looking at you like this making me feel so wrong omg

Everyone’s all like

“No don’t marry Emily bc of omg Clint. It’ll hurt his feelings!”

So Clint’s known Emily for years and he doesn’t actually do anything to pursue her unless you intervene but then she starts developing feelings for you the more hearts you earn with her. After her 8 heart event, an event that I think is adorable and makes me love Shane & Abigail more, she states that she thinks Clint is mad at her and doesn’t even look at her anymore.

Fuck that neckbeard nice guy mentality and behavior.

Get RECKT Clint, I’m gunning for your girl next.

Update: we banged in the secret woods 👀👌

He is my bias, so, omg, i am going to cry while i am writing this.

  • He is really lazy, and like you see in the videos or something from bts, you always see him sleeping. 
  • someone who is calm, quiet but like jungkook, funny sometimes.
  • when he needs someone you have to be there always, no matter what, if both fighting in the morning, it’s okay, but he needs you.
  • When you both fight, you see him like he don’t even care or something like that, he cares, so bad, but he never show his feelings
  • someone  who look cold and never smile but in the inside is warm and loving.
  • he loves cuddles, i am pretty sure that he love it so much. 
  • someone who supports him, no matter what it is, you have to support him.
  • maybe when you say lovely words to him, he doesn’t care but is yoongi, so he will love it
  • rap fights, maybe you suck, but you make him feel good, like he is king of the rap, just ignore him, please.
  • night walks
  • movies in the early morning, like 3 a.m
  • i know, i know, but i repeat this. CUDDLES, CUDDLES, EVERYWHERE, I A CRYING.
  • Looks that speak for itself
  • When you don’t saw, he will look at you like you are his whole world, like he is the most lucky guy in the universe, oOH goD.
  • Maybe sounds weird but he will take pictures when you are sleeping or taking a nap.
  • Maybe when you have to make him fall in love with you or make him trust in you is going to be difficult but will be worth it, believe me.
  • he is a good boy, sometimes a dork, but a really good boy
  • take care of him, and make him really happy♥

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I could NOT AGREE MORE about those pottermore marauder drawings. They're just... so so wrong. ESPECIALLY Remus. But everyone keeps reblogging them so I was sitting here thinking I must be the only one that deeply despises them, until you, you perfect goddess. Thank you THANK YOU

I just…they look like they were lifted from the movie castings. Which makes sense, given the Brand, but they feel like they contradict what the books say abt the characters! When has james potter ever been pensive omg. BUT! The concept is cool and I’m not shitting on people who like them. Just not for me.

Cheer You Up - Finn Bálor


please don’t hurt me this is the first time I’ve ever wrote about this sweet bby. i hope he gets well soon bc omg i feel so bad for him.

∞∞∞∞ p>

You were there when it happened. You watched from backstage, horrified when you saw how he hit the barricade. Your heart nearly stopped when the look came across his face. You knew something was wrong with him, but somehow he kept pushing through until the very end. It was destined for him to become the champion tonight. Despite how horrible he may have felt, he had to keep it up.

After he won, you were more than ready for him to make it backstage. And when he did, that’s when everything broke loose. He had tears in his eyes as the medical team began assessing him. “Baby,” You breathed out, watching as he held onto his shoulder.

“Six months, (Y/N).” He stared up at you. He had begun the healing process, but when he found out he may not be back in the ring for six months, he was devastated. You walked over to where he laid on the bed and got beside him, your head resting on his chest as he wrapped his good arm around you.

“You’re going to be fine… There’s nothing you can’t handle. Plus, I’m right here. The entire way.” You assured him, your eyes finding their way to stare into his own. You could see the tears forming once again. He had been an emotional mess since the news was given to him. The shoulder injury was much worse than they had thought, and he only wanted to be back in four months or less.

“I just feel like I’ve let people down.” He admitted, biting down on his lower lip. “Devitt,” You smirked, staring at him with a loving look “You didn’t let anyone down. When you get back, the title will be back with you, no doubt about it. What I want us to focus on right now is getting you better so you can get the title back in your hands.” You pressed a soft kiss against his lips, feeling as he returned the loving gesture.

“What would I do without you?” He whispered, resting his head on top of yours. “I don’t know,” You sighed. “You would probably be crying a lot more. At least I’m here to hold you.”

“(Y/N), I can’t even give you a proper hug… With this sling in the way, it’s kind of limiting me with you.” He chuckled roughly. You rolled your eyes, tracing circles on his abdomen. “You’re the cutest. Since you can’t fully hug me, I’ll be here to supply all the hugs.” You nuzzled closer to him,

The two of you stared at each other once again, a content silence falling over the room. The only sounds that were heard were yours and his breathing which had synced in pattern. As you continued to trace small circles on his stomach, his good arm was pressing into your side gently.

“You know, I still can’t help but giggle at your name.” You broke the silence, causing him to roll his eyes and join in your laughter. “This was such a romantic moment and you ruined it by making fun of my name.” He sighed deeply. You scoffed, shaking your head. “Romantic?”

“Okay, despite the fact I only have one arm. It was still pretty romantic if you ask me.” Fergal smiled widely, showing his teeth.

“No, but seriously,” You pressed your forehead against his. “Fergal.” You laughed harder at yourself than at him. He just stared at you, a smile on his face. “You sure do know how to make me smile.” He said under his breath.

“I’ll always be here to ensure that there’s a smile on that beautiful face of yours.” You promised, leaning up to peck his lips one more time.

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Let me tell ya being the youngest (and mohawked and always faintly glittered) in my cohort at film editing school and coming from the internet, as one says… omg my poor teachers trying to figure out what the hell was wrong with me. Like editing serious things, sure, I took it seriously and did whatever the assignment was, like follow this shot list, or only go by script but make it feel dreamy, okay now use the same footage and make it look like a horror film. That’s fun shit *snorts editing*

But when they gave us more freedom like, “just watch all of the footage and try to piece together a story, any story, just do what you feel!” or “make a music video!” you’d better believe my YouTube poop and AMV meme-loving ass made some weird shit, and sometimes laughed myself so stupid over it that I had to leave the classroom. And like, I’d invite a classmate to watch my weird edit and see what was so funny and they would just like laugh nervously like, “uh… yeah that’s… that’s funny, alright…”

Advice for each sign
  • From @Em_Rayne124 on Wattpad
  • Aries: It's OK to have insecurities/be insecure sometimes.
  • Taurus: Open up to people. Not letting people in can result in missed chances and being alone.
  • Gemini: It's OK to let people know how you really feel. They don't necessarily expect you to be goofy and OK all the time. (OMG THIS APPLIES TO ME)
  • Cancer: If people don't reply or make plans for you it doesn't mean there is something wrong with you.
  • Leo: Don't think so much about what people think about you as much. There are more than looks to a person.
  • Virgo: Don't let people take advantage of your kindness and will to give.
  • Libra: It's OK to be indecisive sometimes. Don't make decisions that will hurt you later.
  • Scorpio: You may feel anger because you feel like no one understands or listens to you, but that's definitely not true.
  • Sagittarius: Commitment seems very scary, but when you find a significant other you will need to stay and let them in to be happier.
  • Capricorn: You don't have to be perfect in everything and have it together 24/7. It's normal to breakdown sometimes.
  • Aquarius: It's OK to express your opinions. You won't be hated for expressing it. Don't hide your true feelings.
  • Pisces: Understand that everyone isn't as caring and empathetic as you.

dan likes boys? good for him.
dan isn’t attracted to boys? good for him.
can dan like watching attractive animated boys? yes dan can.
can dan find some men attractive and talk about who he finds attractive? yes dan can. 

what dan can’t do is talk about how he likes anime characters (specifically males), talk about how he may enjoy looking at some boys, the fact he looks up to some boys, and obsesses/fanboys over some without being called gay. you can look at boys whilst being a male yourself and find them attractive, animated or not, and not be gay. i’m so sick and tired of the phandom flipping when dan does something like this and everyone is like “he’s so gay” “omg he is so gay it’s so obvious.” it’s obnoxious and pathetic.

i mean, i ship phan myself and they do do some things that make me suspicious, but i’m not going to assume one or the other is gay after something happens right off the bat. also, why is everything going back to when dan was 14 and said he was bisexual? it was 10 years ago. things may have changed since then. and you know what? if nothing has changed and if he is attracted to males in that way, then that’s great and i’m proud of him.

there’s no need to assume he’s gay just because he’s calling guys attractive, harass, or get mad at other people just because someone doesn’t believe he’s gay and you do. why can’t we focus on other things other than their sexuality for once? that’s their business and personal lives, not ours, so i think it’s best we just focus on how far they’ve come, all of the things they’ve achieved, the dreams and goals they’ve reached and accomplished, what new little decorations they may put in the flat, if they went out and hung out with friends and had a good time, if they’re happy right now, what they’re planning on doing for the tour, etc,  and leave the sexuality of out of this.