looking at these just makes me so happy idek

three little lines

just a three little lines hold so much
an entire group
a community
a world
a clique
three little lines have never been so powerful
no other lines could make me feel more
these lines make me proud
they make me strong
like i am part of something greater than myself
the symbol represents peace
and perseverance
it inspires me to keep going
an entire band can be contained
in three little lines
head up
breathe in
all together now


[NU'EST W - If You] Special Stage | M COUNTDOWN 170817 EP.537

Ever since I stanned Nu’est, even if it’s not as long as the others and not as short as the new fans, I’ve had many tears with them. This performance just got me. I’m teary-eyed and happy and I literally hugged myself because everything is so good. They did so well and I just need a fandom hug, seriously.


Happy Birthday Lee Hyukjae!!

I can’t believe you’re already 30 years old! You still look so young and cute and handsome and just… You’re so perfect! I just don’t know what to do without you. You will probably go to the army very soon too and idek if I will survive that. Two years without you :( But let’s not think about sad things now! I’m just so happy I know SJ and especially you! You always make me happy and I just love you so much! What if I didn’t know SJ? My life would have been so boring, without you to make me happy. You always make me laugh with your cute gummy smile and all the stupid things you do. You’re such an idiot and a dork! But I still love you. What if I didn’t have you to make me happy? But fortunately I do and I’m so happy because of that!
I Don’t even know what I want to say with this… But I just wish there was a way to tell you how much I love you. I don’t think I’ll ever have to chance to tell you because I’m a very unlucky person and I’m sure I’ll never have the luck to meet you :( But I still… idk… I just love you, okay? You little cute, dorky and perfect anchovy! I’m just so lucky I’m able to be your fan and that I’m able to love you. I love you so, so, soooo much!! ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

anonymous asked:

hi can you do 4/4 or just calum where (maybe this is a few years in the future) you're dating them and your child from a previous relationship starts to accept them or calls them dad for the first time or something please x

plS DOMESTIC!5SOS (kinda idek man) BUT UYES

also im imagining this at like toddler age okay bYE

also this baby is a girl bc calum with a lil princess makes me knees weak k cool


omg okay socalumwould have been so hesitant at first to meet your kid like he’d be so fucking scared that your child wouldn’t like him because he liked you, like, a lot. So when you would have offered for a play date, just the three of you, he’d be kind of freaking out inside. Now, a couple months later, he was ‘acquainted’ (but he really considered them best friends, because let’s face it, your daughter was awesome) with your child and you guys would be lounging around in his apartment, just having a lazy morning after you and your daughter had stayed the night. Your kid would be in her high chair (the one that calum had bought especially for his apartment so that you guys would be prepared for when the two of you would stay the night, like you often did) just playing with her empty bowl, waiting for her cereal, and then when calum would say something like “Hey, bud, what kind of cereal do you want?” and that would be when your daughter would look up at him through her innocent lil doe eyes and say something like “Cheerioes, please.” And then you would hand calum the box that you had already pulled out (because your daughter pretty much ate the same breakfast every morning) and then calum would pour the milk into the bowl, alongside the cereal, and your daughter would say something like “Thanks Daddy.” and then calum would just look up at you with this panicked look because this is massive, and you would give him a questioning look like, is that okay? because you two had never discussed it before and he would just smile and look back down at your daughter and be like “You’re very welcome.” And then after you had put her down for a nap you two would be cuddling and you’d be like “soo about earlier…” and calum would just smile at the thought and tangle your hands together and just be like “i don’t know why, but the thought of having a baby call me her dad makes me really happy” and then you guys would start talking about your guys having your own kid together and stuff and it would be fuCKING PRERFECT OKAY

so this one is rly shitty but u kno how it is

idek why i have folowers but ayee




make me choose

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