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Previously on America’s Next Top Shadowhunter
When Jace discovers that the sandwich he left in the fridge has gone missing he starts accusing everyone in the house of eating it. Alec tries to cool him down. 


I love this teasing tone Peggy uses with Angie sometimes (◡‿◡✿)

Looking down on the cemetery from the top of a hill. It’s easy to see all the “terraces” which were built all over the hills to accommodate the many family plots. I call them “terraces of the dead.”  But for me, there’s something breathtaking about this very old, historic cemetery, especially covered with white snow. 

hillside cemetery, north adams ma 1/1/17

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♡   - Do they prefer looking at the city lights or empty country roads with stars?

  • City Lights!
  • It’s what he is used to! 
  • It’s what he enjoys 
  • He likes looking down from a top floor window/penthouse and seeing the building lights 
  • A country road is too boring, too plain 

☆  - What would they order at two am at a diner?

  • With fresh fruit 
  • Sometimes a Belgium waffle instead 
  • This is if YOU ASK HIM TO EAT 
  • Normally he doesn’t enjoy to eat breakfast besides maybe a glass of juice 
  • And some water 
  • He isn’t a big eater in the morning 
  • Or at night 

-Nikita Gill, “93 Percent Stardust

One day you’re sixteen and you’re on top of the fucking world, looking down from the roofs edge of the highest building in the city and suddenly you realize that this place is too small for the adventures you dream of but the world is too big for you. Then ten years pass, twenty, thirty, and it’s too late to go back to being the tiny sixteen year old girl with big dreams in a small city because now you have small dreams in a big city and the world has shrunken. And you’re drunk off the memories of these adventures that you went on but they’re not as great as they should have been because they were wasted thinking about how beautiful the universe looked in your eyes.
—  Now I’m Addicted to Something I Can Never Have. /// D.C

I decided what my next tattoo is gonna be. Now I just need to get my paycheck and decide if I wanna get it done here or do it next time I go to my dads with the guy who did my first one

Concert Colonne. André Devambez (French, 1867-1944). Oil on canvas. Musée d'Orsay.

Devambez presented the Chatelet Theatre looking down from the top, enabling him to merge into one compact mass both the spectators in the upper circles and those in the stalls, without featuring the stage itself. In marked contrast to the regular audience at the Paris Opera, who went to see and be seen, these patrons have come together just for the pleasure of the music, and without any social considerations. 

Arctic Encounter

Bundle up.

  1. Snowsqualls pick up, reducing visibility
  2. An ice sheet fractures beneath the snow someplace, booming and groaning.
  3. The remains of a settlement are half-buried by snow.
  4. The sky is clear and the sun reflects blindingly off of the snow.
  5. A fracture in the ice-bed forms a deep, blue-tinged chasm.
  6. A group of seals or walruses hang out near a fissure in the ice.
  7. The temperature rises, and heavy flurries descend, reducing visibility.
  8. The frozen remains of unfortunate explorers are partially buried by snow and ice.
  9. Howling echoes across the landscape.
  10. A huge figure stands upon a hillside, but turns out to be a snowdrift upon inspection.
  11. A huge figure looks down at you from the top of an ice cliff, but moves on without bothering you.
  12. The ruins of an ice staircase juts out over a chasm, terminating jaggedly after a dozen steps.

A/N: Y/D/N= Your Dog’s Name. I you don’t have a dog then improvise :D
        Y/HT/N= Your HomeTown’s Name, and if you don’t have one of                   those, then may I have your Tardis? ;)

That was it. The last straw had been and gone weeks back. Why were you still here?
Your Foster Parents barely took notice of you, they had seven other foster kids to look after. And with you being the oldest you were like some babysitter for them.

Recently, the orphanage had contacted you about having found your brothers. You were reluctant at first but when you found out they were hunters you were more than happy to see them again. Your mum was a hunter so you learnt as much as you could before…well…take a guess.

‘Pick me up? I’m out.’ You text Sam, looking down at your seven “siblings” from the top of the stairs race about the dinner table for breakfast. You swung your backpack over your shoulders and opened the front door for the last time.

“I’m off to school!” You called out, slamming the door behind yourself.
Which technically wasn’t a lie. That’s where you were meeting your brothers.

Your dog, Y/D/N, raced round the corner, looking up at you. You instantly felt bad. 

*** *** *** ***

The impala parked along the road and you go in the back, followed by Y/D/N. What? You weren’t going to leave them?

“No dogs-” Sam nudged Dean to a stop who glanced between you and Y/D/N for a moment. “If Y/D/N goes, I go.” You state.

Dean sighed, hiding a smile “Okay, I’ll make an exception Y/N.” 

You laughed lightly, hugging Y/D/N. “Good riddance Y/HT/N.”

Requested by anon
- Btw I hope you don’t mind the addition of the dog

Isuzu Sento Jacket Tutorial

Hello Followers!

Here is my first tutorial for Saikoucon 2015!

Tumblr has changed its format since my last tutorial, so I had to change my format too!

Here is Isuzu Sento:

Materials You Need To Follow My Tutorial

  • Paper (for Patterns)
  • Suit Jacket (for Patterns)
  • Red Material ~ 2 yards (I used a thick red fabric that felt like a suit jacket)
  • Black Material ~ 1 yard (suit jacket material again)
  • Shoulder pads
  • 20 Gold Buttons. 16 small, 4 medium
  • Large gold cord
  • Small gold cord
  • 2 Tassles
  • Glue Gun and Glue
  • Clasps and/or button clasps
  • Yellow/Gold 3D fabric paint
  • White fabric (for bow)
  • Black hem tape
  • General sewing supplies 

1. Make your pattern:

See pictures below (all pictures look from left to right, top then down). I used an suit jacket that already fit me and used it to make a pattern.

2. Using the pattern pieces that you have created, cut out and line up your pieces. Then pin it down and sew it up!

~~~my cat =>.<= Alistair likes to help

3. Create the arms!

This part was tough! Luckily we already created a pattern for the sleeves. One you have cut out your pattern measure your wrist and cut out the black cuffs. I recommend sewing the cuffs on by lining up the inside of the cuff and the inside of the sleeve and sewing it down. After sewing the cuff down, I added the line detail. I bought black hem tape for this to make it easier.Once you have sewed the sleeve and line detail down, its time to pin up and sew the sleeves length-wise together (sew them inside out). Once you have sewed them, turn them inside-right and pin them to the inside of your jacket. This is the hardest part. You may need to pin and re-pin after trying it on. Also make sure that the seem is on the inside toward your body. Once you have it pinned, carefully sew the sleeves onto the jacket. I also had to do some hand sewing to tack the sleeve on to make it easier to sew.

4. and 5.  Create the collar and put on inside clasps.

In order to make the collar I measure the length and width of my neck and used the picture on Sento to approximate. The collar is two pieces of suit jacket material pinned together, sewed, and turned inside out. I then pinned it to the jacket and sewed it down. I then sewed in white clasps. I decided to make the buttons on the jacket fake buttons because I do not have a foot for my sewing machine to make button holes. The white clasps (and addition black button inside clasps) keep the jacket closed without the hassle of button holes. 

6. Pocket flaps

I created another pattern and cut out black suit jacket fabric to create the pocket flaps. Since Sento’s jacket is tight, I decided against making real pockets. Again, like the collar I used two pieces of fabric for each pocket flap. Sewed them together, then turned it inside-out. 

7. Shoulder Pads

I choose to sew in shoulder pads because the jacket is military style, which appears to have stronger shoulders then I have!

8. Epaulettes

The next part was the epaulettes. In order to make these, I measured the length and width I would need by looking at the shoulders of my already made jacket. I then cut out and doubled over black square pieces of fabric. I then drew out the design with chalk and used 3D fabric paint to make the design. I decided to use fabric paint because it is easier to work with and more precise then fabric. Once the paint had dried, I sewed one two of the medium gold buttons. I then attached the left epaulette by hand stitching it to the shoulder (too thick for the sewing machine). I did not attach the right epaulette until after sewing on the cords.

9. The Cords

I set up the cords according to the picture of Sento I have been using all along. I pinned them to the top of the shoulder, then hand stitched them to the coat. I recommend stitching them as much as you need, as this part will be hidden under the right epaulette. Now, lets talk about the end that is attached to the top left of the coat. In order to attach the cord, I decided to use the buttons. So naturally, I sewed 10 small gold buttons equally (by two inches) all the way down the jacket. I then decided to attach the cord to the button second to the top. In order to attach it I sewed the cord into a circle around the button. This way it can attach and detach when putting on the coat. If you have never worked with cord, you should know it’s actually really annoying. So be prepared for it to unravel partially. In order to keep that from happening once using it, I used hot glue to give it form and thickness. At then ends of the two small cords, you also have to attach tassels. Hot glue is good for this too! For all the cords that are connected to the button connection, I hand sewed and used hot glue to connect them strongly to each other. 

10. Tightening the jacket

If your jacket is already tight enough you only have to add this part for the look. However, around the waist my jacket wasn’t quite tight enough, so I actually used the tightener that is attached to the back of the jacket. In order to make this, you first have to check how tight you need to make the waist of the jacket. I measured my waist and, through trial and error. I pinned the back of the coat where the buttons needed to be, Based on this length (6 inches apart), I created a strip of fabric, which I doubled over, sewed, and turned inside out. I then made make-shift button holes by using the zig-zag pattern on my machine in a rectangle shape. Luckily the buttons hide the hole. :) 

11. The bow

The bow is just a long strip of white fabric doubled over and turned inside-out.

12. Finally I added the three buttons to the inside of the sleeve!


After ironing the back looks much better! :)

What do you think?

Bellamy Blake ~ Is there a special reason as to why you’re wearing my shirt?

Request: 48. “Is there a special reason, as to why you’re wearing my shirt?” with Bellamy Blake 

Pairing: Bellamy Blake x Reader

Warnings: None

When you got back to camp from a haunt, you just wanted to changes clothes and rest. The only problem was, that you didn’t have any clothes left. You weren’t surprised, since you were always busy around camp, there just wasn’t time to wash your clothes. You looked down at the purple tank top, it was covered in blood from the animals you guys brought back and it just looked gross. There was no way you could pull of wearing it another day.

You walked outside you tent, looking for Clarke of Octavia, they probably had something you could borrow. You walked around camp twice searching them, but they were nowhere to be seen. You sighed and walked in the first tent you saw, figuring this person could easily miss one shirt for the day.

Bellamy Blake saw you entering his tent from the other side of camp. He smirked, and wanted to now what you were up to. He decided to wait for a few moments, maybe you were just looking for him to ask something or something like that. But you did come out. He waited ‘till over ten minutes and then decided to come take a look.

You were just about to leave, your shit covered in blood in your hands and a new, clean black shirt on. It was from a guy and yes it was a bit to big, but it would do. Just when you were about to step outside the tent, someone entered. It was Bellamy. He smirked when he saw you stepping back, scared for a minute but calming dawn when you saw it was only him.

He gave you an asking look “So is there a special reason as to why you’re wearing my shirt?” You looked down, from the shirt to him and back to the shirt. “Well since you make me go hunt this much, I didn’t had time to do laundry.” “You believe that yourself?” He laughed. “You don’t?” you asked. “Oh hun, you could tell me all you want but we both know it’s not true. You’re only wearing it because it reminds you of me.” “Oh please Blake save it you’re so full of yourself.” You laughed, shaking your head.

You were about to leave his tent when he said: “Fine keep it, but my guess that you’re just stealing my shirts to see me walking around camp half naked.” This guy was just unbelievable. But in a way, you kinda liked it. “As if, keep dreaming Blake.” You said, before leaving his tent. “I will, of you walking around in my clothes.” He called. You shook your head, heading to the laundry tent. You had a whole new bunch of stuff to think about and it just took all little more time so you had to wear his shirt a day more than planned. The both of you didn’t complained tough.

One of my earliest memories is from preschool. I was standing at the bottom of some stairs while my friend stood tearfully looking down at me from the top, having fled from me while I tried to explain the inevitability of death.
“Everything dies!” I said. “It’s normal. I’m going to die! You’re going to die! We’re all going to die someday. We have to!”
“I’m not going to die!” she screamed down at me. “I’m not!”
“I don’t mean you’ll die soon,” I said. “Just someday! You’re not immortal!”

I hated La Paz the first time around. There was no charm to it and it felt like a very lonely place. When I went back, it was like a different city and definitely one of my favourite capitals on the continent. From the top of the bowl, looking down when you arrive is incredible, and it’s just as amazing looking up from within. It looks like Lego, I know, but it’s real! #nofilter