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And so, with @rusaruka‘s permission XD I has scanned her son’s precious Akuchan Akutagawa’s shikishi from the anikuji! 

As some or most or idk but some of you know about how I got the Chuya shikishi XD I also got the Akutagawa shikishi, since Rusa bought BSD merch from me before and so I showed her this and bidded it for her, won it and here he is! 

BLEH edit: I honestly dunno if I can ever get the same anikuji shikishi for the amount I bought them at but if lucky maybe XD;; 

Rusa wants to show how cute and angry stylish Akutagawa looks in this so anyone to thank, do thank her for allowing me to scan this XD before it goes to her anyway hahahaha

Akutagawa looks so angry and pouty in everything it’s so cute and funny like PFFFTT PFFFTT CUTE ANGRY BLOWFISH >A<! 

Enjoy! XD

I know I’m late to this party but I just have so many thoughts on this weeks episode.

- the Clary/Alec bromance is real guys. First they’re thanking each other and then Clary’s getting all protective over Alec in her conversation with Lydia. Bless these two.

- Ragnor Fell.. Introduction and death I AM NOT OKAY. I loved Magnus having someone appear from his past hello all those Bane Chronicles slip ins. Magnus, Ragnor and Catarina are the ultimate Warlock trio. I want it back. Give me Ragnor back. Magnus losing one of his best friends like that. The person who knows his history, who knows all the heartbreak he’s been through. No. Harry Shum Jr pulled out all the stops. He utterly broke my heart.

- Sizzy moment. No one can tell me you did not notice the smiles on those goofs faces when Izzy came to the Hotel Dumort.

- Also Simon Lewis looking fineeee in Raphael’s clothing (can we just take a moment that Simon is casually borrowing Raphael’s clothing!!!) And then being the cutest little dork comparing Malec to the graduate

- oh Jalec. My parabatai heart has been restored. Jace and Alec have been going through so much these last few episodes I didn’t realise how much I needed them to need each other to talk to. How friggen cute when Alec told Jace he was glad he was with him. Alec was shit scared about this wedding and having Jace there was his only comfort. DONT TALK TO ME.

- and of course Malec. I don’t even know how to start. I was not expected the wedding to go how it went. When we suspected Magnus was going to stop the wedding I was weary, but he stopped it in the least forceful way ever. He didn’t say anything or force anything. He let his presence help Alec decide the next step and that is fucking beautiful.

- and Alec. I am so proud of him. For finally looking out for himself for once. Standing up to his mother. Being himself. Those cute little smiles and expressions of wonder after kissing Magnus. ASKING MAGNUS OUT ON A DATE !!!!!!!

- no Maryse you cannot stop Malec. Bitch got told by both Magnus AND Alec.

- and that KISS. How great that Alec initiated it. He literally pulled Magnus to him and its making me flustered just thinking about it. I am dead. dEaD I TELL YOU.

- Lydia, you sneaky bitch (in the best way), you knew about Alec’s feelings towards Magnus. Secret Malec shipper right them I’m telling you. Lydia is bad ass and brave and kind and Hodge better not have killed her otherwise I’m gonna go apeshit.

- Whatever this weirdness is with Clary and Jace, that was such a nice moment when Clary showed him Jonathan Christopher’s box to show him that Jocelyn never abandoned him. It’s no long term fix for Jace but it’s certainly something he needed in that moment.

- And FINALLY dark twisty Jace. Dom Sherwood is knocking it out of the PARK with all these Jace emotions. His conversation with Alec when he admitted he thought he must be sick, or with Clary when he told her he didn’t know who he was anymore and that there was darkness on him was terrible and sad. But Dom is killing it and I am all HERE for it. Imagine a dark, twisty Jace who CoMMuniCAtEs though…

- Hodge is the mole??!! I knew. But I also didn’t know. Next episode is going to be awful when the Lightwoods find out.

- Robert being the accepting one??!! Hella i did not see that coming. I don’t know how to feel. Talk about Michael please and thank you.

- also no one can tell me Ruelle is not a Malec shipper.

- okay a Malec first date. I really need Alec falling down the stairs after making out with Magnus. It’s very important.

- And can we PLeaSe just discuss how Magnus switched from ‘Alec’ to 'Alexander’ after they got together. Yeah did I mention that I AM NOT OKAY.


X Company 02x07 recap/ review (spoilers ahead!!)
  • Neil is a total precious softie, is STILL waking up in the middle of the night to bad dreams :( Brazen Miri tells him to get a fucking grip. 
  • Aurora is 100% done with everyone (and everyone seems 100% done with her)
  • Sabine fails completely at eating an orange; is totally adorable
  • Aurora gives Sabine her number and Sabine kisses her (on the cheek but still!)
  • Aurora and Alfred are being weird af around each other. Aurora x Alfred shippers shed many tears.

Alfred: *jealous* hey girl you’re getting real chummy with Sabine. Did you catch the feelings 
Aurora: Fuk u I didn’t catch no feelings *runs away to answer Sabine’s call*

  • Baby Martin turns out to be a dipshit; he dies.
  • As continued from the last episode, Baby Harry is now also a dipshit; he doesn’t die. Harry justifies dipshittery by waxing philosophical. Everyone is unimpressed
  • Tom is good at bullshitting and looking fineeee, as usual
  • Franz Faber is ANGRY!!! Franz Faber wants Sabine to stfu about their dead son!!! Franz Faber is gonna fuck up Camp X with the slimy German frogman!!! Franz Faber finds out about Sabine x Aurora!!!
  • Krystina and Sinclair are ominously absent
  • UPDATE: Aurora and Sabine GOT GAYER 

Sabine: I killed my son

Aurora: I killed my boyfriend 

Alfred: *intensely eavesdropping* 

Aurora: Sabine let’s run away together. 

Sabine: Okay my love 

Aurora: *flips off Alfred on way out* au revoir bitch


Alfred: shit

Overall: DID AURORA AND SABINE JUST FUCKING RUN AWAY TOGETHER??? IN THE MIDDLE OF A WAR??? IN A FANCY-ASS TRAIN??? Idk what’s going on but I approve 100%. And holy shit the acting on this show is fantastic—Torben Liebrecht deserves ALL THE AWARDS and so does everyone else. Also as with every episode, Evelyne Brochu and Dustin Milligan in period clothing are not good for my health. 10/10