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It was a beautiful weather today, clear blue skies and there was a hot breeze in the air. The way you decided to enjoy this wonderful day was to sit outside and write a little. You had found a wonderful spot under a three, with a view of the lake. As you sat there with your back leaned against the three, you felt so at peace. After sitting there for maybe an hour, someone sat down, taking a place right next to you. You looked up to see it was Remus who had joined you. You smiled, he was a good friend of your, though you usually ran into each other in the library. “What are you writing?” he asked taking a glance at you papers, you quickly turned them so he wouldn`t see, your writing was private. “That is a secret.” You said with a smile. “Oh come on, y/n. Why won`t you never let me see what you`re writing I bet your amazing.” He said with pleading eyes. “Maybe one day, I`ll show you, but not today.” You said laughing. Then tackled you trying to get the papers, causing you to screamed, and laugh even more as you play wrestled on the ground.

The whole time that was happening, Sirius was looking at you both. He would never admit it, but he was jealous of Remus. He wanted to know you as he did. Ever since he saw you in the Library looking concentrated writing something, he wanted to get to know you. However, he didn`t usually go chasing after girls, and he didn`t know what to do. He had said hello to you a couple of times but that was it. Of course, he could ask Rems for help, but that meant he had to tell him that you liked her. Then again, maybe you were worth it.

He kept thinking about what he was gone do the rest of the day, he was so deeply in his thought he didn`t see you as you both turned a corner and walked into each other. “Oh sorry, didn`t see you. You said, slightly embarrassed. “Don`t think about it, you`re y/n right? Remus`s friend?” he asked, deciding to try to make something happen. You looked him a little confused, why the Sirius Black was wondering who you were. “Yes, why?” He scratched the back of his neck, becoming a little uncomfortable and not entirely knowing what to say next, normally he had no problem talking to girl, but you, you were different. “I was just, wondering, eh, if you might want to hang out sometime?” he said with an unsure smile. You had never in you life ever pictured Sirius acting like he did now, it made you smile. “I would like that.”

Chanyeol’s cute reaction when the little girl said he’s handsome (cr)


I’ll meet you in our secret place
Where no one else can share you

“Questioning is a critical comprehension strategy that helps readers construct and extend meaning. It is one of the most powerful strategies students can learn, and one of the easiest for you to teach.”  Jan Richardson, pg. 209, The Next Step in Guided Reading

          Jan Richardson: How to Use Asking Questions to Increase Comprehension

Turning Facts Into Questions
The answer is found in one place in the text. I can go directly to the text and find the answer to this kind of question.

  • Who…
  • What…
  • Where…
  • When…
  • How…

Inferential Questions
The question is not answered directly in the text. I must stop and think about the passage and what I know to help me answer this question.

  • I wonder why…
  • What do you think…
  • How do you think…
  • What would have happened if…
  • Why would…
  • How could…
  • Why do you think….
  • What if…

Complex Questions
The answer is found by searching several places in the text. I must slow down and look in more than one place in the text to answer this kind of question.

  • What were the effects…
  • What factors caused…
  • What were the differences…
  • What was similar about…
  • What were some…
  • What changes…
  • Compare…

Some Things to Keep In Mind When Creating Questions:

  • Were there any turning points in the text?
  • How did the characters change from the beginning to the end of the story?
  • What literary devices can you find?
  • How did the author’s use of rhetoric influence the text?
  • What is the central idea? 
  • What are the themes of the text? 
  • What is the author’s thesis?
  • Is the author/source credible? How do you know?
  • What pov is the story told from? 

But they were not living, thought Harry: they were gone. The empty words could not disguise the fact that his parents’ mouldering remains lay beneath snow and stone, indifferent, unknowing. And tears came before he could stop them, boiling hot then instantly freezing on his face, and what was the point in wiping them off, or pretending? He let them fall, his lips pressed hard together, looking down at the thick snow hiding from his eyes the place where the last of Lily and James lay, bones now, surely, or dust, not knowing or caring that their living son stood so near, his heart still beating, alive because of their sacrifice and close to wishing, at this moment, that he was sleeping under the snow with them.

Angel Help

- Next time you’re with friends, or in any situation in which you can, sit alone in the middle of the backseat of a car with all of the windows down. Close your eyes. It feels just like flying.

- Eat a spoonful of honey when you feel out of touch because it will warm you up and maybe help you remember what it was like when streams of gold ran through your veins.

- Find a place up high where you can look down at the earth the way you used to. Look at how close you are to touching the sky!

- Give yourself a break. Just because you’re in this body now doesn’t mean you should consider yourself any less holy or beautiful.

Cold Nights and Comforting Cuddles

Pairings: Newt Scamander x Reader
Notes: I’m like freezing right now, so I thought it appropriate to make something kinda fluffy and sweet.
Warnings: Nothing really, just fluff.
Word Count:533

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“I-I just don’t see h-how it got this c-cold so quickly.” You shivered, rubbing your hands together before you reached blindly for a box of matches on the countertop.

“Here.” Newts gentle voice called out from behind you, and suddenly a veil of warmth was placed over you. Looking down at your shoulders, you saw a glimpse of that soft, thick fabric that you knew so well to be Newts very own jacket. Giving him a small nod, you turned back to your task at hand, quickly lighting three candles and placing them on the table and counter. Once that once finished, and you had some sense of sight in the darkened room, you turned back to Newt, a grateful smile on your lips.

“T-thanks.” You nodded thankfully at him again, but even though the jacket did relieve some of the coldness clouded around your flat, goosebumps still littered your skin. The frosty air nipped sharply at your skin and nose, turning it a light hue of pink as you stood there.

“It’s no problem.” Newts hands found themselves resting on your shoulders, soothingly rubbing up and down your arms to get the blood circulating again before he pulled you into a warming hug. “I’ve managed to light a fire in the other room. We could go in there, it would probably be a more lot warmer.”

You quickly nodded in agreement at his statement, and wrapping your own arms tightly around his waist, you both shuffled into the living room. “Here we go.” Mumbled Newt, briefly removing his arms from around your shivering body to fall on to the couch. You shortly followed behind him, nuzzling deep into his side as he threw an arm around your shoulders again to pull you deeper into his embrace.

“W-why did the power h-have to go out?” You grumbled, burying your face into Newts shoulder as you pulled his jacket over the two of you. “A-and it had to b-be during the winter time.” Newt chuckled a bit at this, rubbing your shoulders again as he leaned his head gently against yours.

“Who knows.” He replied shortly, pressing his face into your hair and sucking in a short breath to inhale the comforting scent. “Are you feeling any warmer?” He asked, shuffling just a bit in his spot to get more comfortable, and pulling you with him.

The two of you were still situated in front of the fireplace, the blazing heat glowing in front of you. Your legs had wounded up in Newts lap, while your were leaning comfortably against his chest, trying to bathe in his warmth. With his arms wrapped around you and his head resting against your own, you two were the perfect mass of warm tangled blankets and jackets.

“Yeah.” You nodded in reply, titling your head to smile up at him as he looked back down to you shortly to return the smile. “Thank you, Newt.”

Leaning down just a bit, Newts lips grazed your temple gently in a sweet kiss. “Don’t worry.” His voice echoed quietly in your ears, sounding almost like a whisper. “I’ll be here for you, always.”

In the new year, I wish to grow myself.
To find beautiful things to love, about myself and the world around me.
Listen to strangers, hug more, watch old movies, read more stories of love and adventure, kiss more, laugh more, find good people that make me feel good, eat more sweets at midnight, call me friends, actually talk to people, dance around the room to Sinatra, smile more, find new hobbies that keep me happy, take more walks, take pictures of people and nature, put my phone down more, look at art, people, places. Just to love everything.

Remember Me?

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Summery: You and Negan were married before all of this happened and you lost him at the begging of all of this. he thought you were dead until he saw you at the lineup.

Word Count: 2051

Note: Italics are Flashbacks

Warnings: Negan Is a warning himself….

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Wedding Day

Prompt: How about a Sherlock x Reader where it is the day of their wedding? And Sherlock is really nervous and John and Mary are there to help and loads of fluff? Please and thank you :P

A/N: I hope you like this, it’s late and I am tired!

Sherlock stood in front of a large second story window, looking down at the flurry of activity taking place in the garden. It was a beautiful day and he should have been feeling happy and excited, but the feeling he was currently experiencing could only be described as panic.
“Almost time,” a familiar voice said at the door behind him. He turned to see John standing there, wearing a tuxedo very similar to his own. Only the boutonniere was different. John’s was red, his own was white, which incidentally, was the color of his face.
“Jesus, you look terrible,” John informed him. “Did I look this terrified on my wedding day?”
“This is a mistake, John,” Sherlock said, feeling the perspiration forming under his crisp white collar.
“A mistake? You marrying (Y/N) is a mistake?” John asked, eyes wide.
“No,” he replied, starting to pace the length of the floor. “(Y/N) marrying me is a mistake.”
“I might have to agree with you,” John chuckled. “But, for some reason that girl is crazy about you and seems fairly excited to become your wife.”
“John, be serious,” Sherlock pleaded. “She deserves better, I should spare her, I should…”
“You should stop right now,” John said, his voice firm. “You adore her. She knows it. She brings out your… more human side… It’s a match made in heaven.
Sherlock opened his mouth to respond, but another knock at the door interrupted him. They both turned to see Mary poking her head in.
“Excuse me boys, John, we are having a slight problem with the bride…”
“Problem?” Sherlock demanded, crossing the room in three large strides. “What problem? Is (Y/N) having second thoughts?”
“God, no!” Mary exclaimed. “She’s beside herself with excitement, but, we are having a bit of a wardrobe malfunction. John?”
“Coming,” he said, following his wife out. Before stepping into the hall, he turned back to Sherlock.
“She loves you,” he said pointedly. “You will be a good husband. You will give her a good life. Stop worrying.” Sherlock swallowed hard and nodded as John disappeared into the hall. He followed Mary down the long corridor of the manor house they’d rented for the wedding. (Y/N) and the rest of the bridal party were gathered the master suite on the other side of the house. Mary pushed open the door and John saw (Y/N) standing in front of the mirror with her white gown on, the long zipper down the back pulled about halfway up. (Y/N) looked as panicked as Sherlock had.
“I didn’t gain any weight,” she ground out at John. He held up his hands wordlessly.
“No, you didn’t dear,” Mary said, gently. “The zipper is stuck. I thought John might help give a tug.” John nodded and stepped towards his friend, careful not to step on the folds of her dress. He placed one hand on her hip and grasped the zipper in the other. To (Y/N)’s credit, the dress was loose enough, but the zipper seemed to be stuck on the lining. His strong, steady doctor’s hands gently worked the zipper up, slowly and surely to the top.
“There,” he said, smiling. “All zipped up.”
“Thank you, John,” (Y/N) gushed, turning to admire herself in the mirror. Sherlock was a lucky man, John thought to himself. This woman who had befriended them both had won the other man’s heart and John was unbelievably happy for them both. “How’s Sherlock?” She asked.
“Talking about calling it off,” John informed her. (Y/N) rolled her eyes.
“You handled it?” She laughed.
“I believe so,” John informed her. “Can you girls give us a second?” He said, asking the other girls to leave. Mary nodded and shooed them out, leaving John and (Y/N) alone. “I think you should see him.”
“Isn’t it bad luck and all?” She smiled. John shrugged, “Take me,” she said, gathering up her dress and following him out the back door, around through a back hallway and back up to the room where Sherlock stood waiting, gazing out the window again. She pushed the door open and he turned when he heard the rustling.
“Hi handsome,” she smiled, taking in his long, lean form, looking dashing in a tailored tuxedo.
“What are you doing here?” He murmured, crossing the room to her.
“John said you were going to stand me up?” She teased. She reached up and brushed a curl from his forehead.
“Why do you love me?” He asked, his brow knitting with concern.
“Sherlock,” (Y/N) sighed. “I love you for a million reasons. If you don’t want to get married, we won’t. But I’d sure like to marry you. I got this great dress…”
“You’re beautiful,” he whispered, bending to kiss her. “I want to marry you. I just want you to be happy.”
“You make me happy,” she whispered back, pressing her lips to his. “We will be happy. We will fight, we will get irritated. You more than me, probably, but that’s OK because we will still be happy.” Sherlock smiled and kissed her again.
“God I love you,” he sighed.
“Save some of that for the ceremony,” she whispered. “I mean, that is, if you still want to marry me.”
“I do,” he replied and (Y/N) laughed.
“Save that for the ceremony, too,” she said, poking him in the ribs.
“I will,” he said, wrapping his long arms around her.
“Ok so, go wait for me at the end of the aisle, I will be the happy girl in the white dress walking towards you.” She kissed him again, quickly and turned to leave. Sherlock grabbed her elbow gently, stopping her. (Y/N) looked back at him expectantly.
“You always know how to get through to me,” he said, his eyes thanking her, his panic replaced with a nervous excitement.
“And to think you almost didn’t marry me,” she tisked. “Good thing you have a lifetime to make it up to me.”
“Good thing indeed,” Sherlock replied.


Kai: waaah〜 that was so much fuuuun ٩( ᐛ )و  
tomorrow let’s get this party started together ! !
Reita: Awesome!! 
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Reita: today we experienced KNOTFEST from the audience side. I’m sooo glad they played Surfacing! tomorrow we’ll do our best on stage. see you theeenー! !
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the GazettE starts at 15:20〜!to all those who will be going to war with us tomorrow, let’s give it our all, go wild and blow down the place! we also really look forward to it! 🤘🔥

and to all those who will be coming for the first time, let’s boost this thing up! 💃

The Campaign of Unprecedented Hatred. #NeverTrump

Trump is white resentment, and decades of failed GOP promises, looking to burn the whole place down out of spite. His privilege and racism made it a cakewalk to get the nomination. The Tea Klan and alt-right media were harbingers. Trump made AM radio his platform. Hatred is their diet, and Trump fed them well.

It’s no coincidence that every action hero from James Bond to Generic Murder Dude #367 in the beginning of Assassin’s Creed: American Boogaloo has found themselves sneaking around theaters and operas. They are creepy places even when the actors are on stage and the seats are packed with condescending tuxedo-wearing fuckers.

Where it gets really disturbing, however, is when the seats are empty and the doors are locked. That’s when villains like the Phantom of the Opera or Sander Cohen from BioShock crawl out of the woodwork. Villains, that is, who are precisely like you. Unfortunately, it’s not like abandoned horror movie theaters are just hanging around, ready for the taking, except, that is, for the Orpheum Theatre in New Bedford, Massachusetts.

“Man, I don’t know,” I hear you saying. “It certainly looks adequately scary, and I could definitely see myself settling down in the place and wandering its corridors wearing a mask and holding a giant mallet that makes sparks as I drag it across the floor. But I just stole all these orangutans from the zoo, and I’ve been meaning to teach them to use the miniguns I’ve had laying around since the Lyon heist. They’d wreck the interior within minutes.” To which I say: Don’t worry, the Orpheum has it all. Turns out the official name of the place is “La Salle Francs Tireurs,” or “French Sharpshooters Hall.” It combines the European tradition of enjoying the fine arts with the American tradition of shooting the shit out of everything, by which I mean that it’s a theater that also has a gun range.

5 Creepy Abandoned Places That’d Make Perfect Villain Lairs

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