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Wanna Join an RPG Maker Project?

Well you’re in luck! These are the tags I use when any creator or team is looking for an additional team member for their game.  You can look through them to find a game to join.  Feel free to submit your own “Help wanted ad” via the submit box and I’ll tag them as needed

Tumblr’s not always the best place to advertise, as we tend to have more artist & musicians than those who really know how to use the engine.  If you’re not having any luck here, make sure to try any number of RPG Maker forums, Reddit, or Steam.

Oh, and the help needed tag is reserved for people who just have a question or two about how to use the engine.

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Can you post some hc of yoongi and bts?? (I'm sorry if this is annoying of me to ask)

(noo you’re not annoying don’t worry! i’m sorry if i get annoying with my long ass answers though TT) 

hmmm i’m gonna assume this means bts in general and not in relation to any AUs of mine?

ok i’m gonna go by member

(btw these are my own headcanons and you don’t have to agree if you don’t want to ^^)

((although most of them are based on things bts has said, done, talked about, etc))

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EDIT. FOUND COMPOSER! THANKS EVERYONE!! HELLO! I’m looking for a musician to score for my short animated film feat hispanic bloody violent ladies! I’m looking for something like OSTs Bastion / Assassin’s Creed 2 & 3 / Kill la Kill / The Revenant / The Last of Us

If you’re interested PM me at silvermender@gmail.com with samples of your work and i’ll share animatic and further details.  Reblogs are super appreciated, thank you!


1) What is Clexa Rikleimt?

Clexa Rikleimt is a non-profit, fandom project that will harness the creativity in the Clexa fandom to rewrite season 3 of the TV show The 100 - possibly beyond that. We believe season 3 marked a sharp downturn in quality of the show. Not only did it feature unnecessary, horribly executed deaths (the most prominent examples being Lexa and Lincoln), but it also ruined much of the world building and didn’t handle well the story lines of other beloved characters. We’re metaphorically “reclaiming” the world and these characters in order to do them justice. 

2) Are you associated with the show?

Not at all. Zero association with the show or any of the people involved. We do not claim ownership of any of the characters or concepts in The 100, nor do we stand to make any profit whatsoever. This is purely a labor of love (and saltiness). We also have legal people looking into it just to be 1000% careful and make sure nobody can sue anybody involved with Rikleimt.

Update: We in fact have gotten in contact with the Organization for Transformative Works and they agreed to look over our site/content to make sure there are no red flags.   

3) Are you affiliated with any other Clexa groups or movements?

We are not associated with any other Clexa fandom projects or groups. We simply wish to do something positive for the fandom. People from all walks are welcome to participate as long as they adhere to a general code of conduct and have something to contribute. We did not seek out any particular groups or individuals, those currently involved expressed interest in joining once it came to their attention and have worked very hard to get it off the ground since then.

4) How are you going to do this?

Writers will be divided into teams that will write the new Rikleimt narrative. Members of the fandom will also be able to submit ideas and headcanons, the writers will take these into consideration and decide which to incorporate into the rewrite. Artists will take scenes from these rewrites and illustrate them into official Rikleimt artwork, as well provide illustrations for new characters, settings and concepts belonging to the Rikleimt universe. [more details here]

5) What if I want to contribute something other than writing or artwork?

That’s great! Any creative endeavor is encouraged. We are also looking for musicians that can compose scores/songs for the rewrite, costumers/cosplayers that can help design outfits, animators that can make animations, video editors that can put together trailers, actors that can provide voice over work (who knows, maybe they can also act out a few scenes as well) - there are many cool things that can be done. If you have an idea for a way to contribute, reach out to us! 

6) How can I get involved?

If you any interest in getting involved, in whatever capacity, just fill out this quick form.

7) Will this project focus exclusively on rewriting the Clexa scenes?

No. There are many complaints about season 3 in general, this project will be a rewrite of the season as a whole and will address other controversial aspects.

8) Will other canonically dead characters besides Lexa and Lincoln make an appearance?

We will most likely not rewrite seasons 1 and 2. However, a few tweaks could make it possible for Anya, as well as any other dear characters, to be included. Who knows? 

9) What will this rewrite be rated?

The aim is to keep the general tone the show had in the first two seasons, so expect some graphic content. The official rating of the rewrite will be M (under the writing system), partly because we believe that the show itself had crossed into M territory before season 3. Individual episodes will come with trigger warnings. There will be a heads up before those scenes.

Oh and smut lovers. This won’t be rated E, but expect sexual content (that will also come with a heads up and there will be an option to skip it).

10) How often will episodes of the rewrite be released?

The ideal scenario and goal would be to have a new episode every week. However, given that this is a VERY ambitious effort and will no doubt have some kinks to work out in the beginning, it is possible that the first few episodes will further apart. We will have to see how long the production process is before setting up a concrete schedule. We want to make sure to deliver quality content, so we won’t make any promises regarding release dates or frequency of episodes yet. 

11) Will this rewrite go beyond season 3?

We hope so. It is definitely too soon to tell, but it would sure be great if the rewrite could continue into season 4 and any other future seasons the show might have.

12) Do I have to be heavily involved in the Clexa fandom to participate?

No. Casual fans of the show/ship are more than welcome to submit ideas or projects. Many of the people involved with Rikleimt are part of other fandoms too, the important thing is that you’re able to commit if you sign up for a project.

13) Will there be fancastings of new characters?

Yes and apparently it has already begun. We’re so extra.

14) How will the writers be chosen?

We had more than 100 writers express interest. As much as we wish that everybody could be involved in rewriting the episodes, it doesn’t seem like that would be feasible for purposes of organization and maintaining the story coherent. We put the writers in teams that will rewrite the episodes. Criteria that was be considered when choosing writers and forming teams:

  1. Experience
  2. Availability, being able to commit
  3. Willingness to work in a team
  4. Willingness to include head canons from the fandom
  5. Previous collaborations with other writers

We want to stress though that this is an inclusive project. We’re tossing around many ideas for ways writers can be involved outside of episode rewrites. These include forming a team entirely dedicated to world building and expanding the universe of the 100 (as many people have expressed interest in doing instead of writing actual episodes), having backup writers in case somebody unexpectedly has to drop out, and hosting an archive of “deleted scenes” that would not be included in the episodes but still be considered part of the Rikleimt universe.

Aside from these projects taking place inside the Rikleimt universe, there are ideas for other projects that are equally as epic to this one that need writers too.

15) How much will be decided by the fandom and how much will be decided by the writers?

Our goal is for this project to be a fandom effort. There are many discussions as to how much input the fandom should have and which decisions are to be left at the discretion of the writers. In general, we want the story to be as coherent as possible as well as be able to deliver unforeseen twists and turns. People will be able to submit ideas and original characters through our Suggestions form. Writers will then look at these and incorporate some into the story as they see fit.    

16) Do headcanons of the organizers and logistics team of Rikleimt (“Lidakru”) get priority?

Not at all. Members of the Lidakru must submit their ideas and head canons individually through the form, just like everybody else. Writers are not to give special consideration to any person’s head canons despite whatever position the individual may hold in the Rikleimt project. In order to ensure this, the Lidakru have vowed to submit head canons anonymously so as to make sure that writers don’t feel any pressure to use our ideas (whether to make the forms completely anonymous or not is also still an ongoing discussion). 

Dating Japanese Men Today vs. Yuri (my own experiences)

Yuri is a very typical, emotionally constipated, Japanese boy.

I can’t emphasize enough that Yuri is such a well-written character, it is almost scary realistic to what I have experienced living in Japan as a foreign female. A lot of people from the west are watching Yuri and Victor’s antics and think Yuri is just shy, or clueless, or just easily forgetful of magical alcohol induced nights.

I say this is all false. Yuri didn’t just “forget”. And he isn’t just “shy” (cause being shy is part of the general way Japanese people talk and the way the language works). Instead, Yuri just has no ability to read HIS own emotions or understand his feelings or wants. He is, simplify said, a typical Japanese boy today, and Victor, with all of his sweet hinting and pushing, is paying the price by being forced into a slightly ambiguous relationship (does Yuri think they are dating? What is Victor to him other than emotional support? No one knows, not even Yuri himself…)

Easy example; Yuri is at first surprised by his heart racing when he is close to Victor.

Remember, this is the same person who has been, since he was small, printing and buying posters of Victor and staring him in the eyes (through the TV appearances) everyday! I mean, he has not only surrounded himself with Victor’s image but has done everything in his power to be just like him, even going as far to buy the same type of dog! Any normal person in touch with their emotions would understand that at some basic level, be it not intentional or even logical, they have a crush on this person. That’s why they surround themselves with their stuff. 

For example, when I ended up at the same meat/curry restaurant in Sendai that I had seen Gackt (if you don’t know they singer/composer Gackt look him up NOW!) go to on TV, this was no coincidence.  I not only look up to Gackt for inspiration as a fellow composer and musician but also secretly have a small crush on him… I want to be in the same place I know he has been, eating the same food, smelling the same smells…touching…(this is getting weird…)

HOWEVER, Yuri’s conclusion is anything but this!

Yuri isn’t lying to himself; he is unaware of himself, his feeling and how to read his own body’s reaction to the situation. He said it himself when deciding the theme of skating, he has never thought about love before and it was an abstract concept to him! But this isn’t just a “Yuri” problem; this is a typical modern day Japanese boy problem…

For example, I have been living in Japan for 8 years, dating and crushing on my own handful of Japanese guys and I can tell you, a “Yuri” type of boy is more common than not. There was a Japanese boy who would call me every night to just “talk” (for at least 4 hours!) over the course of a year. This included topics on things we liked (::cough:: anime ::cough::) as well as really personal conversations about what we wanted for our futures and about our families. So basically, I quickly developed a crush for this guy.

So to confess my feelings in the most Japanese way possible; on Valentines Day I gave him home made chocolate! (Trust me, this can be taken as basically asking someone out in Japan). And then on White Day (a month after Valentines) he gave me a “return gift” of specialty teas, which can be taken as meaning he accepted my confession and we were basically going out now. Now, nothing as clear-cut as “let’s date” was ever said and I didn’t let myself even pretend it might be happening (okay, maybe just a little), but anyone in touch with “emotions” and “feelings” and “things of the heart” would figure out this meant we were sort of crushing on each other. I mean, why else would a guy call you every night, especially when he was upset or need advice, over the course of a year while also taking you out to dates at least twice a month?

But after over a year of this and nothing-concrete coming of it (and after having many conversation like Victor and Yuri where I would mention “girlfriend” or “what am I to you?” or “Marriage?” and even looked at rings together once! And he would always react in a very similar panic like way Yuri does but continue to play along) I finally confessed to him directly. And his response? 「びっくりしました」=“I’m shocked!” (he wasn’t the best with words…). He honestly had no idea the situation was being felt that way. He never read the situation as being anything other than “good friends”. Though when the reality hit him that we might not be able to be friends anymore since he had just BROKEN MY HEART, he began to panic over the idea of loosing me forever and begged me to let him continue to call me at night. And he did continue calling me after that for another year long period until he finally decided he was going to ask my best friend (who is Japanese) out instead who he would only talk to through me… Needless to say, we didn’t work out in the end… but I have experienced other Japanese guys, to varying degrees of confusing, just like this as well. Sadly, this type of “not in touch with their own emotions” type of Japanese guy is more common than not. It’s like, as one Japanese male friend explained to me, as if today’s Japanese boys have never downloaded the “emotions for reading and understand love” program into their personal hard drive of a brain. It is a very frustrating reality.

My point is, I honestly think that when Yuri was buying and then placing the ring on Victor’s finger, Yuri’s head wasn’t really aware of what he was doing or why he wanted to do it other than he understands Victor is important to him. Victor, on the other hand, is no fool as to the deeper meaning of all of this, and his patients after Yuri has rejected him time and time again (think the beach scene, sleeping together to bond invitation, trying to hide the ring on his finger when it was pointed out) really shows how amazing Victor is.

Victor really does meet Yuri where he is, just sadly that is a very emotionally stunted place right now. I hope Victor is patient enough to wait a little longer, and Yuri wakes up and finally realizes his own emotions, sooner than later…