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Hurt - Part Three

Warnings - swearing, anger, mentions of death.

Rick x Reader x Negan

When you woke up, you knew something was off, but you couldn’t quite put your finger on it no matter how hard you tried to. Turning over in your bed, you realised that Rick wasn’t beside you and that set off alarm bells ringing in your mind. Swinging your legs over the side of the bed you took the chance to sit still and listen to what was going on around you whilst looking down at the diamond ring so elegantly placed on your ring finger.

Rick had been becoming much more distant lately, something was on his mind but he wouldn’t tell you what it was despite the fact you were supposed to be partners. The Sheriff did his best to keep you out of the loop, the less you knew the better, and currently it was safer if you knew nothing at all.

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At times the same place of the unbelonging place of the difficult same builds itself to a wall. I made a mistake and let all the Shoulds chatter and clatter: The stuck of stuck should be undone by now by now strong should mean more than fragile by now shouldn’t you be Out past Out past Out past.

The now of here fights me, I cleaned the shelves and now Battles and Shaky are looking for their places. Staring me down and Fragile and I stare back. New Things are expected, I tell them. Let’s go for a walk.

Now in the ache of the mess of it is when you love her better, love her defiantly, love her stubbornly adamantly in spite of in spite of.


some of my fav cast tweets from 2.10    [all episodes]


Chanyeol’s cute reaction when the little girl said he’s handsome (cr)

Angel Help

- Next time you’re with friends, or in any situation in which you can, sit alone in the middle of the backseat of a car with all of the windows down. Close your eyes. It feels just like flying.

- Eat a spoonful of honey when you feel out of touch because it will warm you up and maybe help you remember what it was like when streams of gold ran through your veins.

- Find a place up high where you can look down at the earth the way you used to. Look at how close you are to touching the sky!

- Give yourself a break. Just because you’re in this body now doesn’t mean you should consider yourself any less holy or beautiful.

“Questioning is a critical comprehension strategy that helps readers construct and extend meaning. It is one of the most powerful strategies students can learn, and one of the easiest for you to teach.”  Jan Richardson, pg. 209, The Next Step in Guided Reading

          Jan Richardson: How to Use Asking Questions to Increase Comprehension

Turning Facts Into Questions
The answer is found in one place in the text. I can go directly to the text and find the answer to this kind of question.

  • Who…
  • What…
  • Where…
  • When…
  • How…

Inferential Questions
The question is not answered directly in the text. I must stop and think about the passage and what I know to help me answer this question.

  • I wonder why…
  • What do you think…
  • How do you think…
  • What would have happened if…
  • Why would…
  • How could…
  • Why do you think….
  • What if…

Complex Questions
The answer is found by searching several places in the text. I must slow down and look in more than one place in the text to answer this kind of question.

  • What were the effects…
  • What factors caused…
  • What were the differences…
  • What was similar about…
  • What were some…
  • What changes…
  • Compare…

Some Things to Keep In Mind When Creating Questions:

  • Were there any turning points in the text?
  • How did the characters change from the beginning to the end of the story?
  • What literary devices can you find?
  • How did the author’s use of rhetoric influence the text?
  • What is the central idea? 
  • What are the themes of the text? 
  • What is the author’s thesis?
  • Is the author/source credible? How do you know?
  • What pov is the story told from? 

Something I just thought of:

Despite the Raven Queen saying she’s not calling Vax to come to her right fucking now, Vax is pretty wary of directly placing himself in her presence. He’s worried, despite how RQ has treated him so far, that if he goes to her temple he might be required to stay. 

My thoughts: What if this has something to do with Syldor? When the twins were kids, Syldor forcibly took them from their mother and made them stay in Syngorn. He was an authority figure in their lives who took them away from someone they loved and made them stay in a place where everyone looked down on them. 

Vax doesn’t really have a good history with authority figures. The Raven Queen, being a) a goddess and b) Vax’s goddess now, is absolutely a kind of authority figure to him. It would not surprise me if the reason he’s struggling with trusting her and believing she’s not going to steal him away from his loved ones, is because that’s exactly what Syldor did. It’s not something you get over easily. 


I’ll meet you in our secret place
Where no one else can share you


But they were not living, thought Harry: they were gone. The empty words could not disguise the fact that his parents’ mouldering remains lay beneath snow and stone, indifferent, unknowing. And tears came before he could stop them, boiling hot then instantly freezing on his face, and what was the point in wiping them off, or pretending? He let them fall, his lips pressed hard together, looking down at the thick snow hiding from his eyes the place where the last of Lily and James lay, bones now, surely, or dust, not knowing or caring that their living son stood so near, his heart still beating, alive because of their sacrifice and close to wishing, at this moment, that he was sleeping under the snow with them.

Cold Nights and Comforting Cuddles

Pairings: Newt Scamander x Reader
Notes: I’m like freezing right now, so I thought it appropriate to make something kinda fluffy and sweet.
Warnings: Nothing really, just fluff.
Word Count:533

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“I-I just don’t see h-how it got this c-cold so quickly.” You shivered, rubbing your hands together before you reached blindly for a box of matches on the countertop.

“Here.” Newts gentle voice called out from behind you, and suddenly a veil of warmth was placed over you. Looking down at your shoulders, you saw a glimpse of that soft, thick fabric that you knew so well to be Newts very own jacket. Giving him a small nod, you turned back to your task at hand, quickly lighting three candles and placing them on the table and counter. Once that once finished, and you had some sense of sight in the darkened room, you turned back to Newt, a grateful smile on your lips.

“T-thanks.” You nodded thankfully at him again, but even though the jacket did relieve some of the coldness clouded around your flat, goosebumps still littered your skin. The frosty air nipped sharply at your skin and nose, turning it a light hue of pink as you stood there.

“It’s no problem.” Newts hands found themselves resting on your shoulders, soothingly rubbing up and down your arms to get the blood circulating again before he pulled you into a warming hug. “I’ve managed to light a fire in the other room. We could go in there, it would probably be a more lot warmer.”

You quickly nodded in agreement at his statement, and wrapping your own arms tightly around his waist, you both shuffled into the living room. “Here we go.” Mumbled Newt, briefly removing his arms from around your shivering body to fall on to the couch. You shortly followed behind him, nuzzling deep into his side as he threw an arm around your shoulders again to pull you deeper into his embrace.

“W-why did the power h-have to go out?” You grumbled, burying your face into Newts shoulder as you pulled his jacket over the two of you. “A-and it had to b-be during the winter time.” Newt chuckled a bit at this, rubbing your shoulders again as he leaned his head gently against yours.

“Who knows.” He replied shortly, pressing his face into your hair and sucking in a short breath to inhale the comforting scent. “Are you feeling any warmer?” He asked, shuffling just a bit in his spot to get more comfortable, and pulling you with him.

The two of you were still situated in front of the fireplace, the blazing heat glowing in front of you. Your legs had wounded up in Newts lap, while your were leaning comfortably against his chest, trying to bathe in his warmth. With his arms wrapped around you and his head resting against your own, you two were the perfect mass of warm tangled blankets and jackets.

“Yeah.” You nodded in reply, titling your head to smile up at him as he looked back down to you shortly to return the smile. “Thank you, Newt.”

Leaning down just a bit, Newts lips grazed your temple gently in a sweet kiss. “Don’t worry.” His voice echoed quietly in your ears, sounding almost like a whisper. “I’ll be here for you, always.”

How BTS would react to you eating ice cream in a sexy way even though you thought it was innocent

Jin: He would be eating across from you as you ate your ice cream. When he noticed how sexily you were eating it he would stare at you until you saw him. “What?” you would ask confused. “N..nothing.” he would stutter and start back eating trying not to stare at you again.

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Suga: You both would be at a local ice cream place sitting down. You would be looking at him and licking your ice cream having no idea that he thought it was sexy. “Are you trying to turn me on babe? Because it’s working.” he’d whisper heatedly in your ear.

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Rap Monster: You would be eating your ice cream what you thought was innocently until you saw the way he was watching you. You would then smirk and start to lick it more sexually letting some stay on your lips before licking it off. “Y/N, stop” he would say in a warning tone. “What daddy?” you would ask innocently which would lead him to race you both back home to punish you which was what you wanted.

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JHope: “Y/N could you please stop it.” he would sort of mutter to you looking a bit flustered. “Stop what?” you would ask clearly confused as you continued licking your ice cream. “Never mind.” he would grumble and try not to look at you again, afraid he may pop a boner.

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Jimin: You would just be licking the ice cream when he would all of a sudden say, “That’s it let’s go home.” You would be confused but would soon realize that you had turned him on.

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V: He would be smiling at you suggestively until you noticed and asked him what was wrong. “Oh don’t play innocent you naughty girl, I know what you’re hinting at.” he would say completely confusing you.

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Jungkook:”What?” you would ask him as he stared at you with darkened eyes. “You have no idea what you’re doing to me right now Y/N” he would whisper and you would catch on quickly. 

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In the new year, I wish to grow myself.
To find beautiful things to love, about myself and the world around me.
Listen to strangers, hug more, watch old movies, read more stories of love and adventure, kiss more, laugh more, find good people that make me feel good, eat more sweets at midnight, call me friends, actually talk to people, dance around the room to Sinatra, smile more, find new hobbies that keep me happy, take more walks, take pictures of people and nature, put my phone down more, look at art, people, places. Just to love everything.