looking fiiine


I take every bad thing ive ever thought about Bleach…

Except that its bad… and Chad deserved better… and Tousen deserved to be redeemed most of all…

BUT OTHER THAN THAT. Look how fiiine…

working out w calum

- he’d check out your ass bc it would look fIIINE in those yoga pants
- making inappropriate comments about you riding his face when you spot him at the bench press
- making you sit on his crotch bc “i’ve heard it makes men better at lifting if there’s a hot chick sitting on them”
- “calum that is bullshit” “no i swear it’s sciENCE”
- making a bet over who can do most squats
- calum using the squat bet as an excuse to stare at your ass again
- “did you know sex is exercise” “calum i’m not gonna fuck you” “who said you had to fuck me, i’m the one who needs the exercise”
- so many sexual comments tbh
- beating his ass at boxing
- lots of goofing off
- locker room sex if the gym was empty
- calum working out shirtless
- “are my titties distracting you?” “ew calum no”
- except they were
- idk man working out with calum would be fun


Wallys knows he needs to be in shape for everything if he’s to manage his plan of trying out and getting multiple teams. But some training is harder than others. Skating and hoops are a breeze, though, compared to algebra. But he’s got to maintain a decent average, or it won’t matter how well he performs - he won’t be playing.


[Pic 1] Yamada Ryosuke was spotted in Wakayama with his Edward Elric costume today! Possibly for Fullmetal Alchemist filming :3 

Yamada’s picture is kinda blurry, but we can see a glimpse of his face and expression! And he’s looking FIIINE. I mean like, ASJGHSDFLHSHGFK GEORGEOUS FINE

[Pic 2-4] He was spotted in Wakayama Marina City, a European-themed Amusement Park in Wakayama! Some of the architecture there resembles a european setting so maybe the director’s taking some shots there for Central settings? The bridge there looks pretty similar to the bridge in Central!   

[Pic 5-7] Some fans speculated that they probably took some shots too in “Castle in the Sky” that was located at a separate island from Wakayama Prefecture 😚😚😚

Speaking of “Castle in the Sky”, I think it’s an awesome place with beautiful scenery there! If they really did took some shoots there, I’m expecting some cool photographic scenes in the movie 😍😍😍

Yamada Ryosuke pic from  twitter user @tubasa1412a

BLOOD SWEAT AND TEARS (and my rotten soul oh god)

-Jimin lookin rude a f
-Rennaissance vibes making me happy bc history nerd (da vinci code anyone?)
-Hoseok looking fiiine
-them tiny ancient binoculars
-Joon bein fucking extra man
-Tae tae being a hot mess and slaying lives
-Kook being savage asf
-Jimins face when his eyes are covered damn
- Jimins voice.
-Hoseok is a royalty, dont fight me
-Seokjin lowkey kissing that statue like in a rom movie fuk
-kOOK heavy breathing in that bed tf boi whatchu doin
-Taehyung is a fallen angel who has his wings cut because of his sins
- Yoongis extravagant piano skills
-Namjoons english lines were fatal
-Jin raising a toast to his sinful occult ish squad
-More philosophical lines from Joon because aint no thing as too much Joon english
- Yoongi looking like a knight
- Kook being real rude with that lolipop and licking his fingers
-their clothing
-Honestly their stylist literally outdid themselves this time. Clap for the stylist noona
-Basically whole looking like those old Brit/european people
-and sinful mind you.
-The visuals, vocals, instruments, choreo all pin point perfect.

Perfect Prescription - Part 1/?

Thank you to Alex for being my beta, and thank you to Jill for help with the title. You guys are the best! 

Sorry I didn’t follow the prompt exactly.

More to come - read the rest on ffn!

AU “I hit you with my car and I’m so terribly sorry, but you keep insisting you’re fine, and you look fine (and you look FIIINE) but I still feel awful, so I take you to the hospital to get checked out, and it turns out you’re actually a doctor there, and you were right about being fine, but I still buy you dinner to apologize again”

Kate Beckett is one of New York’s best homicide detectives, and yet here she is making a coffee run for her and the boys. Shouldn’t she be doing more important things like arresting murderers, or interrogating murderers, or something involving murder? The answer is yes, but unfortunately the coffee machine at the precinct is broken (which is definitely maybe not her fault), which is why the boys made her go out to get them some much needed caffeine.

They closed their case late last night, so Kate only had time to go home, sleep and shower before she was back on the clock. Now she is tired and stuck in the morning Manhattan traffic, and she groans loudly when she remembers the massive amounts of paperwork she has to do when she gets back to the precinct.

She’s moving slowly, glancing out the windows and daydreaming about her latte when she feels her phone buzz. She instantly looks down, hoping it isn’t a text from Ryan or Espo about another body. If she has to go to a crime scene this morning without any coffee, she will be doing something that involves murder and it won’t have anything to do with the victim.

The text is from Espo, but thankfully it’s not a body,

You better hurry back, Ryan’s already asleep at his desk.

Kate stifles a laugh as she starts to reply to the message, but her car jerks to a stop as she rear ends the person in front of her.

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A brief summary of Brendon's periscope (04/04/2016)

- “Is anyone even still on periscope?”

- Brendon showing off on the piano *twinkly piano*

- Sarah looking fiiine, holding a bag of rocks

- I had my hair cut

- Wow there are 4000 people here, I guess people do still have

- Bren gobbling Penny Lane


- Whistling

- Cute sneeze followed by “woooo, that was waiting to come out”

- “I am a priest”


- *high note*

- Lots of pollen, lots of allergies

- Someone “If you were a plant, what kind of plane would you be?”… Bren- “What do you think?…. I would not be a cactus or a fern. Come on guys, come on… Yep WEED”

- *puts his glasses on and takes them off again*

- Freckles! *Close up of the freckles* “I went outside for 5 seconds and they all came out”

- SPONGE BOB! That’s the dream - I never thought I’d be a part of the sponge bob thing

- *jiggles bogart* this is bogart, he’s a pimp

- “I’ll never stop eating my dogs ears, it’s the best part”

- Right I’m going to bounce.

“Hit the dab”