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Louis Tomlinson dons a hoodie as sources say he has reunited with ex
The One Direction star, 25, rocked a casual look as he popped into his record company in West London on Thursday as sources claim that he is now back together with his ex-girlfriend Eleanor Calder.

He recently sent fans into overdrive with rumours that he had reunited with his ex-girlfriend Eleanor Calder two years after the couple split.

But Louis Tomlinson wasn’t giving anything away as he stepped out to visit his record company Sony in West London on Thursday.

The One Direction star, 25, opted for a casual look for the meeting, wearing a black zip-up hoodie over a white t-shirt.

He donned pale blue jeans which were ripped at the knees and spotless white sneakers.

The dad-of-one looked a little sleepy as he clutched a coffee on his way into the office.  

Louis’s casual appearance comes just days after speculation that he had reunited with his fashion blogger ex-girlfriend Eleanor.

The pair, who dated for three years, triggered intense speculation when they followed each other again on Instagram and started liking posts.

Sources claim that the pretty pair are  back together following a secret reunion in Los Angeles.

Adding to the rumour mill, Louis and Eleanor were spotted wearing very similar sweatshirts. 

The couple, who parted ways in March 2015, reportedly rekindled their romance after Eleanor flew out to LA for work.

‘Louis and Eleanor spent a lot of time in Los Angeles together this month,’ a source told The Sun.

‘It’s early days but they are an item again. Eleanor was flown to Los Angeles for a huge Tommy Hilfiger fashion event as she works with the label as a blogger.

'They have a really special three years together and they have found it quite easy to find that spark between them again.’

Louis and Eleanor donned a Vetements hoodie inspired by Jack and Rose from Titanic just weeks apart from one another.

Louis wore his to pick up a coffee on Thursday in Hollywood, while Eleanor posted a sizzling shot of herself wearing a hoodie from the same French brand.

Her sweatshirt appeared to be the same as Louis’s apart from the yellow lettering.

Pouting sultrily at the camera, the brunette beauty - who split with Louis in 2015 - rocked a pair of black thigh-high boots in the snap.

And Louis was clearly impressed with the photo - and their similar taste in fashion sense - as he liked it on Instagram.

Fans claimed that the almost identical garment was a sign of their imminent reconciliation.

'I’m so happy you’re on good terms with Louis,’ one wrote, while another added: 'Louis was wearing the same top recently!’

'It’s obvious that Louis is going to come back with her to end all this s**t, so here we go.’

Others eagerly picked up on the fact that the father-of-one had liked Eleanor’s photo, commenting: 'Louis be stalking lol.’

'Omg Louis liked the post,’ while another pleaded: 'GET BACK YOU TWO.’

The couple were introduced by Harry Styles, and in 2014 Eleanor, now 24, acted as the Maid of Honour at Louis’ mother’s wedding.

But the pair split just a year later, with the stress of  constantly travelling the globe said to have been the root cause of their relationship woes.

Louis has been ostensibly single since splitting with American actress Danielle Campbell last year after the tragic death of his mother Johanna from leukaemia in December.

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if everyone had instagram how would yata react to finding fushimis profile and seeing his pictures??

Would Fushimi even bother to use Instagram, I feel like he’d find taking pictures and posting them pointless and a bother. Especially if say he gets roped into it because a bunch of the other alphabet boys have one and they want Fushimi to join too so he can see their pictures and Fushimi’s just like Hidaka I don’t give a shit about what you ate for lunch leave me alone. But then he gets coaxed into getting an account anyway and though he doesn’t post often he does occasionally post. He rarely makes any comments to go with his pictures and no matter how often the rest of the alphabet squad tries to engage him in conversation about it or get him to follow their Instagram accounts Fushimi never so much as comments.

So then say post-ROK Fushimi and Yata are in a relationship and living together. One day Fushimi comes home from work and he’s clearly sick but he even so he immediately opens up his laptop and keeps trying to work more, Yata pretty much has to bodily pry him away from it and toss him in the bed so he can rest and recover. Fushimi clicks his tongue and complains but he’s feeling dizzy and weak so he can’t resist much, curling up on the bed and falling asleep with his clothes still on. Yata figures he should go finish dinner at least, he can wrap up Fushimi’s portion in case Fushimi’s feeling better when he wakes up and wants something to eat. As Yata’s returning to the kitchen he notices that Fushimi left his laptop on and Yata figures he may as well as least shut it down for now while Fushimi’s sleeping, even though Fushimi’s always telling Yata not to touch his laptop because Fushimi is convinced that Yata will destroy it somehow. Yata’s like okay I’m just gonna close it, there’s no way I could break it just doing that, but as he’s reaching for the laptop his eyes focus on the image on the screen. As it happens Fushimi wasn’t working when Yata pulled him away, he was finishing something else instead, and right there on Instagram is a picture of Yata himself, fast asleep with his hair a little tousled and his face peaceful, and a hand that’s unmistakeably Fushimi’s brushing gently against his cheek.

For a second Yata’s like what the fuck why is there a picture of me here and then he realizes that it’s Instagram and that the account has Fushimi’s name on it. The only caption on the picture is ‘Misaki’ and it looks like Fushimi only just uploaded it so Yata figures it must have been pretty recent. He’s kinda surprised to see Fushimi even has an Instagram and he can’t deny that he’s super curious about what other pictures are on there. Yata finds himself sitting down in front of the laptop and sorting through Fushimi’s gallery. The thing Yata starts to realize looking at Fushimi’s pictures is that there’s like a distinct progression the further back he goes, like Yata decides to scroll until he gets to the first picture in the gallery and then go forward from there and the very first picture is one taken from some months prior to S1, just a picture of an empty sky and for some reason Yata feels his throat getting tight looking at it. The early pictures are all like that, almost all pictures of scenery and they all look so wide and empty to Yata, like Fushimi just wanted to focus on something hollower than himself. Also mixed in with the sky pictures are occasional little flashes of someone that Yata can only recognize as himself, seen usually from a distance or in motion – a quick flash of red hair off to one side of the photo, a blurred figure skateboarding from across the street and barely seen. There’s also one picture of a darkened night sky and red lights hovering in the air and there’s a distinct air of melancholy about it that makes Yata’s stomach twist a little, remembering that night. The only caption for that photo is ‘he’s dead.’

Then Yata starts to get to the more recent stuff and suddenly he can see how color is slowly seeping into Fushimi’s dull world. There’s more pictures of the alphabet boys at first, Akiyama smiling and holding out a teacup, Gotou and Hidaka laughing in a corner, Benzai looking furtive as he reaches to pet Kuro the cat. And then suddenly there are all these pictures of Yata: Yata smiling to himself as he cooks dinner, Yata asleep on the couch, Yata with an angry posture as he plays a video game, just so many pictures of Yata looking happy and content and all Yata can imagine now is Fushimi sitting there on the couch behind him watching fascinated as Yata cooks dinner, Fushimi lying next to him on the couch and staring at his sleeping face, Fushimi smiling in amusement as Yata curses at another video game. Just all these little moments that Fushimi clearly wanted to capture and hold onto, and suddenly Yata finds himself wiping tears from his eyes and smiling like an idiot because it just makes him so happy, seeing how far Fushimi’s come and how far their relationship has progressed.

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Hello Fabrickind! This is a very different kind of question I think. I really love cosplaying, but I can't do it right now for several reasons. There are a lot of costumes I adore and I always wonder if there's some way to do "casual" cosplays, looks inspired by characters that can be incorporated into a casual everyday look but don't scream Cosplay? I know this is a very general and vague question, but I hope you answer it nonetheless!

Hello there!

This is actually a great question. There’s all sorts of ways to incorporate fandom into casual looks without having it be an actual “cosplay.”

The first suggestion would obviously be to choose canon outfits that can work as “normal” clothes. Of course, a lot of fictional characters tend to have outlandish outfits, and maybe don’t have a casual look you can choose that would pass as normal clothes, so this may not be an option. If there’s a comic or manga series for something or an anime with an artbook or lots of official artwork other than the series itself, it’s more likely to find casual outfits on splash pages in comics, during scenes in between the action, and in artbooks and CD liners and such.

The next suggestion would be to look at fanart. A lot of fanartists draw characters in different outfits than their normal clothes, or will draw characters in an outfit they saw in a magazine or on a runway. These may still be too costumey to wear as normal clothes, or may be too avant garde (especially if based off of high fashion outfits), but are another place to look for inspiration. dig through the tags on Tumblr or a safe for work booru for your fandom (safe for work because even if you don’t mind seeing the not safe for work stuff, it often won’t give you many outfit ideas because characters are either nude or in fetish gear).

If you go with either of the above options, I would advise getting storebought clothing meant to be worn as normal casual wear, unless you often sew your own actual clothing as opposed to costumes). This will temper any sort of costumey look the design may have, since the clothes will seem to be something meant to be lived in. If you aren’t used to designing daily clothing, it can be hard to translate something from cartoony artwork to a wearable daily outfit.

Also, if you can’t wear wigs, don’t. Try to style your hair in a way that suits the outfit or character.

The last option, which is what I think has the greatest potential here, is to create outfits inspired by the character’s outfit. In Disney fandom, this is called “Disneybound,” where fans will create fashion outfits inspired by the characters they want to emulate. (Part of the reason for the popularity of this in the Disney fandom is because adults are not allowed to wear costumes in the Disney parks.) Here is a great resource with a compilation of Disneybounds that may serve as inspiration of the types of outfits you can do.

When creating this type of outfit, look at what the character is wearing, and see how you can translate it to real life clothing. What types of items are they wearing? What colors? What accessories would go with this outfit and stay in character? Be creative and have fun with it.

There’s often boards of character-inspired outfits on sites like Pintrest and Polyvore, so you can look there. There’s also a few tumblrs that compile these things: @character-inspired-fashion @character-inspired-outfits @character-inspired-style, and I’m sure many others.

People will also often create boards for this type of outfit, and if the character is popular enough, some may come up in google search. Here’s one someone made for one of my favorite characters:

Link: http://www.polyvore.com/juri_arisugawa_utena/set?id=117867757

You can see that her canon outfit is ridiculous and would only work in an anime, but the inspired outfit takes details of her outfit and character and translates them into real life. Her military-inspired uniform becomes a smart zippered jacket and slacks, her signature locket is included, and a few accessories that would pair well with the outfit are included (I’d suggest a bowling bag inspired purse instead of her infamous bowling ball for a bit of a fandom in joke touch that can still work as a real fashion item). The clothing still very much says “Juri Arisugawa,” but is something that would work in a setting where you can’t outright cosplay as her.

Here’s another example from the same series. You can see that the color scheme and a few of the design details are kept, but the outfit is clearly inspired by the giant anime ballgown, and with few modifications, could easily pass as a normal outfit out to dinner and drinks or to a party, or with the formality toned down a little, could be worn out and about. 

I hope that helps! Good luck. :]

Fabrickind / Q&A Staff


Casual friday look 💁
Had an 8:30 meeting with the exec, left work after the meeting and went to the bank, did some shopping for tomorrow. Working from home now and then have to go drop off the cat with Ben’s mum and then have dinner with some friends.

Oh and I need to pack because Paris tomorrow! ✈✈

No idea how this day got so busy! I hope you have great weekends everyone!

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top five jimin looks!! ((mostly bc /i/ love jimin lol))

1. His look in Run BTS episode 8. It’s just brown hair, a black hoodie, and jeans, but for some reason it’s a look that has stuck with me for over a year lol

Originally posted by jitamin

2. Apparently I like Jimin’s casual looks, because another that has stuck with me forever is from the BTS undercover mission in Japan thing, where he was wearing a snapback, sunglasses, a white T-shirt, and gray sweats

(please ignore the horrible quality of this second screenshot)

3. This exact moment in the Run MV

Originally posted by daffodiltae

4. Keeping up with the casual thing, I thought he looked really good in that solo vlive he did where he was drawing

Originally posted by bts-best-lockscreens

5. I also loved his outfit in the Bapsae dance practice

Originally posted by xmnghrs

put “top 5” anything in my ask and i will answer 

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😘 (you wanted this one. i know y'do) (insert one second of SD looking at you casually and then chuckling) (to you watching, literally bubbz curls at everything) (its funny)

*lol they ded*

(if they didn’t realize it was flirting they’d be scared and slightly worried at the chuckling tho))

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