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whenever i see your posts on my dash i feel really nice because it seems like they show up every time i log on around 9 and its kinda comforting, like im looking outside to the sunset at the same time every night even though im not there and they're your pictures

this is so heartwarming, thank you! i’m really, really glad it’s comforting for you 💝

“The point is that when I see a sunset or a waterfall or something, for a split second it’s so great, because for a little bit I’m out of my brain, and it’s got nothing to do with me. I’m not trying to figure it out, you know what I mean? And I wonder if I can somehow find a way to maintain that mind stillness.”


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Omg but can you talk about the first nap though. The one that caught them off guard but they woke up soft and warm?

imagine it was in bed. and it started by lying on top of the duvet just talking, on their backs, their fingers loosely curled together. they laid down because it was an exhausting day, magnus’s house calls running late into the afternoon and alec getting stuck with double patrol shifts and they were both just in that sleepy state where they just slipped into talking about nothing and somehow everything.

the light was all tangerine heading somewhere towards red, the sunset threatening to take all of the warmth of the afternoon and sink it into that in between time that wasn’t quite the warmth of evening yet. but for a moment there, it was shards of that orange light spilling through the windows, catching on their hair as they moved and spoke, shoulder to shoulder there on the bed.

then after a while, the conversation died down, like a faucet that dripped to a slow stop. all of their words seemed to run out but the silence was literally golden, as alec rolled onto his side and pressed his face into magnus’s shoulder. magnus felt like he noticed that feeling really slow, the warmth of his breathing against his skin through one of his button up shirts. he felt himself smile but the haziness of everything was just a little too much.

and they fell asleep like that, neither of them all that aware of it, just drifting off and letting the sunset tuck them in, still dressed for the day.

so when they woke and darkness had fallen over the city, night time blanketing the world in it’s dark embrace, it was strange. all the lights were on, candles flickering and magnus shifted, breathing into alec’s hair as he felt consciousness trying to pull him out of the warm fog of sleep.

they woke holding each other, which wasn’t how they fell asleep, they woke even more tangled like they had pressed close, especially alec, who’s face was pressed against magnus’s chest like he was drinking up how it felt underneath his head. and as they woke, slow blinks and staring at each other, they were both so unsure of when they fell asleep or what was happening.

the only thing they were certain of was that pulling away from each other was the last thing they were going to do. instead, sleepy mouths be damned, magnus tipped alec’s chin up, those big hazel eyes blinking at him all unfocused and they kissed, alec’s fingertips pressed against his chest, their breathing still the heavy kind that you found in sleep, soft and warm and comfortable.

am i the only person who loves how fascinated even always looks with isak? like isak could wake up all grumpy and groggy in the morning and even will still look at him like he was the first ray of sunshine. they’re at a party and a nas song comes on so even looks at isak who’s all the way across the room bobbing his head along to the song and even probably internally combusts. on a sunday afternoon, they’re probably sitting on even’s bedroom floor trying to get through the pile of homework they procrastinated over the weekend and isak is stuck on a calculus sum (he seems like the calculus-liking-kinda guy don’t fight me on this) and he probably just groans in frustration and so even scooches over to see if he can understand and help isak. even offers a method of solving and isak just says no and launches into a long explanation on why that won’t work and what other methods he tried already and… even is so utterly fascinated? because his boy is so so smart and pure and beautiful? he can’t believe that isak valtersen actually exists you know?

I want to...
  • I want to wake up next to you,
  • eat breakfast with you,
  • play computer games with you,
  • watching movies with you in bed,
  • hold your hand and watch tv,
  • send you cute texts,
  • buy you gifts,
  • nap together,
  • look into your eyes,
  • be with you at the sunrise and sunset,
  • cook for you,
  • walk in the rain with you,
  • fall asleep whilst on the phone to you,
  • snuggle in bed,
  • mess up your hair,
  • kiss you good night and morning.