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Hello~ Can I have a headcanon with Hidan beeing jealous? With a s/o female. Her ex or starts talking with she, asking if she wants hang out with he. [I hope my english is understandable~] I think her ex could speak pretending not to see Hidan and speak with she pretending a genuinely conversation like "LETS GO TO MY HOUSE JUST THE 2OF US BUT ITS JUST MY HOUSE" this type, you got it? Thank you~~

I gotchu. And your english was understandable :) Thanks for requesting! (I hope this is okay!!!) Warning: Slight NSFW at the End.

HC’s on Hidan’s Girlfriend Getting Hit On by Her Ex + Hidan’s Jealousy

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  • I should really start off by saying that Hidan is a bitch when he’s jealous. I cannot think of anyone else who compares with him on the jealousy scale, he’s just so…extra. And what’s worse is that he gets jealous very easily, so THAT’S always a good time. When he gets jealous he becomes very clingy to his girlfriend, either wrapping an arm around her hips or waist. He then begins to verbally roast the person that is making him jealous. His roasts are spot on, seriously, they’re not even funny, they’re hurtful. Then when that’s done he spews a string of cuss words at them and then kills them. He doesn’t sacrifice them, they’re not worth it to him. And then he’ll take his gf back to the hideout and show them “who’s boss” *wink wink* *nudge nudge*
  • So knowing all of this, Hidan’s girlfriend tries to desperately avoid situations where she knows he’ll get jealous. Which is VERY hard, but not impossible. 
  • Anyway, so here’s what happened: The two of them and the rest of the Akatuki went to a local bar, club-thing because they’re people, they deserve breaks. And Hidan would be with his girlfriend, sitting in a booth, hand around her waist - almost pulling her to his lap. He would be scanning the crowd to see if anyone is giving his wonderful woman the snake eye. Hidan’s gf is looking off into the distance like she’s on The Office because this happens every time the two of them go out together. 
  • To give herself some space she’s going to ask him to go get her a drink, which will cause him to say, “get it your fucking self” but then he realizes that potential “threats” if she does get the drink by herself, so he goes and gets her drink. 
  • And now she’s alone in the booth - the other Akatsuki are doing their own thing. Kakuzu is gambling; Itachi, Kisame, Pein, and Konan are playing pool; Toby is by the jukebox busting a move; Sasori is alone in a different booth; Deidara is with him drinking and debating different art styles; and nobody knows where Zetsu went. So Hidan’s s/o is alone…until she and her ex (which she had no idea was there) spots her. The two make eye contact but she quickly hides her face and prays to Jashin that he actually did not see her and that he is not going to come over. But he does come over and Hidan’s girlfriend is face palming. This is not going to end well. 
  • Her ex is going to try and talk to her:
    • “Hey (name)! How have you been? I haven’t seen you in a while”
    • “Get out of here, now.” - She’s going to look around and see where Hidan is. 
    • “Oh come on, don’t be that way! I’m really sorry about how things ended between us, it shouldn’t have gotten so ugly.”
    • “Yes yes. I forgive you. NOW GO.” 
    • “But I’ll be honest, I haven’t stopped thinking about you and I think we should get back together. Or at least talk about it.” - He’s going to reach for her hand, but she’s going to ultimately smack it off.
    • “No. We’re done, now get out of here.” - She’s getting scared because she can’t see Hidan and it’s all about to go to hell.
    • “She said get lost.” - Oh look, Hidan’s back. He’s going to slam the drink in between his Gf and her ex.
    • The ex plays dumb and refuses to acknowledge Hidan, “We can leave later, so (name) tell me what you have been up to.”
    • Hidan’s girlfriend is going to look up at him and see the pupils dilated, the nose flared, and the murderous aura. She doesn’t reply to her ex.
    • “Well I’ve been up to a lot. You know that garden I always wanted to plant? Well I did it and now I have tomatoes!” 
    • Are you fucking deaf? She’s not interested, now get the fuck away from her.” - Hidan is not having any of it. You can hear his teeth grinding out of anger from miles away.
    • Hidan’s gf mouths the word “run” at her ex, but he doesn’t listen. 
    • “It’s pretty loud in here don’t you think? We should go back to my place to catch up, just the two of us.” And then he winks at her which is the final straw. 
    • Hidan’s girlfriend lets out a deep sigh, says “Well you’re fucked.” and then throws back her entire drink. 
    • That’s it!”
    • Cue the record scratch. All the other Akatsuki members stood back to watch and they all said a silent prayer for the bastard who pissed Hidan off.  
  • Hidan roasts the ex into oblivion. There’s no coming back from it, the ex will have to spend years rebuilding his pride. Hidan knows the ex from what his girlfriend told him and uses everything he knew against him.
  • He then rips the guy out of the seat and takes him outside. Toby turns up the jukebox to drown out the guys screams. Hidan’s girlfriend continues to chill in the booth, rolling her eyes at Hidan’s possessiveness. She knows he means well, but does he really have to kill everyone that comes into contact with her that’s not the other Akatsuki. 
  • When Hidan comes back he’s covered in blood and breathing heavily, nobody winks at his beloved and gets away with it. His gf is definitely not going to complain about the sight of him all riled up, seeing him hot and bothered makes her hot and bothered.
  • At this point in time the Akatsuki went back to buisness as usual, leaving Hidan and his lover to their own devices. I can imagine that Hidan would go over to his girlfriend and just jam his tongue down her throat. Primal instincts will kick in and he’s going to want to “claim” his partner - if that makes sense.
  • After the make-out session in the booth, he’s going to throw her over his shoulder as if they’re nothing but a sack of potatoes and take them back to the hide out. He needs to show her who she belongs to ;)

I call this one, “Love sick puppies in sweaters.” TvT

These pre-teen dorks are killin me.. I mean loooOOOOkK AT THEM!! !

This ship dragged me back in, im not sorry but ya’ll know how I get about biracial relationships~ <33 ;v;

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Why do you hate Maya and Topanga's relationship so much? I think it's sweet

*psa, when I use the term boyfriend, I really mean there is a mutual thing going on*

As a whole, I don’t hate it, but in regards to the love triangle, I think it’s unrealistic and extremely frustrating. 

Right now, Riley is in a lot of pain, because her best friend has developed feelings for the guy she is seeing. Maya spent two seasons flirting with Lucas and developing feelings for him despite the fact that he was seeing her best friend. Imagine being in a mutual relationship with someone, and then having to deal with your best friend pulling your boyfriend by the shirt and bringing him close enough to her face to kiss him. Imagine your best friend looking visibly turned on around your crush and saying things like “pick up the bed with one hand” because she is voicing that she is attracted to him. Imagine your best friend developed a crush on your boyfriend and started flirting with him and making her feelings known through her actions. How would you feel?

Now, imagine talking to your mom about feeling overwhelmed because your best friend thought it was okay to pursue the guy you were seeing. Imagine having to deal with that kind of pain and betrayal and going to your mom for comfort, only for her to get up and comfort the source of your pain and tell her that the situation is not her fault. How would you feel?

I have had the same best friend my entire life. She is my next door neighbor and we are extremely close. She is also very close with my mother. My mom saw her as soon as she came home from the hospital and often used to babysit her while her parents were away at work, or needed some time to themselves. Yet there is no way in hell my mom would sit there and comfort her if she decided to flirt with the guy I was seeing. Because what Maya did was shitty. She hurt Riley and she did in fact mishandle things. And to sit there and watch Topanga coddle her and tell her that she did nothing wrong (and in front of Riley nonetheless) pisses me off big time. 

I’m just extremely tired of the narrative not holding Maya culpable. And it kills me that Topanga, Riley’s mother, is doing the same.