looking dumb but i don't care

Tell me again it’s not canon.

It’s in the music.

True Love, Tallahassee, Regina’s Price. Cues and keys and crescendos, intertwined, layered again and again, pinned to scenes with the creator’s approval. Operation Mongoose? A TL motif. Going Home? A TL motif. Sacrifices, magic, teamwork? A TL motif.

It’s in the wardrobe.

Red and grey and black and back again. Plaid–confusion, discontent. Deep blue–loneliness, searching for family. Shared clothing, further intertwined. Parallels and callbacks to past couples, inciting conscious and subconscious connections. Why do they share this look instead of them or them?

It’s in the scenery.

Gallant knights with golden hair all in white abreast upright steeds. Splashes of color reflecting mood. Mirrors reflecting each other. Seals and symbols–the Tallahassee and Storybrooke, the dreamcatchers™, mirrors. All mirrors. Unicorn mobiles linked to unicorn hearts. A black unicorn, an unused mobile–innocence lost, never gained? White horses, black swans.

It’s in the camera direction. It’s in the editing.

Iconic shots, tricky angles, cued reactions–focus on her, not on him–which mean something. Rom-com zooms, reflections capturing both, pans guiding our attention to the thoughts behind the dialogue. Everything means something.

And the text. Hell yes, it’s in the text.

The magic to transcend realms. Unstoppable. Unbeatable. Wholehearted understanding, from one to the other. Mirrored storylines and struggles. Intertwined fates–both share a True Love already, after all. Longing glances, jealous quips, situations that require the one to save the other, then the other to save the one. Ultimate sacrifice. All canon. “I saved you, now save me.” “With you, I always know.” “I know you.” They’re stronger together than apart, time and time again.

Yes, it’s in subtext. It’s in innuendo and acting choices, it’s in interpretation and suggestion.

But when it’s built into the very foundation of the show–the Savior meets the Evil Queen–it’s not delusional. It’s not unintentional.

Either the wardrobe department, the music department, the prop department, the actors, and the editors are all going rogue…or someone told them to put it in the music, the wardrobe, the scenery, the camera direction, the subtext, and the text.

Tell me again Swan Queen isn’t canon.

—  I look at you and I remember every little detail. The way your smile formed, what made you laugh, your gentle touch, how your lips kissed mine. The way you tied your shoes. One look at you and every memory, every feeling, every thought comes rushing back, attacking me.
Strange Magic: Just imagine…if it *had* been Love At First Sight
  • Bog and Marianne: *eyes meet*
  • Bog: *abruptly stops singing*
  • Marianne: *eyes widen*
  • Bog: "…"
  • Goblins: *stare at each other all "Uh, what happened to that musical number we rehearsed?"*
  • Elves and Fairies: * stare at each other all "Uh, why is Princess Marianne looking at that creepy Goblin like that?"*
  • Marianne and Bog: *still staring at each other*
  • Bog: "…"
  • Bog: "…RIGHT."
  • Bog: "Uh -"
  • Bog: "Um -"
  • Everyone: *still staring at them confusedly*
  • Bog: "…Uh, guys, you should…let her go. Um, yeah, let's let her go -"
  • Goblins: "Uh, Sire, is that really a good idea -"
  • Goblins: *let Marianne go*
  • *Marianne gets up and slowly approaches Bog*
  • Marianne: "Uh…thank you. Uh, do you…do you think that you could let my sister -"
  • Bog: "OH. Oh, um, aye, yes of course…"
  • Bog and Marianne: *still staring at each other*
  • Sunny: "Uh, Marianne? They already took her to the Forest -"
  • Marianne: "Then...I guess I'm going to the Forest, aren't I?" *gives Bog a little grin*
  • Bog: *immediately blushes and tries not to grin like a huge dork*
  • Marianne: *Oh my god oh my god no no no he's BLUSHING I'm making him BLUSH oh my god I'm gonna die - *
  • Everyone:
  • Marianne: "Didn't think so."
  • Bog: *Oh my god oh my god oh my god she's so FEROCIOUS and FIERCE I'm gonna die she's AMAZING - *
  • Bog and Marianne: *fly off together*
  • Roland: "…Well that's gonna make things a bit more difficult."
Things that make me weak:

Giants who look like huge monsters who are actually timid dorks

Moments in g/t scenarios where the giant and tiny are just looking at each other silently, in awe of each other’s size

When people really describe G/T contact (like being held/picked up/kissed) in really good, precise detail

G/t kisses in general

Giant robots!!!

Intimidating and quite dominant/frightening giants actually being very respectful and careful around tinies because they know when to drop the act and respect people’s limits!!

Affectionate tinies who actively seek out attention and crave being held or interacted with!!!!!

Giants IN GLASSES!??!


I am a quality blogger“ I whisper to myself as I make gifs of Iain de Caestecker in hats with ear flaps               (AoS 1x18 vs NAHE)

ok this is dumb but

why isn’t anyone (that i have seen) speaking of this adorable little ginger falcs rookie with a dumb nickname related to a most-likely-disgusting story?

just look at his tiny serious face and his ginger hair

who is he? what’s his story? was he just drafted or did he spend some time in juniors/falcs’ minor team? is he a tiny 18 yo having to share rookie status with JACK ZIMMERMANN? How does he feel about that?

why is he in the trainers’ room? is he just waiting for (paint-me-like-one-of-your-french-goalies) snowy? DOES HE HAVE SOMETHING WITH SNOWY?

anyway, throw my way any poots (or poots/snowy, for that matter) hc you have pretty please with a cherry on top?

  • tumblr: haha look at how bad dirk is at fighting, terezi and dave have to keep saving his ass in collide! dirk doesn't actually know how to fight at all despite skaia literally giving him the denizen for badasses who fight good. dirk is a bad fighto who only knows how to fight from robots :) dave and terezi are the good fightos
  • me: have none of you ever played an rpg or heard of a tanking role

apparently when carrie was dating taylor schilling, there were people who wanted taylor schilling to be with laura prepon so they were making really anti-semitic remarks about carrie (esp. about her looks) and when i first heard about this i was really hurt that people in The Community could be talking like that and i still think about it but now i just think they’re extremely dumb and i don’t really care that much

I know most of you probably don’t care about this, but what is truly amazing about Yuri!!! On Ice is the representation.

It feels so refreshing for me as a Russian to finally see two Russian male characters who don’t look repulsive, aren’t mafia or assassins or thugs, or some sorta of bald, dumb criminals. I’m too tired of seeing my nation constantly ridiculed and misportrayed.

And all other countries too! I know peeps from Kazakhstan who are fucking crying tears of joy, because FINALLY. 

With all the research Japanese animators do before creating content, I have high hopes for seeing all other characters and their interactions. Japan is doing a good thing here.


This makes me so mad. Like honestly, people commenting that she’s “metallic” are white people trying to defend this. The girl is painted a solid brown color, I don’t care how much glitter they packed on. I’ve defended the Kardashians for a long time that they get to do what they want, but this is too much. This on top of the dreads. “What I wish I looked like all the time” really? You wish you looked black all the time? Then where were you during Hands Up Don’t Shoot? Or any racial injustices really? She could’ve painted herself a pale metallic color, but she didn’t. Kylie is doing blatant black face and as an actual woman of color, I am deeply offended.