looking down never looked so good


cant believe my tiny baby is growing up to be such a vaguely evil-looking babe
im so proud

i think one of the best feelings when learning a language is looking back on previous vocabulary lists or grammar points that you’ve studied or written down at some point in time and just being surprised that maybe a year or two ago, these were things that you either struggled with or could never remember, despite the fact that it might feel like second nature to you now. THAT FEELING OF PROGRESS IS GREAT, I HOPE EVERYONE GOES BACK AND LOOKS AT HOW FAR THEY’VE COME IN THEIR LANGUAGE STUDIES !!! 


Don’t mind me, just pumping out the tutorials like they’re going out of style.

This is a watered down explanation of what you should have for a basic cosplay makeup kit. If you’re a cosplayer who never really wears or ever wore makeup in your daily life, you might not know much about what you should pick up to start yourself off. If you’re just looking for a tutorial to give you a basic kit for when you want to look good at a con or for a photo shoot, this is for you.

Lupine looks super cute in this video too, so I would…. take a gander…

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Chris Pratt for The Telegraph (2016)

“I walked into that room [to audition for ‘Avatar’] knowing that I did not have that thing, and I walked out thinking I would never have that thing, probably. This is a terrible quote, but never underestimate the shallowness of your audience. A lot of acting just has to do with an aesthetic look; a lot of the time in show business we’re just props. It’s terrible, but it’s true. And I just wasn’t in shape back then. I wasn’t feeling good about myself. So I walked in feeling nervous and insecure about the way I looked and I started sweating. I remember that it was literally rolling down my face. And whoever that tape went to…”

The Man in Business Suit Levitating (?!?) emojis, ranked

(yes that’s a real emoji) (Your guess is as good as mine)


He’s so happy! Look at him! I imagine there is a stern-faced agent behind him being all like “Agent Smith get back here” and he’s all ”Screw you Agent Johnson I can fly wheeeeeeee” 10/10 I hope he does well in life.


I don’t think he knows he’s flying. I think in a minute he’s going to look down to get his pen and freak out. FBI never trained him for flying. That’s not even a federal crime. 9/10 for giving my the mental image of shenanigans. I’m a simple man.


It’s stern-faced Agent Johnson! He can fly but isn’t very happy about it. He remembers when gravity was a thing. He misses those days. 8/10 I hope you find gravity again soon friend


He’s really creepy. That smile is not an “I’m happy” smile. It’s not even a “I’m going to kill you” smile. It’s a “hello fellow car-bon based life” smile. It’s very odd. Also he’s levitating and that’s not normal either. 7/10 if I give you a high score will you go away please?


Here we see the worst effects of capitalism. Look at this poor guy. “Look! You are granted one of mankind’s oldest and greatest dreams! You can fly!” “Yeah, but I still need to get up early for my meeting. Sigh” 6/10 he just makes me very sad tbh


How the mighty have fallen. In 2012 the slenderman was the toast of the internet! Everyone was talking about him!. Look at him now, appearing on LG emojis. He sits at home every night, re-watching Marble Hornets and pouring himself another glass of wine. “I’m still relevant, dammit!” 4/10 of course you are slendy. Of course you are

Emoji one

He is not so much levitating as “being lifted by the air caught on his hat”. Look at that thing. No-one needs that much hat. It’s literally as big as his torso. What are you using that for? 3/10 can’t trust someone with that much hat.


Now, see, one of the three integral parts of “man in buisness suit, levitating” is the man. Take hime away, like you did, and all you have is a business suit levitating.That’s not the same thing and I resent that you think I would be fooled by it. 1/10 WHEN WILL THE LIES END?!

One Year-Part One

Summary: (Y/N) moves to Paris with your family leaving your best friend behind. What happens when you come back?

(Y/L/N)- Your last name
(Y/N)-Your name

Part Two, Part Three, Part Four

If you see this then it’s yours or any character from teen wolf thoughts.

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One more thing, I NEVER want to see an $Qer EVER again claim that the writers made Emma weak to make Hook look good. Like, did you EVEN SEE THIS EPISODE! THAT is what ‘weak Emma’ looks like and it is absolute BULLSHIT! The writers did THAT to Emma so that Regina could be the ‘hero’. So I swear, ya’ll cannot use that sorry ass excuse about how Hook supporting his badass girlfriend and her letting down her walls makes her ‘weak’ when were were giving this steaming mess!

Cute Little Heartbreaker (3/3... but there will be an epilogue)

summary: Emma Swan is a vagabond. She never stays in a place longer than for six months. The night before the first day at her new job, she decides she needs a little distraction and walks into a bar looking for a one-night-stand and finds her object of choice in a good-looking guitar player. But unexpectedly, he turns her down. The next day, she finds out that Killian Jones is her new partner. Again, unexpectedly, they become friends, and everything is uncomplicated. Or so they thought.

rating: still T with a dash of A for *whispers* angst and HE for… you know.

also on ff.net and ao3. And read chapter 1 here and chapter 2 here.

By the time he gets home, Killian feels deflated, weak and tired, so tired. And angry. Not at Emma, but at himself. God, he’s such a bloody imbecile, what on earth was he thinking, losing his countenance like that? But her earlier approach had him really think that this was some sort of breakthrough, that she was really starting to wake up and realize fun with no strings attached stops being fun after a while; in fact, it gets pretty lonely and miserable. Her look when he told her that the good, stringless fun just wasn’t enough anymore… he could have sworn he saw realization in her eyes in that moment, realization and a longing. A longing for more. He could have sworn that was the exact moment when a tiny crack appeared in her shell.

But then her stupid excuses all over again – sooner or later it will all go down in flames anyway, so why even bother trying? All relationships are doomed to end badly anyway? Which is why they must be avoided like the plague? He could clearly tell the moment her walls went up again, when the fleeting moment of openness passed by and the wish for staying in her safe bubble won over her longing for being able to let herself fall.

Emma Swan is terrified of letting people in because she’s terrified of losing them, and he damn well knows it, and then he has to be harsh on her like that? And her remark about friends with benefits – instead of taking it as a step forward, this was the first active hint since that first evening that she was interested in him more than just as a friend. And he has to go and scold her for it, practically calling her a coward for contemplating it. Smooth move, Jones. Frustrated, he rubs his hand over his eyes. So far, he has achieved nothing to reach his aim to make her want to stay. And only four weeks left of her assignment… then she’ll be gone. Tick tock.

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[If the Lords had Instagram] Masamune x Kojuro

Ieyasu x Mitsunari Shingen x Kenshin

Masamune: Account is full of his MC’s pictures, mostly when she isn’t looking because to him it shows how beautiful she is even in her distracted moments. Looking at her calms him down, it’s also his own way of lavishing her with attention. He also has pics of his younger brother Kojirou. He uses insta to remind himself of the good parts of his life so he never posts any war related things. Though Yukimura tests his patience by tagging him in all sorts of provoking posts. Only follows Kojuro and Shigezane.

Kojuro: Instagram poet. His poems gets thousands upon thousands of likes. He gets requests often and is one of the more popular Lords. He forever shows off his turtle, Bontenmaru and how he is such a good father to the turtle. Also posts complaining about his mess to which hundreds of women offer to clean for him. Very anti-cat. Used to follow Shingen until he heard his nickame was the “Tiger of Kai” and tigers are big cats.

season 2B

all I’m asking for malec is
- Magnus head on Alec’s chest, Alec is awake stroking Magnus hair until he wakes up, Magnus look up, his face is bare without any makeup, Alec says with his raspy morning voice “have I ever tell you how beautiful I think you are”, Magnus looks down, blushes (we saw Magnus making Alec blush but never the other way around), and says in a flirty/teasing way “thank you Alexander, you don’t look so bad yourself” and they kiss (I know that was oddly specific but anyway)
- also a hug and/or a kiss every episode
- good communication
- them fighting together and being the power couple that we all know they are

Down (g.d)

“You’ve been quiet all morning. What’s on your mind?” I question Grayson, crawling onto his bed and straddling his waist as he continues to stare out the window silently.

“I don’t feel like I deserve the life that’s been given to me.” He states resting his hands on my thighs.

“What do you mean?” I ask, cupping his face with my hands delicately.

“I don’t know, I’ve just…no matter how hard I try, I never feel good enough. Not good enough for you, for the fans, for what I want to accomplish, any of it. I just feel like I always fall short and let everyone down.” He mumbles looking away from me. “I just feel ugly and worthless.” He sadly mumbles under his breath, clearly not meaning for me to hear. His statement made my heart drop, knowing that he felt that way made me feel so sad.

“Grayson, look at me.” I murmur causing his eyes to lock with mine hesitantly, his clouded with emotion. “You,” I whisper pressing a gentle kiss against his collarbone,“are beautiful,” I breathe trailing light kisses up to his jaw. “Inside and out.” I continue, pressing kisses against his cheeks and forehead. I pause my movement and look him in the eye seriously. “And I’m in love with you. You’ve helped so many people, including me, learn how to find joy even in the toughest part of their life. You’ve taught people how to feel more confident with who they and Gray that means so much more than anything else. You uplift other people and Grayson people adore you for that. I adore you for that.” I finish quietly, ghosting my thumb over his lips. I slowly lean in and press a passionate kiss against his lips before pulling away.

“I don’t ever want you to feel down about yourself because honestly, you deserve the world.” I murmur staring into his glassy brown eyes. His arms circle around my waist and pull me against him as he rests his chin on my shoulder, breathing in the silence. We stayed in that position for awhile until he laid back in the bed, cuddling me into his chest.

“I don’t know what I did to deserve you.” He responds quietly, his fingers running though my hair carefully.

“I love you Gray.” I smile looking up at him.

“I love you too.” He replies kissing my lips delicately.

Can’t help falling in love

Misha x reader 

Warnings: fluff

Word count: 566

Authors Note: I cried while writing this

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Wise men say

Only fools rush in

But I can’t help falling in love with you

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two times i no joke, honest to god, 100% thought they were going to kiss

I wish I could tell you that you’ll get used to it, Tobias muttered in disgust as he watched the former couple out of the corner of his eye. He could feel Shane’s demeanor change as well so he knew he wasn’t the only one who’d noticed. I keep thinking it’ll fucking stop but it never seems to.

What do you mean? Shane asked, looking down at his fidgeting hands.

You know exactly what I mean. Don’t act so naive, Tobias grumbled. We’re both sitting right here & they show us absolutely no respect while clinging to each other like that.

What do you think they’re whispering about? Shane cleared his throat, cautiously looking over at the older man. 

Fuck if I know, Tobias snorted. I don’t care but I don’t fucking like it. I’m married to Archer. Levi needs to get the fuck over it or go the hell away for good.


Trust me, the man let out a low, humorless laugh. I keep Archer more than happy at home, kid.

soukoku singing CLOSER by the Chainsmoker
  • Chuya: Hey, I was doing just fine before I met you I drink too much and that's an issue
  • But I'm OK
  • Dazai(about mafia): Hey, you tell your friends it was nice to meet them
  • But I hope I never see them
  • Again
  • still Dazai: I know it breaks your heart
  • Moved to the city in a broke-down car
  • And four years, no calls
  • Now you're looking pretty in a hotel bar
  • Dazai before bombing Chuya's car: So, baby, pull me closer
  • In the back seat of your Rover
  • Double suicide part: We ain't ever getting older
  • Dazai: You look as good as the day I met you
  • I forget just why I left you
  • I was insane

Gif is mine

Imagine Gibbs letting the reader take care of/comfort him when he’s emotionally vulnerable. Maybe around the holidays, but doesn’t have to be. 

Requested by lyrakeepsthenight~

This wasn’t the first Christmas that you’ve spent with Gibbs, but it was the first time decorating the tree with him. You both hung lights and garland around the branches of the tree, always smiling at each other and touching whenever you could. It was nice. There was snow falling outside. The fireplace filled the living room with warmth. And Jethro smelled like the cookies he helped you make.

Once the lights were around the tree, it was time for the ornaments. Gibbs would hang you some old-looking decorations, and he’d trust you to hang them in a good place.

You reached out your hand for another ornament, but it never came. So you looked down to Jethro and frowned. He was holding an ornament in his hand. Kind of small and looked as if it was painted by a child, but as you focused on it, you could read something carved into it; ‘Kelly Gibbs.’

Instantly, you went cold. And grief for the Marine formed a lump in your throat. So, quietly, you came over to Jethro and sat next to him. He didn’t even seem to notice you; the pad of his thumb was moving over the old inscription, tracing the letters. You leaned forward to try and catch his eye. “Jethro?” You said softly.

He blinked once, raising his eyes to look at you. But the happiness and warmth that were there previously was gone. Replaced by painful memories. He looked back down to the ornament, and you scooted a little closer so your side was pressed up against his.

And Gibbs allowed it. He allowed your hand to curl around his. He allowed your head to drop down onto his shoulder. And he allowed you to talk to him. Nothing very interesting, but it was nice to have somebody talk to him while Gibbs was revisiting the memories.