looking for a back rubber

Can we take a moment to appreciate how sweet these two are??? Like Jongin didn’t really need to help Soo get that rubber ball…we know how into the performance Jongin gets but he stopped just to step on it so Soo can pick it up

Heaven is a Place on Earth  Joker X Reader

“I can see my baby swingin’

His parliaments on fire and his hands are up 

On the balcony and I’m singing  

Ooh baby ooh baby 

I’m in love”

“Come on baby it’s getting to hot in here” I heard him say glancing around the loud and glittering club, seeming to distrust everyone in the room. Some sort of silent exchange was made between Frost and himself due to the eye contact he made momentarily with Frost who only nodded back.. I slowly turned my head to him releasing myself from romantic thoughts of him and I that danced in my head. I smiled looking into his scared and tattooed face. His blue eyes met my green ones for a weird second before he came to a stand. He looked sharp as always. Black dress pants a crisp white button up. I swooned inside watching him walk so perfectly through the crowd taking my hand when I started to fall behind; being to busy caught up in how the muscles in his shoulders flexed as he moved. I held his icy cold hand firmly in mine; his grip was relaxed yet seemed to be ready to pull the trigger on any funny man that tried something. I giggled saying  ‘funny man’ out loud to myself. What an odd way to describe someone. The bouncers pushed the doors open and we entered Gotham’s cool night air that sent shivers up my exposed legs. “Where are we going honey?” I said playfully. He smiled then kissed my hand. “Oh just for a little drive” he said walking to the drivers side of the Lambo. I nodded becoming weary of the situation. It was always a toss up with J I never knew if he was ditching a scene to avoid a ‘vacation’ at Arkham, possibly a beat down from batsy or he was finally going to cut my neck and leave me to dry like he always threatened when he was angry. I swallowed hard noticing the two armed thugs standing behind me. I looked to J who was still standing by the drivers side in a trace, eyes locked on the ground. “Baby what’s going on?” I said weakly. Maybe this was it. He looked at me something sad coming to his face. “Nothing doll” he said “Get in the car so I can get you home. I’m not losing my doll again” I nodded compliantly getting in the luxury car his word echoing through my head. Lose me again? 

Two or three months ago I had been taken by Black Mask being used as a hostage until J, like the good man he is agreed to kill the mayor of Gotham. Since Black mask lacked the means to do it himself he needed J to do it, being he was gifted in anything having to do with murder though not gifted in being bossed around. If J completed the task Mask would return me safely home. Ultimately the plan failed miserably. I was locked in a damp basement for I think about a week until one day the steel door on the joint was blasted off of it’s hinges. Frost stepped in with a machine gun taking out the two creeps that guarded me then ushered for the other men to come down, J came down last making him vulnerable for one of Mask’s men to stick a gun to his head, which they did. All and all guns went a-blazing and Black Mask escaped the shoot out. Maybe he really did miss me? I bopped myself on the head dismissing the silly thoughts, my presence was an option for him not a necessity.   

J took no time starting up the car and jamming it down the street. The sheer power of the vehicle slammed me back in my seat ripping my focus from my thoughts. “J what the hell” I said smacking his shoulder. There was an odd silence between us until our eyes met putting a smile on both of our faces. This turned into giggles and in a few minutes we were two laughing maniac’s zooming down 12th street. “Oh baby” he said caressing my face with a smile. The lights from the buildings we drove past threw a sort of beautiful Aura around him. I smiled back leaning forward connecting my lips with his. 

The moment we made contact it was as if everything exploded. All my fears and insecurities gone with the touch of his icy hand and sound of his purr. We continued on kissing (and driving) until there was a violent crunching sound and I found myself being hurtled through the air. My eyes only connecting with the night sky, squinted a little trying to avoid their horrible glare. This was an unfamiliar situation usually I loved to gaze up and see the twinkling lights of other worlds but my eyes couldn’t take it. The initial impact of the ground didn’t hurt being so my brain was still trying to comprehend why the stars were acting the way they were. Then the sliding began and suddenly none of that astronomical mumbo-jumbo mattered. My skin felt like it was being lit up fire then dosed in chemicals over and over again. All 115 pounds of me slid a crossed the black top only being stopped when my head smacked off a brick building knocking me temporarily unconscious. When I came to I could hear gunshots around me but no person came into view, until I saw a black caped figure stalking towards me, his eyes seeming to glow a blue color. My heart quickened as my arms attempted to drag me away from him until the pain hit. I screamed in agony looking down at my body. Parts of my arms and legs were completely skinned and bloodied seeming to create a pool of my own life source below me. He scooped me up looking quickly round him before firing what I now know to be his bat-claw “J!” I screamed looking down below as the Dark Knight whisked me through the air. I spotted J for a short second he was slumped up against his car completely still. “Baby!” I screamed fighting Batman’s grasp. I kicked my legs and writhed around until I broke his hold falling freely down until I found myself rocked by a black nothingness. 

For a quick second I thought I was dead; my eyes opening to be stared down by a fuzzy light above me. Was this heaven? To my dismay it wasn’t A pretty brown haired nurse came and stuck a needle in my arm. “Ow lady watch it” I said weakly. She simply smiled at me and continued about her business. Sorely I looked around the room it was that of any basic hospital. A beeping machine stiff white blankets, the smell of cleanser. The only difference was I seemed to be in a sort of solitary confinement room. It was completely cement and had a heavy metal door locked tight instead of the flimsy blue curtain they usually had. I peered through the little window that that was on the door spotting the bat’s black cowl. Anger vibrated me and I felt my legs coming to a stand forcing me to run to the door. “I’m going to kill you Bat-freak let me out of here!” My bloodied fist pounded on the glass until I felt it crack underneath my fist. I smiled a sense of encouragement enabling me to hit harder until I was able to crash my fist through the window my hand grabbing the first throat I could. It was the nurse that had poked me before, the bat was completely gone. Most likely due to the fact he wasn’t there to begin with, only being a figment of my imagination. 

A week ago I had a nail technician due my nails longer and sharper for no reason really besides I saw the ones Cat women had and thought eh why not try something new? J when he saw them held my hand in his a mischievous grin coming to his face. He wrapped his arms around my waist and pulled me in tight. “Whaddya say we go in the back and break those puppies in? hmm?” I laughed kissing him on the lips as he lifted me up laughing as he made his way to our bedroom. I grew sad at the memory digging my nails deeper and deeper into the nurse’s neck hoping that maybe the harder I squeezed he would come strolling down the hallways machine gun in hand, Frost to the side of him taking out any loser that came at them. Her warm blood trickled in between my fingers making it harder to keep my grip turning her whimpers into deafening screams. 

A team of cops suddenly lined up in front of the door. Their guns drawn. “Open the doors boys and the lady gets to keep her neck” I peered into the cops faces recognizing one to be Jim Gordon. He was talking harshly into a walkie talkie. “So what are we supposed to do let this crazy bitch walk free. She’s practically got a staff members throat completely ripped out.” Whoever was talking on the other end seemed to easy Jim’s conflict which worried me. Was my Price okay? Was this one of their tricks where they say if I cooperate I could see J but when  they let me out he’s laying dead of a stretcher. My nostrils flared, anger boiling in my stomach. “Okay boys you have one more chance let me out of the nurse is going to have a serious throat ache.” I watched the police their shoes shining excellent off of the polished speckled floor. Gordon nodded giving the ‘go ahead’ nod to an officer who opened the door. I stepped out smiling at Gotham’s finest dragging the nurse with me. “Now could any of you tell me where my Prince is?” I made steady eye contact with every officer. They kept their justice loving mouths shut. “Fine then” I said squeezing the nurses throat harder. She fell to her knees with a scream. All the police officers lunged forward looking to Gordon for directions. I locked my eyes on his. “God dammit. Y/n stop. He’s in route to a different hospital.” I smiled at him “See was it really that har-” everyone’s attention was pulled away when the hospital doors flew open revealing a patient with pale skin and green hair.. 

My heart dropped “How in the- Why is he here” Gordon shouted talking excitedly into his walkie talkie.Everything in my brain broke loose not being able to fathom the emotions the coursed through my body. My grip tightened on the nurses throat until I was able to completely tear a section of her jugular clean out. Blood splattered a crossed everyone’s faces. None of that mattered though my legs broke out into a full sprint. “J!” i screamed. He looked back. “Y/n!” he sat up quickly and took out the doctors surrounding him. I was just feet away from him. No not feet inches both of us reached out our hands about to touch when I was pulled back. My eyes looked down to see two nightmarish rubber black arms then up to J. “No!” he yelled trying to fight the swarm of cops that was subduing him his eyes looking into mine with panic? or fear swarming in them. I called out his name over and over again until a pinch on my arm brought me back to the nothingness I had just broken out of. 

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Thanks for reading! More to come Same Bat-time Same Bat-channel :) To honest I’m not sure why I put the song lyrics in the beginning but I just felt like it. The Song it “West coast” by Lana Del Ray. All credit for the song lyrics goes to her. 


For some reason, I imagine this would be how Bendy makes his anime debut.  The dance looks right up his alley.

Sorry, Miku Hatsune, rubber-hose dancing is back in and he’s gonna do this better than you.

((This is definitely what the closing is for Bendy’s anime show))
Goodbye My Almost Lover

Warning: Angst

“Sam! Please, I love you! Why are you leaving me?” My voice cracked, as tears formed in my eyes.

“Y/n, you know I have too. You know nothing can happen between us. I’m doing this to keep you safe.”

“I don’t want to be safe Sam. I want to be with you.” I started to sob. Not being able to control myself.

“Y/n, please.” Sam paused and rubbed his hand over his eyes. Wiping his own tears as well

“Sam, you’re telling me that.. That I will never be able to see this beautiful face again? These stunning hazel eyes full of love, these soft lips that I kissed with such passion, this long hair that I used to run my fingers through, these wonderful hands that held me at night, this beautiful heart that I used to hold?” We both broke down and he hugged me, holding me close. He kissed the top of my head several times, and squeezed me for dear life.

   “I will always love you, Y/n. Never forget that. Never ever forget that.” He held my face in his hands as he gave me one last passionate kiss. I wiped away his tears, and he let out a shaky breath. Taking in my features one last time.

“Goodbye, Y/n.”

“Goodbye, Sam”

He walked out the door and looked back at me one last time.

The smell of burnt rubber filled my nostrils and the cold, wet pavement felt hard against my body. The rain woke up my senses and the glow of the fire woke me from unconscious state. I wanted to move, but my body wouldn’t let me. Every inch of my body ached with pain and I had no idea of what to do. I tried screaming out for help, but I lost my voice. I was helpless and alone, left to die.

   “Someone help me! Please, help me!” I tried to scream, but it came out as whisper.

   The rain started to pour down harder and I closed my eyes. I just laid there helpless. Thinking this would be it for me, and knowing no one would find me. My mind flashed back to Sam. My Sam, before I seen the light.

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Late Nights

A/N: Hello, darlings! Sooo… I’ve got an angst baby thing for you. I know it’s been done before, and it might be a little blah, because I don’t have children or any babies in the house. I do have a new puppy, who is, my mother assures me, exactly like a baby. And the first few nights after we got her, she slept in my room and she cried and cried and cried, and I’d tried everything and she just wouldn’t stop. And I was like “Oh, God, puppy, please go to sleep!” So yeah. Sorry, Annabeth.



There is one particular type of crying babies do that simply breaks Annabeth’s heart. It’s that crying just on the short side of desperate, where you’ve fed them, changed them, bathed them, sung and rocked and begged and they just won’t stop. Logan, apparently, was not above that kind of crying.

She was so tired. She’d just gotten back to work from her maternity leave and as happy as she was to get a break from 24/7 diapers and bottles, she’s completely wiped out by the end of the day. The office was ecstatic to have her back, and her most faithful clients jumped at the chance to throw their projects in her capable hands. It was sweet of them to wait for her, she felt recompensed for all her hard work, proud that she’s managed to build a good reputation and, why not say it, smug. At the time, she felt really damn smug that people would wait for the end of her leave instead of going to another architect, because apparently she was the best.

But it was two in the morning, she had a meeting at 8, Percy was out at sea with his research team from college and Logan just. Wouldn’t. Stop. Crying.

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The morning storm

Dex’s thoughts were racing. His mind was spinning, hyper analyzing, a tiger frantically pacing its cage, looking for escape. Moving, moving, moving, it wouldn’t slow down. He couldn’t drive. He’d made it this far, numb, only thinking about the road and getting away, away, but now the adrenaline was wearing off and reality was creeping in and he hurt and he regretted and he wished and –

Dust swirled in a cloud around him as he slammed the truck’s door shut. Frustration ripped its way out of his throat in a hoarse, formless yell. His fist pounded the metal siding of the truck bed, his mind wishing it were flesh, his heart wishing it were the flesh of someone in particular.

With a kick to the tire came a sense of finality. Dex sank to the ground and leaned his back against the rubber. He looked out over the trees, heavy with summer foliage, and the Appalachian Mountains behind them, the sun just a sliver over their peaks, illuminating the gray morning air. It was a beautiful place to fall apart. Dex quirked a wry smile. With the dawn of the day came the end of an era.

Dex had thought about the events of that morning for years. He’d imagined how it would go, the best and worst case scenarios, the circumstances, the response. He had imagined the worst, but that had not been enough to prepare him for it.

He hadn’t meant for it to happen like it did. He hadn’t meant to just blurt it out, to carelessly tell his father “I’m gay” over coffee in the dark, still hours of the quiet morning, his voice a lightning strike in the shadows.

His father had looked up from pulling on his boots, the molten sleep in his eyes turned to ice. His voice had been a murmur, rain on leaves, deceptively calming. “Get out.”

Dex’s chest began to heave, trying to suck the words back in. “W – where do I go?”

Dex’s father stood to his full height. “I don’t much care, but you need to leave.” Dex still just stood there, breaths pumping in and out. “Now!” This, a yell. The inevitable thunder.

Then everything was quiet once again. Dex walked from the house, closing the door gently behind him, and got in his truck and drove until he was here, where he couldn’t drive any more, where he lost his fragile control. Which, according to his best guess, was somewhere in New Hampshire.

He was free. There was no more hiding, no more guilty half-truths and worried what ifs.

But why did freedom feel so much like a cage?

With no other conceivable option in his mind, Dex pulled out his phone and dialed a number. It rang until a recorded woman interrupted and told him to call back. That wouldn’t do. Dex dialed again. This time, there were four rings then a groggy voice.

“’Lo.” His voice was deep and scratchy from sleep. Dex heard him yawn.

“Nursey.” He didn’t mean to sound so small. He tried again. “Nursey. I… I need somewhere to stay.”

“What? What do you mean?”

“I got kicked out. I had to leave Maine. But there’s nowhere else for me and I— “

“Of course,” Nursey cut in, now alert and anxious. “My parents have a house upstate. Let me just… ok. It’s in Skaneateles. You probably don’t know where that is and – shit.” Dex heard shuffling through the phone. “Do you know Albany? I’m gonna take a bus there and meet you, ok? Then we’ll go to the house. It’s quiet there. We can stay as long as we want. Sound good?”

It sounded too good. Dex couldn’t accept this. Nursey wasn’t just working around him, letting him into his plans. No, he was creating whole new plans. “I can’t – “

“No,” Nursey snapped. He breathed deeply. “No.” Quieter. “You really, really can. We can go there, and not bother anyone, and be safe. Trust me.”

And Dex did. He stood, brushed the dust from his pants, and climbed back into the truck.  He turned the key in the ignition. “Nursey I – can you – “

“Anything, Dex. What do you need?”

What did he need? He needed to go back in time, stop himself from revealing to his father the one thing he’d kept so meticulously hidden. No, he needed to go forward in time, to when things between him and his family were already healed, the ugly process of repair behind him. He needed a family who accepted him as-is.

But for now, this is what he had – freedom and a friend he trusted. He found he could do without all the rest. “Don’t hang up.”

“I won’t.”

Dex drove, Nursey’s voice a balm against his frayed nerves. He drove toward a place where he could be himself, where he could belong when he had nowhere else. A place – no, a person – he was beginning to think of as home.

Together, they could handle this.

Dex let out a sigh, and he drove home, his thoughts calm at last.

Kain’s Many Talents @ ETA Shizuoka (052216)

(Video; In Kain’s Vine -
kain (pulls rubber band to snap on Urata’s leg): “That looks painful…”
Urata: “No it’s totally okay”
Urata: (pulls rubber band back super high on kain’s leg) 
kain: “Ow-!”
Urata: (pulls rubber band back super high on Sakata’s leg)
Sakata: “That hurts!”)

kain: “Sakata who gets dragged into this”

Urata: “Sakata-san who got dragged in”

Sakata: “UraKain’s the do-M combo”


Urata: “This Messed-Up Wonderful World Only Exists For Me / Watao feat. kain (@kain2525), Recorder ver.”

Urata: “Sakata: Isn’t that pretty high? (Meaning: “Isn’t this different from the key you usually sing it in?”)”

kain: “It sounds like festival music w”


luz: “The young boy playing piano in the dressing room, kain”

luz: “kain-kun is so intense(-ly bald)” (T/N: Luz uses “hageshii”, which is literally “intense” but includes the word “hage” (bald) within it to tease kain with baldy jokes again)

kain: “I only had the thought of banging my head in my mind back then so I wasn’t playing the piano properly wwwwwwww”

kain: “Even though I payed everything but “Buriki no Dance”, luz-kun told everyone that kain-kun’s all about “Buriki no Dance””

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Overprotective momma bear



Kate is parked in the preschool pick-up line, madly checking off items on her to-do list from the precinct, trying not to confuse her work email with her personal. The car is off and the windows down on a beautiful October afternoon, so the sounds of kids on the playground during their last hour of school brings a soothing white noise to her frantic pace.

She needs her weekend to be free, but she’s not sure she can get there. Her inbox is overflowing.

She’s in the process of composing a terse response to a CompStats bulletin forwarded to her by 1PP when she hears her own son’s voice and her head comes up.

Dashiell is on the playground?

She glances to the email, hazards a guess that it’s mostly official enough, hits reply. Looks back to the rubber tire strips and bright colored plastic that is the preschool playground.

Just in time to see a kid shove him to the ground.

She’s out of her car and flying across the sidewalk, up onto the strip of grass to the chainlink fence. The gate is locked - as it should be for a preschool with her children in it - but she’s halfway decided to scale the fence when Dash catches sight of her.

His face colors, and his embarrassment immediately checks her reaction, if not her livid desire to beat the kid that just pushed her son.

She takes a breath. “Hey there, Dash,” she offers, leaning against the fence and letting her gun and badge show. Smiling.

The kid menacing him is bigger, of course, Dashiell having inherited her narrow bones, but he looks startled by her presence. 

“Dash, is your teacher out here? I want to cut out of car line if I can.” She doesn’t mention a word about how he’s sprawled in the rubber beneath the monkey bars, a kid twice his size standing over him. “Ask Ms. Amy if you can go.”

Dash jumps to his feet and races off, not uttering a sound, and the bully who pushed her kid is still standing there, a confusion on his face that Kate, despite being the adult here, absolutely relishes.

She says nothing.

Dashiell already has so much going against him, issues wise, that she will not add helicopter mother to the list. Besides, Dash has his father’s charm, and she realizes, belatedly, that her son might have very well talked himself out of that confrontation if she hadn’t crashed into the fence like an animal at the zoo.

The bigger kid wanders off with one last look at her gun - okay, she did employ some not-so-subtle scare tactics there - and she stands by the gate, breathing through her nose to cool herself off.

Amy comes back with Dashiell just moments later, his teacher smiling and unconcerned, Dashiell’s backpack in her hand - the sign-out clipboard in the other.

“Sorry for this,” Kate offers. She pulled I’m a cop just now, didn’t she? Amy is letting Dashiell leave by the playground gate when that’s not the usual procedure. All because Kate saw her kid get pushed. “Thanks for letting him skip a few minutes early. Dashiell, my man, what do you say to your teacher?”

The gate unlocks and Kate takes the clipboard, signing her name and printing it just beside the signature as Dashiell gives his teacher a wave. 


Kate chuckles, hand touching the top of Dashiell’s head, takes the backpack from Amy. “Dash,” she prompts.

“Thank you,” he offers, and then his smile too, and even though it’s a little rattled, he doesn’t seem damaged by the incident.

“You’re very welcome, Dash. Have a good weekend.”

“Thanks, really,” Kate says, nodding, her hand around Dashiell’s. They turn back for the car, and she has to restrain herself from interrogating her son for information.

Once he’s buckled into his car seat, Kate shuts the door and climbs behind the wheel of the Audi. She glances in her rear view to check behind them, but she sees the look on his face.

“Hey, my wild man. Wanna tell me what happened on the playground?”

His head swivels to the window as if he needs the visual reminder of the monkey bars and slide and swingset. “Mommy, he pushed me.” He sounds surprised.

“Yeah, baby, he did. Do you know what started it?”

She has a text from Castle, a picture of him and Ella with matching goofy grins and - bubbles? She can’t tell; she slides the phone into the cup holder and eases out of the car line.


“Yes?” Her heart is thumping a little too hard.

“I told Miller he was a big fat dummy.”


That’s different. 

“Are you gonna arrest him? I think you should arrest Miller. I think you have probable cause.”

And Kate can’t help but laugh.


Music Festival (Niall Horan)

You let out an excited scream when the song finished, your arms up in the air, just having the time of your life. 

Looking down at Niall, who had you on his shoulders, your smile grew even wider when his eyes met yours. Your hands rested on the top of his head, your thighs resting on his broad shoulders.

His rough hands handled your body with ease as he set you back down on the ground, keeping them on your waist protectively. 

When you looked up at him, you noticed something. You noticed a familiar glint in his eyes, something that wasn’t dangerous or fearful. The way his hands slid down your body however, made your assumption much easier. Both of you were getting the same vibe from each other.

You watched as his eyes wandered down your body, more skin showing than you normally would allow. But today was hot and you were confident. He seemed to be agreeing to the highest extent.

You gave him a nod, letting him know that he wasn’t the only one.

“Are we on the same page?” he said louder so you could hear him, leaning closer to your ears.

“I don’t know, are we?” you teased, gesturing to the front of his shorts that was obviously bigger than it had been when you two had arrived. His cheeks blushed a deep red and he was quick to pull you in front of him. “There’s portable washrooms over there,” you smirked, pointing subtly. His eyes followed your finger and he nodded instantly.

“Are you okay with that?” he asked, wanting to make sure you weren’t just saying it for him.

“I am, if you are,” you reassured, biting your lip gently.

A wide smile spread across his face, and he nodded again. You two made sure you were standing close in front of him as you made your way, not wanting anyone else to see his little issue. The minute no one was obviously looking, he let you into the small area before quickly following in suit.

“Lock the door,” you breathed out, ignoring the conditions around you. As long as you didn’t sit down, you were fine with this.

Niall followed your advice and turned the lock, turning back to you. His eyes flew down when he felt your hands unzipping his fly.

“Do you have a condom?” you asked softly, keeping your eyes on his, tugging his shorts to the floor.

“Aren’t you on the pill?” he murmured, pulling one out of his back pocket before you managed to get his shorts to the floor.

Rolling your eyes, you nodded. “Yes, but you’re wearing a condom Niall.”

“Okay, okay,” he chuckled, removing his own boxers and letting his erection spring up.

He rolled the rubber on quickly, before looking back at you. Biting your lip, you tugged off your shorts and let them fall in the pile of his clothes, panties included. Being totally naked from the waist down was all you two needed to get started.

He grabbed your hips firmly and pulled them into his. You felt his hard-on pressing against your heat, the wetness building up as the area got hotter and hotter.

The closeness was driving you insane and the heat was making you impatient.

You slid your hand to the back of his neck, pulling him closer so you could crash your lips onto his. Your lips moved together with his, getting sloppy almost right off the bat.

One of his hands reached down to grab his length, positioning it in front of you. You could hear people outside, and made a mental note to stay as quiet as possible so you wouldn’t attract attention to yourself.

You felt his tip slide in, a small little gasp leaving your mouth from the sudden contact. Opening your eyes again, they fell to where you and Niall connected and spread your legs a little wider. He took the hint and began to push in a little further, both of your mouths falling open when he got all the way in.

“Tell me when you’re ready…” he whispered out shifting his stance a little to make things easier.

You took a moment to adapt to the feeling, digging your fingers into his biceps. “Move.” 

With your command, he began thrusting his hips into yours, sliding his erection out, and then back in again, slowly and over and over. 

You felt every inch of him when he pushed in, your muscles contracting around him. However, it wasn’t doing the whole job. You needed more stimulation.

Grabbing his hand, you pulled it down quickly and guided his fingers to your clit. You guided him at first, getting the motion down before pulling your hand back to hold onto him again. Now things were going somewhere.

A soft little moan left your mouth when he started to speed up. You lifted your leg up to rest on his hip, helping him to drive in even further than he had been.

Your eyes shut and a blissful smile spread over your face, throwing your head back. An airy chuckle left your mouth, followed by a soft moan again.

He kept his thrusts slow and steady, allowing for both of you to be pleasured to the highest level possible. He filled you up generously, his fingers continuing to work on your clit, making your climax creep up on you slowly.

The heat surrounding you two was making your bodies wet with sweat, your hair visibly wet. Niall pressed his chest up against yours and held onto your body tightly, one hand resting on your thigh that was on his hip.

You could feel him swelling inside of you, your muscles contracting and squeezing around his length.

He was close, and you were pretty sure he could tell you were too.

“Are you close baby?” he panted out, his hips driving upwards at a quicker and harder pace. 

A small squeal came out as an answer, your body beginning to shake in ecstasy. Niall smirked and nodded, refusing to slow down until you came.

A few more sloppily thrusts and you were done. You had to hide your face in his neck to muffle your louder cry. Your knees went weak, and his arms tightened around you to hold you up. 

You could hear his strangled moans as he released soon afterwards.

You remained clutched onto him for a few minutes, slowly lowering your one leg. Your pants echoed throughout the small space, and the reality hit that you had actually just had sex in a portable toilet.

Pulling away, you smirked softly at him before pulling up your bottoms and trying to regain your composure.

“I’m pretty sure people are gonna know what happened,” you murmured softly as he too dressed back up.

“Who cares,” he chuckled, kissing your forehead gently. “Now let’s go… it’s really fucking hot in here.”

With a chuckle in agreement, you took his hand stepped out into the outdoor air, a huge sigh of relief leaving both of your mouths.

Best Friend Blues (Mikey)


It was saturday night and you were sitting upside down on your best friends couch, hearing him ramble on and on about some new girl he just meet. 

He had invited you over to check out his man cave, claiming he wanted to spend time with you before he had to leave for tour again. 

But, he filled the past hour doing nothing but describing how “perfect” this new girl was instead of playing Mario Cart correctly. 

He was so busy describing every little detail of her, he basically let you win every round. Normally it would have been the funniest thing in the world watching him lose but instead it was completely frustrating since you couldn’t rub the win in his face. 

There was no reason to rub anything in his face when he wasn’t even paying attention to you.

Groaning in frustration after your 4th straight win, you harshly threw the controller at his hands, smashing his fingers against his.

What the fuck?!” 

He threw the controller right back, but you merely caught it, quickly smashing his fingers again.

Jesus, what the fuck is your problem?” 

He didn’t bother throwing the controller back, in fear for his fingers safety. Instead he placed it to he other side of him and paused the game. 

Finally paying attention to you for the first time tonight, you felt your heart flutter. 

A feeling you’ve been getting since he came back from the states. 

A feeling you definitely weren’t used to.

A feeling that was starting to scare you.

Instead of meeting his stare, you threw your head back, watching your hair swing against the floor.

You’re being a shit player right now and its boring. Especially when i can’t even properly gloat about it in your face.” 

Sighing, you turned yourself upright from the couch, reaching for your phone on the coffee table. 

I am not a shit player and you know that. Any other day and i would be absolutely kicking your ass” 

Getting even more frustrated, you turned to stare at him in disbelief.

What makes today different then any other day?” You ask, completely pissed.

Oh wait, i know, you’re to busy fangirling over your new groupie.” 

Once the words left your mouth, you saw his mouth drop open, surprised at your newly found anger.

She’s not a groupie, fuck off.” He grabbed your controller and threw it at you, un-pausing the game. But you weren’t going to let him throw this conversation away, not that easily.

Pausing the game again, you started ragging on him even more.

Oh please, this girl screams groupie. She’s too fucking perfect to be interested in someone like you anyways” 

Once the words left your mouth, you instantly regretted it.You really didn’t mean to have your words laced with such venom but it hurt knowing the boy you loved, love everything else about someone else. 

Someone who wasn’t you.

And what the fuck is that supposed to mean? Someone like me? You mean I’m not good enough? Not hot enough? Or do you mean she would be better off with someone from the rest of the band?” 

When he finished talking, you felt a pang of guilt hit your stomach. You knew how much insecurity he already had when it came to girls and his bandmates. You used the one thing he was must vulnerable about against him.

I didn’t mean it like that” You mutter, fiddling with your phone in your lap, refusing to met his eyes.

No? Than what did you mean?” 

Glancing at him, you saw so much pain etched in his face. Afraid to say something else to hurt him, you stayed quiet, looking back down at your phone, playing with the rubber case surrounding it.

You know what whatever, I don’t understand why you’re being such a bitch. Just because i can get someone to like me and you can’t, doesn’t mean you can be so bitter towards me.” 

Staring back up at him, you felt warm tears brimming your eyes. 

Did he really just say that?

Blinking hard and fast, you stood up looking everywhere else but him. 

I should go”

Grabbing your bag off the floor, you felt him stand up, hoping he would stop you.

But he didn’t.

Yea i think you should go too.”

Now feeling tears streaming down your face, you quickly wiped them off, hoping he didn’t see. Walking out without a goodbye, you heard him slam the door hard, feeling a part of you shatter with it.

Once you got inside your car, everything you bottled up, finally came spilling out. Not only did you have zero chance with the boy you love, you probably just ruined any bit of friendship you had with him. 

You ruined the one good thing in your life.


Part 2

You wanted Dimples Queen so here, I wrote you a thing =)

It’s not the words that throw her.  It’s the way he says them, the way he casually looks up from his bubble bath, abandons his rubber ducky and smiles at her as he asks, “Regina, are you my mama now?”

She doesn’t know what to say to that, doesn’t think there’s anything that could have prepared her for such a moment, and yet it arrives, the emotional force of it punching her in the gut as she stares back at Roland’s hopeful face and tries her hardest not to tear up at the fact that he considers her family, that he considers her his mother.

“Sweetheart, you know you had a mama, right? Before you came here?”

“Yeah, but she’s with the angels now.”

“She is, and she watches over you every day.”

“I know, that’s why Papa said I have you now.”

“What do you mean?” she asks, confused, and Roland scrunches up his nose adorably, then looks back down at his bubbles and grabs the rubber duck again.

“Well, Papa said that mama watches over me, but that because she can’t be here, she sent me you.”

“Your father said that?” she gasps, unable to hold back the moisture that springs to her eyes.

Roland nods, like it’s the most obvious thing in the world and he can’t quite fathom why she wouldn’t know this already.  A few quiet moments go by, him playing with his bubbles in the tub while Regina sits idly by, lost in her own thoughts, and then he speaks again.

“So… are you? My mama?”

“I… do you want me to be?” she asks nervously.

“Well, yeah! But you have to marry us, first, Papa said.”

“Marry you?”

“Yep, both of us! He said we have to get a shiny ring and ask you, but it’s a surprise so you can’t know when we’re asking you.”

“Oh! Well, I guess we have to wait, don’t we?”

“But I want you to be my Mama now.”

She chuckles at his impatience, shaking her head as joyous tears escape her eyes.  When Robin had suggested they move in together two months ago, she’d been scared, paranoid that at some point he’d see something in her that would remind him of her past, that would scare him off because he couldn’t possibly want to be with the Evil Queen, but now, now she’s just found out that he’s thinking of marrying her, that he wants this to be forever, and her heart swells with love for him, for them both.

“I have an idea,” she tells Roland, grabbing his towel and helping him out of the bathtub as he excitedly grills her for details.  She says nothing while she helps him dry and dress, and it’s only when he’s clad in his pajamas and ready for bed that she settles him on her bed and opens the drawer of her nightstand, taking out a short braid made of twine, with colorful little seeds entwined into it.

“Do you remember this?” she asks when she shows it to him.

“It’s the bracelet I made you in the castle!” He nods enthusiastically.  Regina smiles, then moves to tie the bracelet around his tiny wrist, looping it twice and then securing a knot that is strong, but not too tight.

“You said your papa is getting a ring, and that’s fine, but this is for us, alright? Just you and me.”

“Like a secret?!”

“Yes, our very own marriage proposal.  This way, you don’t have to wait for your father to get that ring.”

“So we can get married right now?!”

“Yes, dear,” Regina replies with a giggle, and to her surprise, Roland jumps down from the bed, kneels on the floor in front of her and takes her hand.

“Papa says you have to kneel down and ask to marry a lady,” he explains, and then blushes as he looks at her and asks, “will you marry us and be my mama?”

She smiles, tearing up yet again as she gives him her answer, because this boy, this beautiful, perfect boy sees her for who she is, who she’s become, has no reservations as to her past or her reputation.  He simply loves her, wants her in his life forever, and nothing will ever compare to that, to the unconditional love of a child.

“I’d love to.”



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Here you get a baby Henry and his Mama because I have so many feelings right now, and I don’t know what to do with them?!?!!?!?! Roland and Regina?!?!!?! 


It’s John’s first time without Mary, and he doesn’t remember how to do this.

Does he hold their hand? Does he spoon them? Do they spoon him? Do they touch at all? Do they shag? Do they just sleep?

Perhaps it would be easier if it was all in order: meeting, getting to know each other, dating casually, dating seriously. Maybe it would be easier if he hadn’t been married once already. Maybe it would be easier if he just got up and left.

No, he can’t do that. He can’t do that. Not now when he’s finally where he wants to be; lying in bed with Sherlock Holmes, completely unsure what to do, but happy to be there nevertheless.

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Scripted Swap, 9

In the world of camera magic, Mike and Vincent awaken in strange company. But while they are safe for the moment, things are coming to light and will soon come to light that could change Mike’s view of the Scripted world and his own life…

Based on the modified Reborniverse and the It’s All Scripted AU.

Special thanks to Snapfoo for helping me through a rough patch so I could complete the chapter. Hope it’s worth the wait!

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Today was the Freestyle Love 5 event! I arrived around 1 p.m., which is really late since the event was over at 3 p.m., but I still had a lot of fun and was able to meet all my friends for one last time, before I have to leave Japan. ;;n;;

I didn’t end up buying as much this time around, since the Rei/Nagisa and Rin/Ai sections were–as usual–very small, but I’m happy with what I have!

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pvivax said: Giving reluctant child/dog/owl/whatever a bath!

It had started out so peacefully. He had kissed Molly goodbye, wishing her safe travels as she went to her conference, and assuring her that he could take care of the weary little girl in his arms for one night. Neither Molly or Evelyn had shared his confidence though and now he knew why. While dinner had gone smoothly and plopping the toddler down in front of the telly for a recorded educational program had kept her quiet while he had gone through his e-mail, he’d ruined their peaceful evening with a single word. “Bathtime!”

Instantly Evelyn had tried to make a break for it, he’d managed to grab her before she exited the room, and as he’d lifted her into his arms she’d begun to bawl. “No Daddy! Please Daddy! I don’t wanna! Don’t Daddy! NOOOOOO!” she wailed, flailing as she tried to get free. Her pleas and piteous cries were enough to make him feel like a pedophile rather than a parent.

Yet he’d gotten her into the bathroom and gotten the water running when the real chaos began. “What toys would you like today?” he asked, parroting the words he heard so often coming from Molly’s lips.

Evelyn looked up at him, pouting and serious. “Owl.”

“Your owl?” he repeated, brow furrowing. The owl had been a gift from Mycroft on the occasion of her birth and his daughter carried it everywhere. To her creche, to bed, to dinner, to Uncle John’s. It was rarely out of her grip. However, the toy was stuffed and putting it in the bath would surely ruin it. “I’m afraid you shall not be able to take your owl into the bath. What is your second choice?”

Evelyn sniffled loudly, tears pooling in the corner of her eyes. “Gladswon,” she sniffled.

Sherlock’s lip twitched. Gladstone was the Watson’s dog, also a poor choice for bath companion. “How about this yellow duck shaped creation,” Sherlock said, lifting up the plastic thing and squeezing it. “You like how it squeaks, don’t you?”

Evelyn looked at the rubber duckie then at her father, then back at the bird. “NOOOOOOO!!!!” she screamed at the top of her lungs.

It was all a mask of horror after that full of splashing, shrieking, tears, and a chase that nearly ended in him losing his naked child on the streets of London. In the aftermath, exhausted beyond words, he collapsed into his bed and ran a hand through his matted, tangled hair. On the end table his mobile rumbled with a new text.

Made it safely to Cardiff. How did bathtime with Evey go? - Molly XOXOXO

Sherlock looked to the toddler, curled up and sleeping peacefully on her mother’s side of the bed, her owl held tightly in her small pudgy arms.

Good. In unrelated news, you’re never allowed to go to an overnight conference again. -SH

He sighed deeply, reaching over to turn off the light.