the fault of the people you marginalize just because they didn’t give you an outline of how to behave. If you get called out by another group for wrong behavior, it is up to YOU to stop what you’re doing and look for how to behave instead. People who call you out are not required to hold your hand and guide you through not doing something wrong.

good things before i go to work:

varric taking isabela’s hand and kissing her knuckles

varric looking up at someone and laughing with his whole body because of something they said

varric with his hair down

varric curled in a chair with a book with one of his knuckles going back and forth over his bottom lip and only pausing to turn pages

varric showing cole how to hold and fire bianca (can you believe canon blessed us with this) when he lets no one else touch bianca

varric and solas laughing together without restraint about a book they’re discussing

varric reading to solas as he paints

varric reading to cole

varric reading to bull as he trains

varric reading to sera as she pretends not to listen while also training

varric reading to a group of kids who don’t have parents as they gather around him and look up at him from the ground with stars in their eyes, completely caught up in the story

varric reading to anybody

varric telling the soldiers stories to make them laugh, cry or feel warm and happy

varric being able to relax for the first time since kirkwall and feel valued

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Okay I'm get that DD and GA want us to believe in their beards but then at least make it believable.. like hold hands or kiss and don't look down onto ur phone or like you are about to have an object shoved up your ass...

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Hello! I’m looking for a fanfiction, it’s about Jughead seeing a news clip of Betty getting out of the car after the black hood is killed then they meet at pops and she has like a bandage around her wrist? I hope this is enough info 😘

Hello! Sure is enough information. You’re looking for

Romeo and Juliet are Dead by @burberrycanary

Rated: Teen and Up   Chapters: 1/1

Summary:  Starting at 2am, Jughead watches and rewatches the eight second clip that shows Betty being helped into the backseat of a car in the hospital parking lot. She holds up her hands to block her face from the overlapping flashes and the circling cameras. White bandages are wrapped around both palms and her left wrist. Her low, messy ponytail gleams in the jagged bursts of light.

Happy reading!


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#17 pretty please if you're not busy? 🙏😊

Sorry it’s taken so long for me to get to this one @yomax323332, but thank you for the ask/prompt! xx “ I know what I want, when I want it. So get over here. “

An attempt at fixing Season 2.


She intends to leave him standing there, holding onto his plastic covered jacket, standing at his door and looking like a complete knob. He grips the bulky garment tightly in his hands, shouting after her, calling her name, desperate for her to turn around and just acknowledge him.

She doesn’t stop though, she doesn’t turn around, just walks as briskly as possible to get away from him. He half expects her to laugh, tell him that she’s joking and come back up the steps. How had he gotten things so wrong? Had he missed something - anything that indicated that she might chuck him? They hadn’t done it in the caravan like he’d anticipated, yeah, but she had assured him things were fine. Sure he’d thought she’d been acting a bit funny with him at College, but he hadn’t seen this coming…but maybe he should have.

He watches after her for a moment before deciding that he’s not going to let her go, not like this, not like what they’ve had means nowt to her.

“Rae!” He calls, chucking his jacket through the open door and jogging down the steps to get to her. She’s nearly at the end of his block when he manages to get to her. They’re both breathing heavily, and he feels like his lungs might burst. He reckons it might not be the running that has his chest aching, but he’s going to do his damnedest to fix that.

“Rae, what…what the hell?” He asks, grabbing onto her arm and tugging her to a stop. “What’ve I done?”

It’s then that he notices the redness of her eyes and the wetness on her cheeks. He steps closer, lifting a hand to wipe the tears away, comfort her in any way she’ll let him.

She holds her hands up to stop him, her eyes darting around them, as if she’s looking for a way to escape. “Stop, just stop Finn. Stop being so bloody perfect, stop making me feel so…so…so undeserving!”

He pulls back, his arms dropping to his sides. “Wha’?”

“I just…you’re just…” she waves her hands in front of him, motioning to his body and then his face.

“I’m just wha’, Rae? Just wha’?” he asks, his voice escalating.

“You’re just so fit and I’m so…not,” she tells him, her head falling forward. She sounds so defeated and he wants to grab hold of her and pull her to him, but he stops himself.

“Tha’s rubbish, Rae. I think you’re well fit and I…I fan—“

She turns away from him, her hands covering her face. “I don’t get it.”

Her statement is simple, but it evokes something in him, an anger that has him walking around her until he’s in front of her, staring at the top of her head. “Don’t get what?” Each word is pointed, harsh on his tongue.

“I don’t get why you like me.” She rubs at her eyes, not lifting her face to look at him. “I’m not pretty, I’m not thin, I’m lou—“

“Do you ever think tha’ maybe —“ he practically shouts at Rae, stopping when he catches sight of the fresh tears streaming down her cheeks. He’s careful to temper his volume as he continues, “do you ever think tha’ maybe I think you’re pretty? That maybe I like your body?“

She lifts her eyes to his, they’re wide and glistening and his fingers tap against his thigh as he works on restraining himself from reaching out to her.

“I don’t believe you.”

He has to give himself a moment, afraid that his next words might come out wrong, might make her run. “Just ask Chop, can’t even tell ya the number o’ times he’s caught me starin’ at ya —“ he gulps, motioning over his chest.

He can see the hint of a smile pulling at the corners of her lips. Maybe he hadn’t fucked that up too badly. “But I’m no Chloe or Stacey,” she whispers, barely loud enough for him to hear over the cars passing by.

“I don’t want no Chloe or Stacey, Rae.”


“Will you stop tryin’ ta tell me wha’ I want?”

She lets out a frustrated sigh, but nods. “I’ll try.”

“Good, because I know what I want, when I want it. So get over here.” Finn waves her over to him, taking a step towards her.

When she doesn’t move towards him he’s the one to close the distance, finally wrapping his arms around her for the first time that night.


Really I could have written 10k for this one, but I threw all the 10k into about 600 jam packed words.


Her phone beeped, and Kensi read the message:

Alright. Have fun. I love you too.

She smiled as she locked the phone and put it in her back pocket.

“And I am Deeks free,” she said, out loud.

“Awww yes,” replied Nell, holding her hand out low. Kensi grinned and gave her some skin.

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(blank)tale asks!

telltale: What do you think it would be like to live in a world where you could see the immediate consequences to your actions and have the choice to soft reset to fix them if they weren’t going your way? What would you do or try to fix in your life? 

fairy tale: You’re sprinkled with fairy dust and can fly for a limited amount of time. Do you utilize this to it’s fullest extent and fly until it wears off even if it puts you in imminent danger? Where do you go and why?

undertale: Have you ever fallen into a ditch or large hole and could not escape while no one could hear your screams for help? 

sharktale: Have you ever wanted to gently caress a fish and reassure it that you love and support it? If so, what kind? Do you imagine they look like Eddie Murphy? Do you want to hold Eddie Murphy’s hand and let him know everything will be okay?

anywayyyyyy every once in a while during meetings, Ludwig will reach under the table to hold Alfred’s hand, and likes to rub his knuckles as he’s looking down at his notes and asking questions. Like imagine his eyebrows furrowed in concentration and confusion but he’s holding his little boyfriend’s hand like it’s so normal, meanwhile Alfred internally flips out every time he does it

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Sira's grandma would look just like them except they'd wear a flowery mumu, a grey wig, be constantly holding a plate of cookies or a cat in one hand, and be knitting something always constanty. She'd also be purple too

please tell me she sounds just like sira so its like sira has this alter ego clone that wears a wig and a mumu