looking fiiine

working out w calum

- he’d check out your ass bc it would look fIIINE in those yoga pants
- making inappropriate comments about you riding his face when you spot him at the bench press
- making you sit on his crotch bc “i’ve heard it makes men better at lifting if there’s a hot chick sitting on them”
- “calum that is bullshit” “no i swear it’s sciENCE”
- making a bet over who can do most squats
- calum using the squat bet as an excuse to stare at your ass again
- “did you know sex is exercise” “calum i’m not gonna fuck you” “who said you had to fuck me, i’m the one who needs the exercise”
- so many sexual comments tbh
- beating his ass at boxing
- lots of goofing off
- locker room sex if the gym was empty
- calum working out shirtless
- “are my titties distracting you?” “ew calum no”
- except they were
- idk man working out with calum would be fun

All Too Familiar

Based on this post , a witch/familiar AU

The rain came down in heavy sheets now, making you glad you were warm and dry inside your little shop.

The little shop on the corner of the street that sold everything from herbs to spices, dream-catchers to crystals and well, that was only the tip of the iceberg. To a rare few you sold spells, potions and ingredients you wouldn’t find on the typical grocery list.

Due to some odd looking items in your store, some kids in the neighbourhood thought you were a witch…well, they weren’t wrong.

Oh no, not the “spew your guts out” or “murder anyone who pisses me off” witch. You weren’t centuries old or gaining powers from a demon tied up in the basement. You lived a fairly normal life, helping hunters who passed through or healing those who couldn’t afford to pay hospital bills. You helped others, it was what you did.

As the clock ticked forward, you realised it was closing time. Having your apartment just above the shop was very convenient. Meant you didn’t have to walk in the pouring rain and get soaked to the bone.

As you flipped the door sign to ‘closed’ you heard a faint “Arf!” Odd. “Arf arf!” More barking.

Looking to your feet you saw a little orange and white dog, fur wet spattered with mud. It let out a little whine and looked up to you with big, pleading eyes. A welsh corgi if you weren’t mistaken. Male by the looks of it.

You knelt down and scratched behind his ear. One of his stubby hind legs twitched a little and a look of content spread across his face. “Hey little guy. You lost?” the pup let out a couple yips.

It didn’t seem right to leave the poor thing outside all alone. There was something about him. “No collar…alright, fine. You can come.” Content with your answer the corgi gave you a sloppy lick on the cheek and bounded into your arms.

You climbed the stairs, big ball of fluff against your chest. As you opened the door, he jumped out your arms and ran around the kitchen, yipping with excitement…and tracking mud all over your clean carpet.

“Hey!” You cried. “I just cleaned up!”

He sat down immediately and gave you a sad look, almost like he’d understood you word for word. You knew dogs were smart, but this one seemed a little strange.

“Come on.” You sighed, patting your leg. You led him to the bathroom and started running the tub. “Let’s get you cleaned up little fella.”

“Arf!” He gave you another lick before nudging a bottle by the side of the bath.

You picked it up and studied it. “Want some bubble-bath?” You asked.

Another yip for yes. You poured some in and watched the bubbles form, hopping the small dog wouldn’t be overwhelmed. You put him in the tub and turned the water off. “Don’t you go anywhere, I’m just going to go clean up your mess.” The corgi barked happily and watched as you left the room.

About ten minutes later you came back in. “How you doing littlOHMYGOD!”

The dog had vanished. And that wasn’t even the worst part. An adult man with sandy-blonde hair and golden eyes had taken his place. He panicked at the sight of you and used the bubbles to cover any…exposed areas. “I can explain.” He insisted.

You drew the small hunting blade you had on you at all times. “Who the hell are you?” You asked.

“I’m the corgi.”

“You’re the corgi.”

“A familiar Sugar,” He said with a crooked grin. “Your familiar. Every witch has ther familiar and every familiar has their witch.”

“What? I’m not a witch!” You laughed.

The man raised an eyebrow. “A dog just turned into a naked guy sitting in your bathtub and you’re denying the paranormal?”

“Fine.” You huffed. “You got a name or you want me to keep calling you 'little fella’?”

He stuck a soapy hand out to shake yours. “Gabriel.”

You gingerly took it. “Y/N.” You replied.


“Hypogriph feathers…done. Now I just need some birch bark and-” You hand moved down to the empty spot on the table where you could have sworn a small branch was five seconds ago.

You looked under the table. Gabriel sat there in corgi form, stick between his teeth.

“Give it back.” He inched just out of reach. “Come on Gabriel, I need that. It’s not a toy!” You insisted. As you moved closer he sped off as fast as his tiny legs would carry him.

“Gabriel!” You yelled. You weren’t sure this whole familiar thing was going to work out.

Chasing after him for a good ten minutes, you caught up to Gabriel and scooped the corgi up in your arms.

After you took the branch back, he gave you a look. “Oh don’t you dare!”

You fell to the floor and looked up at a human Gabriel sitting on your chest, laughing his (thankfully not naked) ass off.

He seemed to be full of energy no matter what form he took. “Do it again!” He said happily before lending you a helping you up.

“Gabe, I’m trying to work.” You muttered, dusting yourself off. “Aren’t you supposed to help?”

“I am helping!” He insisted. “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.”

You sighed and with the stick in hand, made a throwing motion with your arm.

Gabriel grinned and ran in the direction you 'threw’ it, walking back a minute later with a look of betrayal on his face. “You didn’t throw the stick.”

“No I didn’t throw the stick, I need the stick.” You told him.

In one swift movement, Gabriel reverted back to a corgi, jumped on the table and flopped down on his back on top of your spell book.

Sighing, you gave in and started scratching his fuzzy belly. You watched as his leg twitched and his tongue hung out while you rubbed him.

“If we go for a walk, will you let me finish my work?” You begged.


You looked down at him. Gabriel was still a corgi, but you were sure he’d just spoken.

“We share a telepathic bond. It’s how I knew I was yours.” Gabriel explained. “Now come on! Squirrels aren’t gonna chase themselves!”


You sat up in bed and took a drink from the glass of water you always had on your nightstand.

You looked to your side. Gabriel must have shifted from a corgi in his sleep. He still had that gold dog collar you’d bought him earlier that he insisted on wearing, claiming it was proof of your bond.

His caramel brown hair became even messier as he rolled onto his back, muttering something about squirrels in his unconscious state.

Time to test a theory. You placed your hand on top of his shirt and started gently scratching his stomach. You let out a faint laugh as his leg once again started to twitch and let out a soft growl from the corner of his mouth.

You shouldn’t be thinking about him in the way you did. It wasn’t allowed, a witch couldn’t love their familiar. It was unheard of.

Sighing, you lay back down in bed. You’d have to deal with feelings in the morning.

The Suitcase

So this imagine was inspired by Fantastic Beast’s movie because I just saw it yesterday and it was amazing. I wish all the beasts were real, they are so cute💕

Prompt: Reader has a suitcase and Draco want to know whats in it.

Warnings: a little fluff, some bullying also, and cute Fin the bowtruckle Y/n: Your name •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••

Everyone had always told you that life at Hogwarts was always going to be great. For you… not so much. I mean, you enjoyed learning and just being there. Lets just say, you were the least most liked person there. The only friend you had was the infamous Slytherin Prince.

Yup.The Draco Malfoy was your only best friend at Hogwarts. Many are probably asking ‘How did y/n end up having Draco who is well know around here, as a bestfriend?. Well you didn’t even know yourself!

You were currently walking down the corridors with your brown leather suitcase that you sometimes carried, when none other than Pansy Parkinson bumped into you. Your suitcase fell along with you.

’“Watch where you’re going freak!

” I-i-i’m sorry. I was just trying t-to um get through.

“ Ugh.It’s you again. Why does Draco even like you?! And why do you always carry that stupid case with you!?”


“ You know what, I don’t have time for this!”

You were left on the floor of the corridors. Nobody dared to help you up, let alone look at you. You would of gotten up but you were frozen on the spot. You kept your head down. ‘I am not gonna cry, not again’ you told yourself.

“y/n?! Hey are you okay?!”

You looked up to see Draco kneeled in front of you. Concern across his face. He stood up and you took his hand. Pulling you up with him. You two started walking side by side.

“Thanks. And i’m fine, it was just Pansy again"

“Y/n, she has to stop doing this to you. You have to tell someone.”

“I can’t. If I do she’ll probably so worse to me then she does now! ”

“If thats the case then i’m going to go tell someone myself.”

“ No Draco plea… wait what did you say?”

“ If thats the case then…

case, Case, CASE!! You abruptly stopped walking and looked at Draco with wide eyes.

” Draco my suitcase! I forgot my suitcase!“

You ran back to the spot you had fell. Looking around in a panic you saw nothing. Draco was confused as ever.

“She took my case! Draco we need to get that case back, I need that case!”

“Okay , okay! Melin’s Beard y/n. You look like you’ve seen a ghost. Whats so important about that suitcase anyway? I’ve never seen you open it.”

“ I’ll tell you later, I promise. Just please if you see it can you get it for me.”

He nodded. Seeing as you were on the verge of tears again he quickly hugged you. “Hey its gonna be okay alright. Go to your dorm its almost curfew. Don’t forget the Hogsmead trip is tomorrow.”

••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• IN YOUR ROOM…

Opening the door to your dorm you took your shoes and robes off. Throwing them who knows where. You plopped on your bed and sighed. Today was not such a good day.

*click* click* You opened your eyes to see your bowtruckle looking over you.Bringing a smile to your face

“Hey Finn. Its been a long day. Sorry I have to hide you in my pocket all the time. You know how much trouble I could be in if anyone saw you or the others.”

*click* click* “ Yeah the whole Pansy thing, I don’t know what i’m going to do. I hope Draco can help me.” *click* click* click*

“He does not like me like that! He’s my best friend.”

Finn stuck his tongue out at you.


You couldn’t help but smile.

“ Fine fine, believe whatever you believe. But i’m saying the truth. Its been a long day. Why don’t I read us a book and then we’ll go to sleep. I’ll get the case tomorrow.”


••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• THE NEXT DAY

You woke up to Finn slightly pulling on your hair. Him being so small takes a lot to wake you up so you never get mad

You looked at the time. It was already late and you had missed the Hogsmead trip. Oh well, you had other things to worry about.

You got up and got ready. Since no one was going to be here, you didn’t have to put your robes on

You grabbed Finn and put him in your pocket of your coat. It was winter season afterall. Finally you headed down for breakfast

while eating Draco had sat in front of you.

“Hey I thought you were going to Hogsmead?”

“I overslept, besides I still need that case. ”

Draco scratched the back of his neck nervously. “About that, I kind of maybe sort of was able to get it back.”

He grabbed something from under the table and put it on top. It was your case!

“Oh my gosh! Draco, but how….you…and…what! Thank you so much.”

“It was nothing, …..well maybe just a little bit of torturous five minutes of fake flirting with Pansy, but anyway if it makes you happy i’d do anything.”

A slight blush crept onto your cheeks. “Again thank you, how can I ever repay you.”

“Well you never answered me when I asked why that case is so important.”

You sighed. You probably were going to have to tell him sooner or later. Motioning for him to follow you you got up from your seat. He didn’t object or ask any questions. You lead him to the Room of Requirements. In the center was a sheet with a couch. You sat on the couch and he sat next to you.

“Okay. What i’m about to show you could possibly get me in trouble if anyone found out so do you promise me, PROMISE me that you won’t tell anyone.

“I promise. Your kind of scarring me you know.”

You looked down at the pocket of your coat and opened its flap. “Come on out Finn, it’s okay. He’s my friend.”

Finn came crawling out of your pocket and onto your shoulder behind your neck. He tilted his head from behind to look at Draco.

“Fiiin. You know Draco. He won’t bite.

You grabbed Draco’s hand and put it near your shoulder.

Fin came out from behind your neck and slowly inched towardas Draco’s hand. Once he was comfortable and felt safe he let out an excited noise. He has always wanted to meet Draco. He crawled from Draco’s hand to his shoulder. Draco laughed. You couldn’t help but smile at them.

While Draco had Fin you got to your knees on the floor and snapped the locks of your case open. You got up and stepped in. Once at the bottom you motioned for Draco to come in.

Draco gave Fin an unbelievable and confused as ever look. “Is it safe?”

click* click*

Fin jumped down into your hand. You waited in the shed for Draco to come down. Suddenly Draco fell down. “Sorry, I forgot to tell you there was a ladder, you alright?”

“Yeah i’m fine”

Draco got up and looked at you

“What is this place?

“This suitcase is bewitched. And right now we are in a shed. Draco do you know who my father is?”

Draco pondered for a second, “Actually now that I think of it, you’ve never mentioned your father before.”

“ My father is Newt Scamander. He is a Magizooligist. He is the author of Fantastic Beast’s and Where to Find Them.”

“He is the one who gor Grinderwald arrested years ago! Wow.”

“Yeah. This suitcase was his. Now, come on, there’s more.

You opened the shed’s other door to reveal the big space you had with all the creatures. The first one you showed him was your Thunderbird. You whistled for Frank to come down from his rock.

"Hey Frank, hey boy. Come here.”

He knelt his head down so he could be pet. You out your cheek to the side of his face. Draco tried to move forward but Frank stepped back.

“Easy there. Draco moved forward slowly. He can be intimidated. And stick your hand out first.”

Draco listened to you and sure enough, Frank was letting him pet him. Draco looked at Frank in awe.

“Come on Draco there are more!”

You showed him the mooncalves, the other bowtruckles, the erumpent, the demiguise, the occamies, and all the other creatures you had. You even had to get Niffler away from him because he kept trying to steal his ring. In the middle of feeding the mooncalves, Draco had wondered to another room. He entered a very snowy room that had a large round floating orb thing. It was clear but had a black like fluid in it floating around. He was veey intrigued to what it could be. He was getting closer and closer to touching it. When you finished feeding the mooncalves, you wondered where Draco had gone. You searched each of the creatures rooms but you couldn’t find him. ‘Where could he be’ you thought. Panic rose in you as you realized the only room you didn’t take him to. You ran to the room only ro find him inches from touching it.

"Step away Draco!!!”

Draco fliched back, scared by your sudden appearance.

“Sorry but don’t touch that. That is an Obsccurus. It carries a very dark force of magic. A force that can kill you. It won’t do anything unless you touch it or worse, let it loose. Cmon I think we should go back We’ve been here for a while.”

The both of you walked back to shed, not before saying bye to the creatures.

Locking the door behind you you headed up the ladder, Draco followed you. Once outside, you locked your case shut. Sitting back down you closed your eyes and sighed, a little tired from being in the suitcase.

You felt a pair of eyes on you and opened your to see Draco starring at you.


“Your amazing you know that. All these years, you’ve been managing school and having to care for these creatures, let alone have to hide them. And I know what Pansy and the others do to you. You don’t deserve that and i’m sorry I wish i could help but i can’t. It must be very stressful for you sometimes.”

You looked at Draco in bewilderment. “Thank you Draco. And yes it can be stressful sometimes but I love caring for these creatures. I want to be like my father someday. By the way, you ready help me enough. Just being my friend and always being there for me is enough.”

* click *click*click

You looked at Fin who was at your shoulder again. “Fin! Shhhhh, I already told you no!”

“What is he saying y/n”

At his question you immediately turned red. “Umm, he just always has had this theory that you might like me but I think um that its just a load of rubbish. I mean were bestfriends….”

After saying that you couldn’t look to meet Draco’s eyes. You felt very awkward.

“y/n? Hey look at me.”

You felt his hand under your chin as he turned your head to face him. Before you could ask what he was doing, you felt his lips on yours. You were shocked at first but then melted in. Needing air you both pulled away.

“Maybe Fin was right, I do like you. No wait ,I love you y/n. I’ve always had. I was just scared to tell you”

“I love you too Draco.”

He smiled at you “I’m glad.”

He was leaning into you again. Before you two could kiss again you looked at his hand hag was on his laps. Your eyes widened. “Niffler!!”

You pulled away immediately and dove for Draco’s hand. Draco looked down to see a Niffler trying to reach for his ring. The three of you stood still starring intensely at eachother. (Last gif below) Seeing who was going to make the first move. Before the both of you could react to catch him he ran off.

“Oh no! Not again!”

The rest of the day you spent trying to catch the niffler wih Draco only to eventually catch him in the end.

Finn was right all along’ you thought. Guess you’d have to thank him later on.

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[Pic 1] Yamada Ryosuke was spotted in Wakayama with his Edward Elric costume today! Possibly for Fullmetal Alchemist filming :3 

Yamada’s picture is kinda blurry, but we can see a glimpse of his face and expression! And he’s looking FIIINE. I mean like, ASJGHSDFLHSHGFK GEORGEOUS FINE

[Pic 2-4] He was spotted in Wakayama Marina City, a European-themed Amusement Park in Wakayama! Some of the architecture there resembles a european setting so maybe the director’s taking some shots there for Central settings? The bridge there looks pretty similar to the bridge in Central!   

[Pic 5-7] Some fans speculated that they probably took some shots too in “Castle in the Sky” that was located at a separate island from Wakayama Prefecture 😚😚😚

Speaking of “Castle in the Sky”, I think it’s an awesome place with beautiful scenery there! If they really did took some shoots there, I’m expecting some cool photographic scenes in the movie 😍😍😍

Yamada Ryosuke pic from  twitter user @tubasa1412a

I decided to do this to make you feel better

Emmet looked into his locker. Shy as could he could be. Right besides him was the schools hottest duo and rivals. Robbie Rotten and Corey Baxtor.

He couldnt just chooze between them! They were both his childhood friemds. So decidingly. He kept his head down. When all of sudden.

“Oooh Emmet. You look fiiine today”,Corey spoke wiggling his eyebrows. Til robbie rotten shoved him. After turnjng into a magical school girl

What wwill happened next om the adventures of bokuno emmet senpai

(Me:vbourvbfndco2hbr3oyhfeodwgi2horfegduh thank)

carhmel  asked:

your fantastic writing that has graced my dash prompted me to write home (im supposed to be studying for a bio final... oops)! ive moved on a bit from scta (although we did have a "eating cake at 9:30 at night" moment... im a lucky gal!!) to a new guy, someone a little more my age. he's in my biology class and damn. he is a fiiine looking guy. he's tall and blonde w blue eyes and he's got the dorito bod from cross country and track. although it might not seem like it, he can EAT. 1/?

2/2 and when I say eat, i mean it. we had a day where the foods class made a shit ton of food for their final and we could just go eat whatever, and im still shook. ice cream, cookies, giant waffles, pasta, he did it all (i may have encouraged it…) and i was impressed. he’s incredibly sweet too, he hugged me and rubbed my back when I was worried abt a family emergency. i think he likes me, and we have all the same interests: marvel, being sporty, and eating. any updates from back at the farm?      

KIDDO!  *screeches with joy* I do so love it when y’all write home.  Especially when you have such lovely news.  A guy your age, you say?  NICE.  Your internet mother approves of this choice wholeheartedly.  And you’ve found yourself a sweet, tall, blond-haired-and-blue-eyed athlete?  That is fantastic, darling – and he can eat!  Now you just need to get him in the off-season.  GARBAGE ACHIEVED.  :)

So are you gonna go for it?  Is he gonna become a thing??  (And also how was that bio final??)

News from home: your mom and I really are working on some fic, I swear.  (Girl!Stucky, in fact.)  We’re just really, really slow at it lately.