looking back at my google plus profile

Okay so my bf is helping me out on this, and I woke up to this message he sent around 10:30 ish

“Okay so, don’t get upset sweetheart, but that dipshit got up to a lot of other garbage. For starters, in one of my comments I linked to one of their youtube videos, the one I showed you and said "I know what you look like, kid.” So last night they deleted that video from their youtube channel. I went all through the profile looking for more information, and I do NOT recommend going into their profile pictures or posted pictures section. They’ve posted hundreds of your pictures in there, stuff that’s recent and stuff that’s years old. So I went back to their youtube channel, and they had a list of friends google plus profiles they listed as “boyfriend, mother, sister, best friend” etc. I opened all of their accounts in tabs, and sent each and every one a long message including the callout post and the picture you took specifying you’re not vince, along with a long message asking them to get Vince to stop all this.“

I’m honestly sick to my fucking stomach guys. I just…I can’t