looking cute as armor to face today


Last night, one of my very good friends brought his noble floof along to Swordcraft Larp and I got to steal a bunch of hugs and doggo kisses. Tony of Portrait Photography (its his birthday today! Happy Birthday Tony!) was also awesome enough to take some cute pictures of me with this goofball of cuteness, Griff.
He looks way better on camera than me! His face in that last one is priceless <3


“Sometimes you end up with the person you least expect.” 

Allura - 2backleft

Keith - pedxing

Cell phone pics I liked from Sakuracon. Also known as ‘waiting for our turn during the Voltron photo shoot.’ There were soooo many good paladin armor cosplay, props, and overall cool people. (о´∀`о) Hopefully we can #formvoltron and have a full group next time we hang out. *-*

A little bird told me it was Fredrobin week!  The prompt for today was an Overprotective Freddy Bear and yes this is late.  (I mean the next prompt was angst i think so hey this works)

Tbh I honestly didn’t ship this pairing until Homeostasis happened, but look how cute they are <3  Nothing makes a Fredbear mad like someone hurting his birb.  They’re great.

ok but I died trying to draw Fredericks goddamn armor r.i.p. NEVER AGAIN.

The little touches that make ‘Frozen Fever’ such an obvious labor of love on the part of the animators and the directors and the voice actors: (UPDATED 8/3/2015)

Elsa’s little gasp when she creates the cake topper of Anna frozen on the fjord.  I’m sorry, I still think that shows it came from her subconscious.  There’s that little nugget of guilt that will never leave her.

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