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I don’t Discourse, but I get so angry when people dismiss asexual’s people’s problems as something like “Boohoo, you don’t want to fuck, no one gives a shit”.

But it’s so much more than that. Obviously it’s not homophobia, never was and never will be. It doesn’t even compare, it’s not the same thing at all. 

But there are issues asexual people face like - there is pressure, part of it from society, and a lot of it come for ourselves. And that kind of self-hate and self-loathing and thinking you’re broken and unloveable, developping unhealthy sexual behaviour and self-harm - it’s a thing, it’s definitely a thing, not something 14-year-old kids on tumblr made up for attention. It can really mess you up, mess your relationships up, and people are so afraid to talk about it - I read words of older people - and I don’t mean people my age, I mean people in their 50s, their 60s - probably they don’t even know asexuality is even a thing, they got married and had kids and always felt wrong, because they hate sex and they never wanted it and never felt comfortable around it but they did it, quietly, never said a fucking word, and hated themselves a bit more every single time because they never understood why they felt they were missing what they were always told was supposed to be a fundamental part of themselves. They spent their entire life thinking they were broken.

and. it’s not homophobia, it’s not bigotry from an entire society keeping you from jobs and housing, etc. there’s no stats or anything. And maybe a lot of non-asexual people relate to this self-loathing, too. Things are never completely clear cut - there is always some overlapping. It doesn’t make it any less important. It’s still a thing that most asexual people go through, at least for part of their life, and it can really, really mess someone up. And there’s no need to get into discourse or into any (useless and frankly asinine) comparisons - it just needs to be taken seriously for what it is, because people’s health and happiness are what’s at play and it matters, too.

Done with the surgery part of this rotation! I don’t want to sound pretentious, but I’m really proud of the kitten spay I did today. She was only 1kg and I flew through the closure, something that I’ve really struggled with during this rotation.

Now only one half day left, and then a 10-hour drive after…

These Amorous Rites

Robert Devereaux Earl of Essex/Johann Struensee (NC-17)

Johann snorted. “Has anyone ever told you you’re an incorrigible flatterer?”

“Many times, though I’ve never found myself deterred.” Robert’s eyes searched his face, and his ever present smirk faded into a soft frown. He reached out to tuck a stray lock of hair behind Johann’s ear. “You look exhausted.”

“It’s not an easy job being aide to the King.”

Essex nodded at the stack of documents heaped up on his desk. “So I can see. You’re expected to look over all of that tonight?”

“Not all. Most can wait.”

Robert trailed his knuckles over the hollow of Johann’s cheek, following its curve up his face. As he traced the bag beneath Johann’s eye he could have sworn he saw a flicker of true concern pass across his expression. And then in a flash it was gone, replaced by a coquettish grin.

“You’re practically a king in your own right with all the work you do,” Robert murmured, cupping Johann’s cheek in his palm. Before there could be any warnings of the weight of treason his words held, he continued, “And do you know what a king deserves? Someone to take away his exhaustion.”

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ourheroictommo  asked:

No words will be enough to express how grateful I am to Eleanor for bringing that gorgeous crinkly-eyed smile to Louis face. He's beaming!!!

I know! He’s smiling sooo big at Eleanor and playing with Bruce. :)

I was/still am so worried that losing his mum (RIP Mama Jay) would diminish that brightness inside Louis. I bet the whole thing just devastated him, as it would anybody, and I hope that he’s healing and grieving as he needs to. But God, it’s just so wonderful to see him like this! He looks healthier, brighter then his first JHO performance on X-Factor. Granted, that was days after his mum’s death and you could see the toll it had on him. He looked gaunt and exhausted then but in these pics and lately in general he seems so happy.

God Bless Eleanor and Freddie and everyone else in Louis’ life who is there for him and making him happy! :)

The havoc is spreading fast
Like bees flying as it got new wings-
Ready to bite
And I tried to run from it swiftly
The fastest I’ve ever run
To get away and never to be caught by its venom
But all these baggages you handed me
Slow me down
Only to see you standing there
Given up; swallowed
Indifferent- like you always are
And that’s when I realized that you made me a hero
To catch you everytime you fall
To fix the damage like it never happened at all
But honey, I’m no superhero
You can’t expect me to fall to the ground
And be back up as high as I came
I can’t pick all the broken pieces
And assemble it exactly the way it looked before
Running is exhausting
Falling is degrading
So tonight
Steady as a rock
I let it devour me
—  anima–dannata, 26

after taking me over thREE HECKIN WEEKS TO MAKE my first animation meme is finally done!! :0 chose to do Posin’ with Knockout and Breakdown since I thought it fit them well pffffftt. This was lots of fun to make (albeit really challenging too) and I’m really happy with the way this came out!! you can totally expect to see more of these from me in the future!!

*all proper credit/links to originals are given in the video’s description

schniggles  asked:

I would be so very, very interested in your take on a Stardew Valley fic

Elliot opened the door to his cabin, and nearly fell backwards, swallowing an unbecoming shriek of surprise.

The woman who’d claimed the old farm west of Pelican Town was standing right outside his door. Her dark eyes were wide and wild, blue hair frayed and flying in every direction, green slime and rust smudged over her cheeks. The hem of her white dress was tattered, touched with the mud that soaked her heavy boots.

“Hi,” she said.

“Hello?” he said. “Are you hurt?” He thought that some of the mud might have been bruises, but it was hard to tell.

She laughed like a jug full of rocks. “Yeah,” she said. She hadn’t taken her eyes off of him. “You weren’t here this morning so I went to the mine.” She had a pickaxe and a sword strapped to her back, both looking worn and battered.

“Would you like me to call Harvey?” he asked, because the longer he looked at her the more she looked as if she was about to collapse.

“No, I’ll probably just go to bed,” she said, pulling her backpack in front of her so that she could dig through it.

“It really seems like you should go to the hosp–”

He was interrupted when she shoved something towards him.

“I got you this lobster,” she said.

It was in poor shape, having apparently been kept at the bottom of her bag, beneath raw ore and berries and sharp hunks of crystal. He took it very gingerly from her with the tips of well-manicured fingers. Hers were chewed ragged and covered in dirt.

“This is a beautiful gift,” he assured her. “Thank you.”

She beamed. Her teeth were stained red.

“Are you sure you don’t want me to–”

“Okay, bye,” she said, turning to run back toward the bridge into town. Elliot was left standing in the doorway to his cabin, spotless from his boots to his cravat, holding a disfigured lobster covered in gold dust and crushed salmonberries.

He looked at the lobster.

“… I wonder if she likes poetry.”


This ended up being way more dramatic that what it was meant to be lmao ╮ (. ❛ ᴗ ❛.) ╭

Anyways, here’s some bts from the new bts gayo

Poor Ciao Ciao…

The song in question.

I’ve had this in my head since reading chapter 8. I cannot really art, and what even are your eyebrows, Cestino?  but I had to get it out of my system, and it wouldn’t have worked as a text post or chat.

I’ve finally depleted my stock of stupid posts about UMFB&MHA, at least until Sunday. Welp. So soon. Am I even ready?


Boy you got me helpless
Look into your eyes, and the sky’s the limit, I’m helpless
Down for the count, and I’m drownin’ in ‘em!

Please forgive me for what I’ve done to your masterpiece LMM, I just really wanted to draw a loyal as hell blue kid from a big family who always feels second best swooning over over a hotheaded, reckless orphan soldier with beautiful eyes

….but I went with Lance and Keith instead of Eliza and Alexander