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excited to share that i will be working at ign entertainment as a designer starting june 1! my first job out of school and what better way to start my career than to make stuff promoting video games :D


“Black is a detective possessed by the Grim Reaper. Ha-Ram can see shadows of death. These two struggle to save the lives of people, breaking the rules of heaven”.

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For the AU request night: Werepire AU, wild magic

Jacob knows more old spells than anybody Julie has ever met.  Not that she’s ever met anybody who would admit to having magic.  If you can pass, In Deluxe, you do everything you can to pass.

She’s never had anybody to practice spells with before.


Type: Halloween Special Series; One | Two 
Genre: Fantasy, Fluff, Fox Demon!AU
Member: Jeonghan
Word count: 1,177

Age 5

You frown as your tiny fingers run along the bruises that have blossomed their deep colors into your knees. You think back to what you have done to anger your aunt and it saddens you. She demanded you to make some tea this morning and you accidentally dropped and shattered her porcelain kettle as it was too hot. For that, she punished you by making you kneel on grains of rice for hours without anything to eat or drink.

Sighing, you hug your knees close to your chest and continue to watch the cartoon illuminating on the television screen.

It was strange- you’ve never met this aunt before. Neither of your parents has ever mentioned her name but she told you it was because she’s a distant cousin from your mother’s side. You know not to follow strangers, but when she mentioned both your parent’s names and a description of their appearances, you thought you could trust her.

So, when she told you that your parents were waiting for you at her house for a tea party, you willingly took her hand.

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hey im currently working on my character’s backstory and im looking for some inspiration. i’d love to read your Raen backstories! any and all genders, upbringings, social statuses, occupations, as long as they weren’t born in eorzea (its okay if they live there now or travelled there though!), if any of you would like to share your Raen with me i’d really appreciate it!!

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dating park woojin scenarios please?

- liYES i love park woojin please stan him 

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- listen,,,this boy is the sweetest person ever 

- walks on the side of the sidewalk which is closer to the cars LOL lil gentleman 

- likes to spoil his significant other because they deserve the best and he wants them to know that 

- secretly brags to the bnm boys about you and somehow manages to always sneak you up in the convo

- ‘’hey that move looks cool hyung!!’’ 

- ‘’thanks!! [name] helped me out with this!! isn’t it cool?” 

- smiles a lot whenever he is near you 

- mostly because he thinks that you radiant happiness 

- especially because he thinks your smile lights up his day and whenever he sees you smile - he instantly feels better (lmao this is so cheesy wth) 

- the type to blush a lot whenever your together

- ‘’u ok??” 

- ‘’??”

- ‘’ you’re really red,,, like youngmin-hyung hair red,,’’ 

- ‘’ asnjNDJKCNDCD’’ 

- when going out on a date for the first time, he would be so shy it would just be silence for literally the first half 

- eventually, you got tired of it and had to basically nudge him to break him out of the silence

- you tell him embarrassing stories about yourself and can’t help but beam as you realize that he’s looking a lot relaxing and happy

- it was worth seeing his smile so you didn’t mind

- warms up to you after you tell him a few stories and likes to tell you about bnm boys

- the type to gaze at you for a while with a lovestruck look on his face 

- ‘’you’ve been staring at me for a while, are you okay?? do i have something on my face??” 

- ‘’nonono,, its just,,, why are you so pretty..’’ 

- cue the blushing from both sides 

- him being ‘’ what t hE fuCk did i just say,,’

- and you ‘’ omg did he just call mE PRETTY? NDJKSNBKDSK’’ 

- ok im being too much bUT you get the point!! 

- onwards anyways

- if you just got together, he would be shy on showing skinship or pda because he would be afraid that he would mess up 

- despite being shy, he would try to get over it and in doing that,, 

- ‘’woojin?? are you ok??” 

- ‘’yeah why??’’

- ‘’well uhm you’ve been staring at this one person for a few minutes and i think he’s getting creeped out,,,’’ 


- but once he gets comfortable, he would find himself becoming more affectionate or clingy

- likes to hold hands a l o t 

- grabs them when your both sitting or just relaxing 

- likes to fiddle with them when he’s bored and smiles as he realizes his hands are bigger and they just fit perfectly and sjdn skc so cute

- likes to cling on to you 

- also,,, if you’re being stubborn or something he would man handle you gENTLY 

- like in that one episode i forgot but where he likes to flip over trainees?? yeah that but gENTLY 

- sometimes carries you over his shoulder when you are being frustrating because he knows that you’ll stop once you do 


- ‘’jagi are you okay??’

- ‘’are you hungry?? come on, lets go get food!’’

- ‘’no one bothered you today, right?? if they did, let me know and i’ll handle them.’’ 

- also,, whenever your sad, he would wipe away your tears with his thumbs and soothe you 

- ‘’hey,hey, its okay. tell me what happen…’’ 

- likes to cuddle you when your sad and whenever your expressing what has been bothering you, he likes to stroke your hair and occasionally let out soft hums to let you know that he’s listening

- the type to not leave you alone when you’re sad or angry 

- refuses to let you go to bed angry if you guys ever fight

- ‘‘ i love you too much to let you go to bed angry..’’ 

- despite your protests, woojin is right there to subdue the anger 

- kisses you goodnight and holds you close because he likes to know that you are there and all this time, he wasn’t dreaming 

- a true angel,,,park woojin please stan him 

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A little practice thing i did on Jacks newest picture!!! When I saw all those pictures coming out with such cool lighting i could not help myself it was SO COOL LOOKING. Came out surprisingly well too! Obviously i could of put a lot more detail in but this was more just playing around with the program and!!! I like what happened!!!

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So I’m working like a dog on uni animation and art and it has hit the point that I need something else arty to do on the side. Something mindless and fun, no drama no stress but creative nonetheless. 

Like doodling blog impressions! This lot is, in order, @gharesh-ri @deenaabeanie @sprongtoosh @neorescue and @blue-moon-42

Willing to do more, so like… show me some blogs maybe? It’d be nice to have a stash of names to the side easy to pluck up, although do understand I probably won’t get to everything. I gotta treat these like little breaks, just something to warm up or down with when I’ve had enough drawing of the same thing over and over and over @_@

But as for the process: I check out your blog and doodle to my strongest impression. What it keys in on depends on what catches my thought process the most! It might be theme displays, music playlists, titles, descriptions, or even some posts on the page I hit. Who knows, it’s a mystery. 

I’m starting my own art challenge!

So welcome to “Fakémon Pangaea”, A fan-made Pokémon region in a universe where the landmass of the Pokémon world never separated resulting in a super continent that is home to all the Pokémon of the world,                including your own!

So what’s the deal with this challenge?

Well personally I’m going to set out to create my own generation of Fakémon. If you’re interested in this, you don’t have to do the same as me, you can just draw whatever kind of Fakémon you want (within reason). Or if you don’t feel like drawing, or feel like you’re not able, you can always message an artist who’s taking part and politely ask them if they could help you bring your idea to life!

(Just please respect that if they’re doing the challenge, then they might be busy creating their own Fakémon, so be patient and understanding!)

Ok, so are there any guidelines?

Yes! Let me go through them for you!

- Firstly the Fakémon must be your own creation, I know it’s hard to come up with a Pokémon idea that hasn’t been done before,so I don’t mind you drawing influence from existing Pokémon or other peoples Fakémon, just as long as it’s distinguishable and stands out as it’s own thing. Fusions of pre-existing Pokémon are also Ok, as long as you can give a reasonable explanation as to how/why this fusion happened.

- Include a FakéDex entry. I know not everyone is going to follow this one and that’s ok, it’s why these are guidelines and not rules. But I think we’d all like to see some interesting information about your Fakémon, something that helps it stand out besides it just looking cool. Again, you don’t HAVE to do this, but it would be nice to see.

- Tag your image as “Fakemon Pangaea” so everyone can see it. Again, I won’t force people to do this, if you feel like doing the challenge and keeping it to yourself, that’s fine, this is just for a “community” kind of feel.

Ok, so what about actual rules?

So glad you asked! I’ve really only one rule.

- Keep it SFW, this is a challenge based on a game for children after all, so at the very least make it PG, I don’t mind minor, subtle references to more adult themes, but nothing blatant, I don’t want to see Pokémon based on genitals or anything.

Right! So with that I’m going to continue creating my Faké Gen. I hope you guys like the idea of this challenge and get a kick out of taking part.

If no one else takes part, eh I tried and at least I’m going to have fun!



       zodiac meme: libra + resident evil
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if u know stuff abt mantises i tagged this with like 100000 questions lmao thanks

TITLE: Tricking the trickster

Sweat dripped down the back of your neck, the moisture forming a darker patch of fabric between your shoulder blades than the rest of the tunic. It wasn’t from the heat of fire encasing your hands, that never bothered you, but rather the exertion Loki was putting you through.

“I don’t know how much longer I can focus,” you said through gritted teeth, eyes following the princeling as he continued pacing back and forth around you, watching you. 

“You aren’t focusing very well if you’re talking to me,” he pointed out, giving you a tiny smirk before turning his attention back to the book he had in his hand, ignoring you as you should be ignoring him. 

“Maybe if I had incentive to do well, I’d try harder,” you argued back, taking a second to give him a sultry wink. Loki’s answering smirk made your insides quiver, almost causing you to lose focus. 

‘You’d enjoy that, wouldn’t you?’ his voice purred within your mind, a feather light touch letting you know he was present there as well as in the room. Two seconds later, he was gone. And you slammed back into place that iron wall that would usually keep him out, huffing for having fallen for his alluring words once again. Silver tongue was most certainly correct.

As much as you wanted to stop, you couldn’t. Loki’s magic was fighting with yours. Yet, he being the more experienced, and way more powerful, he didn’t even break a sweat and could focus on multiple things at once. Giant slabs of ice were threatening to crush you, razor sharp icicles jutting out from each slab, one on either side. Your hands were extended out, flames being pushed into the walls. Unfortunately, as fast as they were melting, they were reforming. A low growl of frustration was forced out of you. Your arms were aching, your mind exhausted.

Loki and you had struck a deal. A week ago, after you had enchanted your way into his chambers to steal back a prized possession of yours, he had trapped you. Both with his words and with his enchantments. Either you became his apprentice, or he would turn you in to his father. All your ‘activities’ as one of the sorceress’ that caused so much mischief had alerted the King of Asgard. The power was unchecked, but he hadn’t been able to find out who you were or capture you. Not as his son had.

“Loki,” you groaned, knees starting to wobble and threaten to collapse. Those green eyes looked at you from over the pages of his reading material, watching for two seconds before turning down again. A silent indication to continue with your exercise.

Another two minutes and the icicles were now just brushing your skin, hissing and melting upon contact only to reform. 

You weren’t powerful enough. 

Something felt as if it suddenly ripped within you, a huge flare up engulfing your body and the blocks of frozen water in flames. As soon as it appeared, it was extinguished.

“Was that so hard?” he asked, licking a finger before turning a page.

Loki’s book went up in flames.

When he did look at you, he found you were soaking wet, but the moisture it was quickly turning into steam. Harsh pants were heard and he watched as your knees collapsed, unable to support your weight after the extreme exertion. The annoyance from you having turned his book to ash was replaced with a pleased expression. Learning your limits was the first step.

“Get up, you need food to keep up your strength,” he encouraged, raising a brow when you didn’t so much as give him a vulgar gesture or curse at him.


Loki immediately stepped over to your side, kneeling next to you and slipping an arm under your shoulders to lift you into a sitting position. 

“I can’t,” you mumbled, sweat now beading down your face and creating a sheen across all visible skin. “Too much, too hot.”

Loki moved his hand to your forehead, palm laying against the heated skin. You sharply inhaled at the stark temperature difference, pressing yourself more into his touch. 

He saw his mistake now. A week was not enough for you to reach the limits of your abilities and not overdo it. Your body wasn’t accustomed to the massive amounts of heat it had to produce in  order to keep him at bay. A mouse against a tiger. Cursing the nine realms, he removed his hand from your forehead and slipped that arm under your knees. Cradling you to his chest, Loki exited the old rooms he had used to study in and proceeded to take you up into his personal chambers. You haven’t been back in here since having been trapped a few steps in.

Depositing you on one of the couches, he slipped off his armor and leather jacket, keeping on his normal, deep green tunic. “I’m only doing this out of necessity,” he gave you a cool look before helping you out of your soaked outer clothes, leaving you in garments similar to his. With those gone, he picked you back up again, the coolness of his skin easily passing through your thin layers to ease your feverish temperature.

“I swear, I won’t do this again until you’re ready,” Loki muttered, more to himself than anything. This was his fault. He wasn’t aware of how little you used your gifts of flame. The tricks you utilized were the easiest, the flames not as easily mastered. 

“I forgive you,” you murmured, leaning your head against his throat, tucking yourself under his chin. “You want to test me, and I want to piss you off,” you continued in a teasing manner, knowing Loki was smiling too. 

He continued to hold you against him for the next fifteen minutes until you were beginning to get the chills from being so close to him. It was only then he carefully set you down upon your feet, keeping an arm around your waist once he noticed how wobbly you still were. Loki was still smirking, enjoying finally having you show a little weakness. Until now, the two of you would argue, flirt, train, then taunt each other some more. Neither of you wished to show weakness, or admit feelings for one another.

 Ultimately, today had changed that.

Loki lead you out onto his balcony, the setting sun still spreading just enough warmth to ease your chills. Your strength was returning, but no way were you going to tell Loki to let you go. His arm kept you close, the coolness of his fingers sending a delightful shiver down your spine.

“Do you think you will be able to return home alright?” he murmured, looking down at your face. 

“I don’t know,” you answered, leaving out the part about you not wanting to leave. After seeing how Loki had reacted to your burn out, it made you realize how much he cared. He had let his icy personality crack. The two of you continued to stand outside in comfortable silence, watching the sun as it set completely.

“Then you should stay here with me for the night, I wouldn’t want you to hurt yourself,” Loki grinned, leaning down and pressing his lips against the top of your head. Warmth spread through your stomach. 

“Is that the only reason?” you inquired, a tiny smirk beginning to uplift the corners of your mouth. Loki’s jade eyes twinkled as your gazes met, mischief present within them. He was a bit surprised when he found the same look.

“Of course,” Loki answered, voice dropping into a purr. He let you go and proceeded to back through the double doors, his eyes being the last thing to disappear. You proceeded to follow him, tiptoeing on silent feet. He was seated on the edge of his bed, beckoning to you. Your cheeks flamed red. 

“The only reason?” you repeated again, stopping a foot from him. His wink was enough to make you crack, hurling yourself the last step, hoping to crash into his arms and his lips.

Unfortunately, you passed right through him, getting a face full of his silken sheets. 

“By the rainbow,” you seethed, rolling onto your back only to have the real Loki lay himself on top of you and capture your lips with his. 

You may or may not have burst into flames.